Sleeping Dogs Wakes on PS3 Tomorrow

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Sleeping Dogs Wakes on PS3 Tomorrow

It’s been a long journey. Even now, it’s hard to believe that Sleeping Dogs launches tomorrow. It’s a little odd given how the game is primarily a single player experience, but I think it’s as we start seeing the online leaderboards fill up that the reality sets in: we made it.

Sleeping Dogs Wakes on PS3 Tomorrow

It’s obviously not the end of our time with the world we spent over five years piecing together, but it definitely marks a turning point – the time when we release a game once named Black Lotus, then True Crime: Hong Kong and finally Sleeping Dogs to you. From here on Sleeping Dogs isn’t living inside a bubble, but instead exists as a part of gaming’s ever-growing cultural canvas. How big a part is in your hands – rest assured we have poured our hearts and souls into making our protagonist Wei’s world one we feel you will enjoy.

Up to now we’ve seen a lot of focus on the systems we have crafted – the combat, the driving, the social hub – but we’re most excited to see how people receive the story. Wei Shen’s triad odyssey is the glue that holds all these other tasty parts together. With it, Sleeping Dogs goes from being a collection of cool, well-executed elements – some we like to think have never been fully explored in an open world game – and it transforms into what we hope you will agree is a truly deep, rewarding narrative journey.

There have been challenges along the way. Nothing of worth comes without considerable effort, especially with a game like Sleeping Dogs. Many of our team have invested half a decade to reach this point. We’ve grown together, shared some rocky times, and ultimately found a way to make the game we wanted to make. We may not have lived life in constant fear for our safety like Wei does, but we too have faced significant obstacles to get to this point. The result is something I’m proud to be a part of.

I like to think Sleeping Dogs will function on multiple levels: open world game, undercover cop story, and an homage to Hong Kong cinema. However, the one thing all the United Front Games team hope it functions as above all else is a dramatic, enjoyable experience. We’re really looking forward to seeing your comments about the game – you can be sure we’ll be paying attention.

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  • I’m actually more excited for this than i am for Darksiders2.

  • I forgot about this game until I noticed the article thanks for the reminder will pick this up tomorrow.

  • I love that Square Enix is branching out some these days, but what does a brother have to do to get Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII available on the Playstation Store for Vita?

  • this game looks real real good, too bad i am broke right this week…

    This game looks sooo good i cant not wait till i get to buy a copy but rest asure i will be getting this. it looks great and ive real alot you guys went thru to get this out so i must congradulate you guys for pushing forward to keep this game alive and get it out because many people i know will love it and i peoples will be getting this, i showed them it when i had my E3 Party 2012 and the detailing to the city with people in the apts and all.. i love it.. it give a real vibe of congested type of city (im from nyc lol)..

    please bring this to Digital Downloadable as well for the full game, im in a wheelchair and its easier to just click an icon then it is to get into the chair or have to call a neighbor to change my disk out for me, thanks and Sell Well, my crew getting it!

  • Job well done from what I’ve seen so far, Jeff. Looking forward to getting my hands on this soon. Break out the champagne!

  • This game look effing awesome. It has all of the best elements that an open world game needs, and then more! Not to mention a story that looks REALLY interesting. I’ll be picking up this game soon! I’m sure it will do critically, and commercially well!

    Congrats for finally launching Sleeping Dogs UFG! You guys have done a great job!

  • omg if this was on the Vita too I’ll explode/Human Combustion lol

  • Hey Jeff O’Connell you got my support!!! Already preordered! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

    I know this game has had a long journey and I hope it does very well!

  • @Zezzler I agree. I’m loving the look and (hopefully) feel of the driving and combat mechanics, and the story looks pretty engaging.

    I’ve had quite a few expectations from this game and I know you guys at UFG won’t disappoint. Can’t wait to pick this up tomorrow!

  • The game looks amazing. I’ve had my preorder in at GameStop for months. I do have a few questions though.
    1.) Will the preorder DLC be available on the PlayStation Store sometime in the future?
    2.) How many radio stations are in the game and what kind of songs are on them?
    3.) About how long will it take to get 100% completion in the game?
    Like I said, the game looks amazing. Can’t wait to play it tomorrow!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since you guys announced it, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • I’m absolutely excited for this game! I’ve been watching it since it was known as True Crime: Hong Kong, and so very glad that Square Enix picked it up so it could see the light of day as a finished game! :)
    I’m most excited for the epic car chases and watching cars flip into the air (similar to Just Cause 2!) :D
    Thanks so much for bringing this amazing game to us!!

  • I can not wait to play this game i hope it is really exciting to play and it should be, The game story sounds awesome and the graphics look amazing it should be so fun to drive around Hong Kong. So excited

  • I had been on the fence for this one for months. But thanks to the developer videos, I have changed my mind. I have had this preordered for about a month now. Besides, I know the game’ll be great. They didn’t waste any effort by adding multiplayer, therefore, all effort was concentrated making the story and its components “colorful” and detailed. Moreover, I have very little control when it comes to buying games.

  • Will this game be available in PSN tomorrow? I’ll definetely buy it in such case =)

  • No Aliaksandr, it won’t.

  • @15 & 16 Yes it will, read this weeks drop.

  • @17
    Where does it say Sleeping Dogs will be released on PSN in the Drop? Don’t get our hopes up like that. The Drop says PS3 – Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders II and so on. It then says PSN – Papo & Yo. They usually make a pretty big deal about a new full PS3 game getting the PSN treatment. I wish it was going to be that’s how I would by SD!

  • i’ll probably pick this one up this weekend.. i’ve had a Best Buy coupon i’ve been meaning to use, so, it’ll suffice.. and since we’ve heard nothing from Rockstar concerning GTA5 in awhile, so, Sleeping Dogs looks like it’ll carry me over until that one comes out, hopefully… it’s tough to make a game of that mold that’s actually fun to play, so, here’s hoping Sleeping Dogs can hold their own…

  • Will Sleeping Dogs be available for download off of the store when it comes out tomorrow? Please say yes! I’ve been waiting for this game ever since it was called True Crime: Hong Kong.

  • I will have to pick this up someday, but unfortunately I’m waiting. I was ready to pre-order for the PS3 but then there was this article about how the PC Version will look much better. However, I love PS3 trophy hunting. I’m not much of a PC gamer even though I just bought a new PC that can play games, but I do believe graphics matter to a certain point.

    I’m stuck at a stand still, which sucks because I was looking forward to playing this tomorrow, but I think I’ll wait, maybe someone will post a comparison video of the PS3/PC version so I can see how much of a difference. Even though I am disappointed because of this stand still, I can’t wait to finally decide and get to play this as soon as possible.

  • ill wait for the reviews, this screams crap

  • I guess the next best thing to a new Grand Theft Auto will have to do. For now… Just came off my Game Q from Gamefly. Always better to train a new dog before showing it off to friends.

  • Nice, I really want to get this on launch day but not sure if I got the money yet. I really love how you are respecting HK and the Asian community. I’m very glad that it’s not some dude from the Western hemisphere who’s gonna beat everyone up in HK. Also, much love for bringing a top notch cast of voice actors that I think suits the game really well. Although I wish you guys had more “flashy” martial arts (Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Capoeira etc) than realistic (MMA like GSP) but that’s my personal opinion and I’m sure plenty of people will disagree.

  • Square Enix is quickly becoming one of the top producers in the game industry. I like that they have branched out and are supporting games that have nothing to do with JRPG’s. This game looks phenomenal and if the city feels alive then this game could rival GTA. Great looking game. Can’t wait to play it.


  • preordered from amazon,the game looks very slick in every way,14 or more hours for single player is more than enough 20 hours with side quests etc….cant wait to get my hands on it,good luck united front team!!you have my full support,a toast to high sales and a possible sleeping dogs 2 ;)

  • I think it will come to PSN in near future.

  • United Front? They make ModNation Racers and LBP Karting!

  • Any chance this game will be lunch on the PSN store as well? I would like to buy it in PSN store

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