PlayStation Plus Update: Outland and Bloodrayne: Betrayal Join the Instant Game Collection

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PlayStation Plus Update: Outland and Bloodrayne: Betrayal Join the Instant Game Collection

The first two episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead joined the Instant Game Collection last week, and today, we’re announcing even more content coming to Plus! We’re excited to welcome PSN Games Outland and Bloodrayne: Betrayal to the PlayStation Plus family. Read on to learn more about these games and other great content coming exclusively for Plus members.

PlayStation Plus Update August 2012

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August 14th PlayStation Plus Update


Free for PlayStation Plus Members

This innovative PSN Game blended open world 2D action color-based puzzle platforming to deliver an experience like none other. Heralded by critics, we’re happy to bring Outland to Plus members. Make sure you check out the co-op challenges scattered throughout the game’s world to get the most from Outland’s breathtaking world.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal

Free for PlayStation Plus Members

With this year’s PSN PLAY in full swing, we thought we’d revisit one of last year’s PSN PLAY titles to deliver free to Plus members. Sporting incredibly slick animation and amazingly detailed characters, monsters, and environments in luscious (LUSCIOUS) high resolution, this is a game that many might have missed, and now have no excuse not to check it out.

PlayStation Plus Update August 2012

Papo & Yo

20% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $14.99, PS Plus Price: $11.99)

We’re always looking to get members the best deals on new releases,so we’re making the anticipated PSN Game Papo & Yo that much easier to snag when it drops on 8/14. It’s an amazing world crafted by the team at Minority. Follow a young boy named Quico and his best friend Monster through the surreal favelas of his homeland. It’s a dangerous journey through a constantly changing world, and you get an exclusive price break on the new adventure. Check out all the great features on Papo & Yo and pick up the game this week!

August 21st PlayStation Plus Update

Dust 514

Closed Beta Access and 50% off Mercenary Pack Add-On

Remember that Beta I talked about earlier? I know, it was a bit in the making but we’re happy to welcome our friends from the Dust 514 team into Plus with exclusive access for the closed beta. Dust 514 is the free to play first person shooter that may change the face of how we battle online in games. Help test the first live direct connection to the extremely popular EVE Online MMO as players on the main server in DUST 514 and EVE Online can chat in real time and send in-game mail between games. It’s a first in gaming, it’s free to play when it releases later this fall, and exclusive access is coming to Plus members on 8/21. You’ll have until September 4th to jump in the Beta. Read more about the features available in this Beta in a post from Brandon Laurino, Executive Producer on Dust 514.

PlayStation Plus Update August 2012

We’re also sporting a 50% discount on the Mercenary Pack DLC for Dust 514 which gives access to in-game currency to spend in game, skill boosts, and exclusive gear. Now I know what you’re thinking: this is a beta, how can I buy Add-Ons if it’s in beta? Good question! Any Add-Ons that are purchased with Dust 514 while the game is in Beta will be carried over when the game releases later this fall. So buy with confidence! There’s a ton of great Dust 514 blog posts; read up on the game and jump in the Beta.

PlayStation Plus Update August 2012

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

20% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $14.99, PS Plus Price: $11.99)

It’s the return of the king. The first editions of Counter Strike back in the day paved the way for what online shooters are today. Now Valve is partnering with PlayStation to deliver this new release 20% off when it becomes available for download on 8/21. The final title of the PSN PLAY promotion, make sure you’ve picked up as many titles from PLAY as possible so you can get the most amount of PlayStation Store credit back on September 7th.

Natsume Sale

50% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Prices: $14.99, PS Plus Price: $7.50)

Natsume fans! Got a PSP? You’re in luck. 4 of Natsume’s best titles including some of the best from the Harvest Moon series are going on a nice 50% off sale. Adventures To Go!, Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl, Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon , Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors, and Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley are all part of the sale.
Watch the PlayStation Store Updates for more news on additional Plus deals. Stay tuned for our next update scheduled for August 27th, and as always, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

PlayStation Plus Update August 2012

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  • Ugh, another weak month for NA, I gave you guys a pass last month because I knew every month couldn’t have been as epic as e3’s month. But a PSN title replacing a Full PS3 game? What?

    My Plus subscription just expired, and I think I might make the switch to EU Plus, seriously why is EU’s offering soooooo much better????

  • Score! Another two games I don’t h

  • I’m happy as long as we’re getting some good discounts and maybe once every now and then a free new release.

  • have yet’

  • Great another two games I didn’t already own… oh wait. :S

  • Darn. I thought the beta was going to be for Far Cry 3.

    I already have both Outland and Bloodrayne Betrayal. Outland is a must-play if anyone out there like side-scrolling action/adventure games. Betrayal is a tough game but is alright.

  • Well I am happy I don’t own both of those games and have wanted to try outland but why is a psn game replacing a Full Ps3 game?

  • Can next month please have Oddworld: Stranger’s wrath HD? :D

  • @1 every region has to give out different content…if they were all the same…im pretty sure people will cry and whine about all of them being the same….you should move to EU if you like it so much.

  • Also how has the Plus Subscription upgraded? Before you’d get new released PSN games, PSOne Classics, and a Beta access, every month? The last 2 months all we got was old PSN titles. Oh and an unfinished game.

  • Great, you replace a full PS3 game with a downloadable title?

    Why did I ever get suckered into believing this instant game collection thing was actually an upgrade over the old Plus?

  • @7 why not? it still a game isn’t it….They never said that the free game plan was going to be strictly on full retail games.

  • Where are the full ps3 games???? At least Darksiders, come on Sony!!! Another lost month, congratulations Sony…

  • Why is everyone whining? Only two whole games over the course of a year is more than enough to make up for the subscription price of Plus. Stop acting entitled and enjoy the things Xbox people don’t get. So what we don’t get blockbuster titles every month? LBP, Infamous, Just Cause, Ratchet and Clank, etc. have more than made it worth it.

  • Really underwhelming update.

  • @12

    Whether they did or not, the set an expectation with that first update. If you don’t live up to it, and replace PS3 games with other PS3 games, you’ll have unhappy customers. What made the Instant Game Collection so appealing was that people expected to always have about 8 PS3 games they could play at any time. Now they showed us that the expectation they set was a lie, and its actually just a bunch of old downloadable titles, which isn’t an upgrade over the old system.

  • errrrr… not impress at all.

  • Replacing a full games with a downloadable title… wow. I think i’m going to stop waiting for the US Plus to get better and just give up on it all together. I know you’ve got a different strategy than EU but I don’t see how you could justify this. Good luck getting all those 90 day subscribers coming back next month, you’ll need it.

  • Outland is awesome but I keep hoping for Rochard

  • Man, i can’t catch a break this month. I already own all of the freebies.

  • Europe wins another month. Where the hell are all the full-PS3 games like they’re getting???

  • @16 all of the retail PS3 games that are free right now are also old so how would that be an upgrade to begin with….they would give out new games for free… that’s dumb. and besides…isnt outland one of the best PSN games ever released?

  • Just waiting for Papo & Yo.

  • Sony tricked us with the Instant Game Collection. Full games are being replaced with PSN titles. Heh. Discounts are also gone; only a handful are available, whereas we used to have amazing and numerous discounts all the time. I used to buy games galore due to those discounts.

    So, we got a glorified demo (WD ep. 1 & 2) and full games get replaced with PSN titles.

    I’m extremely disappointed in what Plus has become. At least give good gamez, for crying out loud. Choplifter? You guys make me laugh, and cry.

  • Loving every month of Plus they give us! I just got around to beating Bloodrayne not too long ago, and from what I’ve seen I’m going to love Outland even more. I don’t know how I totally missed the existence of this game until now. Walking dead is great, and Dust looks sick, and I’m stoked for the discount on CS:GO. All for less than a pack of smokes. Best subscription I’ve ever joined!

  • PlayStation Plus continues to be a disappointment. I’ve been a subscriber since day one, and while it was a fantastic deal for a long while, the service has gone down hill– unless you’re a new PS3 owner or a casual gamer. The neglect Sony gives to its hardcore fan base is nothing short of disgusting. Why should I ever buy a game on day one, when my subscription is going to give it to me down the road for free? The only decent thing I’ve gotten all year out of Plus are the discounts– and I’d easily save more money had I not subscribed in the first place. The smoke and mirrors trick at E3 remains a completely horrendous choice, as I’m sure most subscribers have noticed the severe decline in actual content that has come to us in recent months, from substantial sales to themes and avatars to the PS1 and minis we were promised when we first subscribed. Removing things out of a contractual agreement is typically illegal, but I’m more concerned about how unbelievably disheartening it is every time I come to this site and see how else the company is ignoring the fan base that brought them where they are today.

    • Rest assured, the PSN team never ignores feedback, so thanks to everyone for always making their thoughts heard. We’re looking for the best ways to make Plus great for everyone. As you can see, many gamers like the updates week to week, but there are some that it doesn’t register for, like yourself. So I’m working on ways to ensure all Plus members feel a great value from their membership.

  • Morgan had said it countless time theres is no especific combination of PS3/PSN games so relax, besides THESE 2 GAMES ARE GREAT! doesnt matter if theyre psn.

    Looking forward to both, keep on rolling Morgan-

    PS any news on Forbisher says or Smart As?

  • I suppose this seems better than last weeks PS blogcast saying CSI:Fatal Conspiracy being released as a PS+ PS3 game, hoping that was a joke… :S

  • @26 waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Thanks Sony! 2 games I wanted to buy but didn’t and now I can play them for free. Playstation Plus is amazing! Thanks again! :)

  • @xCh0z3n-0n3x Did you say if all the regions would be getting the same great content like EU is getting, people would complain? I’m sorry that sounded stupid

  • One thing i believe would benefit the PLUS subscription is specification in general, like how many games cycling a month, wha kind etc, so there wont be speculation and complaining with no reason

  • Look, I never comment when it comes to PlayStation Plus, but I have to make an exception now. I understand that each regions is different, but I can’t help but get upset at SCEA base on what SCEE is doing for Plus members. They get Darksiders and Dead Space 2, while we get a horrible game in Bloodrayne Betrayal (which i own because I was a fan of the PS2 bloodrayne games) and an overrated game in Outland.

  • @31 yes…i am 100% sure people would still cry and whine about it…trust me….no one is ever happy with anything.

  • when will we get PS2 Classics that people asking for? like Wild Arms 3 4 5, Dark Cloud 1 & 2, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Final Fantasy XII, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss…. etc.

  • @31 Don’t worry, he consistently posts stupid things on here all the time.

  • Sweet, I never got around to buying Outland, but I remember liking the demo. And now here’s my obligatory question list about other games…

    When will Tony Hawk HD be released?

    When will Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops be playable on Vita?

  • Cool, I’ve been wanting to play BloodRayne.

  • @35 We would be happy if we were getting the same awesome content that PS+ EU is getting.

  • Weak, how come Europe gets games like Motorstorm and Dead Space 2 FREE and we get Blood Rayne…Cmon now.

  • Well, this is a great update but a PSN game shouldn’t replace a PS3 Full game. That just made the inconsistency worse. Everyone above are calling these “old” games, when really ever since the upgrade back in June, about the only games that were 2 years or older were Saints Row 2 and maybe Just Cause 2. I thought the new system was bringing us 6 PS3 Full Games and 6 PSN games. But now, I don’t think I can trust it anymore. Both of these games should have replaced Sideway and Choplifter. Still a great update though, just be a bit more consistent and more organized with this system.

  • Let the uproar begin.

  • I heard next month we are getting Resistance 3 tell me this is true.

  • Are you kidding me? You just replaced a PS3 Full game with a lame PSN game. Seriously?
    The number of replies from last week, showing how much we wanted PS3 Full Games, including the ones from PSN EU, you guys just ignored us like that?
    You said last week we get 3 games a month, so I guess this will be it, no PS3 Full Games…..
    I am a subscriber since the beggining of the service but I’m now getting very disappointed.
    PSN EU is getting lots of great PS3 titles, including GOTY ones.
    Also, Dust 514 is just plain horrible. I got the beta a while back and it’s no worth it.

  • So this will come tommorow?

  • @43

    Thats probably the Europe Playstation Plus. I’m sure we’ll get something like Rainbow Moon for free, while Plus Americas people laugh at all of us who bought it last month.

  • Pretty excited to try Outland. I’ve heard great things about it but never had the chance.

  • @37

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD was just confirmed today to come out on August 28.

  • @ Morgan Haro
    “I think you’ll like what the next months have to offer; stay tuned!”

    You been saying that for several Plus updates now. Yeah, people are still waiting.

  • Another garbage update, this is becoming ridiculous. Plus should have stayed the way it was, it was much better. Notice how they have said “wait until you see what we have for next month”, So basically GOOD UPDATES will be every 3 months or so. The months in between will be filled with garbage no one wants. Good luck getting everyone to renew their plus when it runs out. This update did me in, I do not care for plus at all anymore.

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