Orgarhythm for PS Vita: Music Meets Strategy

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Orgarhythm for PS Vita: Music Meets Strategy

Orgarhythm for PS Vita

Orgarhythm is a game that’s going to puzzle a lot of people. It’s certainly not a premise that I’ve ever seen before, much less played. In short, Orgarhythm is the marriage of music and strategy — and some very nice touch controls. It’s a game where you march to the beat, literally.

The premise is simple: There are two brothers, one that embodies creation, the other destruction. Together they settle on a planet and set about pumping out hordes of mini-tribal dudes who seem to really enjoy dancing. The God of Light (the brother who thinks growing stuff is neat and probably listens to Jack Johnson) is making great progress spawning kittens, erecting maypoles or whatever kind of idyllic stuff you might imagine a sparkling deity likes. Meanwhile, the other God (of Darkness) would rather just break all of his brother’s toys. Understandably vexed, the God of Light decides it’s time for a dance off and begins his slow-mo march to battle.

Orgarhythm for PS Vita

That’s where you come in. Using the touch screen controls on your PS Vita, you’ll direct the God of Light’s backup dancers and tap-tap-tap your way through enemies. The key controlling concept of the game is something called the tri-tap. Tri-tapping is done by tapping the screen to the beat whenever one of three sets of icons comes up.

Orgarhythm for PS Vita

  • Tap the God of Light – This will bring up the first set of command icons.
  • Select one of the groups of your color-coded minions (According to the data tracker in the game I am apparently really partial to yellow)
  • Select an attack – Strikers, Archers, Catapults, Sacrifice (BOOM TROOPS)
  • Then, drag your finger on the screen to send your troops off in that direction
  • So: tap-tap-tap + draaaaaaaaaaaaag

Orgarhythm for PS Vita - CommandsAs you’re doing all this, a variety of tribal, techno and off-world-sounding music will be pulsating in the background to give you cues on when to tap. So tap-tap-tap and drag to the beat. Easy.
Well, okay, that probably doesn’t sound easy for a rhythm game, but having played through it, I assure you that you’ll hit your stride very quickly and doing the tri-tap will come naturally. Words are wind, though, so check out this quick gameplay video to get a feel for the beat.

Orgarhythm for PS Vita: Rock Paper ScissorsThis also wouldn’t be a rhythm strategy game without some tactics. Those come into play with the game’s color-coded troops (on both sides), who employ a paper-rock-scissors system.

Using this system, you’ll want to send off the appropriate troops to tackle the appropriate enemy. The type of attack you select is also pretty important (getting into complicated-sounding territory again, I know…), but once you get the hang of the battle system you’ll feel the joy of what it’s like to be the conductor of a very violent orchestra.

Orgarhythm for PS Vita

There’s a lot more depth to this game than I’ve gone into, but I know what you guys really want to know.

Is the music good?

Yes. It suits the game perfectly and as you tri-tap successfully, you’ll actually add layers of extra sound to that music. It’s pretty cool. You can check out the tunes here. We’re also looking to add more music to that repertoire, so stay tuned for more info on that, all you budding musicians.

Is this the game for me?

If you like rhythm games, are into music at all or appreciate quirky gameplay, then I think you’ll like this game. Multiple difficulties, unforgiving bosses, smooth controls and unlockable content all make an addictive package, plus the in-game data tracker makes it deliciously possible to obsess over the most minute details. There are also co-op and versus modes to keep you entertained.

Will this game increase my sex appeal?

Oh, absolutely. I would not lie about this. With a title like Orgarhythm, how can it not?

Anyway, that’s just a brief look at our upcoming game. It’s music, it’s strategy, it’s unabashedly weird, and it really doesn’t do the game justice for me to just talk about, so I hope you guys’ll check out some of the gameplay videos and listen to the music. I think you’ll be intrigued. For more details, follow us on Facebook and check out the Japanese official site.

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  • Very cool.

  • Played this game at E3, didn’t really care for it……I don’t some people will love it though.

    • It’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it’ll be a nice change of pace for gamers. Cheers for trying it out at E3, though.

  • Reminds me of Patapon :).

  • So it’s basically a more realistic Patapon. :P Honestly, doesn’t look as good as Patapon though. :/

    • It’s a different style to be sure, but the strategy that goes into it might throw you for a loop (in a good way).

  • mm. I don’t know. It’s a japanese-style game. I’ll have to wait for a demo.

    • I don’t know if I’d call it “Japanese-style,” but it is pretty quirky. As for the demo, I’m afraid there won’t be one, but there should be plenty of impressions going out as we get closer to release. I hope you’ll check those out!

  • I’ve seen this “premise” before! Back when it was called Patapon. Nothing new here

    • Patapon IS similar in some ways, but Orgarhythm has a lot more strategy, I believe. Orgarhythm lets you direct the flow of battle and the better you are at tapping, the more layers of instruments are woven into the beat. Basically, if you like Patapon, you should give Orgarhythm a shot.

  • hey this game looks great great pictures and looks very good! cant wait for it ! hey is it like sound shapes? that game is awsome! will there be a discount for ps+ members? let us know thanks! any word on a release date or price? need to know thanks!

    • Glad you like the look of it! ^_^ I haven’t played Sound Shapes before, so I can’t compare them, but if you have a thing for rhythm games, I’d definitely give this one a go. As for the release date and price, we’re still working out those details, but I’ll be sure to post those updates on the twitter or FB as soon as I hear.

  • yea, i played this at E3 as well and it was actually one of the more stand-out titles for me. it is very much like patapon in the sense that you’re keeping in rhythm, but strategically it’s nothing like it. day one buy for me, but that’s because i’m into these kinds of games.

    that and the girl who was demoing it for me was cute.

    • Hurray! I was one of the demo-ers at E3, so it’s great to hear such delightful phrases as “Day one buy” from people who got some hands-on time with it. :)

  • Reply to Rorzer

    I immediately thought of Patapon as well. I really enjoyed Patapon but it got boring after a couple weeks of nonstop play. I can see this maybe stretching it to over 4 weeks of enjoyment with the touch screen controls.

  • Any idea when the next Plus/Store update will be announced? It’s supposed to happen today.

    We’re all waiting for this!

  • Is there still time to add the term Waifu anywhere in the game?

    • Alas, we’re a bit too far along in the publishing process for that, but should there be an Orgarhythm 2, I will endeavor to fulfill your request. ;)

  • Is there any form of release window for the game? Price? Physical or DD-only?
    Looking forward to seeing more from it!

    • Don’t have all the details worked out yet, but it will be DD-only. Will be sure to post up release/pricing stuff when word comes down. :)

  • Oh and one more question, is the multiplayer online or Ad-hoc only?

  • ah I remember seeing bits of info about this game, the color of the troops make me think of pikmin, that aside how about a confirmation about a Ragnarok Odyssey demo for the US Psn Store xD

  • Very entertaining read. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this!

  • I love it. More games for Vita please. Keep the information flowing. Every Vita owner needs more information of new games because we are greedy gamers. Just joking we needs games so the Vita can reach its full potential. Love the system and I love hearing about new games, so keep them coming.


    • Awesome, and I’m with you on the new games. The Vita is a sweet piece of hardware and the bigger the library for it, the better. Especially games that deviate from the norm. Always best to have variety.

  • This game looks pretty interesting, but nothing has my nerves wound up like waiting for Ragnarok Odyssey. As it stands right now my PS Vita is a shiny, expensive, Netflix playing brick. I do like the new direction that this game is taking rhythm gaming in, because as it stands I don’t really have much of an interest in the Rhythm genre, but I do love a good strategy game.

    • Glad you’re excited for RO (I worked on that too), and if you’re looking for more upcoming goodness for your Vita, then Orgarhythm might be worth your time. A lot of people who tried it at E3 weren’t generally into rhythm or strategy games but ended up liking it. It’s weird, it’s niche, it will flavor your game collection with something a little different. ;)

  • digital or physical retail release?

  • @ joshenreborn try disgaea 3 best srpg on vita

  • @erico316ecw I already own Disgaea 4 for the PS3 and am not even close to being done with it. Maybe when remote play works the way I want it to I’ll finish Disgaea 4 via my Vita.

  • @herbalsticky
    “mm. I don’t know. It’s a japanese-style game. I’ll have to wait for a demo.”

    The Vita and Sony for that matter are Japanese. North America is SO free and stupid.

  • So still no release day or price? Will it release this year or early 2013? Also, seeing your avatar makes me sad there wont be a HMH2 localization :(

    • Definitely shooting for this year, and hope to have those exact details for you soon.
      As for HMH, well, sadly it was not the most popular of games. :( Cheers for playing the first one, though (I worked on it)! Support for our titles, especially niche ones like Orgarhythm makes all the difference. Every little bit.

      (Take 2. It didn’t reply correctly last time…)

  • Tactics Orgarhythm?

  • Definitely shooting for this year, and hope to have those exact details for you soon.

    As for HMH, well, sadly it was not the most popular of games. :( Cheers for playing the first one, though (I worked on it)! Support for our titles, especially niche ones like Orgarhythm makes all the difference. Every little bit.

  • No demo? Oh come on!

  • Sorry. -_- There are plenty of gameplay videos from outlets that tried it at E3 as well as Japan, AND Hirai-san (the director) recently released a really bad-ass ‘expert play’ video:

    I think those hands-on previews + gameplay vids will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

  • @Haipa-Sonikku : herbalsticky doesn’t speak for the entirety of North America. If you’re trying to insult the American people, that’s your right.. But, leave Canada out of this.

    @Jessica Chavez : Been playing an import of this game. Really cool. I can see how some might compare it to Patapon but, it is SOOOOO different. In a good way, though. Really hard to compare it to anything else out there.

    • Sweet! Nice to hear some import thoughts on it. It’s really hard to describe to people. Those beats, the way the instruments pile up and when you hit the sweet spot of the rhythm and it speeds up accordingly… Anyway, please spread the word! Sex appeal +100 for all! :D

  • Any word on europe release?

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