John Cleese is the Voice of PS Vita’s Smart As

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John Cleese is the Voice of PS Vita’s Smart As

Hello PlayStation Nation!

My name is Ian Pickles and I am the Producer from XDev Studio Europe working on PlayStation Vita’s all-new social brain training experience, Smart As. I’m here with some exciting news to share. I am delighted to confirm that John Cleese, the English actor, comedian, writer and film producer is injecting his unique personality and sophisticated sense of humor into the game as the voice of Smart As.

SMART AS-Voice Over

Best known for his hilarious antics as a member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, it’s great to be able to confirm the comedy legend’s participation in the game. His instantly recognizable voice and distinctive style deliver intelligent and witty narration during the game, always encouraging and sometimes teasing you to improve every time you play. Regardless of how smart you are, John’s creative and comedic dialogue will keep you hooked as you play to improve your Brain Power score and pursue your goal to outsmart the world.

The decision to approach John to work on the game came about a couple of months ago. We were incredibly happy with the game – the looks, presentation and gameplay are second to none, but we felt we needed to bring in someone as the voice whose personality would instantly bring the competitive and fun nature of the game to the forefront. John was immediately a popular choice with all of us on the team and we were over the moon when he agreed to join us working on the game.

It was an absolute pleasure working with John who brings a level of humor and encouragement to the game as he becomes your guide, showing you around, prompting you to do your best and share your score to outsmart players around world. It’s been fantastic seeing people playing the game and laughing along to John’s lines and John himself is no under achiever when it comes to playing the game too. Lost Letter proved no match for John’s puzzle solving prowess and we were surprised to see a naturally strong logic game ability on display as John obtained a perfect 3 star rating while playing Chain Reaction for the first time.

Coming this fall for PS Vita, Smart As will put your brain to the test in 20 unique, engaging, tactile puzzle games and location-based challenges. Stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for the latest Smart As news!

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  • John Cleese, Playstation Vita, brain stimulation games…. You sir just got yourself a day 1 over here. Any news of when we can expect other news regarding price and such? Or is that all still unknown? Either way, I’m now very excited for yet another game. :D

  • Never heard of this game but John Cleese = Buy!

  • Stop!

    Who would sell this game to me must answer these questions three, ere my wallet he see.

    What is your name?

    What is your quest?

    What is your favourite colour?

  • We haven’t seen enough of this game with the release date so close this game will be hard to sell me on. Give us a demo or release a details hard on with games mode.

  • And now I want this!

  • Love John Cleese. Will buy this day 1 for my Vita.
    And, PS: nice to see 2 Vita-related posts today.

  • Will the game have subtitles? Games like this usually lack subtitles for no reasons.

  • Really enjoyed this and Frobisher Says at E3 2012. John Cleese seals the deal!

  • I normally don’t buy games like this but something about this, especially the presentation makes me really want it (and it’s for vita so that’s an automatic plus). Eager to hear more about this title!

  • I could always use some brain training. Though, not sure who this Cleese character is – all the people above me might think I am crazy for not knowing. But hey, my face is stuck in video games and college at the moment. Quit hurting me.

  • John Cleese is a legend, personally I know him better for his role in faulty towers but this news just made this a must buy :) I think the game will sell well over here in the UK aslong as you make this news widely known, maybe have him in a advert; his voice anyway.

  • Sir Cleese needs more recognition. He has some great talent in VO work yet IMO he’s serverely underused. I like brainy games & having a cool actor like John Cleese is a awesome bonus. Support the game people!

  • A brilliant choice in voice actor for that game.

  • day 1 buy !!!

  • Seeing so many Vita related posts on the blog makes me smile. I hope Sony can keep this up throughout the holiday season. I am really looking forward to seeing more Vita games being shown. This game seems like it will lend itself well to the many different input methods on the Vita. Great voice actor choice as well.


  • The awesomeness that is John Cleese.

  • I love him!

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