The PlayStation Recap — Prelude to a Gamescom Edition

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The PlayStation Recap — Prelude to a Gamescom Edition

Tomorrow, Jeff and I hop on a plane and make for Cologne, Germany, the site of Gamescom 2012, the largest and most celebrated European gaming event. Though Gamescom is often considered the European equivalent of E3, there’s sure to be news that will interest North American gamers. Fortunately, we’re working out the logistics for hosting a livestream of the PlayStation Gamescom press conference right here on PlayStation.Blog starting Tuesday morning. Set your calendar reminders for 8am Pacific Time Tuesday, just to be safe. We’ll see you right here!

Looking back, this was a big, big week for PlayStation news. LittleBigPlanet Karting confirmed a November 6th release date with a new trailer, The Walking Dead – Episode Two soared to the top of PSN’s July 2012 sales charts, Starhawk released a massive new update featuring two new maps set on the lush planet of Cypress, the much-discussed musical platformer Sound Shapes hit PS3 and PS Vita with a dazzling launch trailer in tow, the creator of PSN’s exclusive Retro/Grade explained how to play a reverse shooter (with a guitar controller, no less), Zen Studios confirmed a September 4th release for Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 and PS Vita, Papo & Yo released a live-action launch trailer, gorgeous 2D fighter Persona 4 Arena landed on PS3, fan-favorite PSN shooter Super Stardust HD celebrated a five-year anniversary with a money-saving discount, PlayStation Home revealed its latest and greatest content lineup, Sports Champions 2 released in-depth details on its much-evolved Archery mode, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launched a strategy series detailing the finer points of Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Parappa, Fat Princess, and Sly Cooper.

What are you playing this weekend?

The PlayStation Recap

Most-Watched Video of the Week: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – PaRappa Strategies

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • Never Stop Playing With PlayStation Collections — God of War, inFAMOUS, and Ratchet & Clank get value-priced PS3 collections this fall with a host of extra content.
  • UNCHARTED 3 Version 1.13 is Naughty Dog’s Biggest Patch Ever — A mammoth update brings new content galore: Costumes, taunts, tournaments, new multiplayer Labs and much more.
  • Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita is a Giant-Smashing Good Time — Get early details on this upcoming multiplayer action-RPG that pits you against an army of angry giants.
  • Scourge: Outbreak Infecting PSN Soon — This upcoming third-person shooter focuses on co-op action and a multi-part story.
  • DUST 514 Update Adds EVE Online Integration, Keyboard and Mouse Controls, And More — The “Precursor” beta update comes August 21st, bringing EVE Online orbital strikes, new environments, improved graphics and much more.
  • Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Expands Reaper Mythology — Sherpard must track down an ancient being reputed to possess the power to defeat the Reapers in a new story-based chapter.
  • PlayStation All-Stars: Kratos and Radec Strategy Videos — The best special moves, Supers, and strategies in this new video series for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • Get The Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2 Free With PlayStation Plus — PlayStation Plus continues to pay off. Did you download The Walking Dead for free?
  • Sack it to Me: LittleBigProgressive Create Contest Begins Tomorrow — A new way to win, plus the best user-created content for LittleBigPlanet.
  • Hands on with Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita — Jeff tried out Atlus USA’s much-anticipated PS Vita RPG…and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since!
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    • Sony better not ignore the vita like you did at e3,stop acting like the damn device doesn’t exist!give us more exclusives(not PORTS!)both 1st party and 3rd and market the hell out of this device and watch the cash roll in,many people i know want a device like this and are not even aware it exists!

    • I’m playing: The same damn games I always play, can’t get any more because I’m not made of money like you guys.

      I’m watching: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory w/ Rifftrax, Youtube

      I’m reading: TVTropes

      I’m listening to: Duane & Brando

      I agree with sheengrtr, I noticed that the Official Playstation Magazine notes that the firmware update for the Vita that allows ps1 support better get here soon, as summer is almost over, and I hope you still intend to keep that deadline.

    • When exactly is SuperBot’s panel and can we expect a live stream?!!

    • I really enjoyed this week’s coverage on Playstation All-Stars and Persona 4 on Vita. Thanks!

      Also, when will winners be announced for the Littlebigplanet contest and When Vikins Attack contest? I entered both and I’m anxious to know the results.

    • I’m playing: Sound Shapes Death Mode, Uncharted 3 MP

      I’m watching: The Olympics

      I’m hoping for: better Vita showing at Gamescom than at E3. You guys had ton of games at E3 yet not a single Vita demo (PSASBR Cross Play doesn’t count). Thankfully, on a CVG article, they said that Sony had a great franchise coming to Vita that they’ll announce at Gamescom and Activision said they’ll show CoD.

    • If there’s a livestream, can we expect a full recording of the conference to be posted later that day too?

    • I’m Playing: Sound Shapes and Street Fighter X Tekken

      I’m watching: Rokko’s Modern Life

      I’m Reading: Nothing, it’s summer XD

      I’m listening to: PS Blogcast, and Relapse by Eminem

    • hopefully this time we get some psvita love at the conference, i want to see Killzone, soul sacrifice and new games being unveiled but i dont think it will happen, i think it will be more of the same Little Big Planet , Sly, Playstation Battle Royale, Assassins Creed.

    • I am Playing: MGS4 again (still awesome) MGS3 on Vita along with sound shapes

      I am watching: Breaking Bad, Grimm season 2 very soon, Failing Skies

      I am reading: the full trophy list for MGS4.

      Got one question, what ever happened to Doctor who for the vita? I know it was flawed for the PS3, so instead of fixing it they just gave up?

    • I am playing: MGS4 (along with many others), Batman AA, and Hot Shots Golf WI on Vita.

      I am watching: The Olympics.

      I am reading: Nothing at the moment. I need to fix this situation.

      I am listening to: The Blogcast and Eminem latest two albums.

      I am hoping that there are Vita games that you guys are going to be showing off soon like Black Ops because I like most just want this great system to succeed.


    • With you guys being at Gamescom, I’m guessing it will be Nick, Rey and maybe ManGod(?) on this weeks Blogcast?

    • I’m playing: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (hard mode), Silent Hill 3 HD
      I’m watching: Rocko’s Modern Life (such a great show to watch both as a kid and an adult); South Park DVD’s
      I’m hoping: PSone classics finally come via this Tuesday via announcement at Gamescon as i heard via rumor (don’t remember where). I’m loving the Vita, can’t wait for more games. :)

    • I’m playing: Walking Dead, Sound Shapes, MLB 12: The Show
      I’m Watching: Adventure Time first season
      I’m listening: 8-4 Play and the Giant Bombcast, Iron Maiden
      I’m reading: Playstation Blog

      * please show gameplay footage of Fifa 13, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Assassins Creed 3 Liberation and Black Ops Declassified, all for the Vita!

    • I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIII, Warhammer 40k Space Marines, Uncharted 3
      I’m watching: Bob’s Burgers, Frozen Planet
      I’m listening: Bassnectar, Frank Sinatra, AC/DC
      I’m reading: Playstation Blog,, MAXIM

      Hoping for some vita coverage. Been waiting for a chance to get really need one. Also excited for the two new games Sony’s unveiling. A new Fallout would be nice but here’s to hoping.

    • I’m Playing: Sound Shapes PS Vita, Skyrim PS3, Bastion Mac
      I’m Watching: The Dark Knight Rises, SHAYTARDS YouTube
      I’m Listening: Podcast BEYOND
      I’m Reading:, Playstation Blog

    • i’m playing: Disgaea 3 vita and gravity rush sigh great games just starting to get old
      i’m watching: Family guy cause it is amazing you should watch too
      I’m listening: to ur guys podcast really interested in sleeping dogs square has been failing me for years so maybe this will be good
      i’m reading: your blog as of now
      P.S. how in the world do i geta job with you guys lmao

    • I’m Playing: Hot Shots Golf World Invitational (Vita)
      I’m watching: Final round of the PGA Championship
      I’m Reading: Lots of Gamescom rumors from around the web
      I’m listening to: PS Blogcast

      Hoping between Gamescom & TGS Sony convinces me the Vita was a good purchase…

    • I’m Playing: Uncharted 2, Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY

      I’m watching; Olympics, Sony E3 2011 confrence

      I’m Listening to: Nothing

      I’m Reading: IGN Stuff

    • I’m playing: Resistance 3, SSD Vita, little bit of Gravity Rush and Metro:2033 (PC)
      I’m watching: Nothing, Jays too injured and sad to watch at this point
      I’m reading: Game Mechanics by Ernest Adams
      I’m listening to: Be’lakor, Unida, Insomnium.

      Looking for a Ragnarok Vita release date. Hoping for a Monster Hunter announcement and some sweet, sweet Vita-lovin’ news.

    • Dont let us down at GamesCon :D

    • I’m Playing: Persona 4 Arena (literally from the time I wake up the last hour before I go to sleep)
      I’m Watching: Degrassi (final week of the summer season this week), and random movies.
      I’m Reading: The daily news?
      I’m Listening to: Demi Lovato on my PSVita as I go to sleep. (my lullaby until I wake up the next morning with a drained battery)

    • I’m playing: Little Big Planet, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, Borderlands
      I’m Watching: Breaking Bad: Season 5, Hell On Wheels: Season 2
      I’m listening: Nothing at the moment.
      I’m reading: Playstation Blog

      Can’t wait for some more PS News about Gamescom, and looking forward to the PS1 support for vita. I hope it happens soon.

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