PSN Community Spotlight – My Digimon Fantasy World

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PSN Community Spotlight – My Digimon Fantasy World

Happy PSN Community Spotlight day! It’s that time when we take the PlayStation.Blog and let gamers tell their unique PlayStation story/experience/thoughts as submitted to this special section in the new and improved PlayStation Community Forums. Those that find their way to the PlayStation.Blog will find a $50 PlayStation Store voucher in their inbox.

PSN Community Spotlight 8-11-2012

Earlier last week, I asked you guys to tell a story about your favorite game that no one knows about. A game that meant the world to you, but maybe didn’t register with the gaming community on a massive scale. PlayStation gamer Electromagnus wrote in on his experiences with Digimon World 3, but you may be surprised to see his path to finally beating the game.

My Digimon Fantasy World

10 years ago, a 5 year old boy was going with his father to buy a PS one and a large pile of games. Naturally that boy was me, and was I excited?

Who wouldn’t be! I was bouncing up and down like a frog on a trampoline. Of course I chose games based on how colorful the artwork was since I could barely read, I chose many classics which gave me hours upon hours of fun. I bought games like Crash Bash, Spyro The Dragon, Pepsi Man and many more. But the game that really changed my perspective on gaming was Digimon World 3. The game just amazed me when I got it, the sounds the graphics even the box-art was beautiful. I used to watch the TV show and loved how a group of kids got trapped in the digital world. I wished that one day something exciting like that would happen, but the next best thing was actually controlling the character. After an hour my fantasy of the digital world came to an abrupt halt when my character died, I stared at the screen while a countdown began ……10…..9……8….. I pressed continue and the screen turned black, then suddenly the intro music started to play and I was gazing upon some alien words which had no meaning to me back then….. -Please Insert Memory Card into Slot 1- Back then I never bought a memory card, so I always played games from the start every time. I wasn’t too keen on starting over from the beginning, so I swapped the disk for CTR Racing.

PSN Community Spotlight 8-11-2012

For 5 more years I played with my PS one, and whilst I got better and better at reading and writing I got further and further in Digimon World 3, but I still could never beat it without a memory card. So one day I finally went with my Dad to the store and bought the small piece of plastic that would help me beat the game I could never beat. Back then our family didn’t own a computer, so I never knew about FAQs or guides or cheats, everything I did in-game was all me and nobody else was allowed to help.

So one night I was busy playing Digimon World 3 when my mom told me to get ready for bed, so I went to the nearest save station and saved my game, but whilst it was saving a blackout occurred in our area and my TV screen suddenly turned black. That night I couldn’t sleep. I was constantly warned in-game to not touch the power whilst the game was saving, so I knew that something bad had happened. The next day I got up early, and luckily the power was back on, so I booted up the game and my heart stopped beating for a millisecond……there was no file to load. Four months of gaming all gone in the blink of an eye. At that time I gave up gaming completely and just read books and watched movies to pass my time. But it never felt the same, what was missing in the books was the game play and what was missing in the movies was the lengthy stories, but I refused to play my PS one again.

That changed when we bought our first computer. I was amazed when I searched for PlayStation games, that there were hundreds of beautiful games that I had yet to try and complete, so I gave in and played my PS one again. But I made a vow that before I play any other game I would play and finish Digimon World 3.

A year later I was sitting on the couch watching the credits roll on the screen……..I finished the game. Nothing in the world could compare to beating the game that changed my life in many ways. It took me 8 long years of trial and error to finally feel like I accomplished a giant life goal. The next week I went and bought myself a PS3, hoping I might find a game with a touching story and stunning graphics, similar to DW2003. It didn’t take long to find one since the PS3’s library of games was overwhelmingly huge. It was Final Fantasy XIII (my first Final Fantasy game) and I loved every second of it. Since then I played game upon game enjoying every one of them.

I’m now 15 years old and have an extensive collection of games, both retail and digital, but the game that not even a triple A title can beat will have a place in my heart forever. The only thing I regret now is that I never bought a PS2. I missed great games like FFX and Kingdom Hearts, but thanks to the HD collections I can relive all of the consoles majestic games in stunning HD.

Thank you PlayStation for taking me to worlds of beauty and grandeur, where anything is possible and dreams become a reality.


Thanks for writing in Electromagnus! Fun to read how an older title — that maybe not many of us would list as an all time PS one great — could be such an important title on your end.

You may have seen the tweet from @PlayStation earlier, but for next week, we’re looking for stories and experiences from Metal Gear Solid 4. With the release of the patch that added Trophy support, many of us are going back to the game. Click here to check out more info on this call to action.

And on a final note, I’m happy to be turning over this post to our newest addition to the PSN Community Team: Kristine Steimer. She’ll be running with these posts from here on, so please welcome her next week.

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  • “Back then our family didn’t own a computer, so I never knew about FAQs or guides or cheats…”

    I never use that crap anyway. It takes all the fun out of playing and robs you of the sense of accomplishment. I hope your old ways of beating games without any help has stuck with you through all these years. Nice story too. :)

  • would truly love these games on psn… digimon world, digimon world 2, digimon world 3… i would buy them and im sure others would too… i would also love the new digimon game on psp to be ported to north america… to be honest it would likely prompt me to go out and buy a psp in addition to my vita…

  • Nooooooooo that not fair now noo I knew it was a scam why not give all codes this is insane I write a story about metal gear solid 4 and you don’t care but really this is gone to far people with lots of trophies wins ? Morgan this is not funny I have no bucks to buy a card and I keep doing this story for years and never wins I have enough whyyy Morgan how long I’ll keep doing this why ?

  • Wow I can’t believe I won!!

    And yeah guides and faqs take all the fun out of games, I love discovering new things when I play.

    Thank Morgan for choosing my story ^_^

  • @ lazarojenrry

    I really, really, don’t mean to be rude, honestly, I say this with the intention of nothing more than offering simple constructive criticism, but I’m assuming your lackluster grammar might be a contributing factor into why your stories are passed over. Try to clean it up a bit, and make sure it has a nice flow to it, such that it compels the reader to continue reading until the end.

    It has nothing to do with trophy counts, because if you’ve been paying attention, you’d have noticed that a large percentage of the winning stories are from users who have quite unimpressive trophy collections. I honestly believe that Morgan (or whoever it is) selects the winner based more upon the story’s interest factor and emotional involvement than anything else.

    • Yep. Good grammar, writing, and flow is always the start. I also don’t look at the person’s trophy count until we’ve chosen the winner. (it’s a last minute step I do when assembling the post to get the picture of their Trophy profile).

      But yes, the story needs to be unique and well thought out for sure, so your advice is good for anyone looking to make the spotlight.

  • But my friends and I we work our behind for metal gear solid 4 if you want to see a touching story and a awesome story go to the forms and search that say metal gear solid 4 story/thoughts and see if I’m not wrong we put our brains to make a gaming book about this I think this is way off we did everything for you every week were sore in our bones maybe you would hate my story gosh my face is leaking I was looking forward to buy games so my friends would be happy and of course my family but if you pick someone else we I maybe live my life with no money and te people that don’t have are begging like street bums no offense well congas of your win. Crying & voice breaking: have a nice day :(

  • And the unknow game too we work hard

  • I also think the story doesn’t add up. He was five years old, no way he remembers that and no way did it make any real impact. Obviously the story was fictionalized to go for a win.

    However, fighting about it is silly. I’m broke too friend, but PSN isn’t the end of the world. I don’t see how this should be a competition anyway.

    But yea, I’m pretty sure Sony just got trolled.

    • I respectfully disagree. I clearly remember being 4 years old and my Dad bringing home an NES with Super Mario Bros. Completing that first level and jumping up and down with sheer joy when hitting that final flag was one of the most vivid memories I’ll ever have; and probably strongly shaped my entire child and adult life.

      So, I believe Electromagnus’s story =) it seemed to come from a real place

  • @ lazarojenrry:

    Well, try again. Did you read above that Metal Gear Solid 4 is the topic for the week? Re-submit your story (after fixing up your grammar first, of course) and maybe you’ll be selected. Then again, you may have just been unlucky so far. Who knows how many submissions there are every week. There could be around 1,000 or more. But even if there’s only a couple hundred, the odds of winning still aren’t that great. It’s not that Morgan’s ignoring you or doesn’t like you.

  • I first went to school when I was 4 and a half and I remember that day perfectly, I can easily remember when I bought my ps1.

  • I’m glad they picked someone with a lot of platinums. I hate it when they pick people with almost all bronze.

  • At first the game didn’t have any impact since I could barely read(Digimon world 3 is an RPG).But when I began to understand what they were talking about, I felt attattched to the characters and I wanted to find out how the story ended.

    Even at school I was awarded a trophy because I read the most books in my class, the most important thing for me is the story,I couldn’t bear to leave a game or a book half finished.

  • @anarchowolf

    I don’t know man… it seems legit. I can relate to some of the emotions in there.

    Heck, I remember being 3 years old… so I definitely have strong memories of when I was 5, and the emotional impacts of even the most insignificant events from my early childhood are still strong in my mind today, at age 32.

    I’m sure when people write in these stories they’ll exaggerate a little bit to make them more appealing, of course, but that’s to be expected. I don’t think the entire story is made up, however.

  • @Electromagnus

    You never read Animal Farm then, half way through is where it should end.

    Anyhow I’m not trying to downplay your story, it just seems unlikely. It might have something to do with how illiterate your generation is. So forgive me, I draw conclusions.

    But congratulations anyhow. I was defending you, by the way. Even if Pokemon is better ;). I’m joking.

  • @anarchowolf

    Thanks, im not really that good at writing, so I was really surprised that I won.

    I have also played most of the pokemon games thanks to DW3,but Its not really the same :P

    • Don’t let anyone downplay ya man, the writing was good. Keep it up, and perhaps you can make something of it in the future =)

  • Great story! I prefer Digimon World 1 and 4, I wish there’s a future HD Collection with the Digimons!

  • @Undrey

    I would love an hd collection of Digimon 1-3 or just a plain old port, I would love to play them all again.

  • @anarchowolf I AGREE With you on how Sony got Trolled and the story does not add up.

  • I have to admit I was once a fan of Digimon twice and I watched Xros Wars as it aired but then with the third arc I lost interest in the series.

  • I recall playing a fishing game on a Commodore system in the early 80’s. It required me to trade out various floppy disks. I know I was less than five years old at the time.

    Good job, Electromagnus! By the way, cool name.

  • Thank you Morgan I really appreciate it ^_^

    also I replied to your message on Psn Community, sorry I took so long.

  • I thought that you’re story was very well done. Congratulations!

  • EEEEk, I had so much trouble signing in on my iPADD right now. I thought I’d been banned.

    First, everybody is different when it comes to early memories. I remember some things back to when I was a toddler. I think it is tied to how early you began talking & general intelligence.

    Second, I do agree that Electro writes a bit too well for a 15 yr old. What caught my attention was his use of “whilst”, twice. No 15 yr old teenager in America has used “whilst” since 1865. So, either Electr is a time-traveller, a foreigner (a Brit would be my guess, they still use that), or he has been reading a lot of 18th century English literature lately.

    Third, while lazarro does write atrociously, much like the average American teenager, I think he is a foreigner & using google translate to post here. We have lots of foreigners comment in our blog daily & I enjoy reading their mangled English. At least they’re trying.

  • i don’t care if is the story don’t add up some people copy & pasting to the post to win and im not going down like that metal gear solid 4 i did from my brain and my friends helped. for the rest sometimes they copy from websites and thats not creative and P.S im not keep doing this longer posting losing i did everything i fix my post problem now WHAT !!!! is the problem with my post why is not selected huh this don’t make sense i will be checking post count me in this have gone long enough you don’t know how many year im not in the spotlight & lots of people want to get in it how many words have to be there and you know people cant tell if they writing to long i just wanted whatever through december probably i keep losing i feel Ahhh i can punch through a wall !!! this so hard i think i cant do it P.S morgan & people i hope my story called metal gear solid 4 story/thoughts wins future or no future my hands are dead sleep P.S still mad X”(

  • im a true american you stop making me like im from iraq im not iraqi you are your looking for a threat see the moderators

  • @ lisatsunami

    I am half British, and I really do read a lot of books (one of my favorites is Jane Eyre), so I guess I like to write in an old-style sort of way.

    Btw I wish i was a time-traveler ;P

  • @Morgan, it’s welcome news to me that new girl will be assuming your duties here. Sorry, I didn’t mean I don’t like you. You’re great in how much you respond to comments compared to your fellow moderators. I’m just happy to finally have a female on the team. She’ll show that there are more hard core gamergirlz than people think. I’ll make sure to log in & welcome her next week. Unless you ban me before then.

  • Question for Morgan: I was posted up on last weeks spotlight (Thanks again for that) Should I expect a message in my email or PSN inbox? and would I happen to receive it in time to finish out the Summer Play collection?

  • got my post if you want to see it called metal gear solid 4 story/thoughts reply or something

  • @lazzaro, who said Iraq? Other than you? Actually, that was pretty funny.

    So then, what primero said was accurate. You need to work on your writing skills if you want to be selected. I realize in this texting universe we’re losing our ability to write complete sentences & make understandable comments, but the point of this blog is partly to write well.

    I apologize for calling you a foreigner. That’s a huge insult to an American so I am really sorry.

  • @lisatsunami

    I find it sad that I had good grammar when I was eleven, but there are people in their early 20’s that still type terribly, I learned all my English from movies and video games, maybe 20% from school.

  • @Undrey, I replied to your post but my post is awaiting moderation. I wonder what the trigger was. I’m sure it will show up later.

  • Then who going to help me heh no one that fine :(

  • Crap… I have to come back here and clear somethings up. Initially I was suspicious yes but that’s just a third party thought.

    @ Electromagnus I was in no way trying to come off as insulting and certainly wasn’t referring to you as illiterate. As far word use, you surpass others your age. So I hope you didn’t tale my comments the wrong way.

    Also, I can remember my little youth too I suppose, I do have a hard time at keeping track of years. I’m still convinced Spongebob is a new show.

  • Kristine Steimer FTW!

  • @Victoryismine52 You should have a message in your inbox at the forums. Go to the forums:, look in the upper right where it should say ‘Victoryismine 52 | Sign Out | My Settings | Help’ and to the right of that you should see a picture of an envelope. Click that and you should be set.

  • @lazarojenrry I have faith you’ll be able to clean up the syntax and grammar without any issues, but part of what makes Electromagnus’ story fun to read is the fluency with which he tells it. It easily flows from paragraph to paragraph despite tracking a long period of time in his youth. I’m never caught off guard while reading it. It’s easy to follow.

    The hardest part to writing is giving your story some heart; it needs some way of connecting to the reader. When I read Electromagnus’ story, I’m reminded of the countless times the power went out and my mom tried to calm me down before I started chucking discs across the room. Maybe he didn’t mean to do it on purpose, but I feel like I empathize with this ‘character’ of a 15-year-old reliving the classics that got him excited about gaming. Congratulations, by the way!

  • I have been fairly absent on the Blog and in the forums because I can’t force myself to write about things that don’t speak to me. I saw the topics and realized I didn’t have something to say. I loved MGS4 and things like the Fred Tatasciore’s voice overlapping with Paula Tiso’s Laughing Octopus were memorable to me, but I don’t remember my reaction to it. Anything I would have written wouldn’t have felt genuine.

    Part of the reason I wrote about Dyad is because I have a very deep connection to music. I work to it, I exercise to it, I sing it in my car…and Dyad connected with me. It seems like you really connect to a lot of games. Just write and edit and write and edit until it feels right to you. Maybe give it to someone near you to read and give you their thoughts. I spent hours writing my piece on Dyad and I let it sit for a while before I could look at it objectively with fresh eyes. In fact, I wrote it in MS Word before I copied it to my forum post. Just stick with it. Writing is hard or we’d all be novelists.

  • this was very touching an i still havent beatan dw3 yet lol

  • HECK YEAH, DIGIMON! I used to watch show when I was a kid! I also remember renting Digimon Rumble Arena and Digimon World 2 from Blockbuster. They should release the Digimon PS1 games as PSone Classics.

  • after all my dedication with playstation, i should win something… :)

  • Love Digimon watched show as a kid and played the games as well.

  • i can tell you one thing spyro changed my life as a gamer, so in short words long live play:)

  • @Electromagnus I don’t know what you’re talking about I think you have some excellent writing skills, especially for a 15 year old. I enjoyed the story, something very similar happened to me (with the corrupted save file and everything) about 10 years ago with Turok 2 on N64. Sadly I still never finished the game, but your story really makes me want to : ) P.S. That’s a pretty impressive platinum count!

    @lazarojenrry I think you’re misunderstanding PrimeroIncognito’s point, he’s saying to submit your story for this upcoming week’s PSN Spotlight. And he’s also saying the chance of any one submission winning anyway is pretty low. But give it shot you may get lucky!

  • @lazarojenrry Kid, this isn’t a big deal. It’s only a spotlight on the PS Blog…Take a hike and calm down!

  • @lazarojenrry oh and, kid, your grammar is pretty bad judging from your comments on here. Maybe you should work on that.

  • Congrats Electromagnus,
    I remember playing that very same Digimon game, While I wasn’t a huge fan of it at the time (I was about 12 when I played it, and hadn’t yet learned to appreciate a good RPG, that was my Platformer phase) I can definitely see how it could appeal to someone.
    Great job with the story. I found it to be very well written, and was very surprised by your age! VERY good writing for a 15 year old, if you keep improving I could see you making a career of it!
    Enjoy the $50! You Deserve it!

    @lisatsunami, I’d cut him some slack, I’ve been using ‘whilst’ in my writing since I learned the word in 4th grade.
    I also agree with you on the refreshing news of a new girl on the Blog, 46 percent of gamers are female!

  • im still editing my post you’ll see when im done you’ll be impressed

  • later ill post a link here and copy and paste to you address or go to the forms called metal gear solid 4: snakes last stand im working on it

  • ok Done everyone copy this to address and paste here the link it wont make separated paragraph but i put dots and fix and it came out what i didn’t expected here the link address

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