Sports Champion’s 2’s Improved Archery Mode Hits the Mark

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Sports Champion’s 2’s Improved Archery Mode Hits the Mark

Sports Champions 2 will be releasing this fall for PlayStation Move, adding new sports such as skiing, boxing, tennis, bowling and golf, in addition to a much-evolved archery mode. These six sports lend themselves particularly well to motion gaming, with some requiring strategy and finesse and others a blend of speed and reaction time.

But given the popularity of Archery in the original Sports Champions, we wanted to demonstrate how far we’ve come with Sports Champions 2. Read on for lots of new details!

One early goal was to eliminate the need for PlayStation Move calibration, which could be pretty annoying in the first game. We are now able to get enough starting data when you turn on the game or a controller, and we’ve integrated some of the information gathering into the games themselves — along with some corrective behind-the-scenes calibration — so you can just play.

But our primary goal with Archery this time around was to combine the competitive nature of the original game with the fast-paced, high-action style of Medival Moves: Deadmund’s Quest archery. The idea was to maintain the tried-and-true archery mechanics from those two games while really emphasizing and expanding on the arcade element of the gameplay. We also wanted to continue to offer the player several different ways to play Archery. This was a notable feature of SC1, and we made every effort to continue that tradition. SC2 Archery offers an even more expansive variety of match types, and tests the player’s abilities with numerous different types of targets to shoot at.

Sports Champions 2 on PS3

Marksmanship is largely the same mode from SC1, with the addition of new marksmanship targets and more control over which target types you’ll see in a given match.In Shooting Gallery, you’ll shoot at many, many more types of target, such as bullseyes, fruit, money bags, balloons, rings, bottles, and more. Memory is a new take on the classic game, where you’ll try to uncover matching pairs of pictures using your bow-and-arrow. In Race mode, the goal is to raise your flag to the top of a pole before your opponent can raise theirs. You’ll raise your flag by shooting a bullseye target, and you’ll move faster by nailing high-score shots, forcing you to strike a balance between speed and accuracy. This is one of the more fun head-to-head matches, especially since we’ve introduced power-ups such as Shot Blocker. Push is now more fast-paced, as the two opposing archers are closer together and we made the rolling push targets move much faster. Players must choose to play more defensively by focusing on preventing the targets from reaching their side, or going more offensive and trying to push as many targets as they can to the opponent’s side. Rally is our most ambitious new mode, and has the opposing archers juggle a large cube between them until it hits the ground. The longer a rally goes on, the faster the cube flies back and forth between the archers. This mode is a fun, fast, intense experience that will test the player’s ability to be both accurate and quick with their bows. Players looking for an extra challenge can even opt to add a second Rally cube to the mix. Finally, Random mode will randomly select one of the Archery events for each round of the match. You’ll have to be prepared for anything when you select a Random game.

Sports Champions 2 on PS3

In general, The pace of Archery is faster and more exciting with new modes like Race and Rally being geared toward an arcade experience. The arcade feeling extends elsewhere, too. For example, when you shot a bullseye target in SC1, you received points and moved on to the next target. When you shoot a bullseye target in SC2, a couple of balloons might appear out of the broken bullseye target. When you shoot a money bag target in SC2, it will split into two more money bag targets. And those moneybags will split again into even more targets when you shoot them. We strove to make something unexpected happen in every match.

One change from SC1 that should be noticed right away is our scoring format has changed. Instead of adding up every round’s score from the entire match to determine the winner, now each round will have a winner determined, and the champion is decided by whoever won the most rounds. So in a best-of-3 format, a player will have to win two rounds. Also, we have implemented tie-breakers for every round – these will require quick reaction time to come out ahead.

We hope you enjoyed this look at Sports Champions 2’s new and improved Archery mode, and I want to thank my teammates at Zindagi Games for helping me craft this huge PlayStation.Blog post! If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments!

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  • This sounds great! I cannot wait to throw money your way. I am looking forward to all the sports events this has to offer. When will you have a release date? Keep up the good work!

  • Sounds like an awesome title. Although, where is the online multiplayer?! That would have made it a definite purchase for my friend and I, but now I don’t know.

    • Probably not exactly what you were hoping to hear if online multiplayer is a must have for you, but info on that below.

      We totally understand the desire for online multiplayer, but this is a feature we unfortunately are unable to support given our constraints. This decision was not made without careful consideration. A very bare bones online multiplayer implementation might have been possible if we cut enough of our new features (Ex. Calibration free gameplay, Party Play and Avatar creator), but we weren’t okay with doing online multiplayer unless we could do it right and without sacrificing so much to the rest of the game. Hopefully the vastly improved local multiplayer experience in SC2 helps with this news. As we feel that with SC2 we are catering to that group of friends and family gameplay in a much better way than what was possible on SC1.

  • Very cool. I really enjoyed the first Sports Champions and felt it was one of the better games for showing off the precision of the Move system. I remember raising an eye brow when I tried to lay down and play tabble tennis (like I do on the Wii) and finding out I wasn’t able to as it completely messed with my precision and how the paddle was held, that impressed me.

    I will be picking up it’s sequel and looking forward to the improvements :) Thanks.

    • Great, thank you. Seen some very flattering youtube vids comparing SC1 and other motion games with the same sports.

  • Sounds good. You guys really need to share whatever magical unicorn potion you drank, to eliminate the need for calibration, with other devs! That really is the one pitfall and annoyance of Move.

    • Just to clarify, 3 point calibration is now completely gone. You still need to activate your motion controllers by pointing at the camera when you turn them on the first time. Although all the calibration pain in SC1 always came from the 3 point calibration part. Still totally worth it though to me when I’m in the Bocce mood. :)

  • Looking forward to the new modes, I tried boxing and skiing at San Diego comic con this year, and it was a lot of fun! SC1 is probably the only Move game that is still in heavy rotation in my house. Can’t get enough bocce. Def. agree with #2, online multiplayer would take this game to the next level. Make it happen!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, and glad you got to check it out at Comic Con. Things are already looking/playing significantly better now as that was the E3 build. Hope you like the final product even more.

  • Can’t wait for this, no move calibration is great news as well, just wish there were more sports .

    • The more we do, the less time we have to add depth and polish to what we include. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with offering twice as many events, we just want to have each event feel as close to a standalone game as possible.

  • I know it will not be added, just wanted to voice my disappointment.

    going to pass on this game because there will be no online multiplayer. Thought that would have definitely been added for the second game, oh well.

  • Please add more sports via DLC, i’d happily buy them.

  • I wish you would make a full fledged disc-golf game with more discs, more courses and more modes (best shot of team mode and a skins game would be excellent additions.) An expert mode with regular sized baskets and no ‘gravity’ effect would be nice as well.

  • I think that a game that has a lot of many objectives like Sport Champions in the end is not good in all of them. This is a opinion from someone that plays every day. Probably the persons that are not so heavy gamers like the game.

  • Love the first Sports Champion’s game and can’t wait for 2 to come out.

    Thanks for taking the time to post a bit more info on what’s coming Colin.

  • Hey Colin, this looks great…I so can’t wait!

    I can’t help but think how much more exciting this would be to incorporate SCE franchise characters as playable options, possibly in DLC form. I love the new avatar editor, but playing Tennis as Kratos, or Archery as Rau Utu (Mark of Kri / Rise of the Kasai), would be a dream come true! Was something like this ever considered?

    Anyhow, keep up the great work. I’m definitely looking forward to picking this up for the family.

  • I enjoyed the first game, mainly because it was a good starting point for the Move.
    This looks amazing, but the main reason I want the sequel is for BOXING. Heck yes, the most anticipated for me on SP2.

  • No frisbee golf or bocce? Those were the best ones! Gonna have to pass.

  • Cool.

    I have move but I don’t use it very often (Disabled gamer = difficulty with motion controls).

    However I found the first SC game to be both fun, and relatively painless (especially when compared to sporting games (or any motion control for that matter) on another, lesser system).

    SC2 is looking quite promising.

  • Ok all the other consoles get their sports games online but not us playstation 3 owners, why is this? All we get is a bunch LAME @$$ EXCUSES. This sucks balls I don’t care about your stupid “constraints” because as a PlayStation 3 owner I want online to play with friends near and far. I do not have a huge living room like the one in the video so online would have been great. but no, all we get is LAME EXCUSES. This game not having online capabilities and their LAME EXCUSES is the only reason why i am not buying this game.

  • @Jedi_jeff:

    I completely agree. I’d love to have a legitimate disc golf game. Give me my wraiths, rocs, aviars and teebirds please :)

  • Really looking forward to this. SC1 was a great showing for the PS Move. But one thing I really was disappointed about was no traditional golf, and no bowling. So to see that both of those are now going to be in SC2, I will def be buying this for sure. Not only will those be there, but also tennis. I loved that on the wii, and am very excited to have it included in the SC2 bundle. I’m sure it will be incredibly better with the accuracy of the Move. I just wanted to share my appreciation for all the great sports being included here, Archery, Bowling, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, and Skiing….couldn’t have picked better ones myself. Although it is kinda sad that if I wanna play ping pong I’ll have to swap in SC1 (which I still own), but I guess while I have SC2 in, I’ll be able to play “big-bo ping-pong” (tennis).

    Really, awesome looking game guys, please keep the great Move titles coming. My kids and I loved the Medieval Moves game too. Can’t wait to play and support another great Move game.

  • I loved Sports Champions, and super look forward to the sequel with all new events, albeit archery.

    But I can’t help to wonder why more consideration was not put into an online component. No one is saying it had to be online multiplayer. To maintain that family game feeling you’ve deemed so necessary, why not consider at least online leaderboards? Just a way to compete with one another. Even weekly tournaments a la Treasures of Montezuma Blitz on Vita.

    I would love to be able to compete with my friends on my own time and brag about it using the Facebook integration!

  • This is going to be a first day purchase for me. The first Sports Champions is still a lot of fun. The character design is a bit silly, yet not annoying. The unlockables are great – meatballs and china plates! I have to say I’m looking forward to the new events and improved archery.

  • I love Sports Champions and I still own it this very day. Since Sony is basing it of the Olympics will fencing be involved this time in place of the warrior game from the previous? I know kendo isn’t a Olympic sport but could it be DLC for Sports Champions 2?

  • Will their be online multiplayer? And will their be a option where i can fully customize my character clothes and appearance? And will this one have more updates and dlc than the 1st SC game?

  • When will their be a game like their was with EYETOY on ps2 where all i needed was my body to interact with the game ,i miss that from playstation with interactive games.I remember when i got that for christmas , i couldnt stop playing.very fun.

  • No Online = FAIL. The most expected feature for Sport Champions is the online… the game is must to buy if you can play table tennis with the guy in the other side of the world.

    I’m disappointed… I guess online component would be mandatory for a v2.0.

  • That is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. The only game that could bring some life into PS Move, and Sony can’t even make it right? No multiplayer was fine the first time around but after 2 years? NO.

    Most gamers don’t have huge rooms like in trailers. Local multiplayer is NOT an option for them. And without multiplayer that game is just not good enough.

    Still, Jeremy Ray, thanks for your work. You guys made a great game, and could probably do it again. Too bad it won’t happen.

  • I’m looking forward to this game. The first one was by far the best game for Playstation Move. I hope they can make some more Move games soon. Looking forward to this game.

  • Most wouldnt say the move is for hardcore gamers.. I myself am a hardcore gamer and love the move. I only wish it had more serious titles. I understand its a big risk, but the move isnt dead yet.. I think one good action/adventure or shooter with a great story (AND IT BE move exclusive) would save it. BUT a Sports Champions 2 is a great way to start… gain a little hype for move again. On a side note Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Modern Domination, and Resistance 3 are amazing on move.. so try it out people.

  • Great article……

    I bought the PS Move on the first day with SC1 and loved it… be honest that is all I play along with High Velocity Bowling.

    SC1 had the best bocce and table tennis – still play and enjoy with my little 3 year old.

    Really looking forward to SC2 (already pre ordered from Amazon) and looking forward to golf and bowling mainly……as I love these 2 sports and play on the Wii with my little one.

    I would love the developer build standalone golf game with many more courses, modes, party games, mini golf, and disc golf and I bet it will fly of the shelfs on release, or as dlc, as Kinect Sports did with adding basketball as dlc and also offering many free extras, which was good to see done by Microsoft.

    Anyway, can’t wait to play SC2 when it comes out……let’s hope for a SC3 also !

  • After watching the Olympics, I really want to play this now.

    I really wish we can play online with this though. I would play it soooo much more, hopefully this avatar creator will be good. (That’s create a player right?)

  • If only this could have been out for the Olympics… would have been good timing.

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