PlayStation All-Stars: Sly Cooper and Fat Princess Strategy Videos

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PlayStation All-Stars: Sly Cooper and Fat Princess Strategy Videos

We’re back on PlayStation.Blog this week to share our next two character combat videos for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Today, we’re examining strategies for Fat Princess and Sly Cooper with Game Director Omar Kendall.

Fat Princess

Fat Princess, much like Sweet Tooth, is a character who has never found herself participating directly in battle, so one of the challenges for us was to design her play style from the ground up. Her design has gone through radical changes — at one point, we had plans for her to grow larger depending on the amount of cake she ate mid-battle. We made sure to follow character guidelines provided by the producer, one of which is the fact that Fat Princess isn’t actually aware of her weight. We incorporated this into her play style by giving her these graceful ballerina pirouette attacks.

Her loyal villagers are, of course, a key weapon in her arsenal. There were a lot of questions raised from the start: should we let her villagers do the fighting while Fat Princess hangs out in the back? Should they be carrying her on their shoulders throughout the battle, forcing them to work as a team? We ended up choosing an assist-style design in which different classes of villagers — including the Worker, Mage and Warrior — come to Fat Princess’ aid briefly for a quick attack.

Players looking for a heavy-duty combo-heavy character need look no further than Fat Princess. She can perform long combos, starting with her scepter attacks (Square) and ending with her ballerina attacks (Triangle). Her villagers can be used as cover to set up her offense, or to strike at angles and ranges that she otherwise cannot, as demonstrated by the Mage (Circle or Up + Circle). Her villagers also lend their support for her more powerful Supers, with her level 2 Super summoning a Mage that transforms into a giant chicken, and her level 3 summoning numerous villagers to fill the screen with chaos.

Sly Cooper

Thanks to our combat designer Ray Ray Shen, the beloved Master Thief is now a fierce competitor in PlayStation All Stars. Sly’s charisma and personality are so strong that his play style pretty much creates itself. In PlayStation All-Stars, he continues his thievius ways and relies on stealth, agility, and tricks to thwart his foes. Sly’s design draws from all of the previous Sly titles, including the newest installment Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Those who are familiar with the Thievius Raccoonus will feel right at home with Sly’s abilities. Going invisible? Doing a mega jump? Blocking projectiles with a barrel? No problem! Certain familiar gadgets have also been tweaked to serve the combat scenarios of a fighting game, such as the Smoke Bomb on Down + Triangle. To get out of enemies’ sights, Sly drops a Smoke Bomb with his cane and instantly teleports to a desirable location.

In terms of play style, Sly operates much differently than the rest of the cast. He loses the ability to block or roll in exchange for invisibility. Holding down L1 grants him stealth, allowing him to sneak around the battlefield undetected. As a Master Thief, Sly also has the exclusive ability to steal opponents’ AP with his Neutral Square cane swipes. Players who like a mischievous, tricky play style will feel right at home playing as Sly Cooper. As a treat for all loyal Sly fans, you will get some help from Sly’s gang as well! Murray, Carmelita and Bentley are ready to assist you any time that Super bar is filled up! How you choose to utilize Sly’s diverse arsenal is entirely up to you.

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  • The hupe meter for this game is being dialed WAYYYYYYY UP….Great job so far Super Bot. Keep up the great work.

  • So are we going to be able to pre-order this game on the PSN Store and get the costume bonus?

  • As much as I love Sly in this game, he is way too over-powerful. I hope he gets tweaked. I saw someone score 29 points with him.

    • The combat designers are diligently doing balance adjustments on our characters :) We take player feedback to heart!

  • Awesome!

    So who can we expect for tomorrow?

  • Also if two people select Fat Princess I think her second costume should be a blue dress and not a white one, since in the game on PSN its Red vs Blue. Her bomb does barely any damage, and when people go over it, sometimes does not go off…..

    • Her bomb is less a projectile that explodes on contact but more of a timed AOE explosion. Her circle button is designed to work as assists. Since she can call them without much commitment on her part we have to make sure they aren’t TOO powerful.

      As far as her dresses are concerned, there is plenty of variety in costume/color combination so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find a setup that you’ll like. :)

  • I can’t wait for this game. I’m getting it for both systems and I know Sony in it’s infinite wisdom for cross play, will release a bundle.

    I don’t see how you people at Superbot don’t see the unbalanced supers from certain characters. Or the weak supers of others.

  • @6

    They only have the beta in people’s hands right now. People don’t even have a hold of the current build Superbot has, so no one knows what balance tweaks they have already made, which what stage they are in right now.

  • I saw this game in a preview just now and you should design the game exactly like Marvel vs Capcom. Meaning, have a health meter and super meter. The game will be MUCH better and ALOT more fun during the WHOLE match. You will play the game much longer too because you will find other ways to get kills and see what strategy works with certain characters. Reconsider your position on this NOW. Anyone can see that the match is just dragging and it is no fun just waiting for meter gain. Just say you changed it for the fans guys. You will be so happy that you did earlier rather than 2 weeks from release or even after release with egg on your faces and noone playing the game after they have tired of seeing 3 supers per character. Also strategically trying to keep a lead or get a late kill is non existant. More feedback during the match even if at the 1 min mark the # of kills appears on the heads of the combatants would be something. Super kills only is too restrictive and it leads to pathetic “1 3lvl super and its over” matches.

  • My two favorite are stil Kratos and Sweet Tooth. It is nice how they are all very balanced in different ways.

  • I hope in the final product sly gets Nerfed in that glitched on the god of war level when using sly coopers level 3 move. but overall i am enjoying the beta. Keep up the work guys.

  • Sly is my favorite so far, probably just because I love that franchise so much. That unique invisibility mechanic is a lot of fun.

    Still, he’ll be playing second fiddle once you guys reveal Ratchet.

  • I got into the beta yesterday. Game is pretty fun. Cant wait for the full version.

  • My most anticipated game of the year. Great job Superbot hope i still have a chance to get into the beta.

  • I am really glad that Sony made this game. Having all the biggest characters in a brawler that is this good makes for a great game. I hope that this game is supported after launch with DLC characters and patches that fix exploits. Like most fighters somebody will figure out a way to break the game, so hopefully that will fixed during the beta. Looking forward to more official character revels and keep up the great work Super Bot.


  • Sly FTW!

  • I can’t wait for this game or the beta!

  • Fat Princess is great in this game! MORE CAKE PLEASE

  • Thanks to Omar Kendall and Sid Shuman for these vids cant wait for beta

  • I do not get how to play with Sly, at all! But Fat Princess was pretty kickass.

  • Not being a fanboy here because this game looks pretty fun but fat princess level 3 reminds me of King dedede Final smash

  • Thanks SuperBot! I love Sly Cooper.

    … But where’s Crash and Spyro?

  • ^^^^^THIS^^^^^


  • Please keep making these videos and releasing them daily!

  • hack yeah this game is going to put smash bothers out of bisness good game

  • Great Videos. I still fail to see how Sweet Tooth easy to use rather than Sly Cooper. Sweet Tooth is easy on combos but Super Attack wise it’s just not there. I do understand Sweet Tooth is most deadly in corner stages but so is Sly and his Super Attacks are all 3 kills easy.

  • @4 we’re not getting any tomorrow.

  • How about a General PASBR Defensive Strategy Video SuperBot.

  • This game is looking better and better every day!

  • Woudl love to see some older, obscure Sony-published characters from the psOne days come back like Jersey Devil or Tomba.

  • From the look of this it looks like sly and fat princess are dangerous characters when players use them in certain ways, another reason i am pumped for this game. i cant wait till beta or the game releases

  • I admit I wasn’t interested in this game at first but then I started to read more about it after I heard about the beta. Its sounding really good. Best video so far imo? The Sly Cooper one, though Fat Princess is a close runner up. Wow. What a character!

    Looking forward to seeing the Big Daddy & Jak & Dexter character videos! :)

  • Any idea when the beta is coming to PS Plus?

  • I saw the Kratos/Radec Strategy post just last night but couldn’t post a comment because the PS3 has issues with the log-in page. There were a couple of issues I had with that blog post.

    The first was that in the Blog post and video, you guys stated that Kratos was using the Blades of Chaos, but he’s actually using the Blades of Athena (Blades of Chaos are not gold, nor were they used when he had the Golden Fleece).

    My other issue comes from the fact that he was using the Blades of Athena in the game, which IMO, he should be using the Blades of Exile from God of War III (his appearance in Mortal Kombat used them). If the Blades of Athena are in fact in the release version, I hope that they are at least named correctly.

    Santa Monica is working on this game, they should know this.

    Other than that, looks awesome.

  • Sweet! (and I mean that both about the cake and the Fat Princess strategy video)

  • The interviewer of these strategy videos, is doing a fine job framing them, or at least presenting the material given to him.
    What I’d like to see is a strategy video talking about the controls in the game. Break down each function, and how to use them best. Just as how Sly Cooper doesn’t have a block, what are some ways to block, ways to avoid it? I’d think reverting to a block in a crowd isn’t a good idea. Are certain buttons tied to certain types of attacks? I’ve heard some talk about throws, but are there some characters who excel at or have unique abilities in terms of throws?

    • Getting hit kinda hurts for Sly :( Try being evasive with his Smoke Bomb that functions like a teleport. If you like using advanced techniques, using the Decoy can counter your opponent and create a back stab opportunity!

      Hope this bit of info lets other Sly players explore different options with him. Happy Thieving!

  • I love this video series thanks for doing it guys!
    p.s. please dont have 3 characters from tekken, that’s game-breakingly stupid

  • Hi everyone,

    This is Ed Ma and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about Fat Princess. I’m at work super cranking on PASBR but I’ll definitely answer what I can. :)

  • #38 Will Fat princess have the blue/brunette princess costume, I tough she was pretty sweet (like cake) also how much is her ap requirements for each ult (I heard some consume more or less)

    • I think you will be able to find a costume that you’ll like in her selection. :)

      As far as AP cost for supers, they can be different per super and these are constantly being looked at across the board for balance concerns.

  • Hey SuperBot, tons of Sly players right now are farming a lot of AP by spamming Sly’s Thunder ball roll (forward triangle). Please tell me you guys are going to address this :(

  • What this needs is gameplay value. Should add a mission mode, collectables, costumes, secret bosses, bios, music, ect.

  • I found Sly fairly fair. I use Radik and I think he’s cheap haha I’ve managed to reach 25+ points with him a lot :D

  • I have a main concern about the game, why isn’t there some visual indication of who’s winning /how many kills each person has during a match?

  • @43

    Because when people know the score, if they are leading, they didn’t to use chicken tactics and just run away, and the people that are losing, just give up and don’t even bother trying. Not showing the score keeps people trying their hardest the entire match.

    There will be a Stock mode and you can make the score visible if you want.

  • sure you guys get character requests all the time but URGH Dart from sonys rpg Legend of Dragoon would be sooooo awesome in this game. he needs more love lol

  • When considering character’s balancing, can you also consider when there are more than one of the characters on the screen? Some look more distinct than others. However, the 2nd player Fat Princess is wearing a dress just slightly lighter in pink than the 1st player. Why not make player 2 the blue princess, with brown hair? Would that look too similar to other characters? I’ve seen two Radecs in a level, and they look nearly identical, while Sweet Tooth, for example, is easier to tell apart.

  • Looks like a lot of fun I just wish they could improve the graphics a bit

  • Any word on a discount/ bundle for buying this game on vita and ps3?

  • will there be a beta released for this game soon?

  • Looks tight guys! Keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait to try my hand at the beta!

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