PlayStation Blogcast 037: Shapin’ Sounds All Around

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PlayStation Blogcast 037: Shapin’ Sounds All Around

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Welcome to episode 037, and what must surely be our lamest podcast title yet! On today’s show, we compare our experiences with Queasy Games’ brilliant musical platformer Sound Shapes: You’ll hear about the advantages of playing on PS Vita versus PS3, first experiences with the level editor, and why it’s critical — critical! — to wear headphones. There are no big-name guests on today’s show, just four grown men who play video games and enjoy them.

Per usual, we also share first details on next Tuesday’s North American PSN release list, plus new player questions, new tips, and a hand-plucked PSN Gem of the Week. And since Nick recently completed Mass Effect 3, we reserve the final 20 minutes of the show for a no-holds barred spoilercast. Listen in and let us know what you think. We’ll see you next week at Gamescom!

Stuff We Talked About

  • Sound Shapes
  • Persona 3 Portable (PSP/Vita)
  • @AskPlayStation
  • PlayStation Blog Share – DualShock ideas
  • From Dust
  • Mass Effect 3: Leviathan
  • Papo & Yo
  • Borderlands 2
  • Dyad
  • Catherine
  • Soul Edge
  • Mass Effect 3 (Spoilercast)
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff for Blogcast

    Official PlayStation.Blogcast: Rey GutierrezOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick Suttner

    The Cast

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    14 Author Replies

    • Was Sound Shapes suppose to give 2 sets of trophies?

    • Awesome! Listening now!

    • I got a head start on this today cuz it always posts first on the RSS feed.

      anyways, congrats you guys constantly talking about Sound Shapes has finally convinced me to buy it.

      downloading now.

      Also, shame on Sid for his cynical-ness with movies. and for STILL not playing Journey. lol.

    • I love Sound Shapes! At the moment i’m going through the mad challenges you get once you beat the campaign! (each of them gives a throphy). Sadly no one has played the level i uploaded.

    • i think its better to not always have guest, maybe a guess every other week unless a release day dev wants to join in the week before or after.

    • by the way, loving Sound Shapes and the Hustle Kings game has an update for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita as well.

      im playing


      Pure Chess

      Escape Plan

      Hot Shots Glof World Invatational
      and many more. (im) hooked on The Tressures of Montezuma Blitz grrr lol)

    • Question (For the third week in a row…):

      With the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift server shut-off occurring soon, what will happen with the multiplayer trophies? This is the issue when developers decide to put multiplayer trophies in their game, something I have heard you guys talk about before, when the servers are shut off, it will be impossible to actually get those trophies ever again, which is unfair.. especially for those who buy the game beyond that point or held off those trophies for later. I seriously want to know if you are planning on giving the multiplayer trophies to people via patch as soon as they launch the game after server shut-down to make platinum still obtainable. I know it’s unfair for those who worked hard for them while servers were still on but it was also unfair for Evolution Studios to add multiplayer trophies for the long run with no intention of patching it later, please get Evo’s word on this if you can and lemme know what y’all think about the issue with this game and any other games in the future!

      You don’t have to answer it on the podcast if you don’t want to but please somehow get this answered by someone somewhere at some point! Thanks, lol

      • I did inquire but never heard back. I think it’s safe to say that the MP trophies won’t be possible to obtain online, sadly.

    • I’m actually currently playing through Shinobi 3 for Genesis and it’s awesome. I make have to take a look at the PS2 game.

      On a side note, what are the chances Sony ever brings back Grind Session? I know licensing would be difficult with all of those wicked songs but that game was awesome.

    • Thanks for answering my question guys! It was really great to see some insight on what were some of your proudest gaming moments! =)

      San Andreas Sid…San Andreas…. =P

    • Hey guys, do you know when we can expect new DLC tables for The Pinball Arcade?

      As always great show, a welcome back to Rey, great new picture from Sid, and thanks Nick for always being cautious about spoilers, I like how its at the end of the blogcast, much appreciated.

      Already pre-ordered Papo & Yo, game looks amazing.

    • Mystery Theme was Crash Bandicoot Warped… Man, that brought back memories! I decided I’m going to go play that right now! I still have the original disc and everything!

      Also, My question is: If you could add one character to Playstation Allstars Battle Royale, who would it be?

    • I loved the look of the Camo pattern DualShock controller but the finish was weird it wasnt glossy like the other colors and it kinda made your hands sweat, I would love to see more camo controllers but change the color of the camo, use desert camo color, red camo, blue camo etc. with a gloss finish. Also I would love to see a jet black gloss controller with white sony logo and white or grey buttons

    • Dat mystery theme is amazing, brought back some amazing memories. Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped :)

      I just got into the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Closed Beta, so maybe I could get something cool like papa and yo??? :)

    • I can’t stop listening to the podcasts, I’ll give this one a go shortly.

      Hey guys, do you know what’s up with PULSE? It’s been over a month, is that show done? The last show kind of gave off an “it’s over” vibe at the end, but people thought I was just hearing something that wasn’t there.

    • b4 I watch this I just wanna give say that my thoughts & sympathies go out to greg miller over at Podcast Beyond, who recently revealed that he has cancer.

    • WOAW ! WAIT ! dose Greg miller have cancer !? please say no.

    • I played the main albums of Sound Shapes on Vita (with headphones!) and absolutely loved it. But with the PS3 version I can’t get it to sync the progress I’ve made on Vita. Is this a widespread issue that will get a patch or is it just me? I always cloud sync on Vita after playing, it works fine, then when I go to could sync on PS3 it doesn’t work and gives off an error message. Thanks!

      • This is a bug on the PS3 version. Just log out of PSN, restart the game, and log back in – that should do it

    • I hope the other game for PS Plus is announced here…. Outland and what else?!

    • greg will be fine :) hes young, he’ll be better in no time :)

    • i hope that mass effect 3 “spoilercast” isnt about the leviathan dlc cuz its not even out yet lol that would be terrible of you guys ….

    • Sid Shuman and the other awesome PlayStation Blogcast guys,

      Today is my 30th birthday and thank you so much for this awesome gift. Thank you for another awesome episode of PlayStation Blogcast, I really do enjoy it.

      I just sent you guys an email and I’m really need your guys help with this matter. Thank you once again and really looking forward for the next episode.


      • Thanks Alex, and happy birthday! About to duck out of the office but we’ll be sure to take a look for next week :)

    • Dirt Cheap pppffff PLEASE lol 9.99 would be dirt cheap

    • Farm Freshtions. I like it.

    • Guys.

      I have a question. I had purchases some movies from the Sony video store on my old 60GB machine. That glorious piece of hardware YLODed. I bought a new PS3 Slim and now I cannot access my content from the Video store. It says I need to deactivate my dead PS3. How do I fix this?

    • You guys really crack me up with all the grief that Sid catches for not playing through one of the biggest releases of the year in Journey. I was wondering since I got my Vita, what games are compatible with remote play. I did find that PJ Monsters works, but I was wondering if you guys could tell me some of the gems that does work through remote play and if this feature is going to be expanded on in the future?

      • Outside of PixelJunk Monsters and a few other PSN titles, the big draw is probably the PSone classics – most of those are compatible with Remote Play. No word on any enhancements but we’ll keep you posted.

    • is your live viewer broken today? it won’t play anything more than 30 seconds or so, and if I have a user submitted question do i write it here on email you guys to try and snag a free DLC code? thank you!

    • @Logan22;

      when you sync up from vita, its good then when you do the ps3 make sure you turn off the Vita. it works when i do that also i had to restart the PS3 as well. im sure they’ll fix it. the network is young. :)

    • The Mass Effect 3 spoilercast is a bit of an odd idea for this podcast since you guys aren’t critics. Doesn’t mean that you don’t have a valid opinion although most likely a bit biased, but I thought that you guys were letting the criticism part of the bargain to Podcast Beyond and you guys are promoting games.

      Having said that, I thought that the spoilercast was misinformed and was a bit all over the place. I know that you guys are all busy, but it is a far better idea to do a spoilercast when details are fresh and not to mention that you guys were too careful about spoilers during a spoilercast. I did like that you guys finished the episode first and then when on to do the podcast, but it felt very rushed and some of the thoughts you guys had weren’t fully expressed or some of you guys hardly remember the events of the ending. Moreover, I thought that you guys should all have played the extended cut because some of the ideas that were mentioned are no longer relevant with the extended cut.

      • Feedback noted, thanks. It really wasn’t planned and was just something we decided to do since I finally finished the game, and was indeed very off the cuff. Wasn’t really meant to be criticism or to be thorough either, more so just some thoughts on the story and to compare the different endings we got and such. Trust me, if something like that became a regular segment it would have a lot more thought put into it beforehand (such as reader input). Thanks for the feedback though, keep it honest!

    • Overall a good episode this week and you guys make my hour long commute to work far more enjoyable :)

    • Great podcast as usual! The mystery theme is from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped! My favorite game on the PS1! I still play it, to this day!

      • I’m not confirming or denying that answer, but all you guys guessing the theme here should really be e-mailing it to us so you have a chance at winning!

    • @ Sid Shuman

      My level is called Cami Lvl 1

    • Sup Guys great Blog ! Do any of you know about THE LAST GUARDIAN rumors about it being abandoned? Such a shame if it is I was looking forward to it.
      Anyway cant wait for Papo & Yo and Counter Strike G.O.

    • @Nick I think that the better discussion would’ve been overall playthroughs and comparing them than pidgeon holing yourselves into a discussion about the ending. Focusing on the ending, whether or not it should’ve been extended and where it ranks in terms of endings; made it a more critically focused spoilercast. Me and many of my friends weren’t happy with the original ending (lack of closure) and the extended one improved it, but comparing overall play-throughs and what decisions and the reasoning behind why we made them, always make for great discussions and I thought that may have been a better way to approach it and would’ve mirrored the early talks about Skyrim that you guys had in previous episodes.

    • I think the spoilercast is a good thing to keep having, maybe once every month or six weeks – the Official Playstation Blogcast Plus!

    • Not to mention that the endings weren’t very diverse as all the decisions that you make throughout the entire Journey ;)

    • @11: Sid: GREAT choice for Wander, but will he be accompanied with Agro?

      Also, I’d rather see ICO use his 4×4 as primary attack weapon.

    • Hey guys,

      why is Motorstorm Arctic Edge NOT available in the US store for the Vita, just in Europe?


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