Super Stardust HD Turns Five, Celebrate with a Stellar Sale

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Super Stardust HD Turns Five, Celebrate with a Stellar Sale

UPDATE: Due to a technical error, the Impact Mode DLC was not included in this Super Stardust HD DLC sale bundle. Any users who purchased the sale bundle will be receiving a message within the next week or so with a voucher code for the Impact Mode DLC. We will also correct the error for next Tuesday’s Store publish. We apologize for the inconvenience!


It’s amazing that we’ve come this far since Super Stardust HD first came on the scene. Five years ago, the top-selling and award-winning PS3 game blasted you on a breathtaking tour through the galaxy full of epic sights and scenes. Everyone here at Housemarque has been honored to be a part of the journey in creating five years of action-packed entertainment on PSN. From Super Stardust HD to Super Stardust Portable to Super Stardust Delta on PS Vita, we’ve always pushed ourselves to deliver the best possible arcade experience.

Super Stardust HD for PS3

To celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, and to thank you all for your support, we’ve launched a spectacular offer – Super Stardust HD + all three DLC add-ons, including last year’s stellar new “Impact” game mode, in one cosmic bundle for only $7.99. This deal won’t last forever though – the offer will only be valid from August 8th to September 5th.

Super Stardust HD 2Super Stardust HD 1

With each new DLC pack, we’ve aimed to dazzle by adding even more fun and innovative features to the core Super Stardust HD experience. Here are four features that we are most proud of implementing since the game’s launch in 2007:

      1. Super Stardust HD is one of the first and only games to provide a 60 fps 1080p 3D experience, creating 120 unique frames per second in order to do so
      2. The DLC expansions add numerous game modes and co-op play for up to four players.
      3. Better yet, you can experience the co-op modes in true 3D SimulView where each player sees their own view of the action, provided you own the 3D Display
      4. Last but not least, Super Stardust HD was the first ever game to feature Trophies!

We here at Housemarque hope that you take advantage of the special anniversary offer and join the thousands of people who have enjoyed our games over these last five years.

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  • One of the first games I bought for my PS3 back then, and also the first one I got for my Vita. One of the best, most addictive PSN games released.
    For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet: Get it. Especially at this great priced package!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    I… I left your present in the car. *backs out slowly* I’ll be… right… back…

    This is one of the best games on PSN and this game with my XBR-52HX909 made me a believer in 3DTV!

  • First off congratulations on such an amazing game I love it:-) I have both super Stardust HD and Stardust Delta my question is does the DLC have any trophies with it?

  • Fantastic game. Everyone with a PS3 should have this on their HDD.

  • Just wanted to make sure here… You say here that the bundle includes all 3 DLC. If I were to just go with the in-store description, I am led to believe that includes only the solo and team packs (not the new one last year). Am I looking at the wrong bundle in the store?

    I already own the game and no DLC right now. Based on what you’re saying it should be cheaper for me to buy the bundle than the DLC while this sale is going on, sounds like.

    Enjoyed the game. Looking forward to the DLC.

    • The sale does include all 3 DLC. Unfortunately due to a technical error (see the update at the top of the blog post) it wasn’t included this week. If you purchase the bundle now you will receive a code in a week or so for Impact. Alternatively, you can wait until next week and purchase the bundle and the Impact DLC should be included automatically. Sorry for the hassle!

  • Saw it last night, bought the bundle for $7.99, but the option to purchase the Impact DLC was still on… Is there anything I can do?

    • If you purchased the bundle you will receive the Impact DLC for free. There was a technical error (an update at the top of the blog outlines it all), but basically, if you bought it you should receive a code in a week or so for Impact.

  • So oh well for the people that already bought the game….geez

  • If I didn’t already have the game I would of picked this up. The game is very fun.

  • @5… considering SSD HD was free back when PSN came back up after the outage Id say just about everyone DOES have this by now lol

  • I have the same question as post #6. I read the descriptions over and over and saw that it didn’t have the impact dlc so I opted to buy the dlc separately instead of the whole bundle because it ended up being cheaper that way. Had I known the bundle had the impact dlc, I would have chosen to buy that instead. Kinda frustrated. I know it’s not a huge difference in price but at the same time every gaming dollar matters. Hope someone on the blog can help me. I only needed up buying the solo and team dlc. Still need to get the impact dlc.

    • Sorry for the confusion on this — Impact *is* supposed to be bundled, there was just some weird technical hiccup. Folks who purchase/d the bundle will receive a voucher code for Impact. So what did you end up buying?

  • @10 Nope, not everyone. I don’t have it, and now I’m considering picking up this bundle. :)

  • If I hadn’t bought this game 5 years ago, it would so be mine.

    Congratulations. I still play it at least once a month over the last 5 years. As fun as the day I bought it.

  • I got Delta on Vita first, got hooked, then I got HD yesterday. One of the most pleasant 3D games I’ve played so far! =D

  • Excellent game and one of the first I bought when I got my PS3.

    Actually got blisters on my fingers from playing it so much…ha ha.

  • Any chance for a price drop on the vita bundle? I mean the ps3 version is bundled with 3 dlc packs and its only 7.99 but the vita bundle only has 1 dlc pack and its 14.99.. i would love to celebrate the 5th birthday on my vita and if we can get limited time price drop on that im sold ; )

  • Like a few others, I’m also wondering if the bundle actually does come with the Impact DLC. On the store, it only says that it comes with the Solo and Team DLC. I’m going to have to wait to buy it until that gets cleared up.

    • It currently does not, but it will (an update at the top of the blog outlines the situation). Sorry for the confusion!

  • I already purchased all the content and don’t regret it a bit. This is an amazing sale for an amazing game, though.

  • Still to this day one of my favorite PSN games. Can’t believe it has been 5 years since I fell in love. :P

    I hope a full scale sequel comes at some point down the line, whether PS3 or PS4. Make it happen Housemarque!!

    I liked the PSP Stardust Portable, but having to aim/shoot with the buttons got tiresome very quick. I haven’t bought a Vita yet, but when I do Delta will be the first game I purchase.

    If you don’t have this game and like twin stick shooters at all, GET THIS BUNDLE!

  • I’m not even a fan of twin stick shooters, and still consider SSDHD to be an amzing game. One of the best downloadable games off all time.

    I forgot how I owned SSDHD, because I always wanted to buy it when the price was right (for my wallet). I thought it was from a Plus discount at some point, but another poster reminded me that it was from the great blessing in disguise: the PSN outage.

    So I have a question. Since SO many people already have the main game, are you going to also apply discounts to just the DLC? You guys should also discount the portable versions. I don’t have a Vita yet, but I know I eventually will. If that game or the PSP one (if it works on Vita) gets a nice discount, I’d gladly buy it ahead of time.

  • Oh, and congrats on proving with actions, not words that you care about your fans. That shows with the fact that you guys with SSDHD were the first to add support for new PS3 features as they came out, regardless of how long ago the game released. You could have milked all those features with a full game release. SSDHD2 if you will. Instead you released them for your original product for free. And are happy to do so.

    I’m a human being who holds character and integrity high above things like money and popularity. That’s why I continue to be brand loyal and support a company like Sony over it’s main competitor. Or support a game like Killzone, not CoD. I like hard work and a job well done for good value over making profits hand over fist for as little work as possible.

    Your continued support of SSDHD and it’s customers have shown your character and integrity, and it’s right up there with the others in the industry I hold in high regard.

  • This is a game that I got on release and still go back and play, and have enjoyed the PSP and Vita incarnations a lot as well. You guys have done amazing work with a truly exemplary arcade action experience on this, so my hat is off to you. I remember back in the good old days when my high score of somewhere north of 300 million had me in the top 25 of the worldwide leaderboards. I’ve long since been blown away, but still have a hell of a lot of fun with this game.

    Happy anniversary, and congrats to everyone involved in it :)

  • and just like others have asked. is the new IMPACT dlc already in here ? its not showing it in the description . please answer so i can make a purchase. Thanks

    • it isn’t already in there, but it will be included! So if you purchase now you’ll get a code later (in a week or so) for Impact. You can also wait for the next Store update and purchase the bundle then, and Impact will be included automatically.

  • absolutely amazing game. sometimes makes you feel like such a boss when you do some spectacular move to get out of trouble.
    still in the hunt for the late boomer trophy, that thing has been kicking my ass for years.
    two thumbs up to housemarque, this and dead nation are 2 PSN gems.

  • I bought the bundle and Impact dlc wasn’t included -_-

    • Hey there! So looks like a technical error prevented the Impact DLC from being bundled properly. You will receive it, but it may take a week or so to get a code to you. Sorry about the inconvenience!

  • I love this game, it’s always one I fall back on and play a few games no matter how long its been since I last played. Also it’s easily one of the best looking games to use on a 3D tv. The visuals are just incredible. Anytime I show the 3D to anyone it’s this game I go to.

  • it’s not really a great sale if you have the core game ….when I bought the Vita I grabbed the $10 game …. loved it, but then would have had to pay an additional $7.99 to get the Blast pack … which seemed a bit high …. having already spent the $10, now I can buy the solo & team pack for another $6+ …. so my copy would still have cost over $16 for a bundle that is now $7.99 ….. I think when there is a core game that comes bundled with add ons, the purchaser should have the option to buy the DLC that would not end up costing more than the not on sale bundle originally cost …… just my 2 cents.

  • I didn’t get SSDHD during the Welcome Back program.

    I just realized what a huge mistake I made. I bought the bundle, and WOW. Just… WOW. This is one of my all-time favorite games now. If anyone remembers Asteroids from Windows XP, I consider this to be Asteroids’s return in my life. You guys have done amazing work here, and the DLC makes it even sweeter. I love this. :D

  • Thanks, and please continue giving us goodies as such : )
    … outerspace, here i come.

  • Ahh, brings me back when the PS3 was still young. And my first trophies!

  • I got this when it first came out. It was the first game with trophies. So is there a DLC deal for people like me?

  • I was about to buy this, but the PSN description doesn’t say that the Impact DLC is included.

    Is that true?

    • Apologies for the confusion, but although right now the bundle does not include the Impact DLC it will (there’s an update at the top of the blog now that outlines the situation). So basically, you can buy it now and wait for a code for Impact later, or wait for the bundle to be updated. Sorry that there’s not a better option at the moment!

  • @ Kristine Steimer

    Thanks for the response and clearing everything up! :) I think I’ll just go ahead and buy the bundle now then and wait for the code for Impact. I don’t feel like waiting another week until the next store update to play the game :)

  • super stardust was one of my fav games on the ps3, and when it came to the vita it was even better!

  • I’m one of those people that bought SS:HD right away, because it’s that awesome! Shame about the Impact DLC.
    How do who know for certain that everyone gets a message? Who do we contact if we don’t get the voucher?

    Thank in advance?

  • I played Super Stardust a bit and this is awesome, make me feel stupid to have waited so long before buying this game

    And @ Kristine Steimer thanks for the response :)

  • So am I correct in assuming this deal is for HD only and Delta is still the regular price?

  • Does the EU also get vouchers? I haven’t seen anything mentioned on the european blog as of yet.


  • No discount for Vita users… great !!

  • Does Delta come with?

  • love the bundle and plan to get it asap, however I wanted to point out that on the Eu blog “Additionally, Super Stardust Portable will be 50% off, or absolutely free to PS Plus subscribers!” will that also be part of next weeks store update? If not it’s cool, I’m happy enough to get SSDHD in a bundle with the add-ons anyway :)

  • It would be so great if you guys took a little bit off the ssd for the vita, since it is a perfect pick up and play game.

  • I wish they would have done a separate bundle for all the DLC only (maybe $3.99 or something). I have the game, but none of the DLC packs.

  • Kristine, I don’t know how reply to your reply but to answer your question, I bought the solo and team dlc only because I already owned the main game and it ended up being cheaper since I thought the impact dlc didn’t come with the bundle. Think you can help me out?

  • Great game — wish you’d discounted the Vita game, though. I’ve already got this one!

  • Already have everything. :3

    Terrible at Super Stardust HD though. Better at Delta, and I realize it’s easier overall. I think the Vita’s analogs work better for it too making it that much easier.

  • I was watching for an updated bundle on the store update today that included the game and all 3 DLCs. Didn’t see one. Is that still coming?

  • Hi, sorry to bother, but… is that code for Impact still coming? It’s been 11 days… :/

  • @helbertpina I’m still waiting for my code too…glad to hear I’m not the only one. I figure I’ll give it until Tuesday and then ask about it on the next PS Store Update blog post if it’s not here by then.

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