Papo & Yo: The Adventure Begins on PSN Next Week

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Papo & Yo: The Adventure Begins on PSN Next Week

Hello everyone! It’s hard to believe that Papo & Yo is so close to launch! This story has been in my heart for a long time, but thanks to the hard work of the whole team at Minority you all will finally be able to experience it next Tuesday, August 14th.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, we wanted to share something special with all of you. Although we are a small indie studio, we are lucky to have been able to work with the experienced filmmakers at Rezolution Pictures and talented Montreal director Alfonso Maiorana. They have created an amazing cinematic launch trailer for our game that not only shows the start of Quico’s story, but also the inspiration behind Papo & Yo’s fantastic world. We hope you like it!

Since we are part of Sony’s PSN PLAY promotion this year, PlayStation Plus members can pre-order Papo & Yo starting today for $11.99, and non-subscribers can do the same for $14.99.

You can also get part of that money back if you buy some of the other wonderful PSN PLAY titles from our fellow developers! If you’d like to place your order for Papo & Yo today and get a copy of our pre-order exclusive PS3 theme, visit PlayStation Store.

I look forward to having you all finally play Papo & Yo next week!

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  • Amazing Trailer absolutely cannot wait to play

  • This game looks like it could be really cool, but I’m going to have to wait to read some reviews, because you never know with unproven developers like this.

  • Sound Shapes is really awesome and i hope Papo&Yo continue that trend of awesomeness on PSN PLAY, pre ordered already just waiting for release date, it would have been better if the game supported psvita too.

  • Great trailer, makes me wish some games were accompanied by a short 20 minute film to accent the characters and world.

    The trailer could have showed more of the puzzles we will see. While I’m very interested in the story and characters, I’d say most people want to see gameplay and mechanics.

    As I’ve said in another blog post, I have high hopes for the Minority team.

  • Game looks fantastic. Has an Ico feel to it. A shame some clod at Sony decided to put this game in with a complete turd like the Expendables 2 and the unremarkable CS:GO for their PLAY promotion. What a boneheaded decision.

  • The game looks cool. I am just hoping there will be a demo so I can play it before making a decision about a purchase.

  • Preordered it!

  • Damn, I have to pre order now .. the title is just silly though , but looks amazingly different

  • Beautiful. Tuesday seems so far away.

  • I love the soundtrack. It’s like Prince of Persia meets Heavenly Sword.

  • I can relate.

  • wow that was awesome, pre-ordered!

  • Looks Awesome!

  • Well, that trailer settles it. Pre-ordering right now, and beyond excited to experience this world.

  • Plan to pre-order. Thank you for sharing what is in your heart in game format.

  • Although I have already happily pre-ordered this game, I feel like a lot of major changes have been made since it was first revealed on the blog way back. Which makes sense, but they never really got explained. Suddenly, things were just different, besides the look of the Monster which has been explained briefly before. First off, I noticed the boy’s race changed? I have no preference either way, I just…I don’t know, I’ve never heard of a main character switching races halfway through development haha. Any reasoning behind this? Also, are the frogs still in Papa & Yo? I remember hearing early on that the Monster was supposed to be your friend until he goes on a toad rampage, but all I’ve seen in recent trailers is the angry side of this character, so I’m not sure if that early concept made it into the final project or not.

    Appreciate the response in advance! :)

    • Hola Is me Vander the creator of PAPO.

      answers to your questions:

      – I noticed the boy’s race changed?
      Quico’s ethnicity has not changed, he still is a mulatto kid escaping his father. Quico will change his appearance through the game but I can not tell you more since I don’t want to spoil it for you :)

      -are the frogs still in Papa & Yo?
      Yes the frogs are in the game, and Monster will turn evil when he eats them. So every time you see a frog splash it against a wall because Monster might be around.

      Thanks for pre-ordering Papo & Yo, you will not be disappointed. everyone in the team has put their heart and a lot of work to make it into an amazing experience.

  • Meh i just wanna see what’s coming next week

  • This is also a day one purchase for me next week. I hope this continues the trend of awesome PSN Exclusives. Dyad, Sound Shapes, and now Papo & Yo.

    I would like to suggest next year for PSN Play you keep the games PSN Exclusives. I would have much rather seen Dyad and Retro/Grade during the promotion than the horrible Expendables 2 game.

  • @Vander: your English is very charming.

    I have not been following the progress of your game because, when it was first announced a long time ago, I felt the topic was troubling, to say the least. But I wish you much success with it.

  • This game looks awesome, Whats the possibilty of this game being ported to the ps vita?

  • Hello Vander Caballero, I can’t wait to play your game…… hmmm… your PIECE OF ART!!! Next week!!! :) I love the design and the idea behind it. I love that this is a game that I can possibly let my nephews play…and show people who are NOT gamers why games are so amazing… I love games that are DIFFERENT and have an emotional string to them… that’s what makes a “game” more than just a game. Thanks for making this, and I will be sure to let all my playstation friends know about this so hopefully they too will buy+support it if they see what I and others see. I really can’t wait to experience it all and see the whole journey + ending.. the trailers look beautiful. Great job, and the “Launch Trailer” is unique+interesting as well! Love the face+body paint and mimicking the game’s world with real life shots, it brings people more into the game’s world. I have a feeling this one will be a classic.

    PS: @19: I agree Lisa, it does seem like a troubling topic, but it’s SUPPOSED to be. The same way that Heavy Rain, Flower, Metal Gear Solid, Journey.. and many other great games/movies/stories have troubling moments!! It’s about the Journey.. (pun intended;) ..good times AND bad… just like real life…

  • super interested, but i think like the rest of the crowd, no one is quite sure what to think besides that it looks cool. cant wait to play the demo and maybe then i will dive all the way in.

  • So, $14.99 in North America and 14.99€ in Europe ? Always been interested in this game, but this kind of ripp off is a deal breaker for me.

  • Is the price for plus members going to change after the games release. I feel my 6yo niece is going to love this game ?

  • Pre-Ordered!

  • @Kapado Why does the title appear silly to you? Papo is an endearing form of the Spanish term for “father”, papi, and Yo translates to “I.” So in English, it reads “Father & I.”

    Since this game is mainly about the relationship between a boy and his father, I think it works well.

  • Brazil? These idiots think that Brazil is only favela! It has beautiful places and a lot of wealth but the external vision shows something else. Should show or play a game to kill the politicians of that country that are a thief.

  • The trailer was both amazing and heart breaking. I don’t even care how the game plays at this point. I have to buy this. I applaud Minority for doing something this different and daring.

  • Games like this are the reason I love PlayStation. Other companies’ systems rarely have experiences as fulfilling as titles such as this. PlayStation to me represents where gamers go if they want heart and soul and I hope that does not change.

  • Cool Trailer!


    If I understand correctly…

    They show ‘poor’ looking areas of Brazil.
    The developers must be unaware of wealthier areas.
    Lets murder politicians.

    That makes sense.
    You have a bad day or something?

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