LittleBigPlanet Karting Coming November 6th; Watch the Sackboy Summer Sports Trailer

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LittleBigPlanet Karting Coming November 6th; Watch the Sackboy Summer Sports Trailer

Good news, everyone… we can finally share the release date for LittleBigPlanet Karting! You’ll be able to get your hands on Sackboy’s fastest adventure yet in North America on Tuesday, November 6th.

Here’s a new trailer to get your competitive juices flowing:

Now that we’ve got you nice and amped up, don’t forget you can pre-order LittleBigPlanet Karting right now! Those who do will receive an exclusive Kevin Butler Sackboy Costume and Executive Golf Kart.

Kevin Butler Sackboy

Also, don’t forget you still have one day left to enter the LBP Karting PAX T-Shirt Contest! This is your chance to design our PAX Prime LBP Karting t-shirt, which will be shared with thousands of fans at the show in Seattle — you might even win a PlayStation Vita! Check out the contest page for all of the details and rules, and to enter.

In LittleBigPlanet Karting, get behind the steering wheel and get ready to race through fun-filled tracks, discover unlockables in 3D environments, and battle in karting arenas filled with pick-up items and weaponry, all in an unmistakably LittleBigPlanet open world. Players can sculpt their own unique racing experience using the in-game editor to customize tracks, karts, weapons and Sackboy costumes, then download designs built by players around the world — your race never has to end!

LittleBigPlanet Karting Box Art

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  • will this game be sold on PSN as a Digital Download?

  • Kevin Butler sackboy is awesome haha.

  • As @1 said, I would love a day 1 digital version available to buy as well… Doubt it will happen until months later though.. Either way, day 1!

  • I would like to see all DLC shareable between LBP2,LBPV, and LBPK.

  • Awesome. Thanks Sony

  • @Vex_Doppel Costumes are

  • The Beta is sweet. I know the full game will be sick, mainly due to the fact you can make your own tracks. Its like modnations but with the Sockboy style. Cant wait!
    Questions, will this have crossplay between vita and ps3? Will we have to buy ps3 & ps vita versions apart or will it be, buy one version to unlock for both devices?

  • After playing the beta, you guys have A LOT of work to do before this is released. It was slow, the framerate awful for a racing game (especially considering the quality of the graphics), and the drifting did not feel like drifting at all, no friction or contact with the road surface, and it was soooo sloooooow. I really hope you can pull it off though, PS3 needs a good kart racer.

    Its all very well having great creation tools, but the mean nothing when the actual racing is skill-less and no fun :(

  • Will this be more than one player per console? And will DLC from LBP1 and LBP2 be usable in LBPK?

  • since ModNation Racers Road Trip lacks online multiplayer, Little Big Planet Karting would be a fantastic addition to the psvita games library.

  • oh and sony please update the store of put Sound Shapes on psn already, i dont understand why first party games dont get the midnight release treatment on the store.

  • @11

    Game looks awesome I can’t wait for it to release. Will the tracks we made in the beta be saved?

    • Glad you’re excited! We are too :)

      Regarding levels made in the Beta: sadly, no, we can’t bring them over. We wish we could, but we’ll be making so many improvements between now and release, the final game will simply be too different for levels to be compatible. It’s not ideal, we know, but it’s a necessary part of making the best game we possibly can.

  • The EU release features a nifty UFG costume and race car set, as well as a shiny collector’s edition with other DLC. Will the NA be receiving either of these?

    I understand for LBP2, the US got a lot more cool stuff than EU, so I can understand if its the other way around this time, but I would hope to get something cool. I’m always game for cool stuff. I’m looking forward to the Kevin Butler costume. Looks saweet :D

  • I am very excited about this game. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to get it at launch. I might have to wait a while. But Sony I really want it and plan on buying it. :D

  • Beta freezes my system after I play online match. usually after the first match. played it 4 times so far!!! then Freeze baby freeze..

  • Will the everyone who was in the LBPK beta get the beta vest and if so can we use it in LBP2?

  • exclusive Kevin Butler Sackboy Costume as in “no other way to get him later” or exclusive as “get him as paid DLC later on” ?????

  • So do we know if all previous DLC costumes (LBP, LBP2, LBP Vita) are compatible with this game or not yet??

  • Can you confirm a Special Edition release in North America?
    Planning to Pre-Order, just want to order the Special Edition, if it’s available in NA.

    Additional DLC included:

  • I enjoyed the beta yeeaah & can’t wait to buy the game.This seems to have much more customization to it than modnation racers that’s for sure.

  • Will NA also get the Special Edition?

  • Pricing for Special Edition and additional content????

  • is there an online page 2 make this shirt?

  • Too much like Mario Kart- no buy for me…the beta was terrible

  • The Beta was great and I will pre-order as soon as I can. I have two questions. Will there be a LBP Karting and Racing Wheel bundle? Will NA get the United Front Sackboy and Kart?

  • No buy for me!
    Honestly, Modnation was WAY better and it had it’s unique storyline while LBPK is just a bunch of LBP/LBP 2 levels in race form. Played the beta, didn’t liked it, deleted it, this games proves that UnitedFrontGames just threw away MNR in the trash bin and decided to do this.

  • I know that there was already a beta, but will there be any kind of PSN demo for LittleBigPlanet Karting?

  • Hi Michael, Will be this game only for ps3? any version for Vita?

    • We have no current plans to release LittleBigPlanet Karting on the PlayStation Vita. Right now we are focusing our efforts on making sure LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3 is as polished and fun as as we can possibly make it.

  • It’ll be such a HUGE missed opportunity if your costumes from LBP1-2 do not transfer over. If you do that, than I’ll buy this Day 1. Otherwise it’s a $20 purchase.

    I really liked the beta, even though there were bugs (Games freezing, some online networking issues, slapping unresponsive) I also think the matchmaking can be better, like having a standard Casual race option instead of the pod. I understand you guys wanna make this game like LBP, and you guys did a great job at that but you should at least have that Casual race option.

  • Also Sony, are you insane releasing this same day as Halo? I don’t even care about that game but that’s just dumb! Change it! Change it!

  • What the heck? Europe just announced they’re getting a Special Edition with the mascot from United Front as a driver in addition to KB–will we get that too?

  • Will there be a deal to get it for both PS3 and PS Vita? I may want the game for both systems but not if it’s going to cost me a fortune.

  • I really hope this game does well in sales! Advertise your games Sony!

  • to all you folks commenting on the LBP Kart Beta – there was a NDA that you accepted when you DLd the Beta …. & isn’t that what Betas are for, to hone in on any glitches & receive user feedback ? so that areas of concern can be addressed prior to release …. I played the Beta & feel that for any LBP / Karting fan, this is not to be missed ! like others, I hope any purchased costumes can be used in this iteration as well.

    was very disappointing when my Beta expired …. :-( went out & bought MNR …. a good fill in till this releases .

    looking fwd to getting my hands on the full release version …. a way to promote digital sales would be to offer it on both platforms for 1 price – that would make me buy digital instead of retail ….. assuming it is available for the Vita too.

  • Good to hear the Little Big Karting release day… Imma go ahear and pre-order it now ;)

  • I thought the beta was great.

    However, sure a lot of LBP this year. I hope that doesn’t hurt the franchise, which is obviously one of Playstation’s top grossing IPs.

    Having voiced that concern I will say that LBP Vita is going to be a huge seller, a perfect game for a portable console.

  • Loved the beta, will preorder. Not a Kevin Butler fan, though.

  • November 6th? I’ll probably be trying to recover from the entire bunch of games I’m looking forward to come September and October. My wallet will probably be choked out from all that. And the Kevin Butler offering is not enough. I already had it preordered beforehand but depending on my finances come late October, I might have to cancel and hold off if the offering is not much sweeter for early adopters.

  • Will NA also get the Special Edition so we get extra DLC?

  • hey Michael do u know what the limit to plp in 1 pod is and can we tranfer clothing form the other lbp games and great game had fun and cant wait for this game to come out

  • Incredible.

    Can you please provide a Brazilian track?

    What do you think about a SackBoy of Ayrton Senna ?!?!?! The Ayrton SackSenna !!!!!!


  • I have been seeing a special edition box and info for EU. Will NA be getting this too?

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