Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Expands Reaper Mythology

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Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC Expands Reaper Mythology

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC for PS3

“Shepard’s story came to a close at the end of the game,” BioWare Producer Mike Gamble told the crowd at EA’s Summer Showcase last week. “But there are more stories we want to tell in the Mass Effect universe.” Leviathan is Mass Effect 3’s first story-focused DLC, and in addition to introducing new characters, weapons, and combat challenges it promises to expand on what we know (and what we don’t) about the most feared beings in the universe — the Reapers.

Set during ME3’s harrowing Reaper invasion, the expansion tasks Commander Shepard with tracking down an elusive entity that, according to legend, may wield the power to defeat a Reaper. Trouble is, nobody’s actually seen it. The story begins with an email directing you to the Citadel labs and one Dr. Bryson, director of the elite Task Force Aurora research group that investigates long-shot methods for halting the Reapers. The Protheans, it seems, were the first to suspect the Leviathan’s existence after they discovered a Reaper corpse centuries ago. This all bodes well for Shepard’s quest, but just as Bryson begins to pass along the key information, his lab assistant shoots him dead, mutters “the darkness cannot be breached,” and collapses. Was he indoctrinated? Is the Leviathan somehow responsible? There’s mystery afoot!

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC for PS3Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC for PS3

Shepard’s journey to pinpoint the Leviathan’s whereabouts will require quite a bit of detective work. As you pursue leads and uncover ancient artifacts, you’ll gradually home in on the Leviathan’s position in the distant reaches of the galaxy. Jumping forward in the story, BioWare demonstrated a rip-roaring combat sequence set after Shepard lands on a distant planet (nope, they wouldn’t share its name) suspected of housing the fearsome being. Perched on top of a derelict space vessel floating amidst an angry sea, you’ll fight off a savage Reaper landing party, even hopping into a nearby Triton mech suit to unleash heavy firepower when the going gets tough.

After clearing the deck, you’ll plunge into the frigid depths of the alien ocean in a spellbinding underwater sequence that reminded me of BioShock 2. In a Mass Effect first, you’ll explore the ocean floor from an immersive first-person perspective, firing off flares to illuminate your surroundings as unearthly jellyfish lazily drift by. Just as Shepard seemed to make an enlightening discovery, the BioWare representative abruptly quit the demo. Shazbot!

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC for PS3

In addition to a lengthy new single-player chapter, Leviathan adds two potent new weapons: the pinpoint-precise AT-12 Raider shotgun and the devastating M-55 Argus combat rifle, plus at least one new weapon mod in the the Assault Rifle Omni-Blade. If that’s not enough, you can pick up the Firefight Pack on PSN tomorrow for $2 to score seven more guns for the single-player game.

Look for Mass Effect 3: Leviathan to to touch down on PSN later this summer for $9.99. Have questions? Leave them in the comments.

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  • No new squadmate to recruit like Javik?

    • Bioware has promised “never-before-seen characters,” though my guess is you won’t be seeing a new squadmate. Hope I’m wrong, though!

  • In which month does summer end?

  • I Just checked wikipedia, so at the latest we will have it by the 31st of August :D

  • “pinpoint-precise shotgun” . . . . . :/

    • Yes, I specifically asked, and it’s a highly accurate shotgun :) I hope it’s like the Eviscerator, I had a blast with that one once I modded its accuracy

  • Wish yah would give more patches and also let us install the game. Its like playin a ps1 game with glitches.

  • Should we stop advancing the current campaign that we’re on right now and wait or will we have to start a new one to fully appreciate all the details and effect of the DLC?
    but the important question is: WHEN?!

  • Will we see more DLCs coming for Mass Effect 3? Or any new “Aftermath” DLCs that allows us to choose our favorite characters and explore into the depth of known or unknown universes out there? :-) I hope so… but I know I am out of luck – that means the answer is no. :-(

    • This is the first single-player DLC they’ve announced for ME3, so your guess is as good as mine whether we’ll see more. I hope so! I’d love to try playing as someone else.

  • If leviathan is the first story based DLC then what was from Ashes?

    • Ahh, good call — forgot about that one as it was bundled with the pre-orders (and was great to boot!). I guess it’s more accurate to say “first post-release story DLC”

  • Can this be played as a standalone experience, or is it better played as part of a complete ME3 single-player campaign?

    I just finished a second complete playthrough and wasn’t looking to start another in the immediate future.

  • Hey? One more question: Why is Mass Effect 2 (Digital Copy) not available on PSN Store for purchase? I was quite disappointed to find out that it is not there anymore. What gives?

  • still undecided if i will get this or not :\

  • Hi, Sid: ME3 is still in my pile of shame so I’ll eventually play the DLC before finishing the main quest, probably.

  • Hi Sid, do you know if this mission is standalone or will we need to create a new game for it?

  • Any chance that there will be a season pass? I’d like to save money while securing all of the DLC.

  • Who cares about all this dam* DLC crap you guys try to milk and dime us 24/7 on psn. How about getting NASCAR THE GAME 2011 on the dam* psn for download? How about getting off your a*s for once and asking the stupid developer what is up his slow as hell A*s and why its taking him till year 3050 to get Nascar 2011 on the USA PSN store huh? We are sick of waiting over here for a digital copy of a AMERICAN RACING SPORT and yet its digital in other countries. What are you guys doing on the psn side of things huh? You goofing off throwing paper spit balls at each other and acting two at your desk or are you dam* listening to your customers. We constantly tell you what we want and will buy and yet you always do the dam* opposite. I may just buy a dam* 360 so that way I can play my dam* racing games digital on TIME for crying put loud.

  • I’ll be buying this without a second thought, just like many other Mass Effect fans. Any more information in the Mass Effect world is a plus for me. And yes, I’ll be buying the Firefight pack too lol. I could use the extra help for my Insanity run haha.

    I can’t wait to see more of Mass Effect!

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  • One of the best gaming exp. I ever had. In terms of story telling, I can only think of The Walking Dead from TT that draws me so deep into the game world. There are probably others but they are the only 2x titles in recent memory that have made me completely submersed when I’m playing.

    IMO, I think it’s a bad idea to rid a major franchise of their central character. Imagine Gordan Freeman NOT in HL 4. Or Master Chief missing from the Halo series. I thought the L4D cast was great & the sequel’s group of survivors just didn’t measure up. Suddenly all that narrative is lost along w/ the attachment to those characters. Keep Shep. as the focus. Keep Drake looking for treasure. Further explore Snake’s past using Snake, or change the gameplay entirely- like what Plat. Games are doing w/ the spinoff.

  • Cant wait!

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  • It’s ok man. Just let it all out.

  • Excellent news! Can’t wait to get more Mass Effect 3.

  • Herpadurp.
    Did someone say Shazbot?

    On a more topic-related note, I’m not too sure what to think of this DLC now… Normally I feel like I’d be a sucker for anything Mass Effect but this DLC takes place before the ending. Just doesn’t feel quite right playing through this already knowing how your Shepard’s story will end.
    I know the endings were pretty definitive but it would be kinda cool if they got some post-ending DLC out somehow…

  • somebody needed to vent points to slick t

  • Now psn is having time out issues and just acting weird with signing in. WTH gives man.

  • I’m now getting 80710092 error codes trying to sign in. WTF!

  • You people that run psn are crap man. All my accounts either sign in one minute and then sign me out the next with error codes and then it lets me sign in and then not. I go to check trophies and its saying server timed out and signs me out with 2 different error codes everytime what in the hell is going on? You need to inform us of this crap before you go messing with psn. I can’t watch my netflix worth crap now. It keeps stoping half way in my movie its pissing me the f*** off. My internet is fine I’m on my laptop now but psn is error code after error code. You better not be messing with me for venting or all hell is going to break loose I’ll tell ya that right now. I payed too much money on psn for you people to mess with my accounts being jerks.

  • @ S_L_I_C_K–T: Um… PSN being down or not doesn’t affect Netflix. People were still watching it during the PSN outage. So if you’re having problems with the NF app, I’d direct those complaints to them, not Sony.

    OT: While I don’t own ME3, I feel the choice to release pre-ending story-based DLC in a story-based game with an extremely definitive and highly controversial ending to be a strange choice. I kept seeing news about this on banner ads saying that the “Leviathan DLC changes ME3’s ending!” but after reading this, I doubt it. Whatever you discover will be completely useless, or you won’t actually find whatever Leviathan is. Cause if it’s a weapon you’re able to find and use, that *would* completely change the end of the game, or it should…
    Guess I’ll find out after it releases.

    @ Heavenly_king: I’m not sure which part of Wikipedia you checked, but Summer ends in September. Fall begins on Sep. 22, so Bioware has a while to get this out and still make a release date of “later this Summer”.

  • Heck with all my bad luck on psn this week that has me raged like no other… At least put Battlefield 3 on sale for half price so I can get it and the 2nd one today. I’m not paying 60 bucks for a psn downloaded game when the 2nd battlefield is only 20 bucks on psn.

  • Glad to see more dlc for the single player game, dlc been handled nicely for the game superb!!!!!!!

  • this is Great! I was hoping for a mission to help out Aria T’loak get Omega back! I want a Batarian squad mate on the Normandy!

  • Nice more weapons and armor dlc packs bioware and not to forget alot more story dlc thanks.

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