Home Update: Support Endangered Species, Go Futuristic with Total Recall

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Home Update: Support Endangered Species, Go Futuristic with Total Recall

This Wednesday, August 8th, fans of No Man’s Land are treated to a Total Recall-themed update, Lockwood Publishing offers a Rare Species Pack to raise money for REACT, Heavy Water previews its new Avalon Keep space, LOOT releases a Men in Black personal space and clubhouse, and much more.

As usual, there’s a lot to cover, so here’s what you should check out this week in PlayStation Home:

1. VEEMEE – No Man’s Land: Total Recall

Fans of No Man’s Land — PlayStation Home’s hot cover-based third-person shooter– will love this Wednesday’s futuristic update inspired by the box office hit, Total Recall. Head to No Man’s Land, where you’ll discover what you were meant to forget and fight for your very survival!

PlayStation Home Update 8-6-2012PlayStation Home Update 8-6-2012

2. Lockwood – Rare Species Pack

Most people only see pandas, lions, and penguins on TV or in zoos. A lucky few might get to see them in the wild, but opportunities like that don’t come along too often. But thanks to Lockwood and PlayStation Home, these amazing animals will follow you wherever you go!

As a wildlife lover, you’ll be pleased to know that for every purchase of the Rare Species Pack, $1.00 will be donated to The Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust (REACT).

REACT is a charity that supports endangered animal projects around the world. Find out more by visiting them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Xiong Mao the Panda enjoys rolling on his back, Maliki the Lion likes to prowl and roar, and Pirta the Penguin slides everywhere on her belly!

PlayStation Home Update 8-6-2012

Xiong Mao, Maliki and Pirta will be available starting Wednesday in the Lockwood store. This offer is only valid until September 5th – visit Lockwood’s site for more information.

3. PlayStation Home Mall Update

A week couldn’t pass without one of Magnus’s popular Virtual Item Showcase updates! Check out Gold Knights, Sodium’s own VICKIE and two robotic, yet adorable Sodium companions in volume 52.

4. Lockwood – August Summer Clothes

If you’re lucky enough to see some sunshine this summer — or if you’ll be spending it on your Dream Yacht to escape the bad weather — look to Lockwood’s mix-and-match summer clothing to spice up your wardrobe. Crop tops, shorts and loose fitting vests will keep you cool while you work on that tan! Gift Machine exclusive colors coming soon.

5. Granzella – Dokuganryu Collection

Granzella introduces the Dokuganryu Armor series — a set of mix-and-match items including a helmet, set of armor, lower garment, boots, and eye patch — for PlayStation Home! Dokuganryu, the skilful one-eyed warrior, has come to protect the city of Edo from Mononoke.

6. Heavy Water – Avalon Keep Sneak Peek

Heavy Water is bringing a new experience to the realm of private apartments with the expansive Avalon Keep Personal Apartment. Become the Lord or Lady of your own private Keep to entertain your closest confidants. Avalon Keep has expansive grounds and enormous rooms decorated with a classic European style. The Keep has a gift machine for you and your guests, as well as a scavenger hunt to explore the island and earn more rewards!

Take flight around your castle and take in the enormity and beauty of the space with your Dragonfly Automaton. No Private Keep would be complete without guards to keep it safe! Get to know all your guards, who will gladly converse with their Lord, Lady, or guests. You can choose from five different themes for your banners, guards, flags, windows and carpeting to suit your tastes. Owners automatically receive Avalonian furniture to match the default theme, but the Heavy Water store will also carry themed furniture pieces to fit the different house themes. Grab your favorite and get decorating!

7. nDreams – Blueprint: Home New Style Pack Available

Fans of nDream’s new ultimately customizable personal space, Blueprint: Home, can pick up a new style pack offering a classroom/office option!

8. x7 – Exclusive Early-Access Update

Be one step ahead – Get the VICKIE full body suits and Sodium Companions in x7 this week!


Also in x7 this week is a new, exclusive bundle. From Heavy Water comes the Gold Knight Bundles offering mix and match pieces covering you from head to toe in gold. Not enough bling for you? Opt for the Ultimate Gold Knight Bundle to get it all! Head to x7 on Wednesday to take advantage of your early-access membership perk.

Be sure to take advantage of the newest exclusive bundle from the man at the bar, and then dance the night away!

9. LOOT – MIB Apartment and Clubhouse

The Men in Black Headquarters is now a Private Space and Clubhouse! You can get both spaces for one low price, and you’ll also receive the 11 exclusive HQ furniture pieces to help you decorate! So suit-up and start protecting the Earth from the scum of the Universe!

PlayStation Home Update 8-6-2012

10. Midway – Ca$h Carnival Update

This week, you’ll have the chance to win another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize — this week, it’s a Sony Cyber-shot 16.2-Megapixel Digital Camera!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real money! Real fun! For official rules, click here.

PlayStation Home Update 8-6-2012

See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • Is it true the long awaited castle has finally arrived?

  • wow, i’m diggin’ the Avalon Keep…but i’m hoping it’s not too pricy when it comes out.

    other than that, seems like a pretty decent update.

    • Thanks, and yeah, the Avalon Keep is pretty massive! You’ll be able to grab all that space for under $10.

  • Pretty good update. Any chance of getting a price point on the Total Recall packs and the MIB Apartment and Clubhouse. I need to find out how much in PSN cards I’m going to need. Thanks

    • Darthfaker,

      The MIB personal space, as you mention, is a bundled clubhouse/apartment. You’ll get access to those for $6.99.

      The entry pack for the NML Total Recall Map is $1.99 and will get you the Map, 2 Total Recall outfits and a Total Recall gun. So you won’t have to stretch your PSN card too thin this week for those items!

  • Looks like a great update with a lot of content to keep me busy.

  • ? um, WOW! Nice update! ? that armor makes me happy! Well, everything makes me happy! ?

  • Yay more gold!

    Honestly not much for me here, but maybe that’s a good thing so I can play catch up and save for the potential great upcoming content from Lockwood.

    • Thew,

      If you’re looking for a solid Lockwood offering, keep in mind that the Rare Species pack earns $1 toward REACT. So if you want to grab some nice Lockwood items while also helping out a good cause, there’s something for you this week!

  • how much for avalon keep space… thats all i want to know

  • I must say, I hope the Avalon Keep from Heavy Water comes out soon!! I wonder if it is a personal space, cause if it is, it would be fun to own that castle! Also, the Lockwood Summer clothes are looking great too! :)

  • Thanks for the suggestion Paul.

    Btw, out of curiousity since you’re sharing prices, how much for the x7 content? Vickie bodysuits, companions, and the gold armor?

  • The gold knight bundle looks like a must have and how much will it be.

    • Not sure crazy. I’ll try to find that out for you though. I posted the only prices i knew!

      The suits do look pretty cool though. Who needs a white knight when you have a gold one!?

  • Granzella’s best armor if you been holding back. Now is the time to get it. Best all around stats you’ll get the top scores eveytime..

  • Nice update..

  • i bet it will be 10.00 to 15.00 like all gold stuff is.

  • 1. VEEMEE – No Man’s Land: Total Recall
    If VeeMee would stop changing my clothes I’d buy the Silver & Gold Bundle & maybe Total Recall. Certainly someone can say I’m still me while playing but I don’t feel like me which is the problem. Either I look the way I want to or I never ever buy NML Guns etc. On the other hand though Total Recall probably opened up the Concept of Judge Dredd. And its hard to pass up on “I AM DUH LA” (The Law) as if I were doing a bad Sylvester Stallone impression.
    2. Lockwood – Rare Species Pack
    Anything with Big Cats for me is a must. Now Sony or LW need to make Cheetahs.
    5. Granzella – Dokuganryu Collection
    I really want (Full Fingered) Samurai Gloves & Sexy Ninja Gloves.
    6. Heavy Water – Avalon Keep Sneak Peek
    I might buy.
    8. x7 – Exclusive Early-Access Update
    I might have lost that Vickie contest, Oh Well.
    9. LOOT – MIB Apartment and Clubhouse
    I think I’ll buy.

  • Aw, was kinda hoping the Granzella Fossil Museum would be this week.

    • Good things come to those who wait… or are patient or something. No worries, we’re working with getting it here as fast as we can.

  • PANDA! I want a Panda outfit too! xD

    Avalon Keep Sneak Peek looks fun, can’t wait to explore that space. Also, I always love watching the creative Granzella videos. Nice update! :3

    PS: Thanks to Lockwood for caring enough to help make a difference! : )

    • A panda suit would be cute. Maybe one of our amazing devs will make one!

      Yes, Lockwood is quite amazing for putting together this charitable initiative. Pick up the Rare Species Pack this month, as the donation period is good until September 5th.

  • WOW ! AWESOME STUFF ! LOOTGEAR SHOOTS , THEY SCORE !!! $6.99 for the apartment AND clubhouse ??? and Avalon Keep is $10 ? hmmmm …. it DOES look awesome … Anyhoo , re-patch freeze glitch and we’re getting somewhere …

  • I just saw Total Recall this weekend and I loved it. It also looks like they’ve really captured the detail of the outfits and weapons. So if I buy the outfits and weapons, I just want to wear them around. Can the clothes and weapons be used and worn anywhere or just in No Man’s Land? Because I’m not playing that again…

  • I’m looking forward to seeing Loots MIB space, anything theyre involved in has quality.

    The castle looks very nice as well, will there be a open house to be able to view it, or will HCVs be giving tours?

    Looks like a good update, and patiently waiting for Granzella’s Museum :)

  • Well this weel i’ll be getting the adorable panda and the Vickey costume . Oh by the way how much will the Vickey costume be ?

  • I got on tonight with a friend for the first time in a long while. I got 10 minutes before someone knocked out the server again with the dreaded freeze. Why is it a problem that large and gone on that long can’t seemingly be fixed?

  • Provide some quests in these new locations and I’m in!

  • This is one MASSIVE PlayStation®Home Update!!!! Woot! Woot! :D (Kudos to tha PlayStation®Home team!!!!)

    • Yes indeedy it is a big week. Thank you for the kind words. I’ll pass them along to the rest of the team, since I can certainly take very little credit.


  • The last big PS Home update ‘bricked’ my PS3 (red screen).


  • I like Playstation Home, but I’m not home long enough to enjoy it. I wish I there was some kind of Home app for the Vita so that I can keep with up with the updates other than looking on here or youtube.

  • We also have a brand new game coming to The Casino with this update! Head on over tomorrow and check it out!

    • Nice digitalleisure. Thanks for the post, and boy does that new game look sweet! ;)

      I agree, we should all head over and check it out!

  • Nice stuff but everything is getting way too pricey. It`s making me come on less and less. A $20 PSN will only get you one outfit and one apartment these days, everything is $10. And when you have to go out of town just to get a card it makes it even harder.

    The only thing I like about this update is the React animal pack, where the proceeds actually go towards something worthwhile. I just hope this continues and we get animal costumes, not just companions. We`d get the best of both worlds, helping real animals while we get cool animal costumes in Home. I`d like to see Home continue down this route, not the greedy expensive gold stuff route.

  • I like those Lockwood animals, even that lion companion awesome!!! Can anyone tell me when both Mercia and Home tycoon be avalible?

    • I don’t have dates to share right now, but I can say that these are some pretty cool games and they are not far off, at all. Keep your eyes to the blog here, and on the official forums, for more news in the future.

  • I dont know which creative team does what but , i hope one of them comes out with Lounge Chairs with the LAY DOWN feauture, im sick and tired having to use lounge chairs that has me looking at my friends BACK, when we both sit on them ,who makes this lounge chairs ? a 5 year old ?, if i want people to just sit, i would make chairs , not lounge chairs, whats the point ?
    I bought the Blue Print Home and its a royal Mess, The walls are as plain as they can be, just boxy walls, no arquitectual styles, not even pleasing to the eyes, and the backgrounds are just as awful, the city looks more like some HAZY city, the Sun dusk is too damm orange, the ocean doesnt even look like the ocean, looks more like some toxic waste, the space dome is just horrible, no sustance, makes you feel like you are inside a big weapon than anything else , and the one with grass and mountains, its just ok .

  • Yes, everything in Home is getting way too pricey, with the same end result, MORE companions , how many companions does 1 person needs ?
    isnt the creative team`s job to create ? then why you keep giving us more of the same ?
    is LOOT ever going to announce the Portable EOD TV , so it can be use in any personal space ?
    And i would buy the Panda companion but i already donate money to another organization and i have way too many Companions .
    It would be nice if 1 active item was equal to 10 regular items at the most, 1 active item equal to 22 regular items is way too much

  • Is the Avalon Keep space coming out tomorrow or was the video just a tease for later in the month ?

  • I cannot wait for Total Recall Pack, MIB Apartment, and Rare Speices Pack.

    • Jack,

      I can’t help but notice that all three of the things you’re looking for are either Packs or Bundles. It sure is good to get a bunch of things with one buy, isn’t it?

  • why is the avalon apt not out please tell me why

  • Would it kill you to add a quest to the otherwise useless activity board from time to time? NOT the stupid multiplayer quests either. They suck and most people (myself included) hate them. Also, why is gold stuff more expensive? It’s only virtual gold… Anyways, get more quests with better rewards please.

  • I dont like this Update… i was waiting for New and cool stuff like a new public spaces for example
    PACHA by VIDZONE (EU) region….. Please be more creatives for the next update guys,

  • While at Total Recall I realized that my human face isn’t even my own anymore. VeeMee’s No Man’s Land is seriously crossing the line by changing Home Users Avatars. I would even settle for having my head being completely customizable & everything else being forced changed. If this problem isn’t corrected by March 2013 then chances are I’ll end all shopping on PS Home.

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