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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

With Persona 4 Arena arriving this week, a lot of stories are popping up on, well, how to play it. See below for some of those, reviews of PlayStation minis brick-breaking “RPG” Wizorb, watch the original endings of Twisted Metal (PS3), and find out why the average age of gamers has dropped significantly this year.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 30th, 2012)

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  • Jeff will you guys be attending Gamescon this year? i hope sony focus heavily on the Psvita at the show.

  • @1 amen, we need Vita stuff at Gamescom!

  • Im so exited GRID 2 will be announced Aug 8, the next day after my b-day! Can’t wait to see the trailer!

    On a sidenote, i’d like to see the PSOne and PS2 Gran Turismo’s on PS store, pl0x :)

  • @1 Vita, Vita, Vita!!!

  • Sony: Vita killer games are still to come…

    yea right… u lost ur only salvation in japan (monster hunter) to nintendo… U are not bringing FFType0 to the Vita in here. U are not talking with Square Enix to port over Kingdom Hearts DDD to the Vita…. NOTHING!

    Sony Put ur pants together! I bough the Vita DAY ONE and im fully supporting u guys with everything i can like day one releases of games and pre orders. but u r losing focus of what the vita needs. and it surely is not FIFA. COD or AC3. U know why? bc i can play those games on ps3. Im gonna buy them (except fifa) to support but hell
    The REAL heavy hitters for vita i think its Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star Online that are pretty much far away…


    And WTF happened to FFX HD?

    My list of Reservation day one for now: LBPvita, PSASBR, Ragnarok Odyssey

    Oh BTW Sony Ill be buying COD for vita but dont even think im paying 50 bucks for COD on a HANDHELD.

  • On another Note: Ill be Buying the CE of Ni No Kuni…. Why cant i have the griffin and the steel case!!!!???

  • @5 yep same here. got it day 1. iv been waited 14 years to buy a mobil device. saw them all getting put together over the years & decided to wait till everthing was all in 1. was going to get an iphone at 1 point than saw the vita & that broke the camels back. lol i just want the 1.08 update. please sony just tell us when its coming out already.

  • You can tell you guys ignore gamefaqs message boards, or you’d be taking action. May get the shill squad out and over there, pronto. They are actively trying to discourage vita sales.

  • Gran Turismo Vita, Monster Hunter Vita, KINGDOM HEARTS BBS & BBS Volume 2 Vita, FF Crisis Core Vita, FF Type-0 & Type-1 Vita, Project Ogre Vita.

    SONY play it smart. They stole Monster Hunter u steal Dragon Quest

  • They promised us new character reveals for Playstation all stars so of course they’ll be there.

  • I hear the MGS 4 patch is live in Japan today.

    Any word if we’ll be getting this week too? The post earlier doesn’t mention it. Just know it will early in August.

  • I will love to see Godzilla: Save the Earth HD with Trophy support and online support.can you make it work?

  • Is it to much to ask for ?

  • Could you post next week about Ni No Kuni’s Wizard’s Edition pre-order plus stackable bonuses through Club Namco? I’m dying to get all the tiers added to it!

  • Just want to report that CaptainJames99 is a hacker, POSSIBLE alt. account of massimodo and a couple others. The hater crew who commonly attack people who like Sony and call them members of the “Sony Defense Force”. So, I guess these guys are the Bitter And Angry At The Whole World Force… little brats who exact revenge on people who pose no threat to them through anonymous security breaches, like only cowards would.

    I know for sure because Captain Lames screwed up by mentioning a little too much in a blog post. He inadvertently mentioned some of my internet activity I had logged through the PS3′s browser. Obviously, the only way to see that would be if he gained access to my console. Not to mention, ever since I told him off, my PS3 has been acting strange during gameplay, and glitches are occurring in games that have never occurred before (based on glitch databases of specific games). Therefore, they are not glitches, and in fact are deliberate alterations of data to corrupt game saves…

  • @DarkOne_PR & tbm0987 I understand exactly how you feel. Also it’s the timing of the games coming out also. Bringing the games out in the Fall/Winter with all the PS3 games is not a good idea. AC3 & AC PSVITA coming out on the same day is wack and I don’t care about a bundle, because you guys haven’t said the white PSVITA will be sold by itself. I already have CE of AC3 on pre-order.

    The one game I have been waiting for Sony or Capcom to mention is a Resident Evil game on PSVITA. Nintendo has two already Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. You guys flat out copied Nintendo with PS All-Stars and the move, but your handheld can’t touch theirs. Look Sony you guys go all out with your system’s tech and durability, so I expect the same on the game end of the PSVITA and that’s not happening.

  • Vita needs loads of love at Gamescon. A video at least screen shot of COD Declassifed would be great! A new video of LBP would be great too! Sounds like activision is starting to warm up to Sony!

  • @primeroingognito, once again your a blatant LIAR. once again you accuse me of being a sockpuppet WITH NO PROOF. On top of that you lie about me “hacking your ps3” again WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE. Face it kid what you are is a troll and a lar. Now let me explain a few cold hard facts of life. Your baseless lies against myself and others has gone over a line. Next time you have the inspiration to run your mouth consult a lawyer first and have him explain to you the civil & criminal penalties of things like LIBEL and making false reports of criminal activity. Just so you know the Police will also take a dim vew of false reports of criminal activity which in some locales could lead to you being on the business end of criminal proceedings.

  • @primeroingognito, Now kid if you want to continue on your campaign of harassment consider yourself warned. Your behavior itself has gone outside the bounds of whats legally allowable and will no longer be tolerated. One last note, you outed yourself as a liar once again by accusing me of “hacking your game data”. Theres only one way that could occur, someone would have to have physical access to your ps3 which points the finger of blame back on yourself. Or perhaps you just outed yourself as having failed to either cheat online or inflate your trophy count. but that along with your continued Libel & other Harassment will likely earn you a ban and possibly other penalties sooner rather than later.

  • And lastly for the moment, don’t think hiding behind a keyboard online excepts you from either common decency or the laws of the land. Others have made that foolish mistake and found themselves in a legal quagmire. As for primeroincognito I’d tell him once again he can say it to my face. Fact is he won’t, like all cowards he only acts hard when he thinks he won’t face the consequences of his actions.

  • Hi first time poster and totally unrelated to anything, but I would hope to one day see this game I just discovered on android market make its way to the Vita one day. Its rare that I ever pay attention to games on my cell phone but this one caught my attention and kept me playing its called Jazz: Trump’s Journey by Eggball or something like that. From what I have played so far (there is only two stages available for free) I quite enjoy, but I refuse to buy this game to play on my cell, now if it was on the Vita, I’m sold. Hint Hint..

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