PSN Community Spotlight – Confessions of a Convert

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PSN Community Spotlight – Confessions of a Convert

Welcome to the another edition of the PSN Community Spotlight! We open up the PlayStation.Blog for PSN gamers to tell their unique PlayStation story/experience/thoughts as submitted to this special section in the new and improved PlayStation Community Forums. Those that find their way to the PlayStation.Blog will find a $50 PlayStation Store voucher in their inbox.


This week, we hear a story from a gamer who made a late transition to the PlayStation community, but hasn’t looked back since. Take a look at this post from PlayStation member Victoryismine52.

Confessions of a Convert

I have and always will consider myself a gamer. I have always loved games and have spent the majority of my life as somewhat of an evangelist for gaming. But looking back across my history of gaming I can reflect on a long and diverse road that has finally brought me to a place where as an adult I have settled in my gaming ways. I could not be happier to tell you that this settling has occurred only when I moved to consider myself a PlayStation gamer and part of that stems from an odd feeling of not so much feeling like a consumer but more of a member of the PlayStation family.

I grew up back east and for the most part had a very active childhood. We spent most of our time outdoors riding bikes and playing in the snow. Sure I played Mario and Sonic but never really had it as a major section of my life. We moved back west in ’94 and with my dad running a computer software company we always seemed to have spare parts around the house. This is when a common hobby for a kid turned into a full blown obsession. My father and I built my first computer shortly after and we started playing Doom. I loved playing Doom and Quake and other shooters but I became obsessed with strategy games. Warcraft and Age of Empires took up most of my teen life. I discovered my love for Valve with the release of Half-Life and I also became quite good in the competitive world of Quake 3.

One year however, I had spent the summer after my freshman year of college working in Northern California up at my cousins’ house where he had a PS2. Though I had played PS1 and PS2 at friends’ houses and LAN parties, this would be my first extensive time with a Sony console and it laid the groundwork for what would latter turn into a near obsession with Sony culture.

I had never played a Final Fantasy game but I was well aware of the franchise (having spent most of my teen life reading gaming news). My cousin had Final Fantasy X and I sat down to play and couldn’t stop. It turned into a quest to get to the next cut scene with my sister and younger cousin running in every time I would yell out “cut scene cut scene!”.The game was beautiful and I loved the tactical aspects of a turn based game. I left that summer knowing that Final Fantasy X would now hold a spot as one of my favorite games but thought little else of it.

Fast forward a year and I’m working in southern California and dating a wonderful girl (now my wife) who has an inherent interest in Kingdom Hearts but has never played it. It was time. I immediately go out and buy a PS2 with Kingdom Hearts (and pick up FFX in the process), and I never looked back. We played through Kingdom Hearts together and would of course later pick up Kingdom Hearts 2. The PS2 officially became the system I go to game with great games and exclusives like Shadow of the Colossus (easily one of my favorite games of all time).

Later when the PS3 was released I was expecting my PS3 to become a platform that I would only play the exclusives on. Oh how wrong I would be. I ended up spending more and more time with my PS3 simply due to the number of exclusives I was purchasing to the point where my Sony exclusives collection dwarfed my entire library of games on other platforms. I realized quite soon that I loved getting online multiplayer for free and the PS3 quickly became my primary gaming platform

I want to take this time to personally thank Sony for taking a strong approach to their console as well as bringing in a continuous flow of HD remastered content from the PS2. As someone who missed a lot of the PS2 content from being a late PlayStation convert, it is really appreciated, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thanks for writing in, Victoryismine52! I hope you continue to make PlayStation your gaming platform of choice!

When did you guys jump into the PlayStation family? Did you come onboard recently, or have you been gaming on Playstation since the early days? Feel free to review Victoryismine52’s original forum post here, and we’ll see you next week!

If you missed the call for next week, I’m especially interested in what PlayStation game that you love but only you know about? Write about it in the PlayStation Community forums, and you might be here on the blog next week.

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