PSN Community Spotlight – Confessions of a Convert

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PSN Community Spotlight – Confessions of a Convert

Welcome to the another edition of the PSN Community Spotlight! We open up the PlayStation.Blog for PSN gamers to tell their unique PlayStation story/experience/thoughts as submitted to this special section in the new and improved PlayStation Community Forums. Those that find their way to the PlayStation.Blog will find a $50 PlayStation Store voucher in their inbox.


This week, we hear a story from a gamer who made a late transition to the PlayStation community, but hasn’t looked back since. Take a look at this post from PlayStation member Victoryismine52.

Confessions of a Convert

I have and always will consider myself a gamer. I have always loved games and have spent the majority of my life as somewhat of an evangelist for gaming. But looking back across my history of gaming I can reflect on a long and diverse road that has finally brought me to a place where as an adult I have settled in my gaming ways. I could not be happier to tell you that this settling has occurred only when I moved to consider myself a PlayStation gamer and part of that stems from an odd feeling of not so much feeling like a consumer but more of a member of the PlayStation family.

I grew up back east and for the most part had a very active childhood. We spent most of our time outdoors riding bikes and playing in the snow. Sure I played Mario and Sonic but never really had it as a major section of my life. We moved back west in ’94 and with my dad running a computer software company we always seemed to have spare parts around the house. This is when a common hobby for a kid turned into a full blown obsession. My father and I built my first computer shortly after and we started playing Doom. I loved playing Doom and Quake and other shooters but I became obsessed with strategy games. Warcraft and Age of Empires took up most of my teen life. I discovered my love for Valve with the release of Half-Life and I also became quite good in the competitive world of Quake 3.

One year however, I had spent the summer after my freshman year of college working in Northern California up at my cousins’ house where he had a PS2. Though I had played PS1 and PS2 at friends’ houses and LAN parties, this would be my first extensive time with a Sony console and it laid the groundwork for what would latter turn into a near obsession with Sony culture.

I had never played a Final Fantasy game but I was well aware of the franchise (having spent most of my teen life reading gaming news). My cousin had Final Fantasy X and I sat down to play and couldn’t stop. It turned into a quest to get to the next cut scene with my sister and younger cousin running in every time I would yell out “cut scene cut scene!”.The game was beautiful and I loved the tactical aspects of a turn based game. I left that summer knowing that Final Fantasy X would now hold a spot as one of my favorite games but thought little else of it.

Fast forward a year and I’m working in southern California and dating a wonderful girl (now my wife) who has an inherent interest in Kingdom Hearts but has never played it. It was time. I immediately go out and buy a PS2 with Kingdom Hearts (and pick up FFX in the process), and I never looked back. We played through Kingdom Hearts together and would of course later pick up Kingdom Hearts 2. The PS2 officially became the system I go to game with great games and exclusives like Shadow of the Colossus (easily one of my favorite games of all time).

Later when the PS3 was released I was expecting my PS3 to become a platform that I would only play the exclusives on. Oh how wrong I would be. I ended up spending more and more time with my PS3 simply due to the number of exclusives I was purchasing to the point where my Sony exclusives collection dwarfed my entire library of games on other platforms. I realized quite soon that I loved getting online multiplayer for free and the PS3 quickly became my primary gaming platform

I want to take this time to personally thank Sony for taking a strong approach to their console as well as bringing in a continuous flow of HD remastered content from the PS2. As someone who missed a lot of the PS2 content from being a late PlayStation convert, it is really appreciated, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thanks for writing in, Victoryismine52! I hope you continue to make PlayStation your gaming platform of choice!

When did you guys jump into the PlayStation family? Did you come onboard recently, or have you been gaming on Playstation since the early days? Feel free to review Victoryismine52’s original forum post here, and we’ll see you next week!

If you missed the call for next week, I’m especially interested in what PlayStation game that you love but only you know about? Write about it in the PlayStation Community forums, and you might be here on the blog next week.

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  • Congrats. We are pretty alike, FFX and KINGDOM HEARTS converted me too from the Nintendo consoles. I’m living a PS Lifestyle now! My PS3 and Vita is all I need

  • Also I had a PS2 for a long time but SQUARE ENIX had me on lockdown playing there games. It was only when I moved to PS3 when I started expanding my genres and buying SONY games. Luving the HD remasters

  • I don’t understand why the PS3 slim can not play PS2 discs yet. it has PS2 emulator on it (since we’ve got PS2 Classics) it should be able to play PS2 discs by now.

  • @3 it’s a hardware thing. They removed that component from the slim models.

  • @3 & 4
    Its also a smart business move, PS2 is still making them crazy money thx to that. Also its to make a push for a digital era. I hope PS4 supports Blu-ray though cus some games (double layered) are just too big.

  • I too finally caved in and bought a PS3 last Sept. I have an xbox 360 from summer 2006 (i went through 2 or 3 xbox 360’s due to the error codes; etc.) I’m so glad i got a PS3 for their exclusive games both 1st and 3rd party. FREE ONLINE, And the fact I joined late means all the older PS3 titles are CHEAP (especially on I already have at least a dozen games (with counting HD compilation retail games as one) and I have a bunch of PSN games already.

  • i too converted after a friend and i talked about consoles in a causal manor. he had a ps3 while i was on the 360. As we got further into the conversation we covered games and accessories . In short i was pretty mad that xbox made you buy a wifi adapter if you wanted a wireless connection while it was built in the ps3. It doesn’t hurt the ps3 when they have such awesome exclusives such as sly and ratchet. I’m glad i switched since the 360 is a black hole for your cash when it comes to accessories.

  • After the super nitendo its been playstation consoles only it just doesnt get better than playstation the exclusives are like nothing out there.


    This is a link to my Community Spotlight Story, as for some reason it wouldn’t let me post it on the playstation board.

  • How about a Hurrah for all the PS gamers that stood outside Gamestop in the cold in December of 2006 to watch the UPS man deliver a single $599 PS3 to the store the week B4 Christmas , and then bringing it home to be ridiculed by every little x-bot in the world for being loyal to the brand, and having a choice of under 10 good games for the first two years ,, and defending Sony on every blog/ gaming site on the planet.. i am a gamer and have been since PS2.. Thats my story and i bet alot of others also,,short and sweet and still loyal to the brand,, bye.. GOT A TISSUE

  • I as well. I am a gamer too. I have been collecting sony games ever sense they came out only certain ones i play. But I also have some of the old psone games and also ps2 games. I even still have my ps2 slim. I even have a psp and a few games. So video games really influence me into gaming. This is one industry that is hard to get into. In order to have as a career. It is a lot of hard work and deification and patience in making a great game. But most of all game companies are on a deadline to get the games made and getting them released!

    That is all I want to say. :)

  • Plus I own a PC as well. I forgot to men-chin.

  • But Dang it. I sure wished darkspore and Spore was on the Ps3. I play it so much. But EA/Maxis will not make one for the PS3, because they think it is not good enought. They said the same thing to xbox too. Which is pretty said you think.

  • Spore would be perfect because of the achievement and they would be trophies anyway. Because that’s what most of our game have on our game systems and most of our games have.

  • Final Fantasy 8 is what hooked me. I was playing the likes Donkey Kong on the SNES and Star Wars on the N64 until I recieved my PS1 with Gran Turismo and Soviet Strike. While Gran Turismo got me stuck on PS for a while, FF8 and it’s amazing visuals grabbed me by the shirt and said “buy every Squaresoft game”. Parasite Eve and FF9 later, I officially became a Playstation fan. I would skip out on the Gamecube and XBOX hype and glad so because I know own well over 400 amazing PS2 titles.

  • When I was really young my first console was the PS1, my next was the PS2, and now I am typing this using a PS3. I am and always will be a Playstation supporter.

  • You should try Final Fantasy VII and IX, great stories…… It would be something great that in the future Square Enix and Sony add trophies to this games; like they do with Mortal Kombat, Altered beast and some classic games

  • how do we get these 50 dollar psn codes?

  • Great story, Definitely a deserved win!

  • i started, off with the playstaion1 then ps2 i love how the playatation develope and improve keep up the good work.

  • What is going on Sony!?

    Sony is the only company that is NURTURES the games industry.

    The financial losses posted by PlayStation is very alarming. I cannot believe it is happening considering the new games coming out.

    Why is Sony Japan Studios not producing quality stuff?
    Banking on one niche title the Last Guardian?
    Where are the quality games for the Japanese market by Sony Japan Studios?
    Why are you focusing your resources on the Western Studios only?

    In video game history Japan is the cradle of greatness in video game. All the No.1 consoles of its generation ends up the most successful if they made it big in Japan.

    What are you doing with Japanese gamers?

  • You cant rely on 3rd party developers like Capcom, Konami or Square Enix to do the homework for you that is Microsoft style!

    Is this the reason why Japanese gamers flock to Nintendo because you don’t make quality games like you used to like in the past?

    I suggest Sony produce & publish its own mass appeal AAA first party title for mature & younger gamers. Widen your reach for PS3 & PSV.

    Please make character based games with highly recognizable, appealing & personality like Crash & Sonic for PlayStation.

    Recent PS Vita games are okay but please don’t ignore Nintendo’s huge market. Remember how one Sonic game ate Nintendo’s market in ’91?

    Japan produces the best most memorable & loved video game characters in history. Please make another Mario killer!

    Balanced core & mature w/ younger & entry level games from Japan.

    We want PlayStation to be No.1 in quality & sales again

  • I have to say the most important item in our house is the ‘ps3’ if we were to unfortunately get robbed my man and me would be in floods of tears if they stole the ps3 as it’s part of the family.My boyfriend is a true ps3 gamer and if you can’t beat em join em and i’m so glad i did.He is more of a zombie killer where as i like being scared..why ?? i have no idea :) Resistance1,2,3 all fabulous games and F.E.A.R games were a true adrenalin fear factor. Aswell as gaming i can shake me booty to the killer tunes on Vidzone and if i don’t wanna do any housework (which is quite often ) i go to that strange world called pshome…How funny is that place? I can truly understand why people love to game and love ps3 and all other gaming consoles.I hear there is a ‘Slender Man’ about and this is a terrifying game,not sure if this is going to be a game available for ps3 i will wait and see :) Peace to all you gamers,continue to do battle with what ever you do battle with and most importantly ‘Keep calm and smile’.

  • ya know i was big fan of mario, star fox, but when i played devil may cry sly cooper and jak i figured out these games are better

  • Just wait till he realizes how much the PS3 gets shafted on everything because Sony is too cheap and way to slow about doing anything. Not saying micro$oft is better (I despise them), but Sony needs to step it up and get in the game. Im so sick of being shafted on DLC because Sony is too damn cheap to pay for some exclusive content. I disagree with the whole idea of game companys paying off developers/publishers for exclusive content. But, when the competition is already doing it, you might as well attempt to act like you appreciate your customers and do the same for us. But i digress, Game companys are all about $$$$$$ and not about the customer at all. Gaming is sadly going down the drain because of this ridiculous competition these gaming companys have. They are really no better than terrorist.

  • How do we get the mentioned $50 PlayStation Store voucher?

    • Check out the first paragraph of the post for the overview. You go to the specially marked section on the PlayStation Community Forums and write a unique story about PlayStation/Gaming, etc. There’s tough competition out there, so ensure you’ve got a good story and that it’s well written =)

  • You get it by posting a post on the blog. I posted one today about how im a True Playstation Fan idk when ill get my code but idc i kinda liked posting it.

    • Keep in mind that you have to post in the specified forums. And remember, your story needs to be selected to win the spotlight and be placed on the PlayStation Blog. it’s not a $50 code for anyone who posts their story. Hope that helps!

  • Wow, Sony acknowledges our stories. Surprised me.. as they’re probably flooded in miscellaneous stories, emails and what not. This post inspires me to write about my switch to the Playstation…

  • I posted on the blog, why not won the $ 50?

  • I’m going to steal your phrase “…a major *section*…of my life…” and use it elsewhere. I never really thought about my gaming addiction like that, but it makes some sense.

    My personal story about missing out on PS2 was that I graduated from college, and began to work, live etc. I was *so focused* on achieving some of the goals of my work/life that I simply did not have the time or compunction to even consider console gaming.

    I only became aware of my paucity when one time we were all having sushi, and a friend mentioned Gamecube v.s. PS2. I realized that I was missing out on something, but it just didn’t click, at the time, what it may be.

    It took a few years, even after that before I even began to appreciate console gaming again. I began reading gaming sites on the web, looking at some of the purported graphical marvels of the Third Generation. I got the Wii, then it took about 2 years, and finally in 2008 I got a PS3.

    So it’s been 4 years now, but interestingly, my attention is focused on the games I missed out on during my hiatus, on PS2. I was so happy when they released Persona FES, and am thinking of trying some of the other re-releases on the system as well.

  • Thank you everyone! especially those that reached out to me on PSN. I was on vacation and had no idea this went up. Thanks Morgan and the team for selecting my post It was a lot of fun writing this and I really enjoyed reading other posts. This is an excelent addition to the community. It’s the Hardware and exclusives that will hook you on Playstation but it’s the community that get’s you to stay!

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