New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited service features new releases including Sparkle: the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Pitbull, as well as new albums from artists Joshua Radin, Reel Big Fish, Gloriana, The Locust and Toadies. Also this week, check out the new Casablanca Records Premium Channel! The label was officially re-launched this year, after establishing its imprint decades ago during the disco movement. The 2012 roster of dance music includes some seriously big names like Scissor Sisters and Ladyhawke, alongside debut artists Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Kindness. You can hear the whole thing now in the premium channels section of the Music Unlimited service.

On the video side, don’t miss a big time discount on the hit 21 Jump Street. For a limited time, own the movie for only $12.99 in SD, or $14.99 in HD. The sale ends August 6th, so hurry up! Also in Movies, check out The Raid: Redemption this week before it hits DVD shelves, and revel in the spirit of the Games with Own $5 Films as we feature the Summer Olympics this week. Get pumped up with great Olympic-inspired films like Boys of Summer and Legendary.

Finally, we are always trying to add features you ask for, so here you go — The Video Unlimited service brings you 10-Minute Previews, letting you watch up to 10 minutes of select movies absolutely free! This feature gives you a great opportunity to decide whether you’ll like a movie before you buy it. Simply visit the video store and navigate over to Collections & Sales > 10-Minute Previews. Get all the details here.

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  • offtopic

    Hey Sony, what is the chance for us to get Dead Space 2 just like the european psplus guys?????????? In the past 2 months the european psplus received great updates. Please Sony, show us some respect and give us at least 1 GOOD full game on next week, i said GOOD like Dead Space 2, Motor Storm Apocalypse, Darksiders, Magic 2013, Batman, etc… PLEASE we don’t want WALKING DEAD!!!!!

  • Hey Sony, what can we get so strong, in the past that a few fashion, fully felt shocked!Christian Louboutins

  • @1 Every branch of Sony is different hence why different regions get different things. Respect? They give us a ton of stuff and also a game being good or not is an opinion. I for one don’t care much for the games you listed but that’s just me. Some people do want and look forward to getting Walking Dead. In my opinion it is a good game. Besides once it’s set it’s set there is no changing it. People wonder why Sony doesn’t listen all the time. It’s because of people making demands like this…

  • Oh and pretty sure the game maker have to approve whether or not they want their game as part of Plus. It is their game their baby.

  • @2 What kind of games do you like? pacman? tetris? chess? “They give us a ton of stuff “? Let me add a little word on your affirmation “They give us a ton of BAD stuff”. Are you blind or what?

    I want to buy dead space 2 in the ps store, but i didn’t like to know that in the other country people who pays the same service like me are getting it for free…

    enjoy Walking Dead…

  • imagine it will pop up some time lol :P if anything im waiting for dead space 3 to hit shelves. who knows maybe in the next update they will blow us away with somethin awesome!! heres to hoping i guess :P

  • @4 Yes I enjoy the classics like Pac Man and Tetris even with a new age twist. Chess not so much. That is your opinion that these games are “bad”. but at least we get free stuff. Ever hear the phrase beggers can’t be choosers?

    Whining and Demanding will not get what you want brought to the store. As I said different regions get differeent things.

    I do enjoy The Walking Dead. It is actually quite fun. I bought the season pass as soon as it came out. You know if you don’t like how Sony does things sell your PS3 and get another system. It’s people like you who give Sony fans and Gamers in general a bad name.


  • @6

    “Yes I enjoy the classics like Pac Man and Tetris even with a new age twist”

    They are “bad” if you compare with dead space 2 and motor storm apocalypse. lol

    “As I said different regions get differeent things. ”

    That’s a bad thing, all the regions should receive the same content!!

    “I do enjoy The Walking Dead.”

    good for you… really lol

    “You know if you don’t like how Sony does things sell your PS3 and get another system. It’s people like you who give Sony fans and Gamers in general a bad name.”

    well, I don’t know about you, but when I paid a service, i want a good service… They have the best system in my opinion, BUT the US service is loosing for the EUR, and i think that should be different, should be the oposite. I know I’m not the only one to think this way, but 99,99% of the gamers, unfortunally you are with the 0,01%…


  • sony i got to platinum in im really think why cant get anything for it????????

  • 10 min previews are cool i suppose.

  • I can’t believe you mentioned Casablanca Records without mentioning KISS, without doubt the biggest act that was on the label – well before the disco era I might add…

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