LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Recap: The 8 Best Creations

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LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Recap: The 8 Best Creations

On July 10th, the LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta opened its doors to the world, and for three weeks both fans and newcomers alike had the opportunity to experience LBP Karting for themselves. With nearly 350 levels published every day and over 125,000 total participants, the LBP Karting Beta was extremely successful, and we want to thank everyone involved for their participation and feedback. We loved having you, and we can’t wait to see you all again when the game releases later this year!

LIttleBigPlanet KartingLIttleBigPlanet Karting

For those of you who weren’t involved, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the most impressive creations that were crafted using LBP Karting’s intricate 3D Create tools. This is by no means comprehensive, but it is a very good selection, and we hope it will at least help sate your desire to get your hands on LBP Karting while we continue to polish the game. You can also head over to to check out some other great LBP Karting Beta vids.

Also, don’t forget you still have a few days left to enter the LBP Karting PAX T-Shirt Contest! This is your chance to design our PAX Prime LBP Karting t-shirt, which will be shared with thousands of fans at the show in Seattle — you might even win a PlayStation Vita! Check out the contest page for all of the details, rules, and to enter.

Tree Top Tromp by AmazingFlyingPoo

Lava Tubin’ by Argorokx

Helicopter Shooter by tI-_-I

Lightbeam from Outerspace by ShadowriverUB

Codi’s Beachy Race by codibear8383

NEON Circuit by Crazy_S

Roman Rumble by Luos_83

Sunset Rift by ApertureNOBLE

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  • release Demo on PSN ASAP Sony .i cant wait

  • I am sad the beta ended, It was a blast, Can’t wait for the full game now!!!

  • I participated in the beta it was great! too bad I suck in creating thing on LBP….my Mountain Trip level was just too simple XD

    anyways… very very disappointed in the US BLOG leaving out Puerto Rico ALWAYS of their contest… I wanted to participate in that shirt…

  • Crazy Chopper level. Can’t wait to have a versus mode. :)

  • Thanks so much for featuring my level! Great post, Michael! Can’t wait for the full game to come out! <3

  • Will all of us who participated in the beta get the beta vest?

  • I barely got to play it, my brother took the ps3 away. But from what I played, I had an outstanding time. It is certainly a very good game. Can’t wait until it gets released

  • Drifts with turbos ? Take my money.

  • Would be cool if we can create track layouts like real racing tracks, like Spa Francorchamps De la Sarthe or even the famous Nurburgring, LBPK style!

  • since ModNation Racers Road Trip doesnt support ( and by how things are going ) will never get online multiplayer, Little Big Planet Karting should be a great addition to the psvita game library.

    • LittleBigPlanet Karting is currently in development exclusively for the Playstation 3. We don’t have any plans to bring it to Playstation Vita – not at the moment anyway. We wouldn’t entirely rule it out though, either. If it makes sense, anything is possible!

  • While playing the beta I didn’t understand if I didn’t figure out if I was pressing the right buttons or just these features were not included.

    1. Was there no boost option in the beginning of the race. I kept thinking if you pressed the right button right when it turns green you would get a boost of power but it never came up.

    2. Also can we not save our weapon and power it up to a second and third level. I noticed once getting a weapon you can use it right away but you cant save it run through another power up again and than it ranks up to a second level.

    Maybe these two things were just thinks I liked in Modnation Racers so much and I wished it would of been added here to the Little Big Planet Kart Racing.

    • Oh yes, there is definitely a way to get an early burst of boost. Try different buttons, ask your friends – you’ll figure it out for sure ;)

  • This game makes me want a Dark Knight Sackboy riding the Bat-Pod.

  • The game is pretty fun, I think my biggest wish would be to have a turbo bar and probably make the blue balls you collect during a race worth a little more to help a 2nd place person whom is just behind the 1st place person to win if 2nd had collected a good bit more of them.

  • Thanks Michael for featuring my level :) The game is amazing and I can’t wait to get the full game.

  • I loved the Lava ring level. King Volacano? Or something.

    I participated in the beta near the end from joystiq.

    3 days left and I realized that my Beta Invite was in my SPAM folder of my e-mail. Very disappointed in that, you could have at least warned people since I never check my spam.

    Well anyways, it was really fun. I enjoyed the head to head battles as well as the racing parts. Head to head being my favorite hehehe.

  • When landing from a jump the game doesn’t let you turn like you would expect. You go straight until you try turning after you land. Sometimes I want to go straight but turn as soon as I land. Currently the only to get in the right position is to drift while still in the air.

  • Can’t wait for the full game + hopefully the Graphics will be a bit better to(it just didn’t look as good as LBP2 really, but then again it was a beta) + Load times i didn’t notice so that is a good thing:D + I found trying to press the fire button which was the ‘square’ button while trying to keep my finger on Accelerate which was the ‘X’ button not easy :-/ (sorry to go on about it):D

  • I’m still unsure about the game itself. It was astoundingly better than I thought… but it was missing something (especially for the price tag). I was turned off by the fact move and 3D were disabled though…..

  • O_o I JUST got a Beta invite last week and downloaded it…. Never got a chance to test it, lame….

  • Thank you for automatically pushing the beta to Plus members. It was a nice surprise. The game is great as is, so the final version will be incredible.

  • It seems like the AI always finishes high in the ranks compared to the users I’ve played with. Not used to seeing that. I am pretty terrible though. I can’t tell if you’re supposed to move the joystick left & right when drifting or if you are just supposed to hold down the drift button to charge boost.

  • I going to be Honest the beta sucked. More people should have been let in. The only day there was really anybody on it was the 1st day I played it. Plus let’s face it once this game comes out most of the user crated tracks are going to be Mario Kart remakes.

  • @22 Why is that a bad thing? I plan on remaking N64’s Wario Stadium. The racing and graphics are much better than MarioKarts.

  • Help me please!!! I got a beta code in my email but it doesn’t want to work. Does anyone know why??? :( help please

  • @Jae775, Sorry by the Beta officially ended on August 1st.

  • Can you make one like this for LBPV?

  • yea i had gotten this auto downloaded to my hdd but i never even bothered because i got something onetime telling me to joing for the PS Vita Closed Beta than i went thru it but never go invited though i believed i would because all the other testing i had did in the past and tho i like LBP i dont like how it runs online (never did) and i like to play with others online.

    Soo since i didnt get the Vita Closed Beta i did not even bother trying this fake beta (its a Demo already demoes are released 3 weeks to a month b4 release). I wanted to buy the Vita’s version but i already read load times are in the minute range (reminding me of LBP 1) so I’ll wait till actual consumer gameplay and videoes pop up before i think of LBP for vita and i already own Modnation Racers which gives me this vibe.

  • I love LBP 1 and 2. I can do just about anything in those games, I could not figure out how to make levels beyond drawing tracks placing and arranging objects in LBP Karting. I’m not really into racing games, so this was important to me. The tutorial videos made it seem so easy, but when I tried to make something swing back and forward nothing would work. I saw the attachment line was red, so something was wrong, but I could not figure it out.

    Sorry for crying on your shoulder. I have some friends that are going to buy it, but I need to work out these issues before I do the same.

  • I suck at making lvls so the beta really wasn’t for me. But these lvls have me excited. Can we get the game EARLY September please. Come october there’s no room. And Sly in Mi-September please :D. Then I might be able to buy everything. If not then Karting is gonna go on my wait list.

  • im happy i got a beta code it was a great beta and some amazing levels that were made as well cant wait for the game to come out

  • I gotta say, I’m a little shocked and frankly angry with the Blog for really the first time ever. I’m pretty miff’d about the fact that I’m just hearing now about LBP Karting beta for Plus member, after it’s already over. What the heck, man!! I find it hard to believe I would have missed such a thing on this blog. Was this EVER mentioned in any official Blog post? I have read every story on this Blog since it’s inception.

    I see people mentioning it was automatically pushed to PS3s with the auto-DL feature. Why was this a secret? Or if it was mentioned, it couldn’t have been more than once, I doubt I somehow missed 2 posts about it. I need a heads up on these things. I was checking my inbox every day for the last month hoping to see a beta invite for LBP Karting. I don’t use auto-download. I don’t DL EVERYthing from Plus. And what if it’s DLing when I’m sleeping and there’s a storm? This is why I don’t auto-DL.

    Sony, please….when there’s a Plus beta, put it on the store so I actually know about it.

  • And don’t get me wrong, I knew about the beta’s existence. What I didn’t know, and never heard here, is that is had to be accessed with the Auto-Download feature. I have no problem with your doing that with the feature, but just TELL me next time please. The betas were the major reason outside of the free games that I’m a Plus subscriber. I shouldn’t miss out on something like this for the rediculous reason of “I never even heard abot it”, especially when I’m a gamer who keeps up on all news PlayStation every single day.

    Feedback from a loyal customer.

  • is this for the vita and if it is. is it crossplay

  • I’m a beta tester and loved this game and will be buying it launch. You guys improved upon Modnation racers so much that it actually DID need to be relaunched as a different game.

  • Oh and it would be nice if you guys fully supported the PS3 wheel, pedals and all and no I absolutely don’t mean the Move Wheel. Haven’t you guys every had a blast playing Mario Kart at a Gameworks?

  • Thanks for the pick :D Can’t wait for the full game!

  • I enjoyed the Beta a lot! Thanks for choosing me to Beta test!

  • I’m really happy I got invited to the beta but I didn’t relieve my invite until less then a week left in the beta. So I didn’t even bother signing up knowing I wouldn’t get much time with it, with work and everything else happening in my life. I just hoping you would sent out invites earlier so this doesn’t happen to other people. I still do appreciated getting the invite though.

  • I’m glad I had a chance to join the beta it was fun! I had a blast playing and recording all the awesome creations people made, kudos to the creators! I look forward to the full game and what people might create, i myself might join in on creating since i LOVE 3D UGC Editing kits.

  • A friend of mine got to play the Beta, :D it looks so fun, i cant wait to play it. I always had in mind something like this might come out for ps3.. good times good times

  • LBPK FTW!! hey if anyones interested in free PSN or Xbox Live cards add me on PSN @ MushThePainter, ill answer your questions, just download the free app JunoWallet or Bamboo Wallet and use the code CK1169746 for a bonus reward, all i did was download free apps and watch videos, its the fastest way to earn free PSN Cards, XBox live cards and GameStop cards, no bs

  • No Vita Version Not buying it .

    Support the Vita Sony , I only buy Vita games

  • The beta was awesome!! It was amazing how many things were possible with all the stuff you get to make a level. I will defiantly get the game and i look forward to its release. Now its over :( so back to some lbp2 :) ps. great job on everything i love it! :D

  • Where can I get the preorder bonus in Canada? When doesn’t have it, EB Games is the one I usually am forced to use (even though I don’t like them). They don’t have it though. They have the LBP PS Vita preorder bonuses, but I can’t find the Karting bonus.

    @42: I can’t imagine a LBP Karting, where a port or a new one, not making it to PS Vita at some point. We’ll see.

  • whether* a port…

  • Sad Beta ended.My last race in the beta was awsome I got in first place and then beta ended i cant wait to get the full game to get trophies :D The lvls where also awsome I hope everyone gets the game like LBP2.1 qustion can we make are music in the full game at all ??????????????

  • hey was an awesome beta, I cant find where is the input feedback but if someone knows wheres the site please let me know. I need to say my opinion if Im not too late for that.

  • thnks for choosing me as a beta tester ,you guys did a great job. I hope levels becomes more color full than the beta. And please make sack able to walk at the pod.

  • I extremely enjoyed the beta and was really honoured for recieving a code in the first place.I wish i could have some how left feedback about the beta but just to give my over view about it..I enjoyed everything about it,but most of all i enjoyed creating my level!!:D

  • This was my first beta other than Lego Universe. I enjoyed the beta very much, and I’m going to preorder. Tree Top Tromp was an amazing level…..

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