PlayStation Blogcast 036: The Best Games of 2012 (So Far)

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PlayStation Blogcast 036: The Best Games of 2012 (So Far)

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With the summer doldrums in full swing, this week’s episode takes a look back at some of 2012’s most memorable games, big and small. IGN PlayStation editors (and bonafide Internet celebs) Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty join us for the discussion, which touches not only on 2012’s finest, but also looks ahead to this fall’s most promising PS3 and PS Vita games. It’s a great discussion, but be sure to submit your picks in the comments too.

We also delve into next week’s North American PSN lineup, dominated by Queasy Games‘ long-awaited musical platformer Sound Shapes. That’s in addition to a new lineup of “user inquiries,” tips, another farm-fresh PSN Gem of the Week, and a confounding new Mystery Theme. Listen now or live out the remainder of your life in regret!

Stuff We Talked About

  • Sound Shapes
  • LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita
  • Mutant Blobs Attack
  • Spec Ops: The Line
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting
  • Legasista
  • Mass Effect 3
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
  • The Walking Dead
  • Red Robin
  • California Extreme
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanJeff for BlogcastOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick Suttner

    Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Greg MillerColin

    The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Jeff Rubenstein – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Manager
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
  • Greg Miller – IGN Executive Editor, PlayStation Channel
    Colin Moriarty – IGN Editor, PlayStation Channel

    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game
    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    • This is just Beyond Awesome!!! Definitely listening to this!

    • Awesome podcast! BEYOND!!

    • Colin is really ruining his life with that cigar!
      Hey guys! What time is it great to send in a user question?

    • My two favorite podcasts! BEYOND!

    • The R-Types being removed from the store is because the developer/rights owner Irem shut their doors last fall, so their games are slowly dropping from the store as, I’m assuming, the deals made for them originally expire.

    • Please oh please add Patapon 3 to the PSV! I want it so bad for my Vita. Sony has always had nothing but my support. I would just love to keep playing Patapon. I sold back my PSP thinking I could just play it on my Vita but I have yet to get Patapon 3 on my Vita. So again please see what you can do! Thank you for your time! :) Keep doing what you do!

    • Trying to pick between beyond and blogcast is like trying to pick which parent to live with.

    • oh great… greg and colin the ones from IGNorant. They like to rate games that are actually good very low.

    • Am I the only one that is having trouble hearing the podcast this week? I guess I’ll download it but the stream isn’t working for me. :/

    • When I First Saw The Title For This Post I Thought ….. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    • awesome! the 2 best podcasts combine?! its over 9000!!!!!


    • Nice podcast guys.

      No way this will ever happen, but I’d like to hear you guys talk about the Investor Meeting Sony just held, and what’s going to be done in regards to ‘righting the ship’ in the next Quarter/Year.

      Sony needs money. We have money. How does Sony plan on getting us to throw it at you?

      Because discounts on Hydrophobia and Cuboid every other week surely aren’t working. Not being a bastard, I’m a huge Sony supporter, believe me. I wouldn’t mention it if I didn’t care.

      There has GOT to be profit made ffrom selling infinite copies of digital games, so why not something huge like a 50% off sale on Store items for the duration of a month? Two weeks even.

      And coming from someone who doesn’t yet own a Vita, get that PS One Classics bit sorted out.
      There’s money out there. Take it!!

    • ^ ALL Store items.

    • offtopic

      Hey Sony, what is the chance for us to get Dead Space 2 just like the european psplus guys?????????? In the past 2 months the european psplus received great updates. Please Sony, show us some respect and give us at least 1 GOOD full game on next week, i said GOOD like Dead Space 2, Motor Storm Apocalypse, Darksiders, Magic 2013, Batman, etc… PLEASE we don’t want WALKING DEAD!!!!!

    • Great podcast but you didn’t answer my important question about MotorStorm: Pacific Rift servers going down and the online trophy situation! A seriously important topic! My question was:

      “With the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift server shut-off occurring soon, what will happen with the multiplayer trophies? This is the issue when developers decide to put multiplayer trophies in their game, something I have heard you guys talk about before, when the servers are shut off, it will be impossible to actually get those trophies ever again, which is unfair.. especially for those who buy the game beyond that point or held off those trophies for later. I seriously want to know if you are planning on giving the multiplayer trophies to people via patch as soon as they launch the game after server shut-down to make platinum still obtainable. I know it’s unfair for those who worked hard for them while servers were still on but it was also unfair for Evolution Studios to add multiplayer trophies for the long run with no intention of patching it later, please get Evo’s word on this if you can and lemme know what y’all think about the issue with this game and any other games in the future!”

      Hope you’ll answer next week? =/

    • Best game this year is called “Journey”. U shud try it Sid

    • Hey guys, now that we finally have a Little Big Planet Vita release date, is there any word on Ragnarok Odyssey release date?

    • Nice Podcast ;) i hardly comeon and write stuff do to alot of gamming :)

    • Great episode! Kinda surprised y’all didn’t mention the DS3 competition since it started the day before y’all recorded.

    • oh hey Greg Miller :) looks like this will be a good one

    • i want ps3 to get MINECRAFT

    • BEYOND!!

    • Hey guys wondering if borderlands 2 will have a day 1 digtal release ??

    • BEYOND! Thanks for having us, guys.

    • Hey Sid,

      I’m actually surprised that none of you mentioned or put Rainbow Moon into the mix. It’s a spectacular game! Any chance of squeezing it into future blogcasts to talk about? It’s a “PSN gem” as you guys like to say. It really deserves the attention, trust me. =)

      As usual, another great blogcast. Keep it up! =)

    • Hey, for the person playing Silent Hill (PSONE) play it on the psp, or wait for it to be released on the Vita, you can change the controls to make it play better. That let me get through the game.

    • @Jeff

      Hmm… I must have accidentally missed it. You guys were talking about a ton of great games so you can’t blame me! lol =)

    • Hey Jeff, we in India “can” listen to blogcast now :) And please come to India, we are loyal PlayStation fans. SERIOUSLY.

    • #22 im with you ps3 should get minecraft :D

    • King of Fighters XIII is coming to PSN next week, how much it cost?

    • PSblog share seems dead now. a lot of the top IDEAS don´t get done,we still can´t change our psn ID,can´t change country,can´t appear offline,no gifting games to other players,no update to trophy card(very basic design),error codes that make sense and no MGS hd collection digital for ps3.change psn ID should be top priority,i would pay 10$ for it no problem.

    • oh and how can i forget paypal.

    • Great podcast this week! I think that the movie reviews don’t exactly fit the podcast considering how it isn’t about you guys criticizing games and feels out of place when you guys go easy on bad games like Silent Hill: Downpour.. but it does give you guys something to talk about during dry weeks. Surprised that there wasn’t much talk about Darksiders 2 and Transformers, but I am looking forward to seeing Shuhei Yoshida on the show :)

    • P.S Also Sleeping Dogs… there are some awesome games coming out along with SoundShapes soon

    • Never listened to the blogcast until now. I really like it. Thanks to Beyond for teaching me about this. ZOMBIE BLOGNAK!

    • I second the request for a Level 5 HD collection, as well as Adventures of Cookie and Cream. Dark Cloud 1 doesn’t hold up, but I’d love DC2 and Rogue Galaxy.

      As for the 150 megabyte cloud save getting too full, I don’t grok why Sony is giving away 2 gigs storage for people doing pictures for free, but they only allow us 150 megs for game saves when we pay $50 a year. They really should give us more storage on cloud saves.

    • Downloading now… Internet is beyond slow… BEYOND!!!

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