PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tonight

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PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tonight

It’s been a great week for gamers on the PSN. We’ve seen the addition of the anime streaming service Crunchyroll to the PS3 lineup of video apps, the highly anticipated game Sound Shapes being made available for preorder through the PSN PLAY event at a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and The Expendables 2: The Videogame releasing on the PlayStation Store now (check out the demo to get a taste of this game’s explosive four-player co-op action!)

To ensure that we can keep offering you the best online games experience, we will be performing routine maintenance on the PSN this evening (Thursday, August 2nd). This maintenance will start at approximately 12:00am midnight Pacific Time (1:00am MDT / 2:00am CDT /3:00 am EDT) and last for about two hours, ending around 2:00am PDT on Thursday, August 2nd (3:00am MDT / 4:00am CDT / 5:00am EDT). During this maintenance period you WILL be able to sign in to the Network if you have signed in at some point over the past few days. So please be sure to sign in now if you wish to access PSN during this maintenance window. Online play and apps will function as expected during this time. The PlayStation Store and Account Management will be unavailable for the duration of this maintenance.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

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  • Will this fix the PSN text based chat that has been constantly kicking me and my friends the past 3 days every 5 to 20 minutes? Cause that has annoyed me to no end.

  • Will Playstation Home be available during the maintenance window? I’ll be sleeping, but I know other users want to know. :P

    Just like @1, we’ve also had issues with text chat in PSHome in the form of club chat / group chat disconnects, as well as getting invalid user errors when sending private messages occasionally. Hopefully this will be addressed.

  • I hope they are fixing the problem where every time I try to sync my trophies it does not take more than a min to get to 100%

  • “It’s been a great week for gamers on the PSN”

    Lol… yea right. Nothing good released on the store, and still as usual plus users are being ripped off.

  • Oh and yea as said above in comment #1 ive had this issue. Ive also had this issue as #3. It takes FOREVER to sync even 1 trophy.

  • Off-Topic but any idea when we might get a Sleeping Dogs demo? I know UFG is confident of their game because they’re releasing all of these gameplay trailers so why not release a demo before release to get even more people to pre-order. Also when will the reviews start rolling in?

  • I have noticed the last couple of days I randomly lose connection with the playstation network. Hopefully, this maintenance tonight fixes the problem for me.

  • Disregard my question in comment #2, I found a community moderator in EU confirm PSHome will also be unavailable if anyone was looking for the answer.

  • “It’s been a great week for gamers on the PSN”

    Unless you own a vita

  • LOL

  • Huuum…2 Scheduled Maintenance within a 1 week period ?? seems like PSN is gearing up for a HUGH update…..I’m calling it now. Ps1 / ps2 Vita support will be added on next weeks PSN update…”thanks in advance Sony”

  • @ #3 & #4 – The more trophies you have, the longer it takes to sync. Take it as a badge of honor and, don’t forget to set your auto sync options so, this way your PS3 will sync all the trophies while you’re sleeping.

  • @12 the more trophies you earned since your last sync will definitely take awhile to sync, not how many you have. I have over 1600 and takes roughly 10 seconds to sync even after getting 5 trophies. When I earned 20 one time it took alot longer maybe a minute

  • @12 a few days ago i had like 2 trophies to sync and it took forever, i was like wth is going on here,maybe they are still having this problem.

  • I bought a vita for remote play and it doesnt work Sony. Thanks.

  • “It’s been a great week for gamers on the PSN”

    PSP games are still over priced.
    PS1 games are not available on the Vita.
    No Vita games released.
    No sales.

  • Yep tremendous week for the Vita owners we got ummm we got umm….what did we get again??? Sony some of us didn’t get a PS3 we only got a Vita, and what we’re seeing is 0 content over and over again except for 1 psp game/week for the psn. As a matter of fact much of the PSP games are wayyyy over priced. no psp game should be over $15 on the psn.


  • Any word on when Vita update 1.8 is coming?

  • The great week included constant XMB chat disconnects and errors. Online games constantly freezing and disconnecting. Playstation Home errors and constant club channel disconects. Yep great week! Cheers!

  • I know that i shouldn´t post this here but i think that it is unfair that you give dead space 2 free for plus suscribers in Europe and just walking dead 1 and 2 for american suscribers.I mean ,those two are good games but you can´t compare them with a full PS3 game.

  • Hey, a couple of my friends have been having trouble redeeming PSN cards, keeps giving them “Funds Could Not be Added” error. Will this fix that?

  • Hey Matthew,

    Will this make PSOne Classics available for the Vita?

  • Haha “scheduled” what a few hours in advance? What a joke not even 24 hours notice and we shouldn’t expect anything new from PSN b/c there won’t be anything new.

  • Well, at least there is a post this week. Last week there was no blog post at all about the long PSN maintenance. It was only mentioned on their Twitter page.

  • “It’s been a great week for gamers on the PSN.”

    Yeah, but only if you have a european psplus subscription, and unfortunally that’s not our case…

  • I agree with Heatseeker; At least this time they letting us blog followers know. Thanks for the heads up Mathew.

  • I hope this maintenance includes fixing the music licensing glitch that (rockstar games and music companies have a disput over) prevented the release of GTA3.

  • crossing my fingers for some surprise update during this maintenance

  • Hi, I hope this fixes the issue with the OFFICIAL Sony PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset, i’ve being getting a lot of static during multiplayer as well as single player campaign gameplay to the point where it just turns itself off completely or i cant hear nothing. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM? just wondering…

  • I hope this update fixes all the errors i had been getting in the past weeks in PSHOME.

  • Oh and yeah.. i’ve also being getting signed out automatically the past few days it says a connection error has occurred. didnt happen before but it has being happening constantly now. well thanks, i know you all have too much work on your hands, i just hope you take this into consideration. goodnight!

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • You guys should always do these maintenance during the am hours.

    For the last 2 days i’ve been getting d/c from psn, and recently i’ve had trouble staying in psn chats. i hope thats what you guys are fixing..

  • oh well, as long as psn comes out better in the end I’m ok with maintenance. ^_^

  • yeah this irreguarly last minute unscheduled maintenance should repair the text chat and home club / group channel disconnection introduced by the last unanounced “regularly schedlued” (5 minutes before hand) maintenance. The good news: at least my garage doesn’t fix my car in the same manner. Point is in future put more effort in doing something productive and less on spin doctoring.

  • Just kicked me in the middle of a sentence.LOL
    Anywho, I also have been getting kicked in group or club chat when someone tries to use voice chat.

    Also: i so hope it will include an update for a LEADER BOARD in EDO. ;o)

  • anway to stop those spam message saying send this to all ur frnds and youll get money

  • NBA avatars!

  • ahh, to see all the whiners on every post.

  • When will the update after 4.21 be released? I have done something to my ps3’s firmware.

  • PSone classics on Vita please

  • NHL avatars!!

  • Stop acting like 2 year old’s. PSN Gamers got some good content this week. GTA Vice City,Chinatown Wars and Liberty City Story’s where added to PS VITA. and Sound Shapes is up for pre-order which is also on the vita. plus some DLC. Mind saying there’s nothing for vita now?

  • @macy113 Vice City I played 6 years ago abd is $5 at gamestop and China town wars is $10 cheaper on iOS. Preordering Sound Shapes I don’t really include as “great content” because it’s not like we’re not guaranteed a copy of we fail to preorder and the game itself is not released for 3 weeks.
    On top of that the PSP games are still too expensive in general most of them being double or triple retail prices.

  • “I hope this maintenance includes fixing the music licensing glitch that (rockstar games and music companies have a disput over) prevented the release of GTA3.”

    That has NOTHING to do with “glitches”, or online maintenance. That’s something that has to be resolved by Sony, Rockstar, and cash.

  • Just a suggestion. At work whenever we have maintenance that will effect network users, we have to tell them 5 days in advance so that they can plan and schedule for downtime. And before you ask we do it after 9pm local time so that it effects less people and we still have to give 5 days notice.

    It seriously appears that you throw darts at a wall to decide the maintenance date and then repeat the process for how much notice you give. Can you change the “hours” on the dart board to days please?

  • hopefully this fixes how every time I have an update for a new game the timer keeps going up and then glitches, making me repeat until it finally goes through a half hour later. Also, constant error to connect to PSN in the middle of online matches blows. Weak PSplus updates recently as well.

  • Only two hours, and at midnight. That’s better!

    @TwinDad: Give it up or go to a weaker system, e.g. ‘the box’. No one cares of your work.

  • ehh it’s fine, haven’t online in a week now due to watching tons of anime like Shiki, Higurashi, and other stuff.

    though the maintenance shouldn’t at least 2-3 times every month.

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