Payday: The Heist Wolfpack DLC on PSN Next Week

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Payday: The Heist Wolfpack DLC on PSN Next Week

Payday: The Heist - Wolfpack DLC

Attention PAYDAY crew! Wolfpack, the first PSN downloadable content for PAYDAY: The Heist, is coming to North America next Tuesday, August 7th.

We’ve been busy casing some new jobs for you, with Wolfpack featuring two never-before-seen epic heists – Undercover and Counterfeit. The Undercover heist forces players to drive away the pesky police interrupting a back alley deal, while the Counterfeit heist pressures players to use silenced weapons to keep whistle-blowing civilians from escaping an underground money printing gig. If they tell the 5-0, they’ll blow the whole operation!

We’re also arming you with new weapons and crewmembers to ensure the job goes smoothly. These new heists require advanced skills, but award bigger payouts. Key features of the Wolfpack DLC include:

PaydayWolfpack_Payday: The Heist - Wolfpack DLCWallpaper_HD-3

  • New Weapons: Spray some lead on the move with the all-new auto handgun and assault rifle, or blow away tenacious foes with the shiny new grenade launcher. Need someone to watch your back? Release the deployable sentry gun to take out your enemies.
  • The Technician: Based on the character Wolf, the technician is a man who knows how to get things done. With a new skill set and equipment, the technician is a techno-sociopath using the sentry-gun and tool kit.
  • One Pays, All Play: Got friends in high places? If you are tight on cash until the next score, all you need is a friend with the content. The new heists can only be hosted if you own the DLC, but anyone with the base game can join for free.
  • Just When You Think You’re Out: With all-new Trophies and a raised level cap, there will be a lot more for you to brag about.
  • Payday: The Heist - Wolfpack DLC

    The Wolfpack DLC pack will be available in the US for $9.99. Check out the PAYDAY The Heist website for more info.

    Thanks again for your support; looking forward to the in-game action!

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    • Been waiting for some new content for this awesome game! Can you list what the new trophies are?

    • Thank you Mr. Smith! Had no idea any DLC would be releasing but as always you guys come in guns blazing..some pun intended! Day one for me definitely. Can’t wait!

    • Looks good. Any news about the PS3 getting the Left 4 dead/Payday DLC?

    • bakerarmy they said we wouldnt get that because left 4 dead is an xbox exclusive. sad but thats the case.

    • Also Mr. Smith will there be a discount for plus members by any chance?

    • Good to see this is finally coming out. I have been waiting a good while for this one.

    • That host DLC is a great idea!

    • great looks great new dlc awsome i love this game cant wait till get this new add on ok thanks new stuff awsome!

    • to #4, Left 4 Dead is NOT an xbox exclusive. Valve hated the idea of deving on the ps3 way back in the day so they pretty much just never put a version out on the ps3 since at the time, they had no interest. Then Portal 2 came along and they changed their minds and went out and got some devs who know how to make ps3 games and that brings us to now.

    • Hey Sony, what is the chance for us to get Dead Space 2 just like the european psplus guys?????????? In the past 2 months the european psplus received great updates. Please Sony, show us some respect and give us at least 1 GOOD full game on next week, i said GOOD like Dead Space 2, Motor Storm Apocalypse, Darksiders, Magic 2013, Batman, etc…

    • Yeah, L4D is NOT an XBOX exclusive… Valve could bring it over to the PS3 (I wish they would). I’m digging the Payday DLC, but wish I had some people to play with. The AI is tarded.


    • Does the pack also have trophies?


    • Overkill stated on twitter the Left for Dead had an exclusive contract with Microsoft. They said legal issues prevent them from bringing Mercy Hospital to Ps3 due to that. Look it up or ask Overkill what their attorneys are talking about for all those that keep saying it is not the case.

    • This is awesome news. I have the game ,but i haven’t played it much since i don’t have anyone on my friend list who actually gets on ,and plays ( i have a whole 2 people on my list …sad lol) So if anyone would like to play sometime add me.

      On to another point though…I would really like to see Playstation Move support added to this game. I was hoping the article was going to say that with the new dlc move support would be added. =( I love playing shooters with the move.

    • L4D does have a contract with MS, its a 3rd party exclusive by contract.
      chances are they will get out of it though next gen, payday might be ported to ps4 since it is a downloadable title.

    • Do we know if you can unlock trophies without actually buying the DLC?

    • Wooo, I’m so stoked, I’ll be buyin this Day 1. The only thing keeping me from the platinum trophy is about $350 million but then I heard this was coming out so I wanted to wait and get the new trophies as well on my way to platinum. This is such a great game.

    • I have to get back into this game haven’t really played this game.But now that dlc is incoming i’ll have to jump back in tooo many games. musty come up with a better way to budget my gaming!!!!!!!

    • This better not be very expensive. First we get told there will be new levels within a couple months of release. a casino level and then something else i cant remember. Then nothing for months no news. no updates. then o wait new masks. sweet and an update that takes all my scopes away. awesome, Then almost a year later they tease with this mercy hospital stuff and then o you cant play it. that’s bs. and yes i understand why. This better be free or cheaper for people who have had this game long enough to remember the “casino” level we were supposed to get.

    • DISABLE DROP-INS WHEN HOSTING! Apologies for the caps locks. If any EU players with new maps drop in to a NA hosted game it will freeze host players console. This happened to me twice today so far. Play with friends or bots until the dlc hits NA.

    • Cant wait! Truly a great online co-op title

    • Sony NEEDS to work with Valve the same way they worked together to get the BEST version of Portal 2 So we can finally to play L4D 2 on the PS3. Why this hasn’t happened is beyond me…L4D 1and L4D 2 are NOT exclusive. I would pay top $$ to have both L4D 1 and L4D 2 in 1 package/Bluray.

    • Oh…and on topic, i’ll enjoyed Payday so i’ll be downloading this Dlc.

    • I was playing this game to waste time while new games come out next month. It was going ok but then made it around rep60 and all of my upgrades deactivated on some glitch, no extra ammo, bleed out, damage, etc… :/
      Anybody else having this glitch? There is no on/off options on the upgrades menu, I checked. Uninstalled and re-installed, same issue….

    • Valve issued a statement about it people. they said because that no mercy is part of an xbox only game they would not release that level for ps3 players. it aint happening.

    • @ Bcrazyman- lmao

    • It was my understanding that the newest patch was going to give ps3 players one map and weapon before the DLC would be available but we got nothing so is this another one of those say one thing but do something else deals its not fair that the pc version gets a free map plus the maps that the ps3 has and those with a ps3 version have to pay for it WTF why do people have to lie to sell something ps3 users had to wait eight months just to get masks and the scopes were taken away and then we had to wait over three months for this patch and the pc version got tons of add-ons in that time so why is it that sony is so money hungry that they cant give players something for free and im not talking about PS+ members either all i can say about all f this is MAJOR FAIL on PSN and OVERKILLSOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow I didn’t actually think that this game would have any DLC but I suppose since people on YouTube like UberHaxorNova, Sshopc, and danznewz are playing it in a way they are this games sponsors!

      BTW Friend me if you play payday the heist I need some decent players for friends

    • @30 i totally agree with you man!!! Ive had Payday since its release last Oct. (which was also delayed) and i very much enjoy this game, but i do feel its very unfair to play faves between PC and PS3. Ive also been following Overkills twitter since earlier this year and saw a post from them in May saying that the wolfpack DLC will be released in mid to late June, and that never happened. Im just a bit disappointed by Overkill now and have other games on my plate at the moment to purchase this :/

    • Is There Going To Be No Mercy for the ps3 or it’s only the pc i wish it would come to the ps3 too :D

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