Lights, Camera, Party! Delivers PlayStation Move Fun On August 28th

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Lights, Camera, Party! Delivers PlayStation Move Fun On August 28th
Lights, Camera, Party! Delivers PlayStation Move Fun On August 28th

Last year, my team at Frima Studio set out to create the ultimate PlayStation Move party game and in just a few weeks the whole world can enjoy the fruit of our labor on PSN. Lights, Camera, Party! embodies everything we think a party game should be; fast-paced, funny, quick to set up, social and full of a variety of mini-games, challenges and Trophies for a fresh experience each time you play. With only one Move controller required to play, it keeps the whole family on their feet and frantically passing the controller between fits of laughter.

You and your friends will step into the shoes of the Funzinis, a family forced to compete in an array of wild game shows to win a new home after the TV station’s satellite crash lands in their living room. In the primary Story mode, up to four players guide the Funzini family through five rounds, each modeled after a type of TV show (Cooking, News, Sci-Fi, and so on) that contain up to 24 fast-paced mini games. Other modes support up to eight players and feature selections of Lights, Camera, Party!’s 50 mini-games in a variety of challenging formats.

Lights Camera Party! for PS3llLights Camera Party! for PS3Run

Lights Camera Party! for PS3 XylophoneLights Camera Party! for PS3 Monkeys

In Lights, Camera, Party! you and the controller are always moving, keeping everybody engaged and tensely waiting for their chance to blast alien ships, whack piñatas, escape rabid dogs, and save the family!

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  • Really not my kind of game but, I’m sure there are families out there that are looking for just such a title. I don’t imagine many of the gamers that follow the PS Blog are here to scope out mini-game collections, though… Let’s just cross our fingers that the posters are kind.

    On a positive note, I will say… I really do like the art style.

  • Hey, the game looks awesome. I’ve been looking for a good game to play with my family. Will this game have a demo so we will be able to try it prior to buying it? Also, regarding the mini-games, is it 50 total, or is it 25 plus the 50? I found that to be a little bit confusing. Oh, and will there be a PS Plus discount? Thanks :D

    • Genevieve St-Onge

      Hey there!

      Yes! The game will be available as a Trial & Unlock, so you can give it a try before deciding to get it!

    • Genevieve St-Onge


      The game has 50 mini-games in total. Other interesting numbers: there is a full story mode, three different party modes, 150 challenges and 200 achievements, for almost never-ending, hilarious family fun!

      Concerning the PS Plus discount, members get 50% off right at launch! That’s how much we love you.

  • Really looking forward to Zombie Tycoon 2 from you guys!

  • My daughter is moving into the “I’m too old for these type of games Dad” age group. She no longer wants to play EyePet, Start the Party!, TV Superstars, etc. How can I justify the purchase without letting her know that I enjoy the games myself, and more importantly, I just enjoy spending the time with her? :'(

    Day one purchase (if the price is right); makes for some dumb family fun when friends and family are over!

  • Where is my SF x TK DLC??!?!?

  • does it have online multiplayer?

    • Genevieve St-Onge

      It does not have online multiplayer! Our focus was on local multiplayer as we thought it’d be much more hilarious to poke fun at your friends live while they’re yelling into their controller (true story – the controller doesn’t really have a microphone…)

  • Hey question, this said 8 consecutive players at one time. Well, that sounds pretty cool, except that the bluetooth adaptor in the ps3 supports up to 7 devices, if I remember correctly. And even so, you can only select from controllers 1 to 7. So, unless they are intending to change this requirement with a system software update, which would be pretty nice, this confirms online multiplayer. The only other way for this to work would be for them to have a bluetooth usb dongle for the 8th controller. And that is a pretty easy solution.

    -Partial note to #6 remanutd5

    • Genevieve St-Onge

      As #8 charlesdy mentions, it is a type of pass and play multiplayer.

      We apologize for any confusion – 8-player multiplayer is indeed possible, but with only one controller required. You pass the controller very quickly and each mini-game is super short, so everyone needs to be on their feet and ready, but only one player is actively playing at a time!

  • @7

    “With only one Move controller required to play, it keeps the whole family on their feet and frantically passing the controller between fits of laughter.”

    No. It just means there can be 8 players passing around 1 controller.

  • @ 4:

    Try Little Big Planet with your daughter. Works for me and mine. Constantly new levels online and some can be very mature.

    This game looks fun for some family madness. Could you let us know a price?


  • As much as I love games like Mario Party, this game seems to lack anything recognizable to make it a hit. I do give them props for all the creativity put into the characters.

    Maybe they should make a party game later on with more known characters, like with a theme built around LBP and Sackboy, or even Japan’s mascot Toro. Not trying to bag on Sony’s game that hasn’t came out yet… I just think they need to make more games with quality franchise characters.

  • I remember hearing some rather good things about this from last year’s PAX. As a fan of WarioWare and “microgames”, I’m rather looking forward to this title! Those type of frantic games seems like a nice fun fit to the Move.

  • this game looks insanely fun, im a huge fan of start the party and playstation move heroes so im sold! any price announced?

    • Genevieve St-Onge

      As mentioned previously, it’ll be a $29.99 title with a 50% discount for PS Plus subscribers right off the bat! So $14.99 on day one.

  • We’re also huge fan of Start the Party — great graphics, art style, and a funny context-aware announcer that is amusing without being grating or repetitive. On top of that, the Move integration was top-notch and issue-free for us.

    This game looks fun, but I have a couple of questions:
    1. is it really only 720p? why not 1080p?
    2. who did the music and/or voices?
    3. are the audio assets 24-bit and/or lossless?
    4. any DLC plans?
    5. is there a Platinum trophy?

    These answers will determine if I buy it on day one or wait til the inevitable Plus sale.


    • Genevieve St-Onge

      Hey, thanks a lot for your questions.

      1. is it really only 720p? why not 1080p?
      The game is indeed in 720p, mainly for performance concerns.

      2. who did the music and/or voices?
      The original music was done by composer Gilles Léveillé (, additional music done by Sen Fortier (, voices by Somatone Inc. ( and the amazing voice acting for Gus Pacho, our announcer, is done by Chuck Kourouklis (!

      3. are the audio assets 24-bit and/or lossless?
      Audio sources are 16-bit, compressed but optimized for the platform.

      4. any DLC plans?
      Yes, big secrets!

      5. is there a Platinum trophy?
      There is.

      The inevitable Plus sale is right at day one, you won’t have to wait. 50% off for all PS Plus subscribers!

    • Genevieve St-Onge

      Whoops! Edit: Only a Gold trophy!

  • This game is right up my alley. I will definitely be buying this on the 28th. My family and I love to play these games together and also when we host game night with friends.

    Will it be available in retail only or will it also be available for download through the PSN?

    • Genevieve St-Onge

      Lights, Camera, Party! is a PlayStation Network exclusive, no retail plans for now. It’s also Trial & Unlock, so you can give it a try before making up your mind!

  • #8 (in reference to my earlier post) – I’m just going by what it says in the trailer. It says Up to 8 Simultaneous Players at 1:15. Check it out.

  • I remember hearing that this game was a lot of fun. Will check out the demo for sure, have been looking for a reason to use the Move controller.

  • 50%, PSN, Move and looks good? Day one, my kids will love it.

  • Wow playstation move… thought sony forgot about it.

  • Would be more interested if it were not digital only. Even with PS+ discount. Oh well, gotta save money anyway. Spending too much.

  • Really disappointed that a retail-priced game doesn’t have a Platinum Trophy :( :(

    Can you go into detail about how the audio assets are “optimized for the platform”? Are they 320kbit/sec Ogg like most games are doing now? That would be acceptable, though lossless (FLAC, etc) would be preferred.

    Thanks so much for answering my questions in detail!

  • If you loved us so much the game should of had a platinum trophy. Seeing that it does not this game goes from a day one purchase to a non purchase. Any game that is priced at 30 dollars should have a plat in my opinion.

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