Crunchyroll App Out Now on PS3, Brings Anime and Asian Drama To Your TV

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Crunchyroll App Out Now on PS3, Brings Anime and Asian Drama To Your TV

Crunchyroll on PS3

Hi, anime and Asian drama fans out there. Today, we launched the Crunchyroll app on PlayStation 3! The app allows Crunchyroll premium members to watch our entire catalog of anime and Asian drama, while free members can stream a sizeable collection of our content. You can learn more about our membership plans and pricing here, and you’ll be able to sign up for a free 30-day trial on your PS3.

Crunchyroll has hundreds of Japanese anime titles across a myriad of genres. The app includes access to our simulcast titles, usually available a few hours after the first broadcast in Japan. My personal favorite is Gosick, a series full of mystery, history, and romance. It’s true — anime is not just for guys.

Crunchyroll on PS3Crunchyroll on PS3

We hope you enjoy watching anime and Asian drama on Crunchyroll!

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  • That is awesome. I heard it would also be coming to Vita PSN soon, too. Can’t wait… finally can get back into anime after all these years.

  • one piece <3

  • just rewatched 1st p of Xam’d the way it was meant to be watched :D shall continue later on tonight…..this calls for some curry :D

  • Subtitles?

  • only for the US?

  • The App is great. But it crash 2 times and I’m having lag all the time. I hope they fix it soon.

  • Sweet! I’m gonna have to download this app right away.
    I’ve been using it on my ipod for the last month or so and it will be nice to have a larger screen to stare at.

  • Awesome!! It’s so great to be able to have our accounts on different devices! Hope my vita can get this app too soon !

  • I like the app on my iPhone, because it allows me to watch all of the older shows on Crunchyroll that I either missed or would like to watch again, i.e. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Angel Beats, Another, season 1 of Ginatama, etc. But this app only caters to the premium members.
    Really I see watching new episodes online on my PS3’s web browser or on my computer more cost effective and easier then having to pay for a subscription to Crunchyroll.
    If they updated the app to cater to the free users and put the shows at an SD quality for them, I’d think more highly of it. The samples are nice and all, but I just watched some of these shows last night via my PS3’s web browser FREE OF CHARGE.
    That’s my two cents on how to make the app better, and who it appeals to.

    TL;DR if you don’t have the premium version of Crunchyroll or you don’t intend on paying to watch anime, don’t bother getting this app. Just watch anime on your PS3’s web browser.

  • Triangle and Square options…. jum, i guess those are only available to paid members cuz my app didnt have those anywhere lol i guess you have to pay to put the subtitles in english :) (mine are set to spanish automatically)

  • Great App though not being able to access the free videos isn’t going to fly well. Also is it possible you will set it up so the membership can be bought off of the PS store like how you do with Playstation Plus so people without credit cards can buy the membership?.

  • I took a peak at the app on iOS.. was annoyed that I couldn’t find Naruto in English. Does the app note if the anime is dubbed or subbed? I seriously hate subbed >.<

  • The selection is quite poor at the moment. Might jump in if they get more series, but in the meantime, where are the movies???

  • @11 I second this idea.

  • Not being able to watch the anime in HD even with premium membership is very disappointing. I hope to see a fix for that :)

  • i go to the site and it says 14 day trial not 30 day trial ….. whats up?!

  • I tried the 30 day trial and I can’t even watch a single episode! What’s up with that? And the App just crushes every time I want to watch an episode… I hope they fix this soon.

  • Those Crunchyroll have english dub or those it just have english sub?

  • 30 day trial??? It says 14 day trial… Amazon said the same thing when their app came out to ps3… On the 8th day they charged me full price… Nope sorry wont trust my credit card with anymore ps3 apps after amazon screwed me… I’ll just stick with the only faithful app Netflix.. Netflix is finally getting them self’s a wide range of Anime in their collection xD

  • I’m having issues.
    I’m Canadian and when I try to sign up for the 30day trial it tells me postal or zip so i click it and it only allows zip, so I cannot put postal and it is identifying me as american and not canadian so it wont approve my visa

  • I don’t know what the deal is with people only getting 14 days. I just checked and I got 30 days perfectly fine.

    Anyway, this app is going to need some SERIOUS patching. Not complaining because it’s new to PS3, but sometimes videos just don’t work. Also I’ve already had the app freeze my PS3 a couple of times, forcing me to hard reset the system. Y’all really should have tested a bit more thoroughly. It’s quite a disaster.

  • Sweet! My PS3 is one step closer to replacing my Roku 2.

  • From what i’ve sampled it’s a pretty good app, however 480p doesn’t look very god at all on my 55″ TV. Also 480 is not HD quality so i was wondering why they would put that in the description of it and in the app itself. When this app get the 1080p streaming like the site, then i will more than likely get me a paid membership, 7 bucks a month is a great deal anyway.

    Great job on making the app though, it’s much appreciated.

    Btw, as it is an app, it’ would be pretty cool if there was a screen capture option implemented at some point. just saying.

  • Does Crunchy Roll have Cat planet cuties or Fairytail?
    Maybe I’ll check it out for myself when its done downloading =P

  • I downloaded it and looked at it and relized that it isn’t something I would enjoy. However, I love how Sony is trying new ideas, keep it up.

  • This needs an update. Keeps crashing on me and it lags where the words are faster than the picture. Still 200+ episodes of Naruto sooo awesome.

  • Messing around a bit more with the app; It seriously crashes the PS3 after every single episode watched. This can’t be healthy for the console at all.

  • 19

    Netflix really has a poor selection of Anime, not to mention the have a lawsuit for selling your user profile to other companies along with records of anything you have done with the service tied in via your name and account. even though it said they wouldn’t track you.

  • 24
    i know it has some fairy tale

  • 23

    paid members get HD, why give people sampling more bandwidth to burn?

  • @28: Yeah in my opinion Netflix Anime selection is horrible and updates for Netflix have been seriously lackluster this last year. If the Crunchyroll app can get properly up and running without crashing after every video then I’ll probably drop Netflix entirely.

    I also have Hulu Plus and I’m considering letting that go too, but at least that gets constant updates to it’s library. I just had that it has ads even when you are paying for it.

  • Oh also @30: On the PS3 you actually do not get HD even as a Premium member. It only supports up to 480p so he was right. Though I believe I heard somewhere that they will be adding 720p and 1080p later on. I’m guessing they just wanted to get the app up and running first.

  • Cyber_Goth_Night

    this app needs to be fix videos stop after while and there so much lag and videos are way off also sometimes you get kick off the app

  • Another update.

    It is now crashing my PS3 every single time i boot up the app before i can even select a video.

  • I’ve been messing with the app a bit. Everything seems to be fine. Got my free trial working. Tried an episode of Bleach. No crashes or anything so far. Not crazy about the low quality… (Who’s idea was it to only have 480p available on ps3? wtf.)

    But other then that, I am happy with the selection. I’ll see what I think by the end of the trial.

  • very bad for me , ’cause i dont have credit card US .Very very bad publisher

  • @28 I dont know where your getting your info about Netflix in a “lawsuit for selling user profiles to other companies along with records of anything you have done with the service tied in via your name and account. even though it said they wouldn’t track you.”

    That to me sounds like your making crap up… Although I do know there is an action lawsuit against Netflix and Wal-mart…. I stay on top of the things I pay for so… YEAH… Sure most of the anime sucks on netflix but its been getting “SOME” pretty good stuff and a promise of more to come..

  • sigh ok first off sony did this to compete against microsoft getting manga ent- secondly – to those only getting 480p are u getting 480p widescreen- cuz it depends on the anime and some of it looks 720p to me. On CRs site they are already preparing a patch to fix the freeze/crash issue this is basically a beta. Also, u can add anything to watch even if its not listed on the app but listed on the site- just like netflix. Also some are in dubbed and subbed. Look at the whole series and press R2 to scroll through. As far as subs- i think it depends on region and no u dont need premium to watch all anime or do sub selection as far as i can tell and always connect direct not wi-fi.

  • also oc – netflix has been losing licenses left and right – funimation has even thought about pulling their support they already lost sonys.

  • ok resoloution between hi and lo def seems to depend on the anime itself- bleach though has hd later on though crap 15th season sheesh.

  • I am lol-ing that you used Saki Episode of Side A as the pics. Who’s the Mah Jong fan Michelle???

    Anyways, Can’t wait to sign up!

  • @Skiedragon81: I figured they’d be fixing the bugs. That’s a given, but it’s good to point out those issues as users so that they are aware of it in case they missed it.

  • Does it has dub

  • @gasp some have dubs like eureka seven has dubs and subs.

  • Something I cant believe hasnt been tried yet is a dedicated app for crackle. the competition has it why not PS3 (cant speak for vita since I don’t have one). Crackle in the abysmal PS3 browser really doesn’t do it. And the lack of any available outside the good old USA is poorly thought out. I say take this back to the drawing board and work out the kinks guys, really this is getting embarrassing.

  • AWESOME yes crunchy roll on ps3

  • oddly enough xbox has crackle but u need gold to use it

  • oh and captian u can yell at ps3 for this apps localization its CRs thing

  • *cant

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