All Aboard! Escape Plan: Underground DLC Arrives on PSN

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All Aboard! Escape Plan: Underground DLC Arrives on PSN

Escape Plan is tunneling through with new content for everyone this week. The Underground DLC pulls up at a discounted price of $1.99, Patch 1.03 goes live, and we’ve unpacked a ton of new costumes.

After being denied their freedom from The Asylum, we join Lil and Laarg as they ride the elevator into the depths of Bakuki’s Underground. The darkness is filled with a convoluted network of trains, trollies, minions, and dare we say, an escape?

Escape Plan The Underground DLC

Building off the success of The Asylum, we’ve added four new costumes to the dressing room. Dress the lovable characters in the new Buzz and Flower Power Summer Pack costumes, with Furry and Tourist costumes unlocked by playing through the 21 Underground levels.

Did we mention the new challenges and four Trophies! Yay, Trophies!

We’ve also dug into consumer feedback and have added the new squeeze control to the Circle Button. The new control will squeeze Lil while inflated or juiced-up on java. We’ve also taken in more of your tips and suggestions, and have applied as many as we can to improve your experience. As a thank you for your feedback, we’re releasing the new DLC for just $1.99 for the first two weeks it’s available.

After this Fan Appreciation sale, Escape Plan Underground will be available on PSN for $4.99. This pricing will go into effect August 14th, 2012.

Escape Plan The Underground DLCEscape Plan The Underground DLC

Everyone will get the Buzz and Flower Power costumes with Patch 1.03, as well as the new squeeze control. However, only Underground buyers will get access to the new levels, Trophies and remaining costumes.

For those who missed our previous announcement, the Demo has returned! Those who haven’t experienced the touching adventure of Lil and Laarg can play through 16 of the original game’s zany levels. Be sure to try it out and, as always, provide feedback in the comments below. We love hearing it.

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  • Patch 1.03 is live right now and its 1186 MB big?! So we have to download the whole game again with the addition of the new levels?

    • We are hoping to deliver some much lighter patches in the future. Currently, this is how Vita patches existing content.

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    16 levels to play in the demo??? Im downloading it as im typing lol idk why though, im most likely going to purchase it :D i need more games for my Vita!

  • Great!! You and all at Fun bits are really doing a great job with the DLC. Especially for early adopters. I hope all Dev’s take note!! This is how it should be done.

  • May the God bless You with a bunch of sweet kids for the circle squeeze button :D

  • I’m really happy with the continued support of this game. Escape Plan was my first Vita game, and it’s still my favorite so far — partially because of the continued support and early-adopter discounts! I agree with #3. All developers should emulate Fun Bits! Glad I brought my Vita to work today so I can download this ASAP!

  • This is one of the very few Vita games that constantly pushes out fresh new content at amazing prices. Fun Bits, you guys went above and beyond any other title. Thanks.

  • Love the part about the “TOUCHing adventure of Lil and Laarg”! I bought the first DLC before playing the demo, & will surely pick this up as well. One ? though, does the patch tack on an extra gig + to the current install size, or replace the original installation of the game?

  • Finally, some content for my dusty vita :)

  • #7 game after update has 2059MB… C’mon…

  • OK it is only 200+MB bigger. But still pretty big for my 8GB card…

  • Nice, I’ll be grabbing this.

    One thing I’ve always thought, though, is how the d-pad is wasted in this game. There should be an option to use the d-pad left/right to make Lil/Laarg walk and d-pad down to stop. I think that’d alleviate a lot of the frustration that comes with swiping/tapping them and accidentally hitting other stuff/minions/sheep in the background.

    • First off, LOVE the avatar. We agree and we’re going to investigate more with the control scheme for Lil and Laarg. It seems that there are lots of gamers who love to use the touchscreen and others who just want button input…so we are going to look toward options that can make everyone happy.

  • + Oisterboy on July 31st, 2012 at 7:36 am said:

    Finally, some content for my dusty vita :)

    Unless you already have it, Velocity (psp/vita) game is really awesome. Probably one of the best Scroll/Shooters I’ve played, really innovate and unique. Also Puddle (Vita) is a pretty interesting game.

  • I love that this game gets as much support as it does, and it’s a great little game. However their really needs to be a better way to handle it. This game’s file size is getting retardedly huge as it keeps getting patched. With the ridiculous price of Vita cards nobody is going to want 1 game slowly eating away at precious space.

  • Will the Circle squeeze control be retroactively added to the original levels, or is it only for the new DLC?

    And I like ‘shrimpdude’s idea about the d-pad! (Though how would you switch between the 2 of em? Toggle with d-pad Up?)

  • Where is my SF x TK DLC?

  • I have yet to beat the original game levels let alone anything else, so this dlc is a no go for me.. not for the lack of trying, I just work all the time, can only play 3-4 hours a day.

  • Escape plan is def the best dlc game for the vita, and this dlc that continues to come with trophies just keeps making it better and better!

  • Any chance of a sale on Escape Plan to get more people into the game?

  • It’s great to see new content coming to one of the best games for the Vita!

    Regarding the O button and proposed cross controls, I will say that the touch controls are what give Escape Plan its charm. However, I guess adding to the game wouldn’t take anything away, and additional options are always good.

    Can you do a LiveArea update to the game to allow us to see how many stars, signs, and trophies we’ve collected in the game? It could show a fraction for each.

  • Thanks for adding to my Vita backlog, Chris. I’ll buy this tonight. It really is awesome how you continue to support your game.

  • Please help me! I want to buy this game and have been on the fence since it releaed. However, I want to try the DEMO. After numerous attempts to download/delete and re-download/repeat; I have given up :-( . I am the only person who continues to recieve error messages when attempting to play the demo??? Again I have tried everything to play this demo and keep gettin an error message after the live screen.

    Please help me to understand what is neccessary to play the demo. I’ve donwloaded on ps3 then transfered. I have downloaded straight on my Vita, I have deleted and repeated numerous times and still cannot get past the error messages.Ahhhhh. Has this happened to others??

    • What system software version are you running? Delete the demo, go to settings and install 1.69 in System Update, then re-download the demo over wifi direct to your Vita from the store, and everything should work. If not, tweet us @FunBits and we’ll see what more we can do to resolve it.

  • 1.03 more than doubled the size of my Escape Plan installation. It’s over 2GB now. Was that supposed to happen?

  • When will it be realeased in uk

  • I love this game, but I still can’t even update the game because of the enormous size of the last update.

    My 4GB isn’t enough for this game along with what other stuff I have on there. And with the memory card prices so expensive, I won’t be upgrading any time soon.

    I’ll still pick up this DLC though to support this game. It’s great, just wish I had space for all of it’s awesomeness. :/

  • Two questions:
    1) can we look forward to more levels?
    2) U have probably heard this before.. but in some levels the touch simply doesnt work. Just 2 give examples. When lil fly you have to move your vita to avoid the danger, however, in some levels lil wont go to the left or right at all and simply keeps on dying (it’s not on all lvls but some). The other thing i noticed is that when laarge gets into a bubble.. in some of the levels no matter how much u pull him upwards or downwards with your finger he wont react while in other lvls he simply reacts easily.. i know from reading other forums that this is an issue a lot of players are suffering. I had several ppls trying out those lvls on my vita with the same issue.. one time it took us over 30 min to just finish one room without even aiming at a 3-star. I know some ppl have reported this. Will it be fixed soon? That is simply the only thing that bothers me.. it’s definetly the best game on the vita so far but repeating a lvl over and over again bc the touch aint working is very annoying

  • Much thanks to Chris Millar! Finally getting to play the demo for the first time today. I didnt know there was an optional install. I am more used to the updates being automatic. Thanks again man.

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