Sony make.believe Puts One UNCHARTED Fan in Nathan Drake’s Boots

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Sony make.believe Puts One UNCHARTED Fan in Nathan Drake’s Boots

Back in March, you may have heard about our UNCHARTED 3 make.believe contest, when we invited UNCHARTED fans to participate in a contest to win the opportunity of a lifetime — the chance to become their very own character in the game. Today, I’m going to share with you the winner and his incredible journey.

Sony make.believe is about fans using their creativity and imagination to do something amazing, and bringing their dreams to life. Earlier this year, Sony gave fans the opportunity to be a part of one of the most popular game series ever, by becoming a character in UNCHARTED 3‘s multiplayer mode. They were sent to “Training Camp” to compete in a series of three online challenges, held in the US and Europe. The winners of these challenges were flown to Los Angeles in true VIP style to compete in a live multiplayer tournament event.

Uncharted 3 make.believe

UNCHARTED 3 meets Training Camp – The Online Challenges

Sony provided a truly make.believe experience to the competitors as they converged on the Sony Pictures lot, where they engaged in a day of once-in-a-lifetime activities. Not only did they get behind-the-scenes access to Sony, they also received training by the UNCHARTED experts themselves — Nolan North and Emily Rose — the actors behind Drake and Elena! The experience culminated in a final audition, judged by the Naughty Dog team and the UNCHARTED actors. The contestant who demonstrated his or her best adventure hero qualities would be forever immortalized as a character in UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer.

Uncharted 3 make.believeUncharted 3 make.believe

The Final Event

After much deliberation, a champion emerged and claimed the ultimate prize: a day at Naughty Dog Studios to become a multiplayer character in UNCHARTED 3. The winner? Jeremy “Spyder” Gallant.

Jeremy spent the day with the creative team at Naughty Dog, where he provided input into the all the aspects of his character: the look, moves, weaponry, costume, voice… and, of course, his signature backflip taunt. Jeremy suited up in motion-capture gear and received one-on-one training with Nolan North (aka Nathan Drake), as well as character direction from Amy Hennig, creative director of UNCHARTED 3.

Jeremy sums up his experience:

“Designing a video game character is unbelievable to me, yet simultaneously it has proven to be completely tangible. I wish to share the feeling with everyone who has ever felt incapable of accomplishment or below the standards of the society around them. Put everything you’ve got into what you truly love and believe in, and you will be rewarded in spades. I am thrilled, grateful and overjoyed with the opportunity I received, and ultimately winning the prize of a lifetime. I’m in a video game! Thank you Sony and Naughty Dog! Stay gold!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Take a look at Jeremy’s story, and be on the lookout for the release of his multiplayer character in UNCHARTED 3’s next patch, 1.13, releasing in early August!

Uncharted 3 make.believeUncharted 3 make.believe

The Winner’s Day at Naughty Dog Studios

Uncharted 3 make.believe

Spyder in-game

Experience imagination made real at Check out the Sony make.believe tab to relive the UNCHARTED experience and take a closer look at the creativity and imagination it took to make one person’s dream a reality.

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  • Incredible. Truly incredible. Sony and their studios have never stops to amaze me with the things that they do. Keep up the great work!

  • I can see this Jeremy guy getting into a game with a lot more screen time.

  • (august ____ 2012 is when the patch comes out with….) that’s all i want to hear sometime soon.

  • but yeah this immobilize Sony Uncharted 3 mutiplayer character took longer then i thought it would and i followed all the videos on Jeremy YouTube Channel and so far its a Total Unique character from any one else in uncharted history.

  • I fell asleep on this one!! Congrats to the winner I will be shooting at him first. :) Kidding of course.

  • This is going to be epic & can’t wait to see the new game modes & much needed patch to fix the hiccups.And more content this is for sure a great addition to a stellar game.

  • Woman: “I know Parkour is the big thing right now, but it feels a little too out there in the world of Uncharted.”

    Nolan North: “Screw you this guy’s awesome!”

    lol. I don’t think its that out there cus even though Drake is not the most acrobatic, he & sometimes the other characters make ridiculously big jumps that only a Parkour pro could possibly make. That and his ridiculous upper body strength when climbing and pulling himself around ledges. Dude never gets tired!

  • This is truly amazing. Sony has done it all. This guy Jeremy truly deserves it with his amazing stunts. I can’t wait for the dlc release date. He kinda looks like Neymar da Silva from the Brazilian soccer team.

  • very cool

  • Well done sony <3

  • That backflip taunt is so good.

  • This is amazing

  • Cant wait until the next patch. Its about time to get back into Uncharted 3 I want those new legacys and the new character looks cool.

  • Wow I remember that contest, I feel like that guy had the upper hand with all of his acrobatic skills.

  • so awesome dude, congratulations on getting your character made into the game and winning too. :)

  • Great contest and great opportunity.

  • Absolutely Amazing, What I also would like is to have the “FULL GAME” (Uncharted 3) available for “DOWNLOAD” on the PSN Store for Download into my HDD instead of the BD version like the 1st 2 “Uncharted Games”

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