The PlayStation Recap — California Extreme Edition

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The PlayStation Recap — California Extreme Edition

It’s a big weekend for San Francisco Bay Area gamers – California Extreme has kicked off in the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency. Jeff and I are planning to swing by Sunday to get some hands-on time with the show’s extensive lineup of classic arcade and pinball games. If you see us at the show, be sure to say hi!

It’s summertime, which means a slower game release schedule and fewer big announcements. On the bright side, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on your gaming backlog. I’ve been checking out Dyad and finishing up Spec Ops: The Line. What are you playing this weekend?

The PlayStation Recap

Most-Watched Video of the Week: Retro/Grade: PS3 Trailer

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • Hideo Kojima Reflects on 25 Years of Metal Gear — Our Latin America correspondent Lorenzo Grajales served up a crackerjack retrospective with Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima. A great read!
  • Malicious Manifests on PSN Today — This PSN exclusive pits you against an army of enormous boss creatures. Loved Shadow of the Colossus? Give this a shot.
  • Sack it to Me: Announcing the Disney Princesses! — Score a free wallpaper and check out some impressive new creations from the LittleBigPlanet Karting beta.
  • New PSP SRPG Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Out Next Week — The fourth chapter in a long-running tactical RPG series is coming to PSP, and Atlus confirms PS Vita support is in the works.
  • PS Home Weekly Update: Street Fighter Total Game Integration Comes Back Home — Street Fighter Total Game Integration event returns as a dedicated game (by popular demand), Casino freebies, new companions and more.
  • Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Update Enhances and Adds Multiplayer Modes — Invite friends to play in private tournaments, new Stroke and Match modes and more in this free update.
  • Anomaly: Warzone Earth Takes Aim On PlayStation 3 — An aggressive new twist on the tower defense genre comes to PS3 with an exclusive new co-op mode.
  • Foosball 2012 Drops on PSN Today! — Woo-hoo! This PS3 and PS Vita arcade game is highly faithful to the real-world classic, and you’ll only have to buy it once to get it on both systems.
  • PSN PLAY: Pre-order The Expendables 2 Starting Today — Get a head start on PSN PLAY’s first game. Remember: if you buy two PSN PLAY games, you’ll get $3 back; buy three and you’ll get $6 back; buy four to get a whopping $10 back!
  • Get Hooked On The Dyad Demo — It’s On PSN Today — A free way to experience this mind-bending, eye-blasting PSN exclusive.
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    2 Author Replies

    • Hey Sid is their any cool sales for vita coming up next month on vita hardware?

    • I’m playing: Lots of GT5 and Skyrim lately. I have over 70 digital full games on ps3 bought from my main psn account so no telling what I may play next lol.
      I’m watching: A lot of Surface on Netflix I mean I just started watching that off netflix and now hooked to the show lol.
      I’m reading: Lots of this blog and gaming online forums.
      I’m listening to: No music at the moment too busy with blogs, youtube and gaming to listen to music by itself right now.

    • I’m playing: Max Payne 3 UC3 Mw3 GTA IV Burnout Paradise,Mostly MP3
      I’m watching: South Park on Netflix .
      I’m reading: Lots of this blog and gaming online forums.
      I’m listening to: no music atm.

    • I’m playing: Kingdom Hearts 3D demo.
      I’m Watching: More Kingdom Hearts 3D trailers
      I’m Reading: Kingdom Hearts Manga…info about Kingdom Hearts 3D
      I’m Listening to: My mind steadily rejecting sanity as Kingdom Hearts 3D draws near…..and team names for Street Fighter X Tekken.

    • 2 movies I recommend on netflix if you haven’t already watched them that is…. is Happy Texas with Steve Zahn who is funny as heck and Crazy on the Outside starring Tim Allen. I just watched them yesterday and never saw them before hand and both funny and great stuff. Highly recommend those comedy movies.

    • I’m playing: Lego Batman 2 on ps3,Burnout Paradise,Rayman Origins, and Ghostbusters:The Video Game
      I’m watching: Breaking Bad season 5, Captain America: the first avenger(finally!), and Thor(also finally!)
      I’m reading: these wonderful blogs on
      I’m listening to: some soothing tunes by Avenged Sevenfold (still loving the Nightmare album!) and epic rap battles of history seasons 1 and 2 on youtube

    • wanting to play Zen Pinball 2 on my Vita tho….any word yet?

    • I’m playing: Dokuro, great PS Vita game. Definitely worth importing if you like platforming puzzle games and the Asia version has a bunch of language options available.

      EyePet & Friends, load screens are awful. The hole in the ground from the original was better. Overall the first is better, despite the general improvements made.

      I’m watching: Gravity Falls, best cartoon created in recent years. Reminds me of Disney before they began to co-parent for overprotective parents.

      I’m listening to: Brooke Valentine ~ “Don’t Want To Be In Love”, dat R&B.

    • Hey Sid or Jeff any word on when I can hear a release day sometime this summer is what they told us but I like to get a date that way can make sure to have money stored up in my PSN account for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

      Been the only game I been looking forward toward this summer to play other then Continue playing BF3.

      ►I’ll be playing Battlefield 3 in the mean time can’t seem to put the game down to much fun. Tell then I’ll be looking forward to PlayStation All-Stars comes out then The Last of Us and Beyond.

      Had to cut back on my mass buying spree since my backlog has been backed up tell I get caught up. That and my new Car payments dont help. Yup Proud owner of a 2012 Chevy Sonic (Blue) :D

      Thanks for reading. If you haven’t noticed I haven’t been on the blog in a long time but I do read all the stories throw Twitter :) Looking forward to a Android and iOS app soon :) tell then Enjoy your Summer you two.


    • @ Elvick

      I actually platinum the original Eye Pet. I bought it for my kids but ended up playing it to and its a fun little game and all but man that platinum was a pain cause of that camera. It was a pain to get it to work right for most of the trophies I needed to platinum the game on my main psn account but in the end I accomplished the task. Even though its eye pet of all things but not really a easy platinum when its fighting with that dang camera picking things up right half the time lol.

    • Man I got to get in gear and get 10 platinums done already lol. All I have is 7 platinums so far on my main psn account. Games are Burnout paradise, Nascar the game 2011, Dirt 2, Superstars V8 racing, Starhawk, Boarderlands and Eye pet. That’s the 7 games I have platinum so far on my main psn account and so close on Skyrim and dead space so far as well as so many more I just need to get in gear and get them done. GT5 one will be hard but I’m close on that one to. What’s the platinum’s for you guys out their in psn land?

    • @RENEGADE-Xx-xX Im on my 17 platinum,the last platinum i got was dark souls,very proud of that platinum took me 115 hours,totally worth it lol.yah GT5 platinum is very hard im at 75% i think i still didn´t get the trophy where you spend all your money i should get that one soon.

    • @sk8allday25

      Bro that drak souls platinum I hear is one of the hardest to ever get so I bow to your skills man. You are one good game with that platinum. I should be taking lessons from you on how to achieve more plats man. Congrats on that hard plat man. That is something to always brag about right there. Great Job to you and anyone else that achieved that hard trophy. They should give credit for that platinum on Job resume’s man and no I’m not joking around I’m serious lol.

    • Meant to say you are one good gamer not game. My bad for the typo!

    • OMG now I noticed I said Drak Souls lol. Ok I think I I need more sleep man lol.

    • Im Playing: Max Payne 3, MW3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Skyrim, SSF4 etc etc…

      Im Watching: Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, True Blood

      Im Reading: at the Mountains of Madness and Court of Owls (batman comics) and Uncanny X-Force comics

      Im Listening: The Mars Volta, lots of Electro (afrojack, steve aoki, kaskade etc..) Sound Garden and Five Finger death punch :D

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