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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

I won’t pretend I was super excited for the Summer Games to start. But what happened this weekend? My butt, parked in front of the TV, watching Archery, Volleyball, and Fencing. No idea what I was looking at (especially with Fencing), but I really like the Daft Punk helmets they wear. I also put in something like 10 hours into Persona 3 Portable on my PS Vita during that time. The more I play P3P, the more excited I’m getting for Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Golden. If you like RPGs at all and haven’t experienced the Persona series, I’m finding Persona 3 to be a great place to start.

Speaking of Persona 4 Arena, find a link about it below, an update on Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC, and a recently announced new PS Vita game. Now, off to watch some… Badminton? Sure.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 23rd, 2012)

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  • No PlayStation Recap this week? I’m excited over the Olympics.

    On topic, so happy that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not slagged.

  • 1) Final Fantasy Versus XIII is Still Alive : YES!!! *does happy Dance*
    2) Crunchy Roll on PS3 and Vita : Waiting patiently with great anticipation.
    3) News of FF Type-0 release in the US either on PSP or an HD release for Vita : Still no news *sigh*
    4) Killzone Vita news : Project seems nonexistent.

    A happy week, but not an awesome week.

  • jeff,how come we still don´t have Metal gear solid HD collection on the US and EU store for ps3,if theres one HD collection that is supposed to be one the store its MGS HD,i really don´t undertand sony.smh

  • DawnGUAAAAARRRRRDDDD! …………curses.

  • Crunchyroll! Yes please!

    Dawnguard… hurry up

  • I hope Warriors Lair isn’t cancelled. I been waiting since the Vita was launched. And I haven’t found a reliable sources for it’s release date.

  • @jeff Rubestein. ah ok thanks for the reply.

  • Hey Jeff, do you know if we’ll find out August’s Plus new games tomorrow? Also, Is Skyrim worth picking up, or is the performance still bad?

    • Yes, tomorrow on the Plus games. Spoiler: it’s good.
      I’m told that the Skyrim patch significantly fixed the PS3 performance.

  • Don’t forget the Anime apps that are coming next week :D

  • I’m really looking forward to Crunchyroll. Even as a free user they got lots of good stuff up and you can keep up with new Naruto too!

    I just hope the free service that is found on PC is the same as on PS3. If it does then that plus Netflix really makes the PS3 an Otaku’s best friend.

  • Does anyone think the two version of PS All-Stars will have separate trophy lists? Like we can earn trophies in both,

    And if that would be true they should make a bundle with both in it for like $80 or $90. Same for Sly Cooper 4. I’d buy it.

  • There’s going to be a big announcement regarding E3 2013. Could they not have made it at E3 2012. Then at least there would have been one!

  • What about the new leaks that have surfaced? Any comments on those?

  • @Jeff

    Why can’t we ever please get a reply with a answer why you guys haven’t released a firmware update to the psn store that makes it were we can sort our download list of bought content so its not like looking for a needle in a hay stack in over a thousand things bought over years and years. My download list dates back to May of 2007 and man I have near 1,200 items in my download list on my main psn account ranging from games, add ons, themes, dynaic themes, avatars, and demo’s and man its a hassle to try and find a item through over 1,200 of them. Please make it where we can sort the list into Games bought, ps plus free games, free add ons minus bought ones, avatar area, themes only area you know just a way to sort things in ABC order on the psn download list. Its a mess guys and really makes going to our download list a stressful task. Please for the love of god fix it in a update please. I beg you.

    • Well, you do know that you can just go to any previously purchased game on the Store and redownload from there, right? You don’t have to download off the download list. As someone with literally thousands of purchases, that’s how I handle re-downloads.

  • I always thought that would charge me again to do that lol. So that does work now I feel stupid all these years lol. But still Jeff is their a update in the works to around doing that every time?

  • Anyways thanks a lot for replying Jeff. I know I can be annoying on here with rants a lot but replying puts me in good spirits today towards sony lol.

  • When is the Vita going to get some decent multiplayer games?

  • so stoked for Dawnguard! they need to announce it already! and honestly sleeping dogs looks really good, just hoping it doesnt suck in the end. is there any announcement on price deals with the ps3/psvita Sly and Playstation all stars?

  • @Jeff, “Ask Konami. It’s not a Sony game.” Then does that mean Rogue Galaxy will be? It was published by Sony and it’s also available as a panel on the Vita. I really hope it will go to the Vita! I love that game and my PS2 won’t play it (it only plays default silver discs, Rogue Galaxy is a ‘shampaigne’ colored disc). So, do you know?

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