PSN Community Spotlight – A Gamer’s Take On Dyad

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PSN Community Spotlight – A Gamer’s Take On Dyad

It’s the PSN Community Spotlight! We open up the PlayStation Blog for PSN gamers to tell their unique PlayStation story/experience/thoughts as submitted to this special section in the new and improved PlayStation Community Forums. Those that find their way to the PlayStation Blog will find a $50 PlayStation Store voucher in their inbox.

PSN Community Spotlight: phzzt

With last week’s release of PSN Game Dyad, we wanted to hear your thoughts on this unique experience. While it might be tough to look at screens and video of Dyad and ‘get’ what’s going on, PSN gamer phzzt breaks down what exactly it is about the game that hooks you.

A Gamer’s Take on Dyad

I played Dyad for about an hour the first time around. As soon as I quit the game my body snapped out of it and tears ran down my face, making up for all the blinking I was supposed to be doing while I played. What I’m trying to say here? This game is one of the most addicting games I’ve played in a long time.

Dyad is paradoxical. When you first get to the main menu you are faced with a minimalist presentation of the level packages. Each of these level packages is given a name like ‘2.76 TeV’ or ‘3.5 TeV’. If you’re an engineer, the first thing that comes to mind is eV, or electron volts, a measure of energy. And if you really have a lot of time on your hands, you might pop that into Google and find out that each of these level packages is named after specific levels of energy used in particle collisions. So from the get-go you have a game that invites you in with a clean interface and bleeding-edge scientific undertones.

PSN Community Spotlight: phzzt

But if you’ve watched any of the gameplay, you know Dyad quickly delves into audio-visual chaos. Remember watching the trailer and thinking you had absolutely no clue what was going on? Turns out the game does a great job of easing you into the mechanics so you don’t have a bad experience. I never really get lost in the spectacle because the gameplay is grounded by simple mechanics. You move left and right and press X to latch onto enemies to pull yourself forward. Later levels add more challenges but the controls never get so complicated to get in the way. It’s always a ton to take in, but Dyad keeps everything you need to see in a small area so the twitch gameplay doesn’t get overwhelming.

If you find yourself the least bit obsessive, you will love Dyad. I would often beat early levels with a 3-star rating on the first try but Trophy levels are particularly difficult. It takes an immense amount of skill to earn some trophies, to the point where looking at the description is enough to make you question your sanity in attempting them.

Dyad says, “When I say jump, you ask how high.”
I say, “Let me just run over here and grab my pogo stick.”

The reason this works, as it does with all addicting games that place the goal just out of reach, is because the mechanics are so simple. You need to change your strategy, not your dexterity, to succeed. In that way Dyad is often difficult, but never unfair. If you want to feel like a god amongst men, you will love chasing after Dyad’s platinum trophy.

As an audiophile, I can tell this was a labor of love in all the subtle ways. When you select a level, the equalizer shifts to increase bass levels. Electronic paradigms like square beats and trance synthesizer come out in force, but conventional sounds like string chords and those percussion clicky sticks are layered expertly as well. If you have headphones, plug them in. When Dyad level The Light Spectrum’s thumping bass line accelerates as you dodge what feels like thousands of mines, your ears will thank you. Your heart, however, might take a cue from Alien and burst out of your chest, but in the best way possible.

PSN Community Spotlight: phzzt

What makes Dyad so special is its take on the fusion of what you play with what you hear. Often games will write music that complements the action on screen and sometimes takes cues from gameplay, fading out as a character is wounded to emphasize sound effects or shifting entirely to let you know danger is around the corner. Dyad plays it 50-50. The way you play affects the music in the background, whether speeding it up as you latch onto a target in the far field or giving a string of satisfying pings as you lance through a set of mines. But in a brilliant twist, the music also affects your gameplay, both directly and indirectly. Yes, there’s the buildup of a song sharpening your movements as you shift around the tube you’re hurtling through, but Dyad also uses the songs to dictate gameplay. Dyad often makes you latch onto pairs of the same color mines, but in an early trophy level, the color is stripped away and you are forced to pick the correct mine based on the sound of the music. This paradigm shift never ceases to surprise in Dyad.

While I doubt Dyad will satisfy every gamer, if you are a fan of PSN’s more artistic lineup or enjoy music games, you will love Dyad’s collision of solid gameplay mechanics, trance visuals, and electronic music.

Thanks for breaking down your thoughts phzzt! I myself was pretty surprised by how much of a gaming experience Dyad was and will definitely be playing it more.

What are your thoughts on Dyad so far? Do you agree with phzzt, or did you have a different take on it? Feel free to review phzzt’s original forum post here, and we’ll see you next week!

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3 Author Replies

  • This guy should of review the game. If I haven’t already bought the game. I would of bought it right now. Excellent work mate!!!

  • I will agree #1, that was more entertaining to read than the release trailer for dyad imo. I will also agree that if you like the more artistic games on psn, this is for you. Still just not my cup of tea. Trophies are not a reason for me to play a game, so maybe that’s part of the problem.

  • Can you just get Nascar 2011, Skyrim, dead island, GT5 and all the Dirt games on psn for download before 2020 if its not too much to ask since you guys on psn are soooo busy. Thanks!

  • I think I have a demo to download.

  • wow this guy really loves this game. i got to try it now.

  • @3 that would be awesome i hate buying physical games i wish every game would be digital on psn, i cant believe they still don´t have Metal gear solid HD collection for ps3 on psn store,its a shame really.

  • Lol leave it to sony to keep hyping boring games. Journey got severely overhyped and it had graphics worse then a playstation 1 game and was confusing. Now this turd is being hyped. Whats next? A video game about planting gardens?

  • @7 It’s all obviously over your head. I agree this review is pretty full of itself, but you obviously don’t dig that whole “thinking” thing do you? I’m not sure you even have the capacity to do much more than basic motor functions, forget understanding something.

  • @7 thats what the blog is for to hype games so people will buy them,u know they are trying to sell worse than playstation 1? you obviously didn´t play ps1 then.if you don´t like the post just gtfo.

  • C’mon guys, leave #7 alone. He’s only 15 with adhd and probably forgot to take one of his many prescribed medications. Anyways…i do enjoy playing DYAD.

  • Trophy level: 13
    Number of trophies: 1313
    Platinums: 13

    Morgan must like the number 13. THATS why he got picked. jk! =P

  • This may offend you all but this is my opinion.

    There are way too many bad indies. only a few are good and all the others are very very bad.

    Lets developers huge massive games that use the full potential of the PS3 like Crysis and Battlefield, not incredibly terrible games from studios you haven’t heard a word about.

  • I tried the Dyad demo & have to agree with the dude who said not his cup of tea. I think the usual warning about games causing epileptic seizures should be put into larger font for Dyad.

    However, that’s what’s great about gaming & Playstation–variety to match everyone’s taste.

    • Yeah; I get why it might not be everyone’s thing, but it’s another example of great original games on PSN.

  • If the game’s good as he said it is then i might just download the demo.

  • Looks boring to me but that’s just me.

  • To me it looks really interesting, but I’m going to download the demo just be sure. Better safe than sorry right?

  • This guy took my Avatar, my chance at a community spotlight, my $50 PSN card. Heck, he even took my name, Greg…lol! In all seriousness, this is a great game. Pop over to the community forums and read some of the stories about it (including mine :-) . I promise you, if you’re up to the challenge, this game will not disappoint!

  • I’m really humbled that I’ve been picked this week. Thanks to Morgan, the rest of the PS Blog and Community gang, and everyone who read what I wrote. It means a lot.

    Greg, you can have your persona back :-)

    that other Greg guy

    • It’s a great post! I like the idea of the community sharing their thoughts on what the latest PSN / PlayStation experience is going on and your thoughts on Dyad were cool to read.

  • Why am I always getting messages telling me to forward the message to everyone on the friends list for playstation store money?

  • @ ccrogers15. I know its your opinion and everything but your opinion is wrong and severely sideways. Graphics like a PS1 game? Shows that you never played Journey at all. Confusing? Not their fault you weren’t clever enough to understand it. Many people have beaten the game so maybe it’s not for your level of mind. Overhyped? So you are saying the multiple reviewers reviewer that gave it a good scores was being led on by Sony somehow? That Sony somehow influenced then to give it a good score? If Journey was not your type of game just say that. Don’t just say a lot of stupid things that don’t add up. You just sound like an imbecile that didn’t think before he wrote anything.

    @ jml_809. That is also a very stupid thing to say. Every studio was a nobody at some point in time. How are you supposed to know who is good or bad unless you give them a chance? How do you think all the big name developers became big? They started out unknown and became bigger. Do you think the people who made the Pixel Junk series of games were well known from the start? Please, THINK before you write so you don’t sound like you know nothing.

  • @WolfyHopeless


  • And to anyone else, its my opinion. Dont like it? Dont comment. Simple.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Dyad is cool, but it’s not THAT cool. Jeez….

    Line up with the objects and press X. Repeat.

    That’s pretty much it. It’s good for eye/hand coordination development and an acid trip enhancer. I’ll buy it when it’s on sale.


  • I would be absolutely loving Dyad if it were out in Australia.

    I am not particularly enjoying hearing everything about it, having any opportunity for self-discovery of such stolen in advance, though.

    Thanks Sony! Remind me again why there was a region-based silo approach taken with PSN? How is this better for your customers?

  • Seems extremely over-hyped to me. It’s everywhere! Just look at the background for the PS blog. I’m pretty sure it was splattered all over the PS store as well. I think one of the reasons this game is getting so much attention is because there weren’t any other decent games coming out.

    I’m open to a lot of games and I will for sure try the demo but seriously though…so much attention for a side-scrolling, fly-by, music hybrid?

    • don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. admittedly, I was in the same boat for a bit. I had gone to some shows, seen Dyad from a far, but it was tough to see what the hook was. Then I played it. If you dug games like Frequency, Rez, and other really twitch shooters with a bit of puzzle-ness thrown in, then it’ll rock your world.

  • I don’t see how bringing up the Dark Knight bolsters your case, massimodo.

    Anyway, you sent messages to me once about how the PS Blog staff was worthless and all that stuff, remember? You also told me that you told them that too. Would that be YOU “cyber-bullying” THEM? Which might explain Morgan’s lack of desire to assist you with this matter… even though he did all he really could from his position. He’s required to tell you what he did. And filing a grief report is the official way for Sony to look into these matters. Legal processes and all that crap…

    You should ignore it anyway. It’s just some dweeb acting tough. Who cares.

  • You asked how to look up PSN Trophy IDs on a blog posting. I helped you out explaining how to look up PSN trophy IDs. I messaged you because my post for whatever reason would not go through on this blog. I told you that I messaged you because I was being blocked. You thanked me and asked why? BTW, this trophy ID you wanted was for this guy. You don’t seem to have a very good memory. I did not message you to trash blog staff.

    You are a liar and posting false info because you and I have locked horns.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    That’s right, I asked you why your messages were being blocked on the blog (as you were claiming), and you said it was because you “TOLD THE BLOG STAFF THEY WERE WORTHLESS, WHICH IS TRUE”. So, if you really told the blog staff they were worthless as you claimed to me that you did, then even a blog staff employee could vouch for that. So who’s lying now? You.

    I am not posting false info, I don’t stoop to such pathetic nonsense. I’m only going by what YOU told me. And this is why we “lock horns”. Because you’re a freakin’ moron who forgets half the stuff he says, then you call people a liar when the only one who is (coincidentally) changing his tune is YOU. I can’t stand fools like you. Way too high on yourself. Stop whining about some loser sending you messages. God, what a baby. Just handle it. Why are you whining to Morgan about it? Do you want him to tuck you in at night too? Do you need your diaper changed? I don’t know if you or the guy who’s trolling you is the bigger sissy, honestly.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    And yes, I was wondering why someone was claiming that you were sucking up to Sony, when you’re one of those creativity-lacking turds who’s so fond of using the term “Sony Defense Force” as an attack on others who like Sony.

    But hey, I guess this guy is just as much of a bonehead as you are. You two can have each other. I’m done here. Go on and have the last word, chump.

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  • not just me but for all of you that make that story for a chance to win $50 code on saturday

  • Funny how those being attacked by these idiots like primoincognito, cosmis-chaos and others get censored for telling how it really is yet the trolls themselves who should be blocked are allowed to post harassment, threats and lies out their collective backside are not. Morgan Haro I’m calling on you and your ilk to step up and start doing your jobs. Stop hiding behind childish cowards. Marketing by troll does you no justice and only serves to make yourselves look bad. Either man up and run this site in an adult fashion or walk away. Stop hiding behind pre-pubescent name calling from the sleazy sockpuppets.

  • Oh, it’s you again…

    You know, of all the pseudo-intellectuals who post here, you probably make me facepalm the most, captain lames.

    I mean, seriously, do you ever stop to think before typing and posting? Could your contradictions be any more blatant? You go on a name-calling spree, and then tell people to stop hiding behind “pre-pubescent name calling”? Are you for real? I remember you did that the last time we had a chat. One contradiction after another. You’ve really gotta stop pretending you’re so smart, because, well… you’re not. You trying way too hard, and it makes you transparent.

    Hey wait… are you massimodo’s alt? You both have a bad habit of putting your foot in your mouth (calling people liars while lying)… and since I said I was done with massimodo, I’m done with you too. Later hater.

  • So wait how do you get the Playstation Store voucher I’m lost and mixed up.

    Any help woud be greatly appreciated :)

  • @primeroincompetent, Yes everyone knows your a liar. You accuse me and everyone else of what you yourself do every time you make an appearance. But since your so willfully ignorant I see I must explain it to you again tiresome as that gets. Firstly you accuse me of being a sockpuppet which is something you’ve been doing all along. Yes its already proven. And yet you say I contractict myself yet you cant come up with a single proven example. Cause your a liar. You say I’m the only one name calling yet your still at it. Funnier still is even spending hours googling insults you still can’t produce good material. Indeed your a childish dirtbag hiding behind a keyboard yet you scream about “contributions”. All you’ve done is harass and insult anyone who calls this company out on its corporate BS. Face facts your a well known liar petty minded goon on your best day. And as been pointed out many times, nobody wants you here.

  • @morgan-haro, Obviously none of those commenting here made themselves clear to you yet. Stop using these moronic sockpuppets as a defense for your lack of job performance. Either act like a professional or make room for somebody who will. Nobody likes a coward.

  • I liked the game until it started adding too many things and I can’t make out anything when you go too fast. I constantly ran into things without ever seeing what I ran into.

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