Retro/Grade Blasts Off On PSN August 21st

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Retro/Grade Blasts Off On PSN August 21st

Hey everyone, good news: We’ve finished our award-winning rhythm/shoot’em up, Retro/Grade! The game will be released on August 21st exclusively on PS3, and will provide hours of mind-bending rhythm-based gameplay as you fight through reverse-timed space battles.

We’ve gotten many requests to make Retro/Grade’s soundtrack available, so I’ll go ahead and confirm that we’ll be selling it on PSN. If you want the game and the soundtrack, there will be a discounted bundle — we’ll have more details on pricing soon.

Retro/Grade for PS3 (PSN)Retro/Grade for PS3 (PSN)

For those who aren’t familiar with Retro/Grade, it’s similar to a classic Shoot ‘Em Up… in reverse! At the beginning of the game you stop a massive alien invasion, but all the destruction damages the space/time continuum, causing the flow of time itself to reverse. What would have been the final boss is actually the beginning of your backwards journey. You must help Rick Rocket restore the continuity of space/time, before the temporal anomaly rips the universe a new time-hole!

Retro/Grade for PS3 (PSN)Retro/Grade for PS3 (PSN)

Since time is reversed, you must undo your actions to protect the health of the space/time continuum by unfiring your shots, which are timed to the beat of the game’s music. In addition, you must dodge enemy projectiles returning to the guns that fired them. You can unfight the battle with either a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller or a PlayStation 3 guitar controller.

To learn more about the game, click here and visit the official site. Check back soon — we’ll have much more to discuss, including Retro/Grade’s support for guitar controllers!

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  • The game looks pretty stunning. Love the unique approach to a shmup. If the price is right, consider it sold!

  • I hope the ending shows something better than aliens running amok.

  • So we waited this long for you guys to only give out a release date? but no price are you serious. by now you should have a price point. seriously what are you guys waiting on now.

    • I sincerely apologize we haven’t given out pricing information. This may sound a bit silly, but it hasn’t been quite finalized yet even this close to release. I just got some e-mails this morning about it, so we will be announcing it very soon. Thank you for your patience.

  • @3 rule of thumb is always plan on $15 or $12 for PS+. Anything lower is always a bonus.

  • Mind=Blown

  • FINALLY! I feel like it’s been years since I first saw this… 2009 maybe? I’m so pumped, I’m totally getting this :D

    • We were indeed featured in the 2009 IGF. We’ve put a ton of work into the game, and it’s much bigger and better than we had originally imagined. I think you’ll be pleased with the results! Thank you for following the game for so long.

  • Awesome news. Don’t forget to put out a demo!

    • We will definitely make a demo available. Retro/Grade is a hard game to wrap your head around until you’ve played it.

  • What a pleasant surprise seeing this game again. I had completely forgotten about it. To see it just pop up out of nowhere with a release date is pretty awesome. I remember being really excited over this one so I’ll be picking it up.

    • I’m happy to hear you are excited. We’ve been so focused on making the game for a while, we haven’t been good about updating people about the progress of development. We finally finished and have a release date, so you should be able to get your hands on the game soon! :-D

  • This seems like a great game, can’t wait to try it. It plays like a level from Kaleidoscope which i wasn’t really good at ;p

    I hope you guys would consider a Vita version because that would be a perfect fit.

  • Matt It’s about TIME! I’ve been waiting for this to release since it was announced on the PSB! I hope the community is excited about it’s release and sell’s well! Gotta love the indie scene. Anyway enough with the smoke blowing, my questions deals with the games trophy’s. Is this trophy list going to be extremely difficult, or something we can acheive after some practice?


    • We have a number of trophies ranging from pretty easy to quite challenging. I think it’s achievable after practice though. Depending on how good you are at rhythm games, it might require quite a bit of practice though. I hope you enjoy the finished product!

  • Since the soundtrack will be offered on PSN, will there be a bundle of the game and soundtrack together?

  • I’ve seen on other sites that this is to kick off the “Playstation Plus Presents” program, and this game will be free for the first eight weeks for Plus members. Is this still the case?

    • PlayStation Plus Presents is a Europe only program, so in the US, the game will not be free to Plus members. Sorry!

  • Looks very cool. A good excuse to dust off the old guitar. Quick question: are you using the strummer to strum or change the position of the vehicle while using the color buttons to strum? I know it will have to be a different mechanic than RockBand/Guitar Hero, but I am curious how you handled it.


    • When you are using the guitar controller, the fret buttons change the position of the ship, and strumming “un-fires” you shots. When you use the DualShock, up and down move your ship up and down and X unfires. I hope that helps!

  • Is there harder difficulty then in the video ?
    It look like a nice game i would like to play, but in the video it look to easy and unleast there’s harder difficulty i won’t buy this game.

    • Yes, there is a harder difficulty, and if that isn’t hard enough, we have 130 challenge levels, which have even more challenging twists on the regular gameplay levels, so I am quite sure you’ll be able able to find something that challenges you.

  • Wow this looks AWESOME! Iam a big old school shooter fan and this looks like tons of fun. I will be buying this no matter what the price is. Thanks!

  • @Matt Gilgenbach

    That’s good then, definitely a game i will buy.

  • I remember when this was announced years ago.

    I assumed it was MIA, but I’m so very happy to see that was never the case.

    Definitely can’t wait to (finally) try it.

    • We’ve been working very hard on the game for a very long time. I think you’ll be quite pleased with the results!

  • This looks great! Is there any offline multiplayer by chance? Such as a versus mode.

    • We don’t have any multiplayer modes, but we did design the game to have competitive scoring and have integrated the leaderboards as part of the game experience, so you can compete with your friends online. We don’t have any offline multiplayer functionality though.

  • Look forward to seeing the final product.
    I played it at PAX last year and was one of the top 10 scores.
    The game was awesome then, so I can only imagine what a year of improvements and fine tuning have done.

  • @Matt

    Cool; thanks for the reply. Still looking forward to playing it.

  • I was shocked when the video said this can be played “WITH A GUITAR” then I read the post and saw “guitar controller ” which is not a guitar. Why do you have to tease us, Matt?! Not cool! :P

  • It’s games like this that make me proud to own a PS3. I appreciate that this game is finally coming out, as the wait since 2009 has been long. I can assume there will be some form of a discount for PS Plus members? Either way, I will be purchasing this game. :) Job well done.

    • We haven’t announced our pricing yet, but if you are in Europe, it’s one of the free games given to PlayStation Plus subscribers!

  • Will the Official PlayStation App for iOS and Android ever come to North America? It’s currently only available in Europe.

  • Oh this is def my kinda game! Cant wait for the demo!

  • This game look great but will it be free for Playstation plus subscribers?

    • It will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe as part of the PlayStation Plus Presents program. That program doesn’t exist in the US, so unfortunately, we can’t offer anything similar.

  • Cool music, cool visuals, interesting gameplay – looks like my kind of game!

  • One word: WOW. O_O

    I wasn’t sure what to think of this just from reading the blog and the comments, but after watching the video… I am super impressed. I’d never heard of this before, but it’s on my radar now, and I’ll most likely be picking this up. Looks like it’ll be a ton of fun to play with my GH:WoR battle axe guitar. :)

  • This game looks and sounds delicious.

  • Hi Matt. So will there be no PS Vita version then? Thanks for your time

  • It’s should really be a price of 1$…. game like IOS…………………

  • 1$ ?? Seriously??

  • IS INFAMOUS 3 comeing out

  • @32 Why are you asking that here? These guys have nothing to do with inFamous!

  • Ok, I know this is irrelevent but I desperatly want an answer. It is very unfair that the US store had Battle Fantasia for free and EU didnt. Im a HUGE fighting fan and love to platinum fighting games. But its such a shame that I have the game but there are no trophies so im asking is Battle Fantasia ever going to be free for PSplus members in EU? Ive been waiting so long for thsi game to come with trophies but nothing still.

  • i wish this was part of PSN PLAY instead of expendables 2..

  • Hell yeah! Finally! It’s about time. :D I can’t wait.

  • ehh no thanks.. i’ll stick w/ the soldner-x games

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