PlayStation Blogcast 035: The Unfinished Assassin

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PlayStation Blogcast 035: The Unfinished Assassin

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Thanks to Jeff, Nick, and Rey, the Blogcast thrived during my absence last week. But I’ve returned from the exotic lands of the East Coast bearing priceless gifts! First, I speak with Ian Dallas, the creative director of upcoming PSN knockout The Unfinished Swan, to learn what really inspired this distinctive game — and why those monochromatic ink-blot levels are only the beginning of what’s in store. Then I catch up with Steve Masters, lead game designer for Assassin’s Creed III, to get the inside scoop on those jaw-dropping naval battles that blew us away during PlayStation’s E3 press conference. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to most efficiently dismantle a rampaging man-of-war battleship, put this podcast on your shortlist.

Of course, we’ve got the usual array of Blogcast niceties: Next week’s North American PSN lineup for July 31st, a slew of “player queries” and tips, a new Mystery Theme, even a new PSN Gem of the Week! Oh, and I share my thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises (no spoilers) much to Nick’s chagrin. It’s a grand old time!

Stuff We Talked About

  • The Unfinished Swan
  • Assassin’s Creed III Naval Warfare
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Twisted Metal
  • Spec Ops: The Line and why we play violent shooter games by Tom Bissell
  • Official PlayStation.Blogcast - Sid ShumanOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Nick Suttner

    The Cast

  • Sid Shuman – PlayStation Sr. Social Media Specialist
  • Nick Suttner – PlayStation Sr. Product Evaluator
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    details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating

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    12 Author Replies

    • OH YEAH!! new episode!

    • Nick, about your problem with cloud upload:

      In the game SSX, there is ghost save data that’s very large in file size. Some people I knew online that had problems with cloud uploads found out that it was this ghost data messing things up. If you’ve played it, this could be it.

    • Will there be theme/avatar bonuses for preordering Sound Shapes?

    • DeadKillersRevng

      GTA III as PS2 classic? Great!

    • What’d you think of Spider-Man?

    • War of The Monsters! Even though I have the game. I will buy the digital copy. R.A.D should be next!

    • Cindy Shuman!!! That was hilarious!

      Anyway, great blogcast as always. Still bummed that Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops isn’t on the Vita store but fingers are still crossed. Very awesome to know you enjoy Breaking Bad as well. That show is BRILLIANT! Keep up the good work!

      • Cindy Sherman :) MGSOP is published by Konami so there may be action needed, I think we’ll continue to see movement there.

    • Listening now!

      I also have a question, with the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift server shut-off occurring soon, what will happen with the multiplayer trophies? This is the issue when developers decide to put multiplayer trophies in their game, something I have heard you guys talk about before, when the servers are shut off, it will be impossible to actually get those trophies ever again, which is unfair.. especially for those who buy the game beyond that point or held off those trophies for later. I seriously want to know if you are planning on giving the multiplayer trophies to people via patch as soon as they launch the game after server shut-down to make platinum still obtainable. I know it’s unfair for those who worked hard for them while servers were still on but it was also unfair for Evolution Studios to add multiplayer trophies for the long run with no intention of patching it later, please get Evo’s word on this if you can and lemme know what y’all think about the issue with this game and any other games in the future! Thanks! Absolutely love the show.

      PSN: BlindMango

    • Could you guys do an episode with either ACIII Liberation and/or CoD Declassfied lead designer?

    • Thanks a bunch Sid Shuman, I really appreciate it very much!

    • Respect Sid’s opinion, but saying that you didn’t like TDKR and saying that it was a 1/10 and it had no entertainment value whatsoever are two different things and I am glad that he backpedaled some. I watched it this week and I enjoyed it and overall had a blast though I did have some very minor gripes, but Nolan delivered.

    • P.S Haven’t finished watching this week’s blogcast, but will there be Gamescom coverage aka stream on the blog?

      • I don’t know about a stream, but we will definitely have a load of great posts and news to share. Should be a lot of fun!

    • @7 and Sid I thought that the remaining of the PSP games that are on PSN were still coming to PS Vita? Does that mean that now its up to developers whether or not the remaining PSP games will be playable on PS Vita?

      • If it’s a PSN PSP game, then it should land on Vita (many already have). But in some cases the process can be sped up by the publisher. They should all make it in time

    • In regards to the cloud save problem, you should also check for Mafia II saves. Mine takes up 51 MB.

    • From wikipedia: Growlanser (グローランサー Gurōransā?).

      Goo-doe-dan-sah in ‘merrikun. From my experience with English-izing Japanese words, I’m guessing Grow-Lancer is closer to appropriate.

    • Sid, i have question about messages being sent to people from Sony. Threw there XMB. I got one yesterday. most messages go like this.
      This is so and so from Sony and if you send this message to 25 of your friends you will get $50 added to your wallet. use code xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Are these things real or fakes.. Sounds to good to be true. to me any way.

      I was just wondering if you know any inside Sony sending these messages out. I got one from Keven Butler last year. go figure But any way have a good day All see U online!!!

      • Definitely not, that’s a phony message, like one of those chain letters you get over email. Delete!

    • @16 Pretty sure those are scams.

      Great blog cast again. Was wondering if you guys could do some digging and find out why NASCAR The Game 2011 is on all PSN Stores except the US/Canada stores.
      Thanks, I’m looking forward to downloading it without resorting to using alt accounts and UK PSN cards.

    • Great episode. I too would love to see Portable Ops on the Vita store (or at least transferable like it is in PAL territories). Please bring this idea to Konami!

    • so first off another great blogcast! second, before listening to the blogcast i was never one to check out the psn games or the indie type games. however after listening to the blogcast episodes (and some credit goes to podcast beyond) you guys have changed my outlook on them and i now have alot of interest in them and im currently downloading several titles. so thank you for opening my eyes to alot of great games and experiences. thanks again and keep up the great work!

    • great podcast i was wondering if there is any new on the battle royal beta for North america?

    • Just read up a little higher and see that the decision lies with Konami to bring it to the Vita store. I thought all PSP games were being worked to come over to the Vita store and it was just a matter of time.

      Konami seems to have disavowed Portable Ops and is focused on Peace Walker (which is still too expensive digitally).

      So will we ever see Portable Ops on Vita? What can we do to make it happen?

      • It is a matter of time, and without knowing any specifics regarding MGSPO, the publisher being invested in the game making the jump to the Vita Store tends to make it happen faster.

    • Sid needs to tone it down.

      His ego is becoming very annoying, the Batman review was the worst offense yet. He feels “sorry” for the director? Really?

      He’s quickly heading into Greg Miller territory and I stopped listening to that podcast a long time ago.

      I like the Playstation podcast, and I want to keep tuning in, but I came seriously close to turning it off this week.

      • We debated cutting it, but people seem to like the movie debates so we left if. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Global Ops?.. SMH.. its Global Offensive

    • @Sid Shuman thanks for replying! I was worried it would not happen but it sounds like it’s just a waiting game. Thanks for making me not lose hope. :-) I’ll keep bugging Konami.

    • I just started listening to the blogcast and am finding it enjoyable xD. Is it possible for you guys to find any info regarding Ragnarok Odyssey? There’s hardly any info about it from what I have tried to search (mainly official release date) and I’d like to know if a demo is ever coming to the NA store to tide over Vita Owners until its release.

    • You guys know if Vita deals are still coming soon?(and by soon I mean like next Tuesday soon)

      I want Unit 13 and Wipeout to go down in price >.<

    • sid got so fixed talking about batman then went straight to next weeks update. lol not the best episode at all.

    • HELL SID SID SID SID SID SID………. Their I think I have his attention now lol. Why is Nascar 2011 not on the USA store. I see its on every other countries store for purchase but ours in the usa. Um hate to break the information bubble but NASCAR comes from the USA so why isn’t it on psn for download its really pissing me off cause I’m sick of waiting and I only do digital so you guys need to step up the digital cause you are losing sells left and right from me. Not all of us prefer a blueray game when if I buy on the store and I have 2 ps3’s I get 2 copies for the price of one. Plus blueray lasers don’t last long I’d know first hand I’ve had 3 go out within a year and a half and that’s under NORMAL day to day usage. Going digital only is the way to go and a way to have a ps3 last 10 years.

    • Whoops I meant to say HELLO SID not HELL SID lol. My bad anyways you get the idea of what I meant.

    • Oh and I’ll beat the know it all before he replys to my comment about blueray drive minus digital above. I don’t buy a game at 60 bucks just to turn around and trade it in for 10 to 15 bucks and waste money and lose the game like you all do. If I buy a game I keep it and that is why I go digital. You traders and sellers of games is why we now have to pay 10 bucks for online passes cause you guys never keep the games and someone else never payes full price and it pisses off the developers so my advice to developers is stop making disc games and do digital only and that way no one can sale or trade your games in and you won’t lose money. Its saves on plastic and reduces cost a ton but I guess I’m the only smart guy to figure that out for ya lol. Anyways so don’t go spamming my reply with you cant sell digital games and this and that and whine. Thats my point I’m trying to make and I want it stopped. Its costing us online passes now.

    • Also I’m sure someone will say that hard drives can go out to so whats the difference. I’ll tell ya the difference NOT losing my PS3 is the difference. If a hard drive goes bad its a very simple fix you can do on your own. Go to bestbuy buy a laptop harddrive that is the right size and put into your system yourself and it won’t void the warranty at all and you still have your ps3. A bluray drive goes out and you are screwed. You either pay high fee’s for some repair shop to put a new drive in it voiding the waranty or you can do it yourself voiding the waranty and possibly messing it up as well or you have to mail it to sony and wait 3 weeks or more to get a refurb back which isn’t the ps3 you sent in. Do you see why I hate bluray disc its a pain and they never last long. You are lucky if it goes past 2 years on normal day to day usage. Go digital and you are ok and fix a issue yourself.

    • GTA 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    • is War of the Monsters going to be on EU store TOO !
      PLZ reply :)

    • MORE Batman talk lol guys come on…. I saw it already so now I can listen :)

    • @16: Rule of thumb, if you can report it. It’s not from anyone official.

    • OH MY GOD! Grand theft auto 3 on PSN??? Take my money!

    • And oh my god war of the monsters was awesome.

    • IS INFAMOUS 3 comeing out ?


    • Gta3 on PSN rocks! I know we’re still waiting for psone classics on vita, but what’s the likelyhood of ps2 classics running on the system?

    • Wait what ever happened to jet set radio. I was told the release date was july 26, Please sony dont keep me and my bro from our favorite childhood game. i mean i ever started to use my my brothers account (witch is this account but i always change the avatar dont tell em :) ) to play other classics i enjoyed such as god hand, blood rayne, etc and i just got hooked on Little big planet karting im saving my money alrdy! by thats bedsides the point >:I any info on when the next release date is goin to be?(Hopefully still this summer). cause if it has somthing to do with that one song (witch was still great) then they could just drop it and add it as free dlc. well like and female know would ya ;) and @38 if theres gonna be and infamous 3 it has to start from the evil side. i would know platium’d that game simple :)

    • yo guys seriously New Releases for July 31st or Dark Knight Rises talk?! lol you were gonna start with the new releases and boom you forgot and went crazy and started talking about the movie xD ….and then this series episode i dont know about… just talk about the games xD

    • they start talking about the games at 8:22 just in case you wanna fast foward guys xD

    • When is Gta Vice City coming out for PSN

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