New PSP SRPG Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Out Next Week

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New PSP SRPG Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Out Next Week

Nation of PlayStation(.Blog),

We’re way-fairly convinced you’re going to find this post way-fairly awesome, and no, not just because it’s about Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, the upcoming PSP strategy RPG from, well… us.

New PSP SRPG Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time Out Next Week

As for why we’re so convinced, it’s becau—wait, what? Oh, no, you heard right; we said “PSP.”

Look, folks, it’s still an immensely popular system with a huge user base and an amazing library of RPGs and SRPGs. Also, with a game as ridiculously lengthy as Growlanser: WoT (and this PSP remaster is significantly meatier than the original release from way-back-when), it does take a while to localize things from Japanese to English, so it’s not as though we’re eagerly planning PSP games for 2025. Unless, of course, the PSP becomes sentient and takes over the world, in which case we welcome our new PSP overlords and commit to supporting the system for all eternity.

Growlanser for PSP

Anyhoo, the reason you should be am excite for this post is because:

  1. It is to celebrate the debut of the game’s full trailer (above), which shows tons of gameplay footage from the imminent North American release.
  2. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time is the fourth chapter in a long-running, highly beloved series of tactical RPGs. Despite being one of the most popular entries, it also happens to suffer from “Never-before-released-in-North-America-itis,” making this a rather exciting launch for fans of SRPGs, anime, things from Japan, and shininess. (check out the art and you’ll get what I mean about “shininess”)

PS Vita owners, don’t fret! Our last PSP release, Gungnir, may not have supported PS Vita at launch (we greatly appreciate the patience of PS Vita fans hoping for that compatibility), but we’re happy to proclaim that it does now (and should be accessible through the PS Vita PS Store as of August 7th). We’ll cooperate with the right folks as much as possible to make Growlanser: WoT playable on those sexy screens as close to launch as possible.

Growlanser for PSPGrowlanser for PSP

Our own Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita (coming this fall, pre-order today!), the enhanced and expanded handheld version of one of the highest rated RPGs of all time, is proof enough that we’re proud and excited to support those five diagonal inches of OLED goodness.

PS Vita: Persona 4 Golden

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time launches in stores — and digitally via PlayStation Network — on July 31, 2012. Check it out, won’t you?

ATLUS says: when your Growlanser lasts longer than four hours, please remember to get up and stretch or something.

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16 Author Replies

  • hey Aram, im sure to pick this up but I have never played any Grownlanser games before. any chance on the ps2 games getting re-released on psn?

    • AguilarX,

      Growlanser 2 & 3 (released for PS2 in North America as Growlanser Generations) were published by Working Designs.

      While I’m not aware of any reason any of the previously localized titles in the series couldn’t eventually be released as PS2 games via PSN, I’m also not aware of any developments to that effect. It is important to note that licensing agreements become exceedingly more complicated to manage as a title becomes older, something that is further exacerbated by the fact that said arrangements often have nothing in them addressing digital release.

  • Is this Growlanser a direct sequel, or can new players jump in without really knowing anything about the series?

    Also, there’s something deeply satisfying about having so many ATLUS games crammed onto one Vita, and P4G is gonna make that even nicer!

    • Pharsti-,

      Like many series of JRPGs and SRPGs, you’re able to pick up Wayfarer of Time (which is the fourth entry in the series) and not have missed out on anything.

      It’s one of the reasons we dropped the numeral from the title. We didn’t want gamers to think they had to play previous Growlanser games in order to not feel left out.

  • I love you guys. Really. I’m not just saying that because you release some of my favorite games. It’s genuine.

    I’ll grab this digitally once it’s on the Vita store, can’t wait!

  • So, Gungnir will be Vita compatible, that’s good. Hope Growlanser will be too, asap! :)

    • G-Force08,

      As I understand it, it is right now! It just might not yet be showing up when you access the PlayStation Store via your PS Vita, something that should be addressed by August 7th.

  • No disrespect to the guys at Atlus but Sony should just kill the PSP now, games like these are the reasons why the Vita is not worth having. I’m sitting here scratching my head why I bought a Vita when the games I want on the Vita are coming out on the PSP. I hope the Vita a.k.a “Life” doesn’t die.

    • D-Squad3,

      I have as inappropriately strong romantic feelings for my Vita as the next person, but it should be noted that Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time has been available for a while in Japan; we’re simply localizing it for North America.

      While all Vita owners want to see a super bevy of titles in the immediate future (the upcoming “Sound Shapes” does look amazing), it seems a bit excessive to not release a finished game simply because it’s for a more seasoned platform.

  • The Growlanser series is outstanding. Purchasing day one

  • This is the best RPG series of all time. Everyone with a PSP who likes RPG should buy this game. Everyone who likes RPGs and doesn’t have a PSP, should buy it to buy this game. Everyone who only has a Vita.. well, hopefully this will be Vita compatible soon.

    Thank you, Atlus, for bringing it over and I hope I can play Growlanser I in English some day, too. I’ve pre-ordering 2 physical copies for myself and will probably buy another on the PSN.

  • This actually looks way better than I was expecting it to. I may have missed it but what is the price?

  • @D-squad3 why kill the psp since there are many games from japan that havent been released on NA for it and also keep in mind that not everyone can afford a vita right now.also,if they only support the vita then i think that most devs will chose the other platform due to its relative low install base.

    so, yeah keep the psp games coming, sony and atlus! :)
    in any case, i really love the artwork of Satoshi Urushihara!

  • Overstock has it for $26.74 right now. That’s a steal.

  • sorry for the double post but…will this game have any voice acting?

    • perrandy,

      The anime cutscenes feature localized voice-overs but as we mentioned when we announced the game, the sheer scope of the game’s script ultimately made licensing the original Japanese dub or creating a new English dub for the rest of the game’s text prohibitive to the project’s profitability.

  • >in which case we welcome our new PSP overlords and commit to supporting the system for all eternity.

    Based on all the new PSP game announcements from Japan this has already happened.

  • i have a few questions.

    does Growlanser Wayfarer FULLY voice or did you left some out like you said a few months back??

    will Gugnir be compatible with Vita in the near future(hopefully)

    will Persona 4 Golden be dual audio?? i know you just released a statement responding to the region lock of Persona 4 Arena and had said that you were thinking of adding it in the near future. it might be too late for Persona 4 Golden, i just want a confirmation now just in case someone ask in the future.

    also no Special Edition or something :\

    still will buy this for sure next week!!!!

  • PrinceofXIII,

    Please see post 11 re: your Growlanser voice-over question.

    Persona 4 Golden (Vita) will only feature English audio.

    Thank you for your support!

  • ohh i forgot to thank you(Atlus) for bringing this title despite being in the near end of the console’s life cycle.

    definitely appreciate :)

    you guys ROCK!!!

  • fast reply O__O

    thanks for the answering the questions!!!

  • Aram,

    I’m very much looking forward to purchasing Growlanser from PSN once it’s greenlit for Vita use. I’m also glad to show my support for Atlus and hopefully any future PSP RPGs you guys choose to localize. There are so many excellent PSP RPGs just sitting in Japan. New Class of Heroes, Nayuta no Kiseki and 7th Dragon 2020 just to name a few.

  • love atlus do you guys have games in development for the vita beyord persona 4????? will this game be vita compactable at it launch???

    • erico316ecw,

      We don’t yet know if it will be compatible with PS Vita at launch, but we will do everything within our power to help make it compatible as close to launch as possible!

  • Hey there Aram, this release looks brilliant. Slightly miffed that itll probably not see a release in the UK.
    A little off-topic but i have a question reguarding Legasista, will that game see a digital release in the UK also?

  • Nice more PSP RPG games, just what my Doctor Atlus ordered. At first I thought his name was coincidence, but now I’m sure he has nothing but my best interest in mind. So thank you Dr. Atlus.

  • I knew that was a long shot…

  • I got mixed up, sorry! lol

  • Never heard of this game till now, googled it to find more information/footage of it.

    Um seems to be a bit if fanservice in it?

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOT Vita RPG!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh… Read too fast. PSP. =(

  • Good good PSP titles still coming, now if we could only get our hands on Final Fantasy Type-0

  • Definitely gonna grab this and Persona 4 golden..
    Thank you Altus for making such an awesome game….

    I’m also wondering if you guys ever gonna release persona 4 as a ps2 classic?
    I’m still dying to play that game on my ps3

  • I will be getting this as soon as it’s compatible for PSVita, thank you Atlus. I already preordered & paid for in full my copy of Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 arena. I will also buy P4G digitally on PSN once it’s out :) You guys are awesome!

  • Just to confirm, will this game be playable at launch via PSN > PS3 > Vita?

    I waited almost a month to play Gungir and I’d rather not go through that again.

    • Christian399,

      We will do anything within our realm of influence to help make Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time compatible on Vita (directly or transferred via PS3) as close to launch as possible, but there is no timetable we can provide at this time.

  • your games are always grate I really hope to see more for the vita from you on the future.

    and please make this game compatible for vita I really will like to play this game on vita

    BTW: I really miss nocturne and digital devil saga those where amazing games i heaved all ^.^ I place them on chronological order first personas then nocturne then digital devil saga the only ones I don’t know where goes are devil summoner

  • Awesome launch!! Is there anyway this and previous Growlanser releases will be available to play on our PS3’s through PSN? that would be very cool but lots of PSP games! Also please please bring the rest of the Shin Megami Tensei Games to PSN! Persona 3 FES is not enough!!
    Thanks for your awesome work!

  • I notice that August 7th seems to be a big day for having the Vita recognize several Atlus games. Is there a system update pending for that time for the Vita, or is it a licensing agreement?

    Would like some clarification on this, if possible.

    Definately keeping my eyes on this one.

  • I’ll buy it anyway :) Like I did with Gungir.

  • These are the types of games I want to be made for my Vita, with Trophy support!

  • This reminds me of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete.

    …MEGA HUGE compliment btw.

    I would also like to say Vita is my main dish, so I choose not to support PSP only releases…as for the now popular “coming soon” line that surronds so many SHOULD BE vita compatible releases now’adays…well im just not going to fall for that.

    Wizorb ( a super cool RPGbrickbreaker) blatently advertised Vita compatibility then amazingly and offensivly didnt provide it. I can totally understand PSP support but lack of Vita support is unforgivable with the current situation of Sony branded hanhelds, IMO.

    I sure hope Atlus does not contribute to this madness with this title. Its games like this that could increase the user base for Vita and in turn increase your expected profits. And I would love to see Atlus continue to push the Vita compatibility issue,because anything that hits PSP these days should be put on the Vita as well if not first IMO.

    I will be looking forward to the day I see this pop up on the Vita store

    Untill then I bid you good day Sir and/or Maam.

  • hi aram, any avatars coming ? in this game and Persona 4 Arena ?

  • Please localize more psp games in the future. And more japanese rpgs in the future

    Games like valkyria 3, ff type zero, 7th dragon 2020, gloria union

    need a publisher

  • I love Atlus.

    Just pre-ordered Persona 4: Arena

  • I just wanna thank you guys at Atlus for keeping me entertained for an incomprehensible amount of hours. I have been a huge supporter of your company since that fateful day I laid eyes on Thousand Arms in some game magazine back in the late 90’s. Thank you for localizing games like Thousand Arms, the Shin Megami Tensei series, the original Disgaea, Catherine and even Demon’s Souls. This is my love letter (even if lacking lol) to you Atlas. Now please return my feelings in the form of Persona 5 <3 lol (HD Persona O_o)

    @36 I agree, I would love some Avatars/Dynamic themes from games like Persona. Or some PS1/PS2 classics like Thousand Arms or even the Devil Summoner games.

    Anyways, keep up the great work Atlus you never fail to impress me!

  • Hey Aram, can you pester ATLUS PR to release some english content for Persona 4 Golden. I have played Persona 4 for PS2 to death back in the day but all I’ve seen of the vita release is in Japanese, the trailers and screenshots. I know what to expect of course but it would really mean a lot to me and hopefully others if we could get an official English trailer or some screenshots with English text. Have the game on pre-order for months now so buying either way, but anything to help me get through the next 3 months or so would be great.

    • phatmillips,

      I’ll pester myself to do that :)

      We’re certainly keen to release a ton of screens and video of the localized game just as soon as the localization process is far along enough to let us do so.

      Thanks for your pre-order!

  • Growlanser is a great series. It’s a shame that it gets a backseat to Persona and others by the fans.

  • Been waiting many, many years for this.

    Thanks for rewarding our faith, Atlus. I can not wait.

    PSBloggers: This is worth every. cent.

  • PLEASE make this playable on Vita! i’ll buy day one if playable on vita

  • Have had it preordered for ages. Any retail PSP release gets my day 1 support. Props to you Atlus for having some awesomesauce. (props to Aksys too)

    Hope to see more stuff for PS Vita coming from you guys. I need more RPGs on the device… since all I got is Disagea 3 right now. Bring on Persona 4: Golden >:D

    Are we going to see Persona 2: Eternal Punishment here? Because… I need to have it for my collection. D;

  • thank you for all your time and effort into bringing over this game. you guys rock!

  • Can the powers that be bring back FF7 Crisis Core to the PS Store comp with the Vita it was my fav PSP game and would love to have it on my V can someone please reply to this or atleast conf that it will never be in the store so i dont get my hopes up like other past disaponments i already have with the V thanks in advance.

  • Vai_the_stampede

    Oh boy, thanks for the cut voice acting!

    Oh, and thanks for the dub-only. You guys are the best, Atlus!

  • thank you for your answer PS dont know why i even bother…

  • @SolBoricua: Yeah I don’t know why you bother asking someone from ATLUS USA about a SQUARE ENIX game. I mean the nerve that someone who doesn’t work for Square or Sony and couldn’t possibly have the answer not answer your question!

  • Honestly, I personally believe that immensely popular companies like Atlus continuing to create their popular games on the PSP instead of the Vita is a very large part of why the Vita isn’t doing well. You’d think that Atlus would WANT to help sell systems that belong to the company whose platforms host their games. It’s absolutely idiotic to do otherwise. I realize they’re sticking with the system that has a massive install base, but refusing to “take risks” on a new system is only guaranteeing it’s failure.

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