Anomaly: Warzone Earth Takes Aim On PlayStation 3

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth Takes Aim On PlayStation 3
Anomaly: Warzone Earth Takes Aim On PlayStation 3

Hello everyone, Paweł Miechowski from 11 bit studios here to tell you about our original strategy game Anomaly: Warzone Earth, which is due on PlayStation Network before the end of summer.

Anomaly is truly… an anomaly. It’s a strategy game perfectly suited for console gaming. Let me explain how that works. In the near future, an alien spaceship crashes on Earth and splits into two separate parts. One falls to Baghdad, while the other lands in Tokyo. A huge dome emerges above each site, separating the cities from the outside world. No one knows what’s going on inside, so the domes become known as Anomalies.

You play as the Commander, sent on a mission to investigate what’s happened at the Baghdad Anomaly. Once inside, you discover alien war machines destroying everything in their path.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth for PS3Anomaly: Warzone Earth for PS3

Essentially, Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a “tower offense” game, tipping the tower defense genre on its head. Rather than managing units to fight off invading forces, you take control of the attackers, creating and controlling your armored troops. The game will be familiar to fans of the top-down RTS genre, but it also adds its own unique features, like a Tactical View where you plan for upcoming assaults.

To make a strategy game work well on console, we’ve put you — the Commander — straight into the thick of the conflict to emphasize the action element. You control him directly, supporting the squad in battle with a variety of abilities. For example, Repair lets you heal units, while Smoke Screen lays down cover for them.

One really cool feature in the PS3 version is an exclusive local co-op mode which allows two Commanders to support each other in battle. One is responsible for controlling the armor units while the other plans the strategy. Both get into the action and are able to boost their abilities in the battle. This new feature increases the pace of the game, making it even more frantic.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth for PS3Anomaly: Warzone Earth for PS3

We hope to share the price and release date for Anomaly: Warzone Earth soon — stay with us on Facebook and Twitter for more details as they are released.

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  • I have the game on PC and love it, I’ll certainly look for it on PS3. You know what would be great, though? A Vita version! Come on, you know you want to do it. ;)

  • Hmmm, looks interesting.
    As #1 said, we will have a Vita version?

  • Have this game on the iPad, amazing. Everyone needs to play this game it’s good fun with lots of levels to play as well.

    Will there be a Vita ver? I really am not interested in a ps3 ver. I hope so this is one of the games i’ve wanted on the vita miss playing this.

  • Vita version?

  • iiONyKz-_MaQuIrO

    Man this looks Good! but for Vita even way BETTER! since Ps vita came out I feel like playing every possible games on it. And this would-be a HIT. The PsVita cost the price or maybe even more in a near future! its just enjoyable!
    Now Sony U slowwww, but awesome!
    Please We want;
    A PsVita version of this Warzone game(MyChash=Your’s)
    Pandoraaaa! WatchEspn, nike+, Google apps,
    Gmail app. innovate! some many things!
    update skype with their new version of it! make it great!
    and fix FaceBook, messages unreadables!
    Lets go to the WarZone on earth (PS3/Vita) super anormallll!

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  • and ps move we need more rts whith move

  • Not sure if its been mentioned here or not…..but you guys should totally do a Vita version…..RTS would be amazing on there

  • vita version too please! im glad i waited, i was gonna pick up the 360 version. co-op ftw!

  • I would definitely buy a Vita version but a PS3 version? Meh. Maybe if it had Move support.

  • Please ADD Move support and you’ll earn my hard earned gold coins, otherwise…i’ll have to pass and move on to the next upcoming cool game. Thank You

  • This game is no stranger to portable touchscreen devices (and I think it’s better on a touchscreen than a PS3 controller), yet still no mention of the Vita in the original post. The neglect of that system is amazing. It’s totally understandable that you want to work on the PS3 version first but not even a mention of a Vita version coming afterward or that it’s even being considered??

  • The Vita needs some Tower Defense (or offensive in this case) games. Tired of needing to play them on my iPod Touch.

    Anyhoo, game looks good.

  • Plx! We want Vita version!
    Vita need games with co-op!
    Think about all this comments… all asking for a vita version =D

  • That looks very…very…. Interesting.

  • Who cares. We want more racers on psn. Give us GT5, Nascar 2011 and all the Dirt games on psn already that would be better than this boring stuff. This isn’t Japan its the usa. We want american racers on the store dam* it. Now get to it. Hit UPLOAD to store the games I listed so I can buy them already I’m sick of overrated BLUERAY disc games. Our harddrives are better.

  • @16: Obviously a lot of people.

    And your comment is just facepalm after facepalm.

  • Sony please read this…..


  • Like this game with a touchscreen. Can’t see a controller being better.

  • Can’t believe you’re not releasing a Vita version. This game already is on Android and iOs, and it’s amazing with a touchscreen. So, why???

  • sony i dont really understand why you people didnt put this to vita, why? why? this game really fits to be a vita game! please give me a logical reason! please,

  • i trying to decide if i should buy it or not.But i hear it’s a great game so,i’ll see.

  • This is bit of an aisde but why are idiot rejects like jadashake allowed to use comments for spamming their moronoic cell phone app scams on here when legit comments are ignored?

  • why not in Vita? Why you are not paying enough attention to Vita?

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