PSN PLAY: Pre-order The Expendables 2 Starting Today

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PSN PLAY: Pre-order The Expendables 2 Starting Today

PSN PLAY is just starting to heat up, and starting today, you can pre-order the first game in this year’s line-up. The Expendables 2 is the first title available for PSN PLAY, and it’s launching first exclusively on PS3!


The Expendables 2 is a co-op arcade-style shoot ‘em up, and takes place just before the events of the upcoming movie of the same name. Up to four players can join up to take part in an action-packed rescue mission spanning a number of exotic locales. If you missed the announcement trailer, be sure to check it out below.

PSN PLAY: Pre-order The Expendables 2 Starting Today

The Expendables 2 hits PSN on July 31 for $14.99, and PlayStation Plus members can nab the game for $11.99 (20% off) during launch week. Pre-order the game now for a free theme based on The Expendables 2.

Come back to the PlayStation Blog next Tuesday for another post with more info on The Expendables 2, and don’t miss out on our special cash voucher savings by purchasing titles in the PSN PLAY line-up. We’ll have more information on the rest of the PSN PLAY titles (Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon.

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  • You should consider making the Plus discount valid for the duration of the PSN Play promotion not just launch week. IT would encourage people to buy one last item to get to the next tier for the promotion. I’m interested in Papa & Yo, but might consider the other games later down the road to go with it. Now I have to buy on launch week or else.

    • That’s good feedback. I think the reason we did that was to ensure that all games got an equal time on the discount. IE: If a game released at the last part of the promotion, then it’d only have the discount for a week or so, whereas if a game released at the start of the promotion, it’d have the whole month. It would have made doing the actual planning with the publishers a bit tough, so making the discount timeframe equal among all the games featured made the most sense on our end. Either way, I hope you find some good stuff to snag!

  • Does pre order its available now? or we have to wait to the ps store update, i cant wait

  • Will there be Demos for any of the games or atlest a gameplay video?

  • When can i pre-order Sound Shapes, and when does it come out.

    • Soundshapes preorder starts the week before it releases (July 31). All preorders for all PSN PLAY games start the week before they release, so make sure you snag it to get the theme!

  • Confused a little about the duration of the PS+ discount. Does launch week start today (i.e. do I have to pre-order to get the discount?) or on July 31? I’m pretty confident in buying Sound Shapes and Papo y Yo without a review, but I’m less sure about the Expendables 2. The trailer looks great, but on the other hand it’s a movie tie-in, and on average those games stink!

    • The Plus discount is in effect for both the preorder week and the first launch week only of each title.

  • Can you guys please explain how items get on the PSN play list? I’m just wondering why games like Quantum Conundrum or Malicious didn’t get on there.

    Also, could August come any slower? I can’t wait for Sound Shapes and Papo & Yo

    And Ragnarok Odyssey

    • It’s a special program which highlights the best games that are coming out in that specific timeframe. We have to plan the timefrane very far in advance. if a game can’t make that timeframe, then obviously we can’t slot it in. So games like Quantum Conundrum and Malicious look great, they released early and thus couldn’t be a part of the PSN PLAY program.

  • The game *looks* good, but there isn’t enough reason for me to buy it – yet.
    The trailer you showned is great but, I want to see more gameplay!
    Of course a demo would be perfect but I hardly see that coming.
    So, I’m looking foward for more gameplay vids and, if it is what I think it is, I’ll pre-order it instantly!

  • Can I play with Chuck Norris?

  • How does the pre-order work? Will I have to pay the full 11.99 now since I’m a ps+ member? or will I be charged when the game is officially out?

  • Ubisoft- such a love/hate relationship w/ this company. On one hand, they make great IPs, but their post game support is kinda terrible. Games like the Splinter Cell re-release took a long time to patch- to which I’d avoided the game altogether (I’ll buy it one day though…). I didn’t see the 1st film but this trailer sold me- crazy iconic actors doing “normal” things in a action title. Please Ubi, if the game has some issues as in trophy glitching, save corruption, extreme player clipping, multiply issues, etc… do NOT take several months to address it!

    Anyways, pre-ordered.

  • Bad luck, i was considering getting a $50 PSN card for my birthday (25th July, tomorrow). I was thinking on getting all these games except Expendables 2, so i could get $6 dollars, and with the 20 dollar remaining purchase Catherine which is now 50% discount.
    I know this needs PS Plus, and i have a free month to redeem, and i thought this would be a great occasion.

  • What happened to the yet to be announced Beta that got pushed back for Plus Members?

    I really hope it is PlayStation All Star Battle Royale Beta…..

    If so I know a lot of people would subscribe just to be in the beta!!

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    I cant resist a deal that includes a game for my PS3 as well, so ill have to get Sound Shapes, then ill nab Counter Strike when it rolls around in August!

    Im looking forward to these!!

  • SORRY ,BUT I CANT TAKE TERRY CREWS SERIOUSLY AS An ACTION STAR. Their should have been steven seagal and jackie chan .NOW THAT IS A GOOD ADDITION.

  • Steven Seagal is a bigger action star to you?? What a joke. FYI they Stallone was going to put him in Expendables 2 but Seagal couldn’t get past his ego to work with Van Damme.

  • Thanks for the feedback Morgan. I think your right, making sure that each title gets proper exposure during the Play promotion makes for a fair playing field.

    Papa & Yo is all I need. That and Persona from the “ICRWTCTSTA” July sale.

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  • reserved

  • i remebered that hade to come back at june 27 and i got 10 bucks on that day and does it come out on june 31

  • I can’t find any details on the Expendables game.
    It looks pretty fun. Sort of an old school throwback to shooters such as Smash TV or Mercs.
    Graphics wise it reminds me a lot of Renegade Ops.

    Here’s what concerns me though…. Is there online co-op? Because if not, they really missed the boat on this game. RO, Dead Nation, Zombie Apocalypse are all fun because of the co op play.

    For $14.99 I would assume its included, but why it’s not being talked about is confusing.
    Also, I’ve heard this game doesn’t use the traditional twin stick shooting style, but instead uses the L stick and buttons. I think this is a mistake personally, but we’ll see.

  • I pre ordered & haven’t been up all night waiting to download the when will it actually be available to download??!!

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