PS Home Weekly Update: Street Fighter Total Game Integration Comes Back Home

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PS Home Weekly Update: Street Fighter Total Game Integration Comes Back Home

By popular demand, this Wednesday, July 25th, Street Fighter Total Game Integration event returns as its own dedicated game. On top of that, The Casino offers new collectible freebies to the community, Lockwood releases some awesome dinosaur companions, and more! Here’s the weekly must-do and get list.

1. Street Fighter Total Game Integration returns to PlayStation Home this week as its own dedicated game space.

Square off against friends and foes, and brawl using your avatars! Kick your way over there, starting Wednesday.

PS Home: Street Fighter x Tekken

2. Magnus presents the latest episode of his Virtual Item Showcase.

From dinosaurs to insect-inspired tattoos, there’s tons of great collectibles coming to the PlayStation Home Mall this week. Check it out!

3. VEEMEE – Modular Kitchen

This week VEEMEE brings their Modular Kitchen to PlayStation Home. These beautiful items are the perfect way to give your personal space a sophisticated contemporary look. The kitchen comes in 9 pieces that you can combine to fit any personal space. These include wall units, a corner unit, a breakfast bar, a sink, a stove, and a refrigerator. These pieces come in white, red, black, steel, and gold.


4. Let the summer games begin!

Cheer on your athletes with a flag from your country, courtesy of The Casino. Simply stop by and be automatically rewarded with this hand item totally free! We’ve also added an all-new top tier reward. If you earn, or have earned, 500,000 chips you will be rewarded the Armored Car sidekick. Take this vehicle wherever you go to ensure your chips are always protected. There’s also an all-new reward in the Lucky Fountain – win it before it’s retired! There’s plenty to do in The Casino this week, so come on by and check it out.

5. Konami – Gothic Collection

Konami continues their popular Gothic line with new clothing for women and men. Dance under the midnight moon in this new arcane apparel!


6. Lockwood – Dinosaur Companions


What was that? It sounded kinda like a dinosaur, but aren’t they extinct? And… even if they weren’t extinct, you’ve seen them in movies – if there was one around, the ground would be shaking. You’d be able to hear it stomping along even if it was still streets away.

Something just brushed past at ankle height! This is getting freaky… oh wait! It’s just Lockwood’s new mini dinosaurs. Small, but perfectly formed, Trey the Triceratops, Arnie the Brachiosaur and Rufus the Stegosaurus are available in PlayStation Home this week!

7. Heavy Ink – Arthropod Tattoos

Expanding the line of Obsidian and Ivory tattoos, Heavy Ink is releasing some new designs this week—the insect-inspired Arthropod collection. Visit the Mall where you can purchase these tattoos for your avatar, male or female, light, in a variety of tones! These tattoos are meant to be worn with your existing clothing*, and if you don’t have clothing that works, Heavy Water has provided Bare Canvas torsos free of charge for males and females to proudly display your ink!
*Some clothing items are made differently, so clipping might occur with the tattoos.


8. x7 – Exclusive Early-Access Update

Members of the exclusive PlayStation Home nightclub x7 get access to a brand new bundle, as well as Lockwood’s Cucumber line, which expands with several Country Kitchen items. Be the first to take these collectibles home as part of your x7 membership!

9. The Midway Ca$h Carnival

This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up for the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize. This week, it’s a Sony BRAVIA 55″ Class LED 1080p 240Hz 3D HDTV with 1 set of Sony 3D glasses!

Every weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real Money! Real Fun! For official rules, click here.


10. Community Theater Update

This week in the Community Theater, Hip Hop Gamer shares his interview of upcoming title Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Zoom to the theater this Wednesday and check out this exciting new game in the NFS franchise.

See you in Home!

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5 Author Replies

  • Yeah, that modular kitchen’s great… if you’ve got $9 just burning a hole in your e-wallet!! *thumbs down*

  • hey when home come to psvita i hope soon

  • Another disappointing update.

  • Glad to see that Street Fighter will be back. Will there be any new outfits given away from the game or the same Ryu and Kazuya? SooOooOo waiting on BluePrint hopefully it is out next week !!

  • Hello Cade Peterson, do you have the email adress for Hudson (Dolphyn races ) People, i would like to give them a piece of my mind .
    I Cant stand the casino and Midway, but if it had BINGO with rewards, i would be there.
    Any news on the LOOT EOD TV ?
    Any news on the PUBLIC RESORT with LAY DOWN Lounge Chairs ?
    Any news on the STORAGE for Personal spaces ?
    blah blah blah … know the rest. i dont want to bore you with my nagging……LOL
    anywho, have a great day . : )

  • Is the Street Fighter Total Game Integration here to stay or only for a short time like the dead island game.

  • I had a dream that I was walking around Central Plaza then I went up to the Kiosk by the tree and got two cheeseburgers large fry and a large coke. while I stood on the bench eating my cheeseburger.

  • When is the museum from granzella coming?

  • hey is there a way to bring back Seaside of Memories , not the same one , i know the company left Sony but something similar, but LONGER , to be able to take long walks and wihout that idiotic net underwater, so we can go further deep into the abyss .
    also our avatars should be able to swim, run faster , etc
    any possibilities in bringing Qriocity into Home, maybe a radio with purchasable songs, and also headphones,
    ah and you know what, i really hope that when the PS4 comes out, it comes with the feauture to have 2 or 3 systems in your house ACTIVE , is totally annoying to have to deactivate my Bedroom`s PS3 to be able to watch the movie i purchased thru the PS STORE in my living room`s PS3 , or vice versa.
    I have Itunes and i can watch a movie on my laptop , located in my living room , or go to my desktop in my bedroom and watch the same movie , without having to deactivate 1 and all that NON SENSE.

  • Over 5,000 chips played on the 1st foutain game. Still i got nothing, im not so sure if I want to be trying out for this new item. Otherwise update looks alright, Home is about to be a Dino Park with these new compaions.

  • In your video with the dino companions, What area are your avatar and the companion running through? A special jungle video only area or is this a personal space?

  • Don’t you just LOVE having to spend money every week to find fun in Home anymore?

    And for those who don’t you get recycled events!!!1! :D


  • disappointing update?


    “4. Let the summer games begin!

    Cheer on your athletes with a flag from your country, courtesy of The Casino. Simply stop by and be automatically rewarded with this hand item totally free! We’ve also added an all-new top tier reward. If you earn, or have earned, 500,000 chips you will be rewarded the Armored Car sidekick. Take this vehicle wherever you go to ensure your chips are always protected. There’s also an all-new reward in the Lucky Fountain – win it before it’s retired! There’s plenty to do in The Casino this week, so come on by and check it out.”

    Also it about time SFxTK TGI even returned due to removable without any notices. I am now happy. I hope many people will come in dedicated game space. (EU has it own Dedicated Game Space) due to lack of plays

    • I tend to agree. There’s a laundry list of awesomesauce to check out, play and enjoy! Every week is a little different, but there’s never a truly “light publish.”

      You are also correct, the SF TGI is more specifically the Street Fighter x Tekken Total Game Integration. It might also be the longest name of a TGI we’ve ever had. ;-)

  • PS: The Blog title is missing “Street Fighter x Tekken”

  • @12 Cynical much??? LOL BTW, can I borrow $20, I need to buy me some fun tomorrow. LMAO

  • When is the blue print coming man c’mon im saving my money for that lol

    • There is no date set, but as soon as it’s about ready to come out, you can bet it’ll be announced here on the PS Blog.

  • Why is it you only answer the comments that make this blog look good? We by the stuff you put out, but you never listen to use on the forums page…. We have a playstation home group on facebook with more than 300 members who talk about this kind of stuff.. Maybe you should take a look ant it and see what the people would like to see come to home.. im tired of the disappointing updates we all are.. HOME IS NOT THE SAME ANYMORE!

  • Oh and when is someone going to do something about the CAM SEX request on the activity board . I mean home is for fun not people to use as a nasty craigs list.

  • @Al So just because we get a free hand item, that makes it a better update?


  • I have couple of questions: 1.Is Mercia and Home Tycoon be avalible next month? 2.Any updates on Lockwood Showcase space?

  • Ive posted in the official forums 4 times about a problem. I never got a reward from E3 and nobody is responding. Are you going to ignore this as well? >:(

  • This is another stellar lineup for Ps home.

  • @Sharakon:

    It is coming when the foundation is dry and set. LoL hee hee hee

  • *yawn*

    what’s going on in this upda….

    oh no, there’s nothing going on here. really gotta agree with chad on this one. the casino is a money pit to entice the stupid, so…meh?

    streetfighter was neat (at best) when i was 10

    i like dinosaurs…have them already :P

    oh and whoever decided it was ok to classify those clothes as “Gothic” needs to be slapped.

    terrible update, cept for dinosaurs, they’re neat.

    *goes back to sleep*

  • This update is… meh.. Nothing interesting. 2/10 rating for this week.

  • Cool update.! (^_-) – THE FAZEONES LOUNGE.

  • No T-Rex you gotta be kidding me, I don’t want no dang herbivore

  • Seems as if the Home team have taken summer vacation, after the last few updates. “Just give them some old content while we are gone”. Let’s hope some of us with money to spend are still here when they get back from vacation.

  • What no sockpuppets rushing to defend the perverts paradise? Seriously though the consistantly low ratings and comments by those who really use home should be telling Cade and others allegedly in charge of keeping home running that those who pay their salaries that homes not living up to the hype. Face it guys, the time to start listening to your clientele was a long time ago and now we’re voting with our wallets.

  • Cade Peterson (Sony) why won’t you ever answer erickafollie’s question? She asks that question quite often and she doesn’t seem to be trolling. Sony this is very wack of you.

  • ps home on ps vita would be so awesome looking forward to this update as always

  • I agree someone needs to answer erickafollie’s question.


  • lets hope home is not as lagey lets hope they can fix that it wood be nice as long as the games r not bugey it shod be ok

  • o win r we geting the 100 more frends on r frends list that wood be grate

  • Thanks for listening to us and bring the Tekken space back (:

  • *bringing …. GAH , is too early to be posting …

  • I know why these people wont reply back to me , because their reply is on their head , and it goes as follows:
    Shut up and Dont be a Jerk, post it at the forums , the same forums hardly anyone gets a reply back, ahahahaha, Cant stand this girl !

    I have been a Home member since late 2008 and i would be 1 of the few that was buying everything you guys put out , i thought it was fun and new . 4 years later some things have improve, like the furniture count 100, before the limit was 50 . but then it went back to Auuggh , when you decided to make 1 active item take the place of 22 items, for me it was like taking 2 steps forward, 1 step back .

    Same experience with clothing , was great to get more spaces and storage but then you people decided to jam , wings, hand weapons, accesories (jewerly, watches, rings ) all in 1 place and it was the same feeling.

    Now i ask you, how many Companions does 1 person needs for you guys to say, “ok i think they have enough ” .
    As creative , you and the other creative tems are, you seem to come up with the same items , More Companions and more of the same clothes, just in different colors.

  • I know for a fact that people are not Buying much of anything anymore, specially the ones that have been here Supporting your “creativity and job, since the beginning . its not fun for me to come here and repeit myself week after week, but i feel that things are not getting done, NOT the things we want, the only things getting done are the things YOU think we want .

    Home has improve a lot from what it was back in 2008, but i feel the Spirit of Home has been left Behind , now is all about Marketing , numbers and Quarterly Staments .

    As one of You said once, We have taken more Responsability , thats why we going by our own names,well maybe there is TOO much Responsability on you and too little help , but whatever the situation is, Home must improve .

  • So they removed SF4 Base & Tekken Gym for?…. something less than half as…. er…. “hearted”. I already bought them but others lost the ability to by SF4 Alternate Outfits & Seth. And the store there only reminds me how I still want Devil Jin Gloves with Wings. (And the lack of Armor King.) I don’t know what the need for a SFxTekken Public space was if it was going to be so small & partly patched by HUB. I was hoping for at least an expansion to the space with probably a TV to advertise for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 or whatever Capcom is doing with SF.

  • Dinosaurs! rawrrrr!!!

    +1support for erikafollie’s stance on Home.

  • damn u ppl whine too much. “wah wah wah i cant have it my way”

  • @42 mOb_StAr36 listen chump erickafollie has asking that same question quite a bit and no one from Sony will answers her. You coming on here trying to be funny shut you.. You and people of your ilk will always accept the status quo.

  • @ mOb_StAr36, Hello, i want to apologize if my whining “wah wah wah i cant have it my way” is upsetting your existence , maybe next time you should skip my comments, i dont want you to be stressing because of me .
    Yea, just skip my comments,………….okay ? : )

  • I spoke too soon. heres mob_star35 the idiotic chump from the sony defense force to save his beloved idol from the “great unwashed masses” (aka PAYING CUSTOMERS) who have the temerity to ask what they paid for actually be as advertised and working properly. Erickafollie wasn’t insulting you in anyway, unless of course your a sockpuppet for one of the incompetents who isn’t doing their job which is more than likely. She like many others simply wants what she paid for to work as claimed. but no you have to come on here with your arrogant condescending “HOW DARE THEY!!” attitude. Corporate crybabies like you are sickening.

  • will we ever get the good old places back like the original central plaza or seaside of memories???

  • TURN PSH Home on this is stupid why can’t yall turn it on without lieing

  • steelerzfan44, its unlikely we’ll get those places back no matter how many want them. Home as long cesed to be about paying users, now its just about entincing mindless sheep to spend spend spend without seeing any value. Its a sad reality that home could’ve been so much more but instead its the virtual version of that street our parents warned us not to go down as young kids. If we’re lucky in the future playstation home will be held up as an example of what not to do in corporate america, or anywhere else. If home was somehow brought back on track I could see returning. Unless that does happen I don’t need it. I can watch home shopping channel if I wanted to be bored silly.

  • I’m always longing for that update that actually changes something for the better. Like an update for Playstation Home that doesn’t require us to pay an Arm ‘n’ Leg for people to enjoy. All we have are these exclusive items. Like it’s ment to be, any Avatar whose anyone has them, but they’re so expensive that it’s hard to really experience much of them.

    If they are going by Quantity Over Quality anyway, wouldn’t it be smarter to lower the prices so everyone can have a chance to buy? Making something $9.99 or up doesn’t make it cool, or anymore appealing.

  • TransGirly your not the only one saying it. but unforunately those who consistantly mismanage home like Cade Peterson among others think we’re all gonna keep paying 5 star hotel prices for day old mcdonalds leftovers. they’re not gonna get the picture until we give them a pink slip party.

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