Malicious Manifests on PSN Today

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Malicious Manifests on PSN Today

Malicious is available on PlayStation Network today!

Malicious on PSN

If you’ve had a craving for an addictive, fast-paced action game, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. In Malicious, you have the ability to jump right into boss battles, acquire new skills by defeating them, and eliminate Malicious to save the kingdom of Santville.

Developed by Alvion and exclusive to PlayStation 3, Malicious will be available for $9.99 when the PlayStation Store updates today. If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll nab the game at a 20% discount (until August 7th). Also, as promised in the previous post, we’re also releasing a ton of avatars and dynamic themes today — be sure to check them out!

Malicious on PSNMalicious on PSN

We really hope you enjoy the game and are ready to take your spot on the leaderboards. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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5 Author Replies

  • Will there be a demo/trial?

    • Sorry, we don’t have a demo for Malicious but please remember that plus members get 20% off :D

  • Will be getting this today.

    1) Did you guys fix some of the bugs that was in the Japanese version?
    2) How long is this game?

    • Hi BloodyCow, please check it out!
      Answers to your questions:
      1) We’ve made some enhancements.
      2) This is a tough question. It really depends on your play style. Some trophies in Malicious are very challenging!

  • I’ll be picking up a copy of this today FOR SURE!
    I’ve been looking forward to it for ages. Glad to see it finally hit NA.

    I might even do a livestream of it tonight too.
    *cough* click livestream *cough*

  • I Have bean waiting for this game looks amazing can’t wait to pick up this game

    I will like to know if will have Trophies ?

  • Been waiting for this game for a long time, cant wait to finally play it!

  • gotta make me sign into yahoo to click the screenshots… almost makes me rethink into not buying it :P

    nah jk buyin it

    ps. plz release more ps1/ps2 classics

  • Looks like a fun game. If I have any money left over from the Vita games coming out today, I’ll definitely pick this up!

  • In Japan there’s a Vita version, any chance of that hitting here?

  • When the Vita version will be released?

  • YEAH!! more Japanese games please!

  • A ton of new avatars and dynamic themes? YES!!!

    One more thing..will Malicious include a Platinum Trophy?

  • This game was also looking kind of interesting make sure a demo available so I can decide on a purchase.

  • Hopefully when they release the PSVITA version, they will offer some kind of discount for those who bought the PS3 version.

    I want the vita version the most, but I have been really excited about this game since it was released in Japan years ago, so I will buy the PS3 version. XD

  • any news like atleast a confirmation on the Vita game for it?

  • The art reminds me of Gravity Daze, but maybe that’s just because there’s no video sample.

  • yay thanks for the reminder :D

    will get it sometime this year :)

  • This looks pretty awesome. Just might buy it today :D

  • I want this game badly but i’d rather get this on Vita, so please release it soon!

  • didn’t we get this game early february(EU)? what is the excuse for the US release delay? anyways, it is a good looking game but one of those very difficult very short games, if that is your cup of tea then have a sip.

  • really wouldnt advise this game as it suffers massively from frame rate issues for over 70% of the game :( shame too as it could have been a really good game

  • I’m gonna buy it.

  • Beautiful artwork.

  • At last! After so many rave reviews and awesome trailers, can’t wait to play this when I get home. Day 1 purchase.

  • @23, totally. Those are some awesome screens! Gimme the VIta version & I will buy both ASAP!

  • Very great to see this coming too the states today very curious about this indeed.

  • Great to see that it has finally come to the west!

  • just a question on a side note! Why dont any of the community representatives have playstation plus? Thats kinda bad leadership by example……..Just wondering though really…..

  • I love the art style. I hear it is Mega Man meets Shadow of the Colossus. I am interested.

  • No Vita version major disappointment.

  • From past experience, when there is no demo that’s usually a sign that the game is not worth the price of admission. And for someone to dismiss the fact that there is no demo with ” Well plus members get a discount” Further leads me to believe it’s best to stay away from this one altogether. Just Saying…

  • I’m probably the only one to notice here but this game really reminds me of Foklore/FolkSoul, which i loved and is one of my favorite games ever. ANy relation between that game and this game at all? new studio with devs from GameRepublic maybe?

    Will be getting this!

  • I’m really enjoying this game right now. I love the music, and I really liked the Back story chapters as well. I wish there was a vita version lol.

  • dope .. voice over options … ????

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    ive got limited money in my wallet and im torn between this and foosball for my vita/PS3!

    gotta make a choice….

  • This game is hard. I already knew that though. I like it so far. The music is fantastic. This game is how Dynasty Warrior’s should feel. It actually feels like everyone can kill you (and they do). So much going on, and so many active enemies. Not just standing waiting for death.

    Not surprised there are slow downs at times. So far it only happens when I’m using Aura. Which is pretty much required it seems to do any significant damage to bosses. Runs smoothly without it.

    Only thing I don’t like is how you dodge. You have to push a direction and circle pretty much at the same time. Not push while moving… which means you have to stop before being able to dodge. Which isn’t exactly the most intuitive way to do it.

  • @30/33: There is, we just don’t know if we’ll get it. I hope we do. It would be perfect for the Vita.

    @34: Doesn’t need them. It doesn’t have any real voice work from so far. Trying to think of a better example… Okami comes to mind, but gives the wrong idea. Since it’s not quite like that… go to YouTube and search “let’s play malicious part 1” and click on the german one, ignore the guy talking in german. Skip to about 1:55, again ignoring the guy doing the let’s play to hear what I’m talking about.

    It was the only video I could find that showed the intro.

  • I just wanted to personally thank you for localizing this game. And thanks for making it available at such a reasonable price! I hope you give the Vita version the same treatment.

  • How many trophies are there?

  • Thank you for localizing this game. I want to play this on my PS Vita. (hoping for a vita version)

  • So you’ve “made some enhancements.” Care to elaborate on what they are?

    There are some seriously game-breaking issues with the Japanese version of Malicious. I had posted my concerns on your last blog, but nobody did me the courtesy of any type of response. As a potential customer, I’d like some assurance that most of them–if not all–won’t be present if I purchase this game.

    Just as a courtesy to you, Dais, in hopes that this will somehow be rectified for your past and future customers–if they haven’t already been. Here are some of the issues that I or others have found prevalent in the Japanese version of this game:

    “. . .frame-rate dips that slow animation and disrupt the flow of combat (as I’m sure the developers are aware, timing is key in this game), camera glitches through both terrain and people, certain bosses barricade players into a wall and refusing to move before time expires, and rubble/subtle changes in elevation abruptly stopping your character’s movement (with only 3 lives in Malicious this can bring about terrible consequence through no fault of the player).”

    Thanks for your time.

  • Please bring this to Vita here in the US and I (and MANY others) will definitely buy it!!!!!!

    I’ll buy it twice if I have to!!!!

  • @Eternal-CMO: No those issues are still present in this release.

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