Get Hooked On The Dyad Demo — It’s On PSN Today

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Get Hooked On The Dyad Demo — It’s On PSN Today

Hey everyone, Shawn here again. I’m dropping by the PS.Blog to let you know the Dyad Demo launches today! Yay!

Mare Sheppard of Metanet Software, David Kanaga (Dyad’s composer) and I worked tirelessly through the night to create a new trailer announcing the launch of the demo. It’s a playful take on the first Dyad trailer and other game trailers. I got to star in my very own trailer; that’s pretty neat! I hope everyone has a good laugh, and yes, that’s my real hair!

If the (overwhelmingly positive) reviews are correct, then Dyad is a game you have to play to fully understand — now’s your chance! Check out Dyad’s first five levels, and see if you groove with it. If you do, the PlayStation Plus discount continues this week.

If you’re curious about the game, check out this blog post, and maybe this one too.

If you’re more of an “official site” kind of person, you’re in luck! There just happens to be an official site for Dyad, and it’s located right here.

I’ll be hanging out on the blog throughout the day to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Glad to see the Demo releasing while the discount is still good. I’m kinda on the fence with this one, so this will certainly help with the decision making!

  • Bought the game just a few days ago, its great! Trophy levels are very very hard, but I’ve almost got all the trophies in the first section of the game. Fun demo trailer as well ha.

  • Thank you for the demo. I’ll give it a try.

  • My best friend bought this game and loved it, as I was still on the fence about it. So I tried it out at my buddy place and I got bored within the first hour. I had to shut it off. My buddy was “WTF DUDE THIS GAME IS AWESOME !!! I guess its not my type of game. I didn’t find it fun or enjoyable at all. I’m glad the demo is coming out for people who can try before buy.

  • i will check it out, the only problem it’s the really difficult trophies

  • Stunning game. Well done on the reviews!

  • @kamisa29 (5) They’re not THAT bad. ;) Don’t let the trophies deter you from purchasing the game. They’re all achievable with enough practice.

  • Glad to see there’s a demo for this one. I’ll definitely try it out, because even though it has pretty good reviews, it just doesn’t seem like my type of game at this point. But I’m willing to give it a shot.

  • Definitely gonna try out the demo.

  • Its disappointing to put a demo a week after the sale is gone for plus members. Now I have to wait until the next sale If i try the game now and end up liking it. This is really not fair and the sale should be offered for an additional week for this mishap.

  • @10 The sale continues this week for Plus members. As said in the article.

  • This only means one thing….We need fans built into our TVs! Complete immersion.

    Side note- Do we have word on a Vita version Shawn?

  • Thankyou for continuing the PS Plus discount through this week. You have saved teh internets from exploding.
    Off to try the demo!

  • These videos are hilarious. I’ve heard so many good things about this game, so I’m glad to see a demo for those of us that would like to try it out.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    kamisa29:”i will check it out, the only problem it’s the really difficult trophies”

    WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! It’s too hard!!! I want all my trophies to come easy! I need a large trophy collection so I can totally look like a boss to all my friends! But I don’t want to earn them, I just want people to THINK I’m good! Shawn can you release a patch that makes the game easier for us lazy kids? I need another easy platinum to go with my Hannah Montana plat. We don’t wanna actually put any effort into our games… Blah.

    No, please Shawn, don’t do it. Let the weaklings suffer. We must trample the weak.

  • Downloaded the demo because I was still not convinced about this one. Installed it… started demo… within the first 2 levels I was falling asleep. That’s bad, because I was bored to sleep. I wasn’t even sleeping at the start or after I stopped playing it.

    I guess this game is made for the ADHD crowd.

    Thanks for providing the demo instead of me wasting my money on it. Will keep it as one of my tools to use if I ever have difficulty going to sleep.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Ha ha… Sirynx, yeah I thought it was boring at first too… the first couple of levels are pretty boring actually (very repetitive and shallow), but I kept pushing through the demo and by the time I got to the lancing stage, I felt like it was opening up a little more, but… then the demo ended. So, I’m still not sure about buying this game…

    Perhaps if it was $9.99 I’d take it, but $14.99 is just a tad too steep for what seems to be a highly repetitive game. Nice colors though, and the controls are responsive. That’s a plus.

  • “Perhaps if it was $9.99 I’d take it, but $14.99 is just a tad too steep for what seems to be a highly repetitive game”

    WAAAAA It’s too much money! WAAA!

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  • Yeah I tried the demo, not that fun. I guess if you haven’t ever played a rail shooter this is a fun game.

  • Honestly I like the game. It is good to have different experiences. It is understandable that like most games, it will not be for everyone. I don’t play COD, but I never waste the time bashing it just because it isn’t my thing. For the record, most games are repetitive but it kills me when people go out the way to bash a game just because they don’t like it or can’t play well.

  • The first few get you used to it and it definitely gets more challenging as you go, adding more things to do. I bought it day one with the Plus discount, so I don’t know how far the demo lets you go. It steps it up quick enough, imo, and trophies are difficult, but in a good way.

  • I was pleasantly surprised with Dyad. The pure gameplay was fun and challenging enough to frustrate, but was fair nonetheless; most of the soundtrack is catchy (because some songs are meant to sound scary / panicky); and the visuals are unlike anything I’ve seen before. I enjoyed every second of this game (even when I was getting my ass handed to me), so I’d recommend this to anyone looking to play something different.

  • I personally don’t like to download demos, but a lot of people do, so you guys should seriously consider releasing game demos the same time a game is released.

    Anyway, I already got the game and it’s pretty awesome and freakin trippy. I love the visuals, the music , and the fast pace. The game also has a really cool “old school” feel to it. I don’t even think I’m half way through, but I’m really looking forward to the ending, I’ve heard it’s pretty crazy.

  • PrimeroIncognito


    Nice try, but saving money for other things is a completely different world than worrying about trying to accumulate easy imaginary trophies. It doesn’t compare. Responsible people measure the value of things before purchasing them. Immature babies worry about their trophy profile, or whine about GAMES being too hard.

    And I’m not even saying that it’s too much money, because it’s not at all. It’s just principle. It seems like a $9.99 kinda game. I can afford to pay $100 for it if I felt like it, but I’d feel like an idiot for doing so when it’s only worth $10.

    So, WAAAAA!!!!!! I’ll wait for it to go on sale… It’s good enough for $10. I want to save the extra $5 for the next Pinball Arcade DLC.

    I’m bewildered by how you tried to make a connection there…

  • The person you quoted only said they trophies seem difficult yet they were still checking out the game. Trophies make the game a lot more enjoyable to some people. They weren’t crying but you just wanted to be a dbag.

    I’m bewildered at your thought process.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    But now YOU’RE crying… and being a “dbag” to me, right? Hypocrisy doesn’t seem to register in your brain.

    And hey, I won’t deny that I’m a jerk. I’m probably one of the biggest jerks you’ll ever meet in your whole life. But, what are you going to do about it? I’m not a nice guy. I used to be, but you pathetic humans did nothing but spit in my face and take advantage of me, so, no more of that. Humanity in general makes me sick. Lazy, greedy, selfish, arrogant, dishonest, weak, and of course, delusional creatures… the majority of human beings are.

    Very few people on this planet are worthy of my utmost respect, and I highly doubt you’re one of them, so don’t expect your words to matter to me anytime soon.

    By the way, “the only PROBLEM it’s the really difficult trophies” is definitely a WHINE (complaint, “crying”, etc.) in regard to the difficulty level, rather than merely stating that they “seem difficult”. So, you’re wrong anyway.

  • Why do you speak like you’re in a really bad anime? Get over yourself, you’re making everyone laugh.

  • Yet another reflection, and a horribly unimpressive and unfeasible analogy. Boring! A perfect example of the undesirable traits I was talking about. Good job, junior. I’ll give it a D-.

  • i to am glad a demo has been released to test drive however im quite sure the full game is quite tough

  • lights .. music .. camera .. action lets go

  • This *looks* a lot like the old “N20” game from the PS1 based on the video. Can anyone tell me if they compare?

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