Sack it to Me: Announcing the Disney Princesses!

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Sack it to Me: Announcing the Disney Princesses!

Disney Princesses Costume Packs Coming Soon!

LittleBigPlanet will soon be graced by the presence of eight very special ladies, with our upcoming Disney Princesses Costume Packs. Belle, Aurora, Tiana, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Snow White and even little Ariel will all be ready for the LittleBigPlanet Ball when the packs release next month.

Disney Princesses Wallpaper

To celebrate the release of the Disney Princesses Costume Packs, we have this rather lovely wallpaper of our princesses to share with you.

Next week will see the release of Disney Princesses Costume Pack 1, which will contain Aurora, Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White. The remaining Princesses will be part of the Disney Princesses Costume Pack 2, just a couple weeks after that. Stay tuned to Sack it to Me for more news on the Disney Princesses Costume Packs!

LittleBigPlanet Central Contest #8 – The Results

LBPC8 Contest Banner

A massive round of applause, plenty of cheering and rejoicing is in order for yu-kamone, who is the grand prize winner of the LBPC Contest Crew’s 8th Contest, Aquatic Acceleration.

The competition was tight though, and we have a couple of runners-up who also deserve some praise for their great entries, so please give a big ol’ pat on the back to coscos-9 and deadmn for their entries as well! For the full contest results announcements, be sure to head on over to

LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Creations

Next up, we’ll look at some of the creations that have been published in the LittleBigPlanet Karting beta! The beta is only into its third week, and already we are seeing some astounding levels made by the LittleBigPlanet Karting beta community.

Helicopter Shooter by TI-_-I


Helicopter Shooter is a brilliant example of Karting’s potential. If you notice, there’s no Kart or Sackboy anywhere in this screenshot. Instead, you take control of a helicopter, flying around an arena shooting towers, blocks, and other buildings in a race to gather as many points as you can before time runs out.

Codi’s Beachy Race by codibear8383


Codi’s Beachy Race is precisely what it sounds like – a well-designed, highly polished beach-themed karting track. Smack in the center of this winding sandy road is a volcano, perched right on the edge of eruption. Careful when it goes boom – drive too close and you might get singed!

NEON Circuit by Crazy_S


From a plethora of multicolored lights and decorations, to a track layout reminiscent of coiled spaghetti, NEON Circuit is one of the most aesthetically unique levels we’ve encountered. It’s also an absolute blast to play – especially with friends!

Excited by what you’ve seen so far, but don’t have the LittleBigPlanet Karting beta? Lucky for you, registration is still open and you still have a chance to get in! What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

Mm Picks

This week sees a healthy selection of community levels in the Mm Picks with a grand adventure, a competition winner and Sam’s true love story for Sackboy to play through. We have a couple of great mini-games, including a Japanese puzzler that will time your movements and sense of direction precisely in KURU KURU KURURUIN, and a Western-themed game where you can don your cowboy hat to clear a town of bandits in The Gunslinger Arts.

AVALORE - The Sacred Trials -PROLOGUE- {1Player}

AVALORE: The Sacred Trials – PROLOGUE – {1Player} by hemflowhotflop

LBPC8 Raging Stream

(LBPC8) Raging Stream : 1player only (1st Place) by Yu-Kamone

The Great Exploration of Sam Stinklefritz

The Great Exploration of Sam Stinklefritz by codibear8383


KURU KURU KURURUIN ver.2.0 [JPN] by isikawa271320

The Gunslinger Arts - Hands of Lightning Speed

The Gunslinger Arts “Hands of Lightning speed” [JPN] by Rose2099

Join the Community and win a LittleBigPlanet Cap!

Finally this week, we’re also pleased to announce the beginning of an ongoing series of new community activities on Twitter, which will see everyone being given the chance to win a rather fashionable LittleBigPlanet Cap for their Sackboy or Sackgirl.

LittleBigPlanet Cap Announcement

Be sure to follow @LittleBigPlanet on Twitter to find out how you can get in on these community activities and win this snazzy cap!

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9 Author Replies

  • Wow, my daughter is going to love this. But when is LBP Vita coming out, any news? When is the new update coming out for the Vita?

    • We don’t have a release date just yet.
      Believe me, if we did… I would be shouting it from the rooftops for all to hear! ;)

  • I forgot FIRST.

  • Rapunzel sackgirl is kinda hot

  • So, with the Disney Princesses, will any of the Disney PRINCES come along anytime soon as well? Would love to see them come along as well, namely Eug-err, Flynn Rider.
    Loving what creators have been making for LBPK so far!

  • I know this is off topic but will we have to pay for the cross controller dlc or do we get it for free if we have both games?

    • The Cross Controller DLC will be a full level pack for LittleBigPlanet 2.
      It won’t be free but we’re not ready to announce the price just yet.

  • Ok Rapunzel from Tangled? I’m sold, one of the best movies ever!!!

  • wait why is Jasmine white? She’s supposed to be kinda dark u know. have a brown color…

  • Where’s my girl Mulan?!! Haha jk.

  • @7 Amazing that you noticed that… She could stand to swap with Rapunzel I guess.

  • haha this is awesome, but yea, where is mulan? also any release date for the vita version yet? im dying for it. and i didnt get a LBP karting beta either :(

  • Is that the same LBP Cap from awhile ago given from Qore?

    • That’s correct, it is the same cap.
      Although this is the first time that the LittleBigPlanet Cap will be available outside of North America. :)

  • @Robbie_G_lrish
    Ya I looked at the picture and saw the black princess and assumed it was jasmine at a quick glance then look over and see the headband and this sackgirl with the EXACT SAME Sactone of Snow White and every other princess and then go WTH!? How r u gonna make like one of the only darker princess white?? Thats some serious sack racism.

  • @Media Molecule
    Still w8ing for a KINGDOM HEARTS Costume pack!

  • Pocahontas?

  • I hope this means more level packs. :)

    I agree, where is mulan?

  • I was kidding about Mulan btw, she’s not a princess, she has no royal blood in her. I’d still like a costume of her though.

  • Where is Kairi??? Just kidding :D

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    guys i just had a terrible thought – what if all these hot sack-princesses are really just sackboy in drag

  • @16: In terms of the Disney Princess brand, she is part of it though. They said this is just Part 1. The rest will be in Part 2. So let’s hope they don’t miss anybody.

    I’m all over this. That hair/those wigs are AWESOME.

  • Sack Disney Princesses look awesome!! I’ll have to finally download LBP2 just for this… :P But yeah, where are Mulan and Pocahontas? They ARE officially part of the franchise. Also, even though she is kind of unofficial, I’d love to see Giselle in sack version too (the animated Giselle, that is). XD

  • The question is, do I love my daughter enough to buy these even if she will never have a clue as to their existence.

    She would get a kick out of them though I am sure. She still gets excited when she sees me play, ‘HAPPY BOY!’ Yeah, she doesn’t call him sack boy she calls him Happy Boy.

    • Haha, well personally I wouldn’t be a meanie!
      If she does find out about them, then you would be in big trouble. ;)

      Happy Boy is a great name for Sackboy though! :)

  • No Mulan, No Pocahontas, no deal.

  • Is there any chance of you guys bringing back The Incredibles level pack and costumes? I missed out on those and since you guys are clearly in talks with Disney it would be awesome to know if this was at all possible.

  • Oh my goodness these Disney princesses are so adorable!

  • I don’t see Mulan up there… If there is no Mulan in one of the costume packs, I will jump off the Great Wall.

  • Those costumes are pretty awesome I gotta say and Karting keeps looking better and better.

  • All their eyes look kinda derpy except for Cinderella and Tiana. Also I hope that the hair and crowns are SEPERATE items this time.

  • Why is Jasmine white? I just showed this to my daughter and she just yawned. She said it would be great if she got MONSTER HIGH CHARACTERS for LBP instead of old boring disney princesses. D:

  • Question (from my daughter): does Rapunzel hair glow?

  • Noooooo! My girly cousin will force me to purchase this! NOOOOOOO! ;( This will be her early Xmas gift; it’s settled.

  • also rapunzels dress was purple not pink

  • Because of this, I say it’s about time they made a Kingdom Hearts DLC

  • Wonder if theres Stickers on this DLC but does Disney work with Media Molecule but does Marvel work with Media Molecule too!?

  • I have definitely been “Sacked” that I am knocked out. I am going to get all the Disney Princess Packs as soon as it is released. Also, can you tell Disney that Rapunzel shouldn’t be considered a princess? Since she was CGI? Unless they want to make a animated version of the movie.

  • Why is this rated so low?

  • I wonder if they’ll do a disney villians pack. That would be pretty cool!

  • Sackboys in Disney Princess suits, you sir are mad

  • I hope my sister doesn’t see these. Also I would be excited for the cap, but I already got mine when the Qore came out.

  • I’d purchase Merida if she were released. Especially if she had a little mini Sack-bow.

  • Wow, I bet all this DLC would be REALLY popular if it worked in LittleBIGPlanet Karting too!! ;)

  • I was playing the vita beta and it said that it was over.

  • What about Merida from Brave ? The newest Disney princess

  • I’ll be honest, i don’t like the hair. You guys make great guy costumes (I should know) but you rarely make good girl costumes. Ex. Rapunzels hair was a bit too volumonus to me and Ariel’s bang was too in-your-face. Although Jasmine two-piece was the bomb.

  • They should also make a level pack and every level is a differnt story that will be Awsome!

  • I know that Mulan isn’t a princess since she has no royal blood and she married a Capt of the guard not a Prince. However per wikipedia Mulan has been given an official spot in the Princess line regardless
    I agree that Pocahontas should have been included. She is a princess.


  • no offense but is there really a need for this to be 2 packs? Why not have a combo sale? Will there be levels like the Toy Story Pack? That would be an insta-purchase for me, otherwise 4yo daughter or not, I’ll probably pass.

  • Is this exclusive to LBP 2? Or will they work with LBP?

  • Yeah needs Milan, Pocahantas, and even Merida. She’s at the parks as a princess already! I have 4 daughters and two of those are two of my girls favs!

  • Need edit……or no autocorrect Mulan*

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