PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

We’ve reached the conclusion of Dyad launch week here on PlayStation.Blog; if you’ve already read creator Shawn McGrath’s launch post and heard him on this week’s Blogcast, you can find reviews from a myriad of gaming sites below. Spoiler alert: people like it.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 16th, 2012)

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  • Yay for MGS4 Trophies! :)

  • Yay for MGS4 Trophies indeed! And yes I do think that Desmond needs to end.

  • I’ve noticed that the blog share has its new team and there are a huge flood of new ideas even though a lot of them are quite similar. Anyway, I’m glad it’s back on track.

    Sorry to be a broken record especially since many other gamers are but any update on PS1 Classics playable on the PS Vita?

    • Yes, that team is finally getting on track. They’ll get caught up on tracking dupes soon too. No update on PSone Classics.

  • i would love to know that myself sonicfan i have a question for who ever control this blog how do i submit my vikin photo i cant find out how to do that plz help me out

  • hey jeff,
    just wanted to know can you send this to the sony team, it’s a few little issues on the vita that need to be patched.
    1. Notifications when you go to check it and close it, it takes around 15 seconds to remove the number of unread ones and during that time you literally can’t open any apps nor can you load anything. it will extend loading on anything already open during those 15 seconds.
    2. Save data filesfor Vita should be extractable from download games like psp games. my bros dynasty warriors next currupted after 40 hours of play and he couldn’t keep his save because the game and the save are the same file.
    3. A option to always keep your Vita online, example is. I literally always keep skypeon because my Vita functions the way I hoped it always would. When Skype is closed notifications and so on are silenced and only come once in a long while. But when Skype is on even in sleep the notification Sounds play so you know you got one and it comes realtime. Also I hate that the vita literally turns off your wifi if you manually put it to sleep but doesn’t turn off when you wit the time limit forbit to sleep. tho it is still silenced

  • by the way the last part i mean it should not turn off your wifi unless you want it to
    4. last but not least, auto sign in to psn when system is on.
    Actually and one last thing can you somehow find out if there will be a travity rush update like uncharted so it doesn’t turn wifi off while playing, I hate when games do that. Takes away from the concept of the vita. Also hope Sly doesn’t do that, makes me not wanna own gravity rush, was the main thing holding me from uncharted too

  • There are going to be remastered HD versions of Yakuza 1 and 2 coming this November, but only in Japan for now. :(

    Square Enix says they’re going to announce “new developments” on Final Fantasy XIII on September.

  • I was looking at my wishlist and this fall and october is so brutal. Had to put lots of things on hold. But what wud really kill my wallet is if PS All-Stars and Sly Cooper and bundled (Vita and PS3 versions) for lesser prices.

  • the life cycle of the ps3 soon will end, and yet theirs no color version of a ps3 in the US(only japan and EU have color ps3).

    i would like a bundled white ps3 or at least bring the ones from japan here.

  • If anyone here is interested in FREE PSN cards I found this sweet app for Android called JunoWallet that’s completely legit, basically you download apps and get points, no catch, check it out for yourselves and use the referral code CK1169746 for an instant bonus reward! Add me on PSN @ MushThePainter if you have any questions or need help

  • I am excited about Ni No Kuni, but Destructoid is a site with trolls that call themselves journalists, with Jim the POS Sterling being chief troll. I will find a similar, better written article about it somewhere else.

  • Oh look, Joystiq and IGN both wrote better articles.

  • Hey Jeff, I need your help man!

    I’ve been playing Resistance 3 Multiplayer Team Deathmatch with my friends in party, and at the end of the 2nd round, our PS3 completely crashed, and it happened too many times. If were only my PS3 that crashed, that’s ok, but my friends PS3 crashed too, at the same time, over the same ocassion.

    Can you have a little talk with Insomniac about this? It’s very strange, and wasn’t happening some months ago.

    Also, I know it’s not your departament, but can you tell when the Android ICS update are coming to Xperia S? I looked for it, but found nothing.

    I will buy this awsome phone when the update is available. If you can say the month, I will be very pleased.

    Thanks a lot!

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