Tales of Xillia Coming to PS3, NAMCO BANDAI Answers Your Questions

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Tales of Xillia Coming to PS3, NAMCO BANDAI Answers Your Questions

Earlier this month, NAMCO BANDAI announced (via Twitter, no less), that they’d follow Tales of Graces f’s North American release with a Western version of Tales of Xillia.

Tales of Xillia

This PS3-exclusive RPG is a celebration of sorts for the Tales series of RPGs, which had been around for 15 years at the time of the game’s release in Japan. But rather than just rehash classic elements, the Tales team took some chances, crafting a new battle system and a more grown-up visual style. The result, according to Famitsu, is the best Tales game yet.

Last week, I had a chance to pose some questions (including some of your Twitter queries) to Tales series producer Hideo Baba. Here are his answers:

Jeff Rubenstein, PlayStation Blog: Tales of Graces f came to PS3, but Vesperia didn’t hit PS3 in North America. Now Tales of Xillia has been announced for North America. How do you determine which titles in the series get a an English-language conversion?

Hideo Baba, NAMCO BANDAI Studios Inc.: Given the current resources assigned to the Tales of series team, I am always trying to find ways to assign staff members to work on a Western localized title as well as a new game for Japan when possible. However, the team’s main objective is to create new titles for Japan first, and unfortunately staff resources are not always available. Moving forward, I would really like to assemble teams to release as many of the main Tales of games overseas as possible.

Tales of XilliaTales of Xillia

PSB: Tales of Graces f’s battle system was well loved. Talk about Tales of Xillia’s Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System. How does it compare? What is new?

HB: Our fans, as well as ourselves, are always searching for the next evolution in the unique real-time Tales of battle system. With Tales of Graces f we were able to design and adjust that battle system into something that was acclaimed by both gamers and the press alike. However we were not completely satisfied and felt that it could be taken a bit further. With that challenge in front of us we created the Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System for Tales of Xillia. There are two big new features with DR-LMBS. The first one allows players to link two characters’ artes, which utilizes the game’s setting of two leading characters; Jude and Milla. The second is the Linked Artes system, which is a cinematic attack performed by two characters in a flashy combo. In addition to the fast paced and exhilarating battles many fans loved in Tales of Graces f, players will now be able to enjoy real-time action battles with two united characters.

PSB: At the beginning you’ll choose between two characters. How does the game change depending on if you go with Milla or Jude?

HB: Depending on which character the player chooses at the beginning of the game they will experience various story sequences play out from the point of view of either of our main characters; Jude or Milla. The main, overall storyline does not change between either Jude or Milla, but to experience the full story players will have to play the game as both characters.

Tales of Xillia

PSB: Xillia is the best rated Tales of series ever in Japan; it received a 39/40 in Famitsu. What improvements have been made from Tales of Graces f that you think merited such critical acclaim?

HB: I believe the game was acclaimed because of its maturity as the 15th anniversary title in Japan. As I previously mentioned, we are always challenging ourselves to evolve the series and to develop each title that will surpass fan expectations from the last title. I think that these gameplay evolutions from game to game over the course of the past 15 years have helped the series earn its critical acclaim.

PSB: Artistically, Tales of Xillia is very different than the last few Tales games, featuring more “mature” character models. What audience is the story geared toward? Tales of Graces f felt aimed at a pretty young crowd.

HB: The main audience in Japan remains continues to be the core Tales of series fans. However, we know we need to acquire new fans while also keeping returning fans of the series invested in our new titles. The new character design is a big change for the series, and helps us attract new players without sacrificing the devoted Tales of fans. I think you may recognize Milla as a mature character in terms of her portrayal in the game. Our intentions with Milla, for example, is to create a woman with strong convictions that female players can aspire to be like when they grow up. Of course she is also portrayed to be adored by young men like Jude.

Tales of XilliaTales of Xillia

PSB: What was it like developing Tales of Xilia exclusively for PS3? Was it easier focusing on one platform?

HB: As I’ve mentioned before, the main market for the Tales of series is Japan, and the console highest in demand is the PlayStation 3. We’ll pursue the possibility of releasing titles on various hardware systems as the market changes, but for now we’ll develop the titles on PlayStation 3 to reach the most Japanese players as possible.

PSB: Tales of Xillia came out in Japan last year, but won’t drop in the West until next year. With this extra time, will the team provide any additions to the international version?

HB: I understand this concern well, but we consider the Japanese version of the game as a finished product and hope overseas fans can enjoy the game as it is. The same can be said for all the DLC content as well. There is no big change between the original Japanese version and the international version because we want to provide the same gameplay experience as much as possible between all regions.

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  • Ummm… this was announced by Namco over a week ago. Anyway, the more JRPG’s, the better!!!

    • first sentence in the post: Earlier this month, NAMCO BANDAI announced (via Twitter, no less), that they’d follow Tales of Graces f’s North American release with a Western version of Tales of Xillia.

  • 2013 is good for me

  • This makes me feel great, especially after the Versus 13 cancellation rumor. More Tales games!

  • YES! Thank you Namco and Sony.. cannot wait for this game! i got 2 copies of Tales of Graces F to support the company and will do the same with Xillia and get 2 copies of the game :).. i love Tales of games
    If possible i have got few requests:
    1- Please bring some Tales of avatars to the PSN store.
    2- Please bring Tales of Graces F to the PSN store and have it as full game download ( im sure lots of people want to play it and will buy it off the PSN store, NISA starting to do it so i think Namco should too ).
    3- Please bring Tales of Vesperia over too for the PS3, i know Tales of Vesperia was released a while ago but i still really want to play the PS3 version.
    4- Will we see Tales of Xillia 2 hopefully in the future?
    5- will Namco have a Limited Ediition of Tales of Xillia for North America including Canada?

    Thank you once again for bringing this game over and cannot wait to get my hands on it:)

  • I really like this game I just hope that is early 2013 and that they bring all dlc not like tales of grace f that has missing dlc on America T.T

  • Shut up and rape my wallet.

  • You forgot to ask the most important question: Will there be Japanese VO with english subtitles?

  • Day 1 cant wait

  • Knew this ages ago, but bless the Blog for promoting it anyhow.

    Does this mean we will see Xillia 2? Any news on the Tales Vita game that Japan currently has coming over here? I will buy Xillia just as I bought Graces F.

    Oh, and as an above poster mentioned, having all of Namcos RPGs available digitally on the PSN (Eternal Sonata comes to mind) could only be a good thing. These games can be quite difficult and expensive to find, and many of them have limited print runs. There are probably thousands of sales out there just waiting for the convenience of having these games available without any of the hassle in hunting them down.

  • So glad Xillia is being localized. Hopefully it does well enough outside of Japan so we can see the sequel get localized as well. Also, I would LOVE to see the PS3 version of Vesperia finally make its way over to NA.

  • @ Jeff

    Yeah, I noticed that after I commented… great editing system we have here on the blog.

  • Looks sweet. Will we see a demo before launch ?

  • Like Tales of Graces F this will be a first day buy to me! Thanks NB for releasing this game on America!

    Please NamcoBandai bring Tales of Innocence R (PSV) to America too! We would love to play it!

  • Glorious.
    I hope Xillia 2 comes as well. The more Tales, the merrier.
    Is Vesperia still alive? Some rumors state that VA is holding back the US release…
    After all this time, I wouldn’t mind to just have the game in english, regardless of having VA.

  • Consider me Pre-ordered on Amazon. Thank you Namco Bandai.

  • News of Xillia’s localization makes me really really happy :)
    Graces F is my favourite action rpg this gen and i’m sure Xillia will be just as incredible. Just 2 questions from me,
    1) has NamcoBandai considered bringing Xillia 2 over too?
    2) and on a lesser note, any chance of getting Vesperia even as a digital-only release?

  • I’m a huge NISA fan because of their relentless support to JRPGs and commitment to localize them. I’m happy to see the same formula being applied by another company. This really makes my day to see NAMCO BANDAI continue to bring this series stateside and it’s definitely appreciated. Titles like these may not sell COD numbers, but they sure do build a loyal and dedicated following of fans. Also, I absolutely adored Eternal Sonata and hope to see more games like it come stateside.

    Take note Square-Enix!

  • @Jeff, I would have to second the request for more Tales of merchandise being released here in North America. On the Japanese PSN store you can download avatars and PS3/PSP wallpapers featuring almost every main character over the past 15 years. I would love to represent Judas, Philia, Luke, and Veigue online via avatars!

  • Will have japanese áudio?

  • Beautiful art style.

  • It’s sad vesperia never came to the ps3.. I have it on 360 and though it has all the problems of other JRPGs ( no side quest, childish characters) it was fun for a while.
    the PS3 version had lots more to offer such as full voice acting and a new character. why they just didn’t translate the game I don’t know.

    I probably won’t get this tales game, but if graces f hits the $20 range I will get it. they just don’t compare to games like skyrim, but the stories are usually pretty decent and the music is really good. one thing JRPGs do well is music it seems.

  • I’m happy for this,
    Jeff can you please get info on a release for Tales of Innocence R releasing for NA on Vita, I’ve been hoping and praying it comes here, I like RPG’s on the go, and couldn’t play the first version of innocence, because the platform it was on didn’t prove enough to handle it in my opinion.

  • Namco Bandai have been really impressing me as of late. First with the seminal Dark Souls as well as the beautiful Ni No Kuni, and now two Tales games. They’re quickly becoming one of my favorite publishers.
    That said, I’m really hoping they include an option for the Japanese voices in any localized Tales game.

  • I honestly could not get into tales of graces f. This however looks better!!!

  • They need to bring Innocence R for PS Vita over.

    Then I’ll believe that we’re getting some good treatment.

    Being a Tales fan is tedious because of how Namco handles it.

  • I would really love a chance to play the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia in English, considering I don’t own, nor do I plan to own, the other system it is on. If Namco Bandai doesn’t want to release it to retail, maybe they could possibly release it on PSN, like other companies have been doing with some full retail releases.

  • This is great, I will surely buy it, I love JRPGs, I would love to have them on PSN too!

  • Have they stated a release date yet? Will it be this year or next?

  • I never played a tails game before, but i got my eye on it.
    always was a bit childish for me.
    hopefully this is the one.

  • I’m very excited for this announcement as I pre-ordered Tales Of Graces F hoping we’d get our hands on more Tales Of games. However, PS3 users missed a Tales Of game titled Vesperia. Is there any hope in releasing the newer version for PS3 owners like they did in Japan? I know the focus is on Xillia right now, and that’s fair, but I was just curious if Namco Bandai is even weighing the option.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work!

  • Im excited about more Tales games, but Namco can you guys please localize Tales of Innocence R? Ive been wanting some RPG love on my vita and would gladly purchase this day one.

  • I’ve never played any game in the Tales series before but I’m actually pretty sure this will be the first one. I hope it’s really good and Xillia 2 gets localized.

  • >Vesperia even as a digital-only release?
    I second this.
    Maybe at least via PSN translation patch? If it needs, I will buy Tales of Vesperia from Japan, 80 bucks is nothing for the game of my favorite series.

  • please bring more jRPG to PS3.

    I’m considering to buy a PS2 just because I want to play more jRPGs.

  • I’d also like it if there was a PSN version. The game had a somewhat limited run, and my Coutny, Mexico, it goes for ridiculous prices if you find it.

    Also, because of the Arksys sale, I was interested in getting Hyperdimensions Neptunia, but it’s not available here in Mexico either. Both Record of Agarest War games are available though. :(

  • Please bring Vesperia to PS3 (or even better, Vita) in the USA! Even if it’s only a digital release we’d be happy. But a physical one would still be preferable.
    Please NB, we will buy it and it will make you oodles of fans and money.

  • Also, please bring over Tales of Innocence R…the Vita needs it! I need it!

  • YAY.. another great JRPG destroyed by a bad English dub with a localizing group that will NOT secure the rights to put duel audio tracks in their games.

  • Will buy day one! :)

  • @WICKOtheSTAMPEDE and rafael_martines

    No it won’t have a Japanese voice track, none of their localized Tales series games have and Namco Bandai have already stated in an earlier interview that this one will not either.

  • Weeaboos crack me up. The only reason you people think the Japanese dubs are so superior is because you can’t understand them. They’re both equally cheesy, so pick your poison I suppose. But don’t act like one is better than the other.

    Count me up for wanting Tales of Vesperia PS3 as well. Played through it on 360 and had a blast, but would gladly purchase it again because of Flynn and Patty. I’d buy a Vita for Innocence R as well. Honestly a bit surprised we haven’t heard anything about a localization for that already.

  • Oh, and of course I’m quite happy to hear Xillia is making it over. Actually went out and preordered a copy when the localization was announced.

    Keep it up, Namco-Bandai. You’ve really been impressing me lately.

  • @rodrom (#35):
    Um…..I believe those are permanent price drops, not sales….(for the Aksys games). And since when was Record of Agarest War Zero was available? All I see are the Game Add-Ons. Hyperdimension Neptunia isn’t even by Aksys…..

    Speaking of Agarest War, I never played the games before, but I went and played the Full Game Trial of #2 and loved it (since I’m a big fan of Japanese games like that and Tales). Now, off to trade stuff in to Amazon and buy it from them (as a disc…maybe even the limited edition! The most interesting things in the RoAW games’ limited editions are the physical items that come inside them…..Well, okay, maybe not Zero’s…)

  • Lookin foward to it!!!

  • I enjoyed Graces f so I’m really excited for Xillia! Though it would be nice if we could get some info on whether or not NB will consider localizing Vesperia PS3. As of late many fans have been asking about it.

  • Also, I’d love to see a few JRPGs (not just Tales, but games like….well….pretty much just Record of Agarest War (1 and/or 2) for now since they’re the only PS3 JRPGs on the Store right now AFAIK) come to our Instant Game Collection.

    Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  • Oh, yes, and yay for more Tales!!!

  • I am very happy to see that Sony and Namco Bandai are working very closely in promoting this game. The Tales series is a great rpg series that could really take off in the West given the right amount of press coverage. I just want to express my gratitude to everyone at Sony and Namco Bandai involved in Tales of Xillia and hopefully in future titles to come. If the Tales series continues to come to the West steadily, you can be sure I will continue to support both Sony and Namco Bandai as well.

  • This has the stink of sockpuppets all over it. Don’t get me wrong Anime games are always a good idea but not when their as bad as Graces F was, and if this is in anyway based on the same mechanics I can definately afford to miss it. What would be better is something more akin to Phantasy star or Star Ocean style games. Speaking of which. PS2 got a Phantasy Star game so did PSP, as did PC and that other system. Why not also approach sega to bring some Phantasy Star on PS3 and also for the game starved Vita fans? I’m sorry but I cant take the Tales Of series seriously after I saw Graces F at a friends place, it was a horrible Wii hand me down and it showed. PS3 gamers deserve better.

  • Jeff I seriously want to commend your interview skills recently. This interview + the beyond video interview of the other day shows you know how to ask the important questions, not just filler questions for previews. Keep up the great stuff, I really appreciate it along with a lot others I’m sure.

    • Thanks – I try to ask the questions you’d want to know (or that I want to know). I can’t always make them answer, of course ^__^

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