Wizorb Brings Block-Breaking Magic to PS minis Tuesday

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Wizorb Brings Block-Breaking Magic to PS minis Tuesday

Hi there! Alexey Menshikov from Beatshapers and Jonathan Lavigne from Tribute Games here. We’re stopping by to let you know Wizorb for Playstation minis will be available on PlayStation Store in North America for $3.99, on July 24th! You’ll be able to play on your PS3, PSP, and eventually on your PS Vita.

Wizorb is a unique combination of classic block-breaking action and light RPG elements. The game features a charming a pixel art style, an engaging storyline, epic boss fights, and various worlds to explore.

Wizorb on PS minisWizorb on PS minis

The game’s action happens in small levels filled with blocks and enemies that players must destroy, using a ball and a paddle — fans of old-school block-breaking games will feel right at home here. In addition to breaking bricks, players can employ a multitude of different magic spells, like fireballs, teleportation, and summoning a gust of wind to alter the ball’s path. Be careful though: magic is not an unlimited resource, and you’ll need to collect potions from broken blocks or merchants to keep using it.

Wizorb on PS minisWizorb on PS minis

Here’s a fancy bullet list detailing just a few of Wizorb’s features:

  • An all-new block-breaking game set in a fantasy world
  • Use your magic wand to bounce the orb and cast various magic spells
  • Over 60 levels in 5 different worlds
  • Epic boss fights, multiple endings and bonus levels
  • Character animation by Paul Robertson (http://probertson.tumblr.com), the animator behind Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006, Kings of Power 4 Billion Percent, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

For more information about Wizorb, check out the game’s website!

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  • Nice! do you know when ps one game will be download able to vita or angry birds? just wondering if you know if skype will be coming to ps3?

  • Do anyone think there should be trophies from minis, only on the vita?

  • You said “coming to Vita eventually”, does this mean it won’t be playable on Vita on day 1?

    BTW Wizorb is one of my favorite budget priced indie games of all time, I’d be ashamed if any of you didn’t jump on this. I mean it’s so cheap anyways!

  • “…and eventually on your PS Vita.”

    Maybe Sony should have printed “we’ll eventually release games for this console” on the PS Vita box?

  • @4 we are getting Puddle next week :-). Puddle is an awesome game!

  • I Really enjoyed this game on steam! Can’t wait to check it out on my PSP!
    Thanks guys for bringing it to playstation!

  • the point being is, “eventually”. minis are games that people dont really care about. All minis should have been able for download on day one of ps vita release, now you wait each week to see which ones you can put on your ps vita or download manualy through ps3. Tell us more about minis we can play now. i was waiting forever to play Stickman Rescue mini.

  • Looks interesting! Would you say it is more RPG or puzzle game? $4 is good for this type of game.
    I hope “eventually” is soon.

    Suggestion for the Vita interface: allow for screens under screens. I have a screen of just mini games. Along with swiping up/down, let me also tap to go below/above.

    Also, cap the price for all mini games at $4, and reduce the price of others! OK there’s my two cents.

  • This game looks pretty good but i would never! buy a Mini i unless it had trophies

  • @9, just so I make sure I’m getting this straight, you care more about trophies than the games themselves? This seems so odd to me.

  • Sony give the vita some love… It is a great device but you need to support it.

  • Sony, bring yakuza hd collection to the vita. You did it with metal gear why not with yakuza? Please don’t kill the vita I love it but it needs more support (games).

  • This looks like a great Mini. I am going on vacation soon and this will be great on the PSP. Please keep the Minis coming as the releases seem to be slowing to a crawl. Sony, please don’t “sunset” the Minis program. Go back to giving us more of them through PS Plus!!!

  • hey great game cant wait 2 get it will it also be for vita when you by it?

  • The video sold me on it. $4 is a pretty good price point. Love the retro look and the audio in the above video is great stuff. Consider this one bought on Tuesday. I look forward to playing it.

  • Hey Alexey, your game looks great! Thanks for the heads-up. I will be picking it up when it’s available for the Vita. Could you by any chance elaborate on the process for getting a mini onto the Vita? Are all minis not hypothetically compatible to play immediately on the Vita? Is this something your programmers need to do? Is it something Sony needs to do? Or is it simply waiting for Sony to flag it as transferrable after they have decided there aren’t any code exploits for hackers?

  • This is the first MINI title I’ve actually been excited about since Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess!!. Brick-Breakers are my favorite casual genre of all time, and as a PS3 only gamer, I’ve been DYING to play this game. This is an engenius belending of two genres, and I’m actually surprised it took this long for someone to dream it up.

    I would say if I have a single disappointment about this game, it’s that it’s a MINI and not a full PSN game. Major reason is, I’ve bought every brick-breaker on PSN, minis included, and minis brick-breaker’s paddle control/response is always slow, jumpy and inaccurate. I really hope this isn’t the case here, but you’d be the first minis brick-breaker without the issue. The other reason I wish it were a full PSN game, is a game like this is perfectly suited for a nice set of trophies.

    I hope WizOrb does well enough for you guys that it warrants a follow up, and that follow-up is an even more robust, full PSN title. This is a new kind of sub-genre that could be popular and you could corner the market on before another developer takes your idea and does it even better.

  • This has been on my Steam wishlist for a long time.

    @12: That’s not Sony’s decision it’s Sega’s. :/

  • An RPG block breaker? Sign me up dood!

  • should of made it a full game cause now im not even going to try it! i need trophies!

  • This game is pure awesome’ness…

    I wish I could play it on my Vita though, bringing Mini support to Vita is as big of a deal as PS1&2 support for me. Sony REALLY really needs to make that happen for the love of all Vita owners!!!

    I will however purchase this to put on my old PSP and play it till my my screen melts!

    Honestly this is the kind of game I would like to make myself, and that is the highest compliment I can pay to the creators and the work they have done.

  • Seeing people discounting the game because of a lack of trophies, and while that’s superficial, I can see the point a bit for multi-platform titles. Wizorb is already available on XBLIG and PC (Steam, at least). On the latter, there are twenty trophies (and a price cut: currently $1.79 USD). What this means is that, in itself, Wizorb is most complete on PC. The only point to buy it as a mini is portability.

  • Sounds like fun.

  • This is gonna be epic!
    I was waiting this for a long time! Keep up your unique job man!
    Oldschool gamers apreciate it!

  • Alexey Menshikov

    Sorry guys for late response, have a login issue.

    Let me explain “eventually” word – unfortunately, im still waiting for PS Vita compatibility from SCEA for day 1.
    Our last minis, Canabalt took a bit more than month to be releases on Vita store but hey, better late than never.
    Good thing that SCEE launch scheduled 25th of July confirmed playable on PS Vita.

    Thanks for the interest, this game is one of best minis we ever worked!

  • Don’t pass this up guys. This is the same artist that dd the scout pligrim game. it’s ONE GUY doing the art.

    it’s got solid controls, and it should be wroth at least 20$, it’s that good. It should not be a mini, that’s just messed up. this should get a real VITA release.

  • wait it’s coming out on psp but NOT vita?

    I’m so mad about my Vita purchase. I was defending it like crazy. but this last month or so is getting stupid. you can’t release ps2 classics, you can’t release ps1 classics, you can’t even releas minis on it? but you can on psp? WHAT?


  • Thanks for the reply, Alexey. I’ll be getting this game when it’s available for the Vita in the US. Hopefully there’s another blog post that let’s me know when that day comes.

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that SCEA is the real culprit with the absolutely ridiculous delays in compatibility for minis and PSP games. If this game is playable on European Vitas then SCEA has no excuse whatsoever. I can respect trying to combat the hackers, but for goodness sake figure it out already SCEA. Get your stuff together and start flagging games for transfer quicker like SCEE does. This should be driving the devs insane.

  • islankleinknecht

    “and eventually on your PS Vita.”

    Gorrammit Sony. How could you still be doing this? If you cannot guarantee same-day delivery for your latest platform, then why did you even bother releasing it? Your delays for the Vita is insulting to both devs and customers.

  • Glad I gave this game a shot. Really fun so far. Kinda wish the soundtrack was available to own. Great stuff.

  • I don’t know what the hubbub is. The game works just FINE on my Vita. You just download it to you ps3 first and transfer it over. There are a number of games that are said to “not work with” Vita, but they can be added to your vita just fine if you transfer via ps3.

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