Ellen Page and David Cage Dive Into the World of Beyond

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Ellen Page and David Cage Dive Into the World of Beyond

PlayStation always strives to deliver engaging performances for its titles by utilizing incredible talent. Who can forget Nolan North’s performance as UNCHARTED’s Nathan Drake? BEYOND: Two Souls pushes immersion to the next level by pairing top Hollywood talent with the latest in full performance capture technology.

At last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, I sat down with Academy Award nominee Ellen Page, who’s playing the lead role of Jodie Holmes, and Quantic Dream writer/director David Cage. How did the star of films like Juno and Inception come to work with Quantic Dream in BEYOND: Two Souls? And what does this level of talent mean for the game? Let them tell you:

Ellen Page and David Cage Dive Into the World of Beyond

To see more from BEYOND: Two Souls, and meet some of the game’s other talent (including Kadeem Hardison), catch highlights from the Comic-Con panel here.

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  • I like that QD is really trying to push the envelope of the cinematic experience in gaming, but I’m concerned that the technology is still not capable. I usually don’t have any issues with the uncanny valley, but I couldn’t help but think how unnatural the Ellen Page character looked during the E3 Demo. All the same, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  • Goddess_Katheryn

    I’m really excited for games like these. Ever since playing games like Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, I’ve been hooked by David Cage’s works!

  • Only on PlayStation people, we can only get these games on PlayStation. I hope they “Never Stop”.

  • @1 i agree that at e3, she looked unnatural, but u could see the the only thing that had been worked on was the face. all the other pictures ive seen show a more completed jodie who looks completely natural and down right real. e3 was an early stage used to show the concept and facial detail, but theyre workin hard and its already lookin better.

  • Hey Jeff, that was a great interview with really good questions. It’s probably the best one that I’ve seen you do and certainly the best interview that I’ve seen for this game.

  • Very good questions and interview, Jeff. It’s probably not every day you get to talk to a big movie star like Ellen Page. You handled yourself very well.

    I’m glad you guys gave us more from Comic-Con other then that little panel video the other day. I wanted to know more. It’s so intriguing.

    • What you couldn’t see is that I was spinning my chair around in the beginning and knocked Ellen’s knee, so I had to cross my legs to stop from doing that.

      Thanks for the compliment!

  • Not to say anything bad but I don’t find Ellen Page at all appealing. She looks like Punky Brewster for some reason?

  • did think the interview was Good, Beyond Two Souls is on my watch list.

  • Ellen Page is smart and sexy, whats not to like.

  • is anybody else having problems signing into psn I have been getting signed out since last night and changed my password 3 times since last night anybody know whats going on?

  • i aggree with miggy. shes smart, mature, classy and sexyyy.

  • Jeff aren’t you married? I thought I saw a ring on your finger. Knee touching, was there a spark?

  • Ellen Page is an incredible actress. When Jodie says “Tell them to leave me the **** alone, or next time, I’ll kill everyone” i get chills every time.

  • I was also glad to see more of Ellen and David than just the Comic-Con panel discussion, so thanks for the great follow-up interview.

    It is a little frustrating, however, getting teased like this for a game that won’t be out until some yet-to-be determined time in 2013. I just hope the next thing I hear about BEYOND is an official release date.

    Ellen Page is the type of actress who will make me watch movies I wouldn’t normally watch, so getting a Quantic Dream-made video game featuring her is a no brainer in my book.

  • I kinda love how she punctuates each syllable of every word.

    Can’t wait for this one.

  • yo jeff you LUCKY guy!! :DD
    Ellen page is just so beautiful and brillant <3
    David Cage is just fuc**n awesome!
    really want to play that game, cool interview jeff!

  • I love her and David. I am so ready for this.

  • This game is one of my most eagerly anticipated. I know some people get mad that the other console gets the timed, early DLC (COD & Skyrim, for example) but only the biggest troll would disagree that Playstation wins anyway because of the many great exclusive games.

    I’m going on Beyond blackout. I want to be totally surprised.

  • Ellen is such a cutie! She is trully a great actress and I think this game will be amazing. Looking forward to play it.

  • Jeff Rubenstein : Well done on the interview with the very adorable Ellen Page.

    Other note. Ellen Page is an epic actress And very sexy..

  • Can’t wait.

  • Sony… So, why have you not yet acquired Quantic Dream? Do they have to first prove themselves with ‘Beyond?’ They really can only do so much as a developer but its largely upon your part to give them what they need in terms of exposure. Having them on the PlayStation blog is great is all but, you’re user-base for PS3 users is only so big. You’ve got to give this game more attention than you’ve given others. Proper and plenty of advertising without surprising gamers with: “HEY! This is coming out in a month.” Don’t crowd their space either. Do it at a time when gamers will have the money to buy it. Not try and decide. We’re all for Quantic Dream joining the PlayStation family but, if this souly rides on them, you’re looking at it all wrong and from past games, need to send your marketing team back to the drawing board, or erase them and start over. What is this, 1952? Times have changed. I do wish todays marketing for games was more like Sega with the Genesis but, Sony Quantic Dream needs this from you, and you need them.

  • Ellen Page is okay, definitely not an actress to overlook. Now that GameStop is accepting preorders, I getting this one ASAP. I just hope it isn’t released too close to another TBA release data I already preordered like The Last of Us, because I can’t afford to spend $120 on just two video games in a month.

  • Hope this works out. Terrible title, though.

    Not as bad as Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, but it’s a good example of how we all could do with less subtitles in our media.

  • OmG she looks so pretty with long hair. I’m in love man

  • playstation have my admiration when work games like this,continue the good work guys

  • not sure on the choice of actress for this game; just don’t like this girl … any who game looks interesting

  • Graphic Excellent, equal to Heavy Rain…
    I want very, very much the Heavy Rain 2… PLEASE!!!

  • I am looking forward to this. Sometimes games like Heavy Rain are fun to play because they are so different. Good change of pace (especially to those of us that play alot of game).

    Good interview.

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