Foosball 2012 Flipping on to PS3 and PS Vita Next Tuesday

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Foosball 2012 Flipping on to PS3 and PS Vita Next Tuesday

Hey everyone, Jakub from Grip Games here. For the past few weeks, I’ve been keeping you up-to-date with news about our upcoming PS3 and PS Vita game Foosball 2012. Today, I can finally tell you when the game will be released and how much it will cost!

Foosball 2012 on PSN

You’ll be able to scratch that foosball itch on July 24th, when the game launches on the PlayStation Store. It will cost you only $7.99 for which will get both the PS3 version and the PS Vita version, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy the awesome cross-platform features we have implemented in the game.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will enjoy a limited-time discount, netting the game for just $5.99!

Foosball 2012 on PSNFoosball 2012 on PSN

For more information about the game, like details on its PlayStation Move support, cross play and online multiplayer, check out our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter, where you can join other foosball fans to prepare for this unique gaming experience!

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  • wheres tony hawk HD it out on 360 why not ps3

  • Hey DCamerica! Stop being stupid. This isn’t about Tony Hawk.

  • Good job Grip Games. I don’t think I have ever played a Foosball video game, so this should be fun to try out. Since I have a PS3, Vita, and PlayStation Move, even better!

    Will there be a demo by any chance?

  • $5.99 is an awesome price for both of these w/ Plus. Def gonna get it.

  • @1 It’s an Xbox Exclusive until they announce a release date. Which is likely to be set for mid-august on the PS3 an PC.

    Also, great I may try this!

  • This is based off of a reliable news site, not my opinion. Btw.

  • Hell yes an other games that looks like it will suck. Where is the Grand Theft AUto at all 3 or them that were on the PS2.

  • apoco_483 keep your trap shut know one care for you and know one likes you on here. So leave

  • Great news! I’ve been waiting to hear about this, and there’s even a Plus deal. Consider it bought the moment it becomes available.

    Now, I better not encounter that British guy I played foosball against years back that did a bicycle kick to score against me, or I’m going to be ticked!

  • Hey Grip Games looks fun. Do you have a video of the game to look at?

    • Hey, thank you.
      Follow the link to the official web site and you can find several videos there.

  • Cared enough to comment at me. Sorry it’s not COD or GTA, but variety makes things better.

  • I’ve never really been a big foosball fan, but I’ll buy this, sure. I have to support a dev that is putting out a buy-one-get-both title. :) It seems like a solid game from what I can tell (again, I don’t really know anything about foosball).

  • Great price, I will try the demo!

  • hey thanks for your information apoco_483 as far as #2 comment dont care what this about

  • Hey Jakub,

    you guys should send a review copy to CheapyD from CAG. Cheapy keeps talking about this game on the CAGcast and made me curious to try it out.

  • Sold! cant wait.PlayStation Move support, cross play and online multiplayer, Plus discount thanks

  • i dont have a move and i am not planning to buy one anytime, my question is.will this game be playable with the dualshock controller only?thanks

  • Oh hell, I bought Pure Chess so why not Foosball! lmao

  • @17,
    You should click on the tag in the upper side of this post to see all the other Foosball 2012 posts. They’ve put up several posts detailing the games and answering questions like yours. There’s also videos.

  • Trophies? Or better yet Platinum? I’ll pat 6 bucks for a platinum..

    • Trophies: Yes, Platinum: No (but there is a Golden trophy and a lot of silver and bronze trophies). Also, if you happen to have both PS3 and Vita, they both have their own trophy pack

  • ATTN: Every other developer

    THIS is how you do it!

    Cross platform purchase
    Cross platform play
    Insanely good price
    Additional PS+ discount
    Move support
    Actually OFFER the free trial/demo (you’d be surprised how many trial/unlock games don’t offer the trial until you buy it)

    I’m buying this just in principle. How refreshing it is to see a company not stricken with greed these days.
    Best of luck.
    Hopefully other devs see your success and implement these features.
    You’ve set the bar!!

  • Hello

    On July 11th I received an email congratulating me on a fifty dollar PSN card I had won thanks to completing a survey sent to me via email. When I went to use the twelve digit card code I was informed it did not work. Can you please send me a code that works. I am looking forward to spending my winnings on some of the exciting content on the Playstation Store.

    Thank you

  • Would love to buy this with my free card. That doesn’t work

  • ATTN: Every other developer:

    THIS is how you do it!!

    Cross platform purchase
    Cross platform play
    Move support
    Insanely good price
    Additional PS+ discount
    Actually OFFER the trial/demo (you’d be surprised how many trial/unlock games don’t offer the trial until you buy it)

    BRAVO!! I’m buying this just on principle.

    Hopefully other devs see your success and implement these features into future games.
    Best of luck.

  • looks great. i’m interested

  • For once a game is priced correctly. I will download the demo and go from there.

  • @ 7 & 8, rude & childish. Please stop trolling…

    @21 & 22, it was spam. Do NOT reply with any of your personal information.

  • Nice price guys. You really know how to tempt me. I think I may just pull the trigger to support the buy 1 get both model.

  • cant wait for this

    game looks awesome

  • I’m very impressed by this. It looks like a fun game and I think it’s great that you are supporting all the playstation control options and features like cross-play for the vita. I agree with #23 – more developers should try to implement all these features and give you the option to get both the ps3 and vita versions for one price.

    I’ll be downloading the demo as soon as it comes out and hopefully will buy the game at the PS Plus discounted price!

    BTW, Jakub I checked out your website. Are all your previous playstation games Minis? If I like Foosball 2012 I might consider grabbing a couple of the older Minis for my vita. It’s cool that you have been able to move up from developing Minis to making a full PSN / Vita title!

    • Hey. Thank you!
      Yes, this is our first PS3 and PS Vita game. All the previous ones were minis. If you consider buying something from our previous production, I suggest The Impossible Game and the Grip Games bundle ;-)

  • Strangely enough, I’m somehow looking forward to this.

    If only because my Vita is looking like someone who just tunneled out of Dachau, and is begging for a single saltine.

  • This looks awesome. As a former dorm champion of Foosball at the University of Nevada, Reno, I’m excited to go online and kick some butt :)

    Question for you though: I looked on the site and didn’t quite see an answer. How fleshed out is the online multiplayer mode? Meaning: is there 2v2? If so, can I start a game, invite my friend, and then look to match up against two other people?

    • You can play 2v2 online, with your friend locally (so, technically, it is 1vs1, but for four players). This is mostly because of lag. Having 50ms lag in a racing game or a shooter is OK, but it would make the game unplayable in foosball.

  • Thanks for the heads up Jakub.

    Both versions (PS3/Vita) for the price of one and the price is outstanding !

  • Hmm… $6 = 2 games (PS3 ^ Vita) + 2 trophy sets. Sounds like a plan.

  • Excellent! Definitely getting this one! You have my word!

  • I can’t wait to try it! good job :)

    question: are you guys planning a community site ?

    • Yes, there’s definitely an idea sitting in our minds that contains a community site, public leaderboards, forums, etc.

  • @ken_kimura

    Cheapy has talked about it over the last 4 podcast or so it seems. It keeps saying all this year he is looking forward to is foosball for PS VIta. Want to dust off the paperwight just so he can play foosball.

    I’m curious myself too.

  • This is cool Ps Vita games are coming along just fine.

  • The Impossible game , im still on the 1st level out of 5. 1,234 attempts. cant even beat the first level. il def look into this game

  • Jakub! Congrats!! You made your projected release date. I played this at e3 and spoke at length with you about growing up with a foosball table in the house. So excited to get some at home time with it. I’ll be passing along my recommendation to my customers at GameStop. Best of luck!!

    • Hey! I remember! :-) Thanks for the support. I hope that everyone will enjoy the game as you did :-)

  • Looks cool, gotta renew my PlayStation Plus to get in on this at the lower pricepoint.

    Just to check on the multiplayer though, the site says “up to four”, does that mean 4P is an online feature (2v2, two machines synched as you explained)? Or do either the PS3 or Vita version allow you to have four players locally (on one screen with PS3 … which sounds complicated.) Or is it just 1-on-1 local but if you play online you can go into teams? The video series doesn’t show 4 player gameplay so I was’t sure how many options were or were not designed for the game.

    • Hey. There is local and online multiplayer.

      In local, you can have various combinations, like 1vs1, 2vsCPU, 2vs1, 2vs2. Local multiplayer takes place on one screen. It is not complicated at all. You just need enough controllers ;-) You can actually combine Move and DualShock controllers.

      Online, you can play either 1vs1, 2vs1, or 2vs2, with the “2” players being on the same machine.

  • Jakub one more question about the online, but cross play mostly. so we can mix it up in any order whether it be vita v ps3 and so on so could we see 2 vita players v 2 ps3 couch players online?

  • The Vita has been utter joke, I didn’t pay $250 to play stupid games like this!!! I thought this was going to be an extension of the PS3 and we were going to games like Renegade OPS, NCAA Football, Dead Nation, Infamous, etc. If things don’t turn around soon, I will unloading this waste of money piece of plastic….

  • Why do people insist on commenting on games they have no interest in with annoying, empty threats about ditching a system they adopted early? Did you not learn from, oh, EVERY SYSTEM LAUNCH EVER, that the games library will take time? I hope next time you will save your money so we all don’t have to listen to your whining.

    I wanted a foosball game since before the Wii launched and as far as I know, that never really happened there. This is what I’ve wanted all along, and I’ll be grabbing it primarily for PS3 but the Vita version is a nice bonus. Thanks Jakub and Grip Games! Sorry you need to deal with so many negative ingrates when you post about your games.

    • Thanks for the support! We don’t really mind the haters who didn’t even try the game to see if it is fun or not.
      Actually, if nobody hates your game, then probably nobody loves it too. If only we got as many haters as CoD has ;-)

  • hey great game cant wait 2 get it i like fosse ball great game great bundle both awsome cross play also i hope? need 2 know!

    • Yes, of course ;-) PS3 and PS Vita can play against each other online and also your saves are automatically synchronized between PS3 and Vita if you are using the same PSN user on both.

  • got a sale here!

  • Excellent, looks like a very fun game. The price is outstanding along with the control options and crossplay. I will be playing this on my Vita come Tuesday!

  • Hahaaa! Yes, very good.

  • I understand people wanting console games on the vita, but those take time. I personally have been loving games like pinball arcade and hustle kings, so foosball might be a great addition. I like variety so I definitely see this as a good thing. I think I’ll check it out.

  • I can’t find the trial for this game. How do I get it?

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