Watch PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Comic-Con Panel Highlights

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Watch PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Comic-Con Panel Highlights

On the last day of Comic-Con, we were fortunate enough to have a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale panel for the fans! Moderated by the one and only Greg Miller, the panel started with SuperBot‘s very own Chan Park and Omar Kendall explaining the studio’s beginnings and its affinity towards the PlayStation universe and the fighting game genre. They then fielded questions from an eager audience, detailing various tidbits regarding the game including DLC plans, roster creation, stage hazards, level mash-ups, and game modes. The crowd was also presented with several videos to showcase the game, including trailers featuring our newest additions Cole MacGrath and Jak and Daxter. These reveals were met with overwhelming enthusiasm, which is great because we have plenty more where that came from!

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  • I’ve been wanting to watch the PSASBR panel for a while now!
    Thanks for this!

  • Can’t wait to play the game. and when can we get an IGN app on the xmb

  • Greg Miller is so annoying.

  • can’t wait for this game.. Still no word on crash spyro or any FF character.. let’s go cloud, or even sephiroth!

  • I know if it was up to Sony, and Superbot Crash Bandicoot would be in the game. Unfortunately Activision has the rights. I am pretty sure Superbot is doing everything to get one of the most wanted characters in this game.

  • Jak and Daxter is the best of the best

  • I am just another voice, but I wanted to add to the community right now as this will be easier to spot; SuperBot Entertainment, please take the following notes as it is very important and people everywhere are talking about this. I am not being whiny or being an elitist, me and others on the internet have the following concerns (although many will disagree):

    1) The glow on the characters during “Supers” are very distracting and take away from the immersion. This is just minor, ignore it as you please.

    2) The hit impact on the characters is nowhere to be found and the audio that goes along with that just doesn’t give that extra “oomph” factor. For a fighter this is VERY important. Yes I know, this is a fun fighter but the audio and hit impact has to drastically look like it hurts.

    3) FG Community Heihachi; if you’re planning to draw in the Tekken crowd, then you might as well contact Harada right now follow the concept of Wave-Dashing just for him, as mix-up options.

    That’s just the few main things. Here is a suggestion:

    Skin Alternatives such as Radec can be replaced with Sev, Good Cole with Evil Cole e.t.c. That is all, thank you.

  • I’m glad Jak & Daxter made it. I like how they handled the being attacked for the game being a Smash Clone very well. I might pick this up!

  • Are Cloud and Crash confirmed right?

  • OH goodie OMG!!! More lame news about the lame smash bros rip-off with lame overrated characters in video game history!

  • @10 estoc1

    Shut up!! GTFO of here!!



  • Yeah, I would love to see some characters added in that were big in mostly the PS1 days. So like everyone is saying, Cloud, Crash, Solid Snake (he was already in smash bros and that didn’t make too much sense), probably a resident evil character from 1 or 2 (none of this Chris on Steroids business), a Legend of Dragoon character might not be so bad, heck even that skeleton guy from MediEvil might make sense. Those are just my two cents. Would also like to see Kat from Gravity Rush in there…I really liked that game. :3

  • Crash is 100% required … No Excuses Will Be Accepted …
    Cloud or/and Sephiroth as well…

    Both are the PS soul! That game without those are pointless and must not exist!

  • Cole MacGrath, Nathan Drake, and Kratos is lame. Mario, Luigi, and Link is much manlier and cooler.

  • @15 – estoc1:
    Yes, we get it…you’ve established that you hate Sony and love Nintendo. Why not go to a Nintendo forum then? You’re really not offering anything constructive to the conversation. Grow up.

  • @15 Who is this guy? Go away you fanboy.

  • I can’t wait to buy/play this game!!! :P :P :P + IGN SUCK!!! :D (i couldn’t care less what they say just like 99% of those so called gaming sites)

  • @Draco416

    No, I will not go away, my voice will be heard. First amemdment rights, baby!!!

  • @15 You’re not convincing anyone here that smash brother is better. Instead, you convince us that you’re annoying child. Good job.

  • @estoc1
    heres a good question why do we care what you think about sony and their characters 2. why are you bashing on the game that only for people that are long time sony fans 3. Do you really think that no matter how you complain or bash on pasbr or the sony franchises the game will still come out. And It’s kinda unnecessary for you to be here if you are gonna bash on the game just saying

  • Please dont tell me what chan park is replying to the fan about crash and spyo that activision says No..
    Uggghhh ive been waiting for crash to make is comeback. Atleast we hope for DLC or Next reval. cause we got
    the pettion rolling :)

  • It would be cool if we could unlock alternative skins or characters after completing the story mode.

    Alternative skins/characters:
    Complete the story for Cole MacGrath to unlock Evil Cole, Nathan Hale for Infected Hale, Radec for Sev, Cloud for Sephiroth, etc. Yes, I know Nathan, Cloud, and Sephiroth aren’t on the roster. They’re just on my wish list. :/

    Oh, and gimme Dollface from Twisted Metal please. :D We need more female characters in this game.

  • Please consider adding Mel and/or another character from the Hot Shots Golf series. I’d be terribly disappointed if HSG didn’t get a single character in this game, considering the fact that there are HSG games on the PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3.

  • Wow, tough crowd for Greg Miller. I think that’s messed up. If you don’t like the guy, you don’t have to boo him like that. Show some damn professionalism. Other than that, I can’t wait for PlayStation All-Stars. I’ll be buying a PS Vita for that. Hopefully by then I’ll finally have the money for the Vita.


  • Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, and of course Solid Snake are must haves… And kevin butler would be a funny add-in but I have a feeling they won’t do it. And Greg Miller is a very nice guy… I don’t understand why some people have to be jerks about someone they haven’t even met….. (I’ve actually met him at an Uncharted 3 event) but anyway if you don’t like IGN then stop putting those 3 letters in your mouths… ;) I can’t wait for this game… imagine Snake + Drake VS Cloud + Crash. :)

  • I hope Scarlet Blake, Lighting, Lara Corft, Sackboy, Ethan Mars, ICO, Wander and Solid Snake make it into the roster. Also wondering if the game mechanics will involve universal mechanics meaning every character in PASBR will be able to Wall Dive, Wall Attack and Team Grab Attacks MUCH LIKE Power Stone 2 if get what I’m saying.

  • Good questions from the audience, even from Mega Man.

    Prior to preordering, is there any confirmation I’m unaware of that there will be a bundle for the game? I’d like it for both the PS3 and PS Vita, and would definitely preorder them if sold as a discounted bundle.

  • Ok bad thing first….

    IM VERY VERY VERY disappointed that theres no Ring out KO a la smash mode…. that mode was the motive of why we asked for this game in the PS share…. Having KO only by super…. im not very happy for this… still hoping its all lies and u have the mode as a surprise….

    anyways… the good thing…

    Loving how u r listening to the community! when the guy asked about whats gonna be in it and ur answer was…
    “what u wanna see in it?” that was awesome!
    also hoping there are not TOO many Multiplat chars on this game! bc then the game should be
    Multiplat all star BR! and thats definitely not good. maybe a max to 5 third party chars will be good.
    Also Pls announce already ALL the logic chars dont waste announcements on things we know. its kool and all but waiting a week to get ratchet and clank and sackboy… u get the point.

    My list of chars:
    CLOUD (obviously), Nariko, Kat, Dart, Vivi, Ellen (Folklore), Tag, Sir Daniel, Demons Souls Knight (he can trow Soul Arrows and as Super he can unleash FIRESTORM!!!), White knight Leo, Alice(Valkyria Chronicles),
    Wander, Ico, Mao!!! (Disgaea3 and 4 since these are PS exclusives!) I here added a roster of 14 more exclusive chars.

  • BTW: @ Estoc

    No one here cares what u say…. if u think ur G.A.Y. mario and luigi are “manlier” than kratos…. (LOL!) then go and play ur manlier chars in ur console of choice. No one cares. U r in a PS fan Site which we were the ONES ASKING for this game. WE WERE THE ONES ASKING TO BE IN THE ROOTS OF SMB bc we love the game too as the devs of PASBR said they are too. U r the only Ignorant here bashing a game u dont care and hate wasting ur time in lame comments that give no productivity. U kid, are pathetic creating an account just to hate. Its ppl like u that the gaming community dont need. Pls do us all a favor and go back to ur mother uterus….

    U wanna Cry? Go to maternity.

  • Hope they unveil atleast 4 characters or something at gamescom in august, since it’s so far away. :( I’ll be looking forward to it though, suprise us. :D
    I’m hoping for Ezio or someone from the assassins creed series, and thats it because everyone else i wanted in the game are already in it. c:

  • @10/15/estoc1 upon deaf ears your voice would fall, but a boy stricken with dumness could never hope have his words understood by those who sing the angels’ chorus. fall back to you slums and seek brotherence from those who share your faults.

    Also cole magrath alone would destroy everyone in any ssb game ever.

  • SUPERBOT please don’t announce every character in the game i want lots of unlockable characters and suprises. and for those unlockable characters to be like “WOW, he/she did make it in the game SCORE!”



    If there isn’t there it’s going to be pointless for me to buy the game for both. Unfortunately.
    This is a very important question for me. Please answer.

    Thank You,


  • A good troll will leave you wondering if they were really trolling or not.

    Estoc is not a good troll. Not even close. I have no idea why you people keep responding to him.

  • Great panel. Short but sweet.

    I hope Omar was alluding to a Rapture level. That would be so fantastic!

    Also, Mr. Community Manager [and anyone else interested] you should check out IGN’s forums there’s a great hype thread for the game there too. You should stop by!

    PS. Did you make a strong push for Dr. Doom or Strider to make it into the game? =P

  • who would I want in this game? hmm… I just thought of something interesting. Wouldent Sony have 2 bring more than one character from a single franchise? Because in that case, why not bring another character from God of War like Zeus or maybe someone else from the Sly Cooper games like the panda king?

    of course, I’m still with everyone who said that Crash and Spyro should be in the game. like Tekken, they practicality shaped the Playstation back then. I still have the original copies! :)

  • I also posted this in the PS community forum.

    When cole was revealed I’ve notice that he didn’t said a word. I thought to myself ” maybe in an actual match you’ll hear him”. But no, not even in an actual match. Not one word was said when he activated his supers. This also applies to most of the cast. I’ve notice that characters barely talk during matches. There is no dialogue during supers. Characters gets K.O, but no words are exchange. They just die and enter the ring like nothing happened.  I would love for the characters to be more vocal during battle. They have the original voice actors; why should they remain silent? 
    This may not be an ideal suggestion but It’s not the worst.  

    EDIT: Yes there’s quotes but it’s few and far between compared to other fighting games. EX: In Umvc3 you hear many quotes such as Dr. Doom “Foot Dive”, Spencer “Bionic AAARRRMMMMM” even Wesker ” You will not survive” The characters say quotes in PSASBR but it’s pretty random and not frequent.

  • Can’t wait for this game, personally. Glad to see that Fat Princess lives on :)

  • you know what? i just thought of a level idea! INFAMOUS X SLY COOPER. it makes perfect sense!

  • @: pathetic nintendo fanboy (estoc1)
    If you think some fat italian plumber, his brother, and whoever this link fellow is are “manlier” than a Cole McGrath, Nathan Drake, and Kratos you seriously need to see a doctor.

  • Is Crash going to be in Allstars? That will be an great thing if he was:)

  • Hint put Crash in Allstars hint hint:) He needs to be in this.

  • @MillerWireless

    Crash does need 2 be in all stars. his avatar was one of the default avatars before making a PSN account.
    Sony has planned it all along. Spyro also needs to get the heck in this game. and who knows, if they end up being in the game, there could also be a CRASH X SPYRO stage!


  • hopefully the physics in this game are not “floaty”

    has anyone here played TMNT smash up on PS2?
    that game disappointed me. and how about Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion?
    that game was also a disappointment. *sigh* Superbot, i really hope you guys do this right.

  • I cannot overstate my happiness that Cole is in this game. He was my number one. Now for the rest of my list :P

    For levels:
    -pixeljunk monsters- towers being constructed everywhere (possibly manned?) and players must avoid the incoming monsters. Perhaps a challende in which the players must defend the flock?
    -shadow of the colossus-need I explain?
    -super rub a dub-a good sony tribute I think.players avoiding whirlpools and sharks. Again, perhaps a challenge in which players must collect and save the little rubber duckies?
    -starhawk-again, need I explain? Perhaps this crosses over with pixeljunk monsters?
    -Katamari – players fight on top of a huge spinning katamari ball with random objects spinning in and out of view (in changing directions) caused by the ball rolling, creating a dynamic battlefield

  • For Characters:
    -sackboy-2nd most wanted. Uses paintinator, grappling hook, and creatinator that spits random
    objects. Super(s): gains jetpack, allowing for flight and super speed/holds breath and pops, creating small explosion/opens popit, allowing for dropping large,obscure objects or obnoxiously placing stickers onto other players(killing them), or possibly physically moving objects in the level to hurt other players
    -Nariko-3rd most wanted. Moves are performed as combos. Perhaps guest appearances by kai? (similar to toro and kuro) Super(s): throws hat in slow motion aftertouch (steerable)/cannon/ lvl 3 range superstyle.

  • -prince (katamari)- pretty straightforward. Super(s): spinning charge/[unknown]/jumps out of view, revealing the whole level as a spinning katamari ball. Preoceeds to roll level around, crushing and killing opponents
    -squall- duh. Super(s): GFs, limit break, and signature spells (perhaps lvl 1 is doom with a small hit chance?) It would be sweet if GFs played out exaclty like they do in the game
    -ratchet/clank- another given. Super(s): /rhino/mootator/groovitron
    -crash bandicoot-obligatory. Signature spinning attack and he could throw TNTor NITRO boxes. Super(s): /aku aku invulnerabilty and buff/wampa launcher/summon villain to fight with him (Tiny?). Also it would be funny if when he jumped on pepole wampa fruit would come out. When he does his level 3 super, he does his signature dance
    -spyro-also obligatory. Super(s): I honestly don’t know
    -kuo and nix (infamous 2)- straightforward. their moves are already made

  • Other characters (too tired to expand right now lol):
    -roach/bohan/flying fox.whiptail (heavenly sword)- too much to list but I think they would all make great characters
    -ellen/keats (folklore)- great potential here. many different possible moves
    -apprentice (sorcery)
    -sports champion character (character changes with costume change)-uses gladiator weapon, throws frisbee, spikes volleyball, uses bow and arrow
    -dante (devil may cry)
    -sora (kingdom hearts)
    -alex mercer (prototype)
    -claptrap (borderlands)-need I say more?
    -kat (gravity daze)
    -altair/ezio/connor (assassin’s creed)
    -isaac (dead space)
    -cloud (ff7)
    -raiden (MGS)
    -Jin (tekken)- fights in combos like nariko. Super(s): tag moves/devil jin.
    –Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)-iconic of course but again is another ranged shooting character

    Mandatory appearance by giant enemy crab. Perhaps the final boss?
    Also, I forgot to include my level idea for new marais, but i think you know what that would be like.
    Please don’t remove my comments I’m just trying to get these ideas out there so hopefully the devs can see them

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