Highlights From The Last Of Us Comic-Con Panel

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Highlights From The Last Of Us Comic-Con Panel

In San Diego this past week, we were floored to see how many people turned out for Comic-Con! The highlight of our very busy weekend was our The Last of Us panel. We couldn’t believe how long some people waited in line to attend our panel on Friday. Some amazing cosplayers came by, and the room was just packed in general. The enthusiasm there was infectious and truly exciting.

If you weren’t around to see the panel, here’s a condensed look…

Highlights From The Last Of Us Comic-Con Panel

We had The Last of Us Creative Director, Neil Druckmann, and Game Director, Bruce Straley, discuss various game inspirations and dive deeper into the characters, the plausible science behind the game, and the character acting behind the scenes. Actor Troy Baker (Joel) and actress Ashley Johnson (Ellie) commented on their performance capture experiences and actor W. Earl Brown (There’s Something About Mary, Deadwood) was introduced in a new cinematic as Bill, a new character in the world of The Last of Us.
We had an unbelievable E3 and SDCC shaped up to be equally inspiring and fun. Be on the lookout for some more content from the panel in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to share more of the game as development of The Last of Us progresses!

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  • The last trailer about Bill was amazing, the graphics are shaping up to be even better than Uncharted 3’s! Keep pushing yourselves, I’m sure this game will be top-notch.

    Off-topic: Bring on 1.13 notes!! :D

  • Yeah without Behind the Scenes footage it feels lacking behind the Beyond panel video.

  • This is a really exciting game cant wait to play it.

  • I’m a 32 y/o gamer and I must say I love everything you guys/gals at Naughty Dog put out. You achieve what most companies strive to become. Your team, your work ethic, your passion, your quality (not quantity) of games and the open ear you have for your fans is something most developers are lacking! The game looks great and I look forward to its release. Oh by the way my 4 soon to be 5 y/o daughter LOVES Uncharted 1-3, keep up the great work!

  • take my money now lol i want this game right now!

  • Naughty Dog can you make a good game for ps vita you guys or the best Naughty Dog is only one can show us power of ps vita

  • WOW this game will rock…Naughty Dog u have to be the best out there for games!

  • i perordered this 2 weeks ago lol

  • This will be the game to match in almost everyway, graphics, gameplay, story, etc etc. I mean it just looks stunning and the story and universe are like a dream come true, not to mention being done by Naughty Dog makes it all the better!

    Now Dear, beloved Sony, what the hell are you doing with the Vita?!?!?! Its like “what Vita?” anymore. I’m not impressed with the support at all. Its hands down the best portable ever and my fav since the gameboy color, but come the hell on, dont kill it and its future like you did with the PSP!!!!

    Seriously dont kill the Vita. I will burn down the building.

  • lol getting an idea from a tv program about Cordyceps GENIUS!! man inspiration from life and putting it in a game… can’t wait until i become a game designer!!! ps. i learned about Cordyceps on animal planet it’s crazy

  • not sure if its good feedback but to increase the enemy list maybe adding infected killing animals (birds, cats, dogs, insects) might be cool ;) unless animals aren’t affected?

  • why are we whispering?

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