Dyad Will Blow Your Mind Today

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Dyad Will Blow Your Mind Today

Dyad is available today on PSN for $14.99 and $11.99 with a PlayStation Plus subscription. I’m really excited by all the positive reviews that Dyad’s receiving. It currently has a Metacritic score of 87.

It’s been a crazy amount of hard work to finish it and bring it to you on the PlayStation 3. It’s out today and I am extremely proud of it — thanks for all the love and support!

When Tim Rogers, director of Action Button Entertainment, first played Dyad he literally died. When he resurrected he demanded to be allowed to direct and co-star in his own Dyad advertisement with Vito Gesualdi. I hope you find their take on Dyad as hilarious as I do.

Dyad Will Blow Your Mind Today

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  • I gotta a fevah, and the the only cure is DYAD!!! Please update the store early today!!!

  • I am interested. Will there be a demo?

    Also, I started playing Renegade Ops and PacMan this morning and my goodness, I feel bad that I got them for free! Awesome games!

  • This game looks dumb. Come on can you come up with a game that dose not suck.

  • Hahaha Hilarious ad! Dyad looks excellent! Definitely going to pick it up.

  • That ad sold me on it. Seriously.

  • Is the game out now? I got up this morning to check for it but I don’t see it on PSN.

  • Wow, just wow. I have not laughed like that in awhile. Thank you.

  • These are the type of games that make our kids more dumb

  • Very funny. Definitely gonna check this out.


  • Come on WICKEDGHOST187 can’t help it that he is slow maybe his mom droped him on his head

  • I’m really surprised you guys didn’t do a Vita port too. That would have bolstered sales.

  • Going to pass, reminds me of a game on the ps2 called frequency. I realize Dyad is not like that old game, but it’s still not for me.

  • Seriously? No offense but how can this game possible be fun to any of you? A bunch of lights yada yada.. I mean where’s the gameplay?? Wheres retro city rampage, or better yet wheres the 100’s of ps2 classics they could be putting up? Come on sony! This isn’t nintendo!

  • reminds me of brain pipe i just have a ? Is grand theft auto coming today if so is it the only psp game that made the cut and why

  • SONY dose not care what we want they tell us what we want. Like me i would love to see Grand Theft Auto come to the Playstation network.what type of games do you want to see sharebear 420

  • What else ya got, Sony?

  • I’m a big fan of Rez, and this… well, this really looks interesting to me. I also like trophies, and this one has a plat? Well, really interesting. I have enough in my wallet to buy it. So, I’m sold. =D Can’t wait to chek it out.

  • are any other games becoming compatible plz let me know so i Know wat to look forward to

  • Looks like fl0w and Supersonic had a baby…


  • How do I rate 7 squares? This system only allows for 5.

  • No Vita port? No purchase

  • 1/10 i pass no need it since it not a game but more a brainwasher

    sad sad sad…..

  • @24 from the way you type, sounds like you’ve had one brainwash too many, lol

    Buying this today! I love the video!

  • @25 you love the video?? haha this is why i dont get it the video look stu*** has hell so the game.

    p.s. yeah coz of the video i cant type correctly no more darn DYAD

  • This guy looks like a tard. Why should i but this game give me one good reson. Will i get a women if i play this game will i win a date Morgan Haro. Tell me what should i do.

    • lol, i don’t know how to feel about this

      but seriously, it’s a sick game. definitely don’t dismiss this one from how it looks, it’s pretty amazing!

  • I’d rather buy Bushido Blade 2 on EU/US PSN Store.

  • That was… uh… yup.

  • @UKSKY1 is that actually out because I’d agree with that.

    Does Dyad have a demo? I’m not totally sold on it.

  • I can see this game being relay popular with the stoner’s

    and any one who drops acid and wont’s to go on a good trip

    while playing a OK do nothing game.

  • Haha, great video! The game looks rad, don’t let some of the ridiculous comments on here get you down.

  • This video is so hilarious. I will try buying your game just because of this video. In the meantime, get to work on a vita version, cause I’d much rather play these types of games on my beautiful OLED screen 8 inches from my face.

  • Just played it and it’s well worth the money. In addition to being gorgeous, it’s really challenging and addictive. Haters will just have to miss out because this is a solid release.

    Well done, Shawn!

  • I’d be interested if there’s a way to completely remove or turn off that techno dubstep crap.

  • DYAD is one of the more brilliant titles I’ve played in a very long time. Gorgeous visuals, excellent, varied gameplay, and a good challenge. This game is INSANE. And just wait til’ you guys get to the ‘Eye of The Duck’ stage. Yes… oh yes…

    And you better believe by the end you’re gonna look like this —> O_O

    Flat out amazing game, a must-own for sure.

  • @sharebear420 – It’s a tremendously fun game, and the gameplay is varies between levels. Racing, survival, time attack, you name it.

    @Fear_Me_All – There’s a demo, make your mind up after that.

    @SpiritThief – The “music” is integral to the experience, and changes based on the mood of the gameplay. The music is just as much a part of the gameplay as the gameplay itself. I know that might not make much sense now, but you’ll get it when you play the game. (Based on your comment, you may already own it, not sure.)

  • Uh… is my other comment ever going to pass moderation?

    Here is the original if somehow this makes it through and the other didn’t. =/

    “DYAD is one of the more brilliant titles I’ve played in a very long time. Gorgeous visuals, excellent, varied gameplay, and a good challenge. This game is INSANE. And just wait til’ you guys get to the ‘Eye of The Duck’ stage. Yes… oh yes…

    And you better believe by the end you’re gonna look like this —> O_O

    Flat out amazing game, a must-own for sure.”

  • hahaha!!!! i will play catch the dragon from south park than this its just looks point less.

  • First time commenter to the blog.

    This is a game you will either “get” or “not get”. You will either “feel” or “not feel.
    In 1994, the Atari Jaguar came out, and with it, Tempest 2000, the best game on that console (along with Alien vs Predator). Jeff Minter of Lllamasoft is a classic games developer who has a gift for making modern remakes of classic games and adding a psychedelic twist to them. He’s also known for Tempest 3000 on the failed Nuon DVD platform from 1998-2002.

    He designed the lightsynths built into the Jaguar CD add-on unit, the lightsynths built into the Nuon DVD players, and for anybody who owns an XBox 360 and actually plays music on it, the Neon lightsynth built into that. His most recent games are Space Giraffe on the XBox 360 Arcade & a handful of iOS apps (Minotron 2112, Gridrunner, Minotaur Rescue, Caverns of Minos, Deflex, GoatUp, Five A Day). He tends to make abstract shooter games for shareware prices (i.e. less than $5).

  • Part 2 of comment:

    I love these psychedelic style abstract shooters and Virtual Light Machines (VLM/lightsynths) & I don’t do any drugs at all. Dyad looks to be inspired by Jeff Minter’s works and I will be purchasing a $20 PSN card when I get paid tomorrow and buying it for $11.99 with the Playstation Plus discount before it expires next week. Another game this reminds me of is the classic psychedelic tunnel shooter from the PS1 era called “N2O: Nitrous Oxide”. It featured a soundtrack from The Crystal Method.

    To all unique, small developers out there: Keep making great games like this. Journey is another example. I haven’t played it yet, but I’ll probably buy it eventually. Not every game has to fit nicely into the multimillion dollar COD/Battlefield/GOW, etc. models. Not saying those high budget games are great, but there are some real gems found made by just one or two people developing these unique titles.

  • Looks cool but i’m lost like a fart in a wind storm. What in the heck do you actually do in this game?

  • That was randomly hilarious!

    I feel like they threw the “DYAD” logo on the screen a lot of times to hypnotize us into buying it….cause it has definitely worked on me.

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