Weekly Home Update: Bots Will Blast and The Dead Can Dance

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Weekly Home Update: Bots Will Blast and The Dead Can Dance

This Wednesday, July 18th, the Juggernaut MiniBots Training Facility finally arrives to whip you and your MiniBots into shape, a spooktacularly exciting machinima creeps into the Community Theater, some summery tops from Granzella arrive, and more! Here’s the weekly must-do and get list:

1. Juggernaut Games brings the MiniBots Training Facility to Home!

This free personal space includes a third-person shooter for up to eight players. Unique furniture enables you to design a custom battlefield — fight for dominance in Free-For-All Mode or team up in Team Training Mode. Check out the Armory to try out new weapons, gadgets and decorations and unlock additional rewards! Head over to the Adventure District to play and get your own Training Facility for FREE!

2. Magnus is back in his popular Virtual Item Showcase, volume 49. Check it out!

3. A new tube top from Granzella, featuring a cylindrical design with no straps, is now available!

Choose from four colors and patterns! Brown, Black, Wine Red, and Leopard. From a sexy feminine appeal, to a cool and sporty style, how you show it off is your choice!


4. Usually, organizing a wedding takes months of stress and planning. Lockwood takes all the pain out of wedding preparation, allowing you to create your perfect ceremony with ease.

Full Bride, Groom and Bridesmaid outfits are available. The bridal gown is a stunning, floor-sweeping dress studded with diamante sparkles. There are two options for bridal hair: a simple up do, or an up do with a dramatic veil. The groom’s outfit also comes with various options: a waistcoat for the warm weather, casual wedding, or a tailcoat for a more formal — or less sunny — ceremony. The bridesmaid’s dress is actually made up of separates, making it easy to dress down a little for the reception!

Speaking of the reception, Lockwood can also provide everything you need there as well, from a delicious banquet, to tasteful furniture and decorations. Even the confetti can be purchased from Lockwood, and pumped out of a handy machine! There are dining options for meat-eating and vegetarian guests, attractive table settings, and beautiful floral arrangements – Lockwood really has thought of everything! Just find that special someone, and they’ll take care of the rest!


5. Heavy Water brings a new collection of tattoos to Home under the Heavy Ink brand.

Visit the Mall where you can purchase these tattoos for your avatar, male or female, light, dark or medium skin tones! The designs come in Obsidian and Ivory, so pick the color that works best for you — or buy both colors and mix and match! These tattoos are meant to be worn with your existing clothing*, and if you don’t have clothing that works, Heavy Water has provided Bare Canvas torsos free of charge so you can proudly display your ink!
*Some clothing items are made differently so clipping might occur with the tattoos.


6. x7 – Exclusive Access and a Free Goodie!

Members of the exclusive x7 nightclub get access to a brand new bundle, a cool freebie to go with your disco dancing, the VEEMEE Modular Kitchen Items (dozens of furniture items in a variety of colors), and three dinosaurs from Lockwood. Pick them all up today and be the envy of the masses.

7. The Midway Ca$h Carnival

This week you’ll have the chance to win yet another prize at the Midway Ca$h Carnival Sweepstakes! Just go to the Hot Zone in Midway 3 to sign up. Every green ticket you purchase to play the Midway games earns you an entry into the weekly drawing for a special prize. This week, it’s a Sony Handycam 32GB HD Flash Memory Camcorder, and each weekly entry counts toward the Grand Prize drawing for $15,000! Real prizes! Real Money! Real Fun! For official rules, click here.
8. Community Theater Update

This week, one of Home’s original machinima videos — The Castle, by PSTALENT.COM — finally gets to see the light of day. Head to the Community Theater and bring your spookiest friends (zombies and other undead creatures are welcome too), and get ready to see what lurks in the castle, visible to everyone from their Harbor Studio.

See you in Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • Those Bots are looking free, and nice its offerng a free space fer everyone

    • Visit the Action District starting Wednesday for all the details and to pick up your free Training Facility personal space.

  • Ugh, please tell Granzella to bring the “Dokuganryu” armor to NA next week that EU got last week. This is ridiculous! They need to be aware there are people like me who will buy all 3 armor sets, I’m sure that’s more then they made in EU last week alone.

    If the Veemee kitchen set has the floral design this week I will be getting it, otherwise no.

    So glad to finally see the dinosaur pets, and have them be available through store rather then GM.

  • ok how much for the space station apartment… and any rewards for bot’s?

    • No space station apartment is coming out this week, but the MiniBots Training Facility looks to have a variety of goodies.

  • Love the Lockwood wedding items but that bed is MEH! would have rather had one with lay down animations than the awkward seating that it has. looking forward to the X7 update and the new freebie! XD

  • ChainedSkull1129

    Wow I’m curious to see more of that Digital Leasuire Space Station. How much is it going to be?

  • Glad to see minbots coming this week. Other than that the rest looks like an awful mall update. Are there anything big going to hit Home during the rest of the Summer? I know Mercia and possibly the delayed Home Holdem is coming sometime but are there anything else?

    • Yes, we believe that there will be a few more big ones this summer—MiniBots being one of them and it’s finally here!

  • Hope to see more diversity in clothing for the males someday like softer colors, cute designs and such but good update for those who want to get married at Home, I guess.

  • Minibots training looks like a lot of fun.

    I’m also quite excited for the Lockwood Dinosaurs to arrive. Who doesn’t love a brachiosaurus?

    • Being from a state whose official dinosaur is the Stegosaurus, I tend to lean towards Rufus, but then again any pet dinosaur is going to be a cute friend to have. Or perhaps all 3!

  • Nothing interesting this week, I was hoping for the Home Tycoon/Mercia game space will come but when? That Minibots traning personal space looks awesome and it’s free when I go to Action District and play it but I don’t that much of it (cause I suck at shooting games sometimes lol).

  • I think you misread The Community Theater?

    Are you refering to “PlayStation HOME – The Movie”? http://youtu.be/ehyW_gA7u14

    BTW Nice Update

  • Nothing interesting this week (but the Minibot training space sure does)but let us know when Home Tycoon and Mercia game spaces will be avalible.

  • The blog post says to visit the adventure district for the training facility but your first comment says action district. Can you clarify which one it is? :)

    I’m guessing its the action district, since that was the home of the first wave of minibots.

  • No space apt this week? GOOD! Tell DL we want this to also be available in club form!

    & next time don’t show it in videos if it’s not coming out, that’s SO annoying. Good thing this was just some lame apt.

  • 1) Mini-Bots Training facility looks amazing! Um…and it’s free? SCORE!

    2) Totally wish I could be Home to enter for that Camcorder! I’m about to buy one and winning it would def help me use that cash for extra beer, instead =D.

    3) About time we get to see The Castle–one of my all-time favs!

    Great update, Home Team!

  • Interesting update…

  • Love the Mini Bots game and the Free for all personal space, however im sure there is a catch somewhere, like maybe if you want to upgrade your weapons you gonna have to Purchase them .

    I do hope that when the Space Apartment comes out , you actually see the stars passing by or planets moving , i hate it when a place that is suppose to be in space just sits there stagnet .

    This is a Special Request, can we please have a public place , sort of like the Crystals Seashores , but instead a complete RESORT, a Public Resort, with LAY DOWN lounge chairs and pools, a Fancy resort, please pretty please with cherry on top .

    Dont forget, Portable EOD TV`s , storage for personal spaces, individual lounge chairs for sale with the LAY DOWN Feauture, and you guys need to cut down on the spaces 1 active item takes, 22 is way too much .

    Thank you Cade Peterson, You Rock !

  • i agree with erickafollie, we need a Public Resort , where the sun is bright and everybody is looking Hot . Cmon guys , its SUMMER. Lay Down lounge chairs is a must . EOD Portable TV`S would be awesome dude .
    Can we have separate boxes for hand items , weapons, jewerly, eatables (like ice cream and such ) etc etc etc
    Also i have a lot of wings where they shouldnt be, HANDS ITEMS , it sucks , those need to have their own box too.
    Nice update .

  • Do the wedding sets include wedding rings you can wear on your left ring finger? I hate it when people flirt with me, especially other males, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • You guys should make Tattoos into Character Skin options before you get way too deep into producing tattoos.

    People should be able to wear the clothing they want with their tattoo purchases.

  • @joeyrpger Lockwood added a male wedding ring last update to the gift machine, you can get it now on the wedding tab for 256 tokens. ^^ Come join us on the Home forums. http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Home-General/bd-p/22046

  • There is a resort but its in JP from Granzella we may get it soon but I dont know when I hope soon the personal space looks awesome

  • so the space station apartment from Digital Leisure isn’t coming this week ? it was in the showcase …

  • how about put in playstation trophees in the playstation home Sony ?

  • any news on home hold em’?

  • Cade Peterson can i ask you somthing can we see Grand Theft Auto come to the Playstation network


  • Goddess_Katheryn

    Thanks! Keep up the good work guys.

  • put PSH up yall are boring me

  • So when are we going to be able to get in our wardrobes when we are in other peoples apartments or privet space?

  • I don’t know if anyone from anyone from Sony is still following this thread but there is a mistake in the article that should be fixed. It says the MiniBots game is available in the Adventure District in Home but it’s actually in the Action District. You have to read the replies in the comments to see that but it really should be fixed in the actual article. Right now the reply and article contradict each other and the article is currently wrong.

  • @BadAsiWannaBe

    It is a very wanted feature, and they know we want that. Hopefully it will come one day.

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