Watch The Unfinished Swan Comic-Con Panel Here

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Watch The Unfinished Swan Comic-Con Panel Here

Hey everyone! I’m Ben, a Game Designer at Giant Sparrow. Last Saturday, a bunch of us took a trip down to San Diego for Comic-Con, where we held a panel that focused on the art of The Unfinished Swan. We want to thank everyone who attended — you’re all beautiful people. If you couldn’t make it to the panel, we’ve put together this highlight reel so you can watch all the good parts! The panel was hosted by Morgan Webb, who made sure things went super smooth as we discussed the ups and downs of developing such a unique game.

On stage we had Ian Dallas, Hokyo Lim, Max Geiger, and me. We showed off some never-before-seen concept art, and talked about how we developed the art style for The Unfinished Swan. We’ve been really quiet throughout development in hopes of preserving the game’s surprises, so it was refreshing to have the chance to speak with fans about our inspirations. Thanks for being patient with us! We’ve got more to reveal soon, so keep in touch with us on Twitter and be sure to comment here!

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  • Just tell me when and how much and I’ll do my part and make sure there’s enough in my wallet to buy it. I love the concept… This looks amazing!

  • When is the game releasing?

  • Is that Mario Batali?

    I can’t wait for this game to come out!

  • @1, Neil, your regular comment is funny. Never stop.

  • Really looking forward to this game, and the other titles that will come from this studio in the future.

  • Waiting for the next 2 panels, and maybe Superbot’s panel from EVO.

  • Very interesting game.. definitely has my attention :)

  • Haha :) “Like really nice.. cake”.

    But interesting to see some really good and successful attempts to bring hand-drawn into 3d. Looking forward to playing this.

    Imo, this kind of thing is going to be the real legacy of the ps3. FlOw, Flower, Journey, Pixeljunk, Dyad, WipeoutHD, Lair, etc. Those games that took an analog aspect of an experience, and translated it into digital HD.

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