Ratchet & Clank Collection Hits August 28th With Sly Cooper Demo

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Ratchet & Clank Collection Hits August 28th With Sly Cooper Demo

As the celebration of Ratchet & Clank’s 10th Anniversary has unfolded this year, we’ve received your anxious e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages asking us when you can get your hands on the Ratchet & Clank Collection in North America. Today, we can tell you the remaster of three original PS2 Ratchet & Clank games will be available at retailers and via PlayStation Network on August 28th for $29.99!

The Ratchet & Clank Collection for PS3

The Collection features 1080p HD remasters of three PS2 Ratchet & Clank classics: Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. In addition, these three games have Trophy and 3D support (in 720p), and the fine folks over at Idol Minds have restored online play to Up Your Arsenal. At last, those who missed out on competitive R&C gameplay during the PS2 Network Adapter era can finally check it out!

We realize that the Ratchet & Clank Collection is arriving in North America a bit later than it did in Europe and Japan. To reward you for your patience, we’re giving you exclusive first access to the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time demo when you purchase the Collection. If you love Ratchet, you probably love Sly, and the Ratchet & Clank Collection will let you test drive Sly’s new time-traveling adventure starting on August 28th. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a special Ratchet & Clank 10th anniversary avatar!

The Ratchet & Clank Collection for PS3The Ratchet & Clank Collection for PS3

We can’t wait to for you to get your hands on these three remastered Ratchet & Clank games, the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time demo and the 10th anniversary avatar on August 28th. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest on the Collection, as well as the newly announced Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault!

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  • This is awesome! Thanks guys. Any word on Ratchet: Deadlocked?

  • Please put CRANK in PS All Stars! Back on topic, didnt get to play the ps2 versions of this game but loved the Size Matters on PSP. Definitely going to pick this up. Will they three games be divided on the PSN as well as combined like SLY and GoW collections?

  • Mr. Stevenson,
    Im a big fan of your games! Hope to see what you have in store for overstrike!


  • I just Plat. All 4 One today! This is a perfect way to get to play the PS2 Classic that I never got my hands on. I know we will see these two in PlayStation All-Star battle Royale too! :)

  • what about Metal gear solid HD collection ,why isn´t that on ps store?!

  • Wait… so no Ratchet: Deadlocked HD?! Just a demo for Sly’s next game. -.-; this blows… Any chance that Ratchet: Deadlocked will get a HD remastering anyway?

  • # 5 it is. Also KH is at its 10 year anniversary where is its HD Collection?

  • I might buy this just to play the Sly demo! Thanks for the update!

  • Where’s Deadlocked?

  • @#1 Ratchet Deadlocked was terrible. It was arena based crap. Deadlocked ruined the series for me. The first 3 were good and then downhill from there.

  • FINALLY!!!!!! A bit dissapointed no voucher for FFA but…HOLY CRAP SLY DEMO!

  • What?! Come on, Sony, don’t tell me the Sly 4 demo will ONLY be on the Ratchet & Clank Collection! It better be available on the PSN Store later in the year before the game releases!!

  • I dont know why everyone like deadlocked so much!?!? The game was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E! While you had so much more freedom in the previous R&C games, Deadlocked limited you to where you could go and what you could do because you were a “prisoner.” They probably wont make Deadlocked because it wasnt their best R&C game. I can tell most of you are young and Deadlocked was probably the first R&C game you played.

  • So the reason we’re getting this 2 months later is just a Sly Demo?! What the heck?! That’s not worth the wait at all!!! You guys were saying that NA was gonna get something special for the wait!! That’s something that should be free to everybody!! Boo!! I rather be playing it now!!!

  • What about deadlocked? Is that gonna be another bonus or re-release as a single game?

  • Yeah, First of all where is the Deadlocked HD? They said it was going to be on the Ps Store separately and also if you buy the collection via the ps store does that mean you are not eligible for the Sly 4 Demo? If so that’s not cool, it better be apart of the download bundle list when i press download all on it.


  • I’m so glad to see this coming to PSN, I was starting to worry if it was. Also, can we get digital copies of Tools of Destruction and A Crank in Time please? :)

  • so do you have to purchase via psn or will the demo be included in all pre-orders?

  • Exactly what freshprincepbg (#14) said. The Sly 4 demo should be free to everybody, not just the people paying for this Collection!

  • deadlocked is supposedly being remastered for psn only

  • I’ve played every single R&C game (Except the PSP games) and Ratchet: deadlocked is definitely my favorite mainly because of the weapon modifications and it’s arena based. 2nd favorite is Going Commando

  • Hopefully the demo and avatar will be available with PSN purchase because that’s how I’ll be buying it!

  • Japan’s getting Deadlocked HD on PSN…
    I hope we can get it too. Maybe $15 or $20.

  • Well, I am dissapointed this won’t include DeadLocked :(

    Anyway, I heard this HD Collection in the EU has issues, hope the US version run smoothly. I don’t want a Silent HIll HD Collection mess up all over again.

  • Yeeaah this is what i’ve been waiting for,I’ve never played it on Ps2 glad i waited!!!!!!!!!!1

  • @ 5 & 7, Idk, why are you asking an Insomniac employee?

    Ahhh, those screens… The memories…=)

  • Been playing my imported copy over the past week, almost done and have the platinum in Ratchet 1. The HD conversion is flawless, and is as smooth as butter. Very disappointed In the US bonus though – I was looking for a reason to repurchase it stateside. The people want Deadlocked Insomniac – I would make it a point to have Idol Minds or somebody take on the task and make it $14.99 PSN download. Also, where’s the US boxart?

  • well i have already played the ratchet and clank hd the Europe version and they are smooth…

  • Yes just pre ordered and payed off last week thought this wasnt coming out soon glad it is

  • I was planning on picking up the Ratchet and Clank collection anyway, since I was only able to play Going Commando back when it came out, but this Sly 4 bonus is something that sweetens the deal on so many levels! :D

  • Great collection, and fair price. Cool, thanks!

  • Preordered and paid off a while ago. Can’t wait for it, Sly, Full Frontal, and Ratchet’s inevitable All-Stars Battle Royale announcement.

    Just curious: Why the wait for North America? I heard the European release had a few minor bugs. Hopefully they are remedied.

  • Is this the same demo I just played at Comic-Con? If so, this doesn’t make up for having to wait longer than Europe/Japan. I’m sorry but I’m very disappointed. I was expecting a lot more. I’ll still get it, but apparently the “special surprise” bonus I’m getting for having to wait is an avatar I probably won’t use for very long if at all.

  • So, the american release was first planned for the fall “because we have something very special planned for our North American fans to celebrate the 10th anniversary”

    At some point, someone made the call: screw that special thing, let’s just release the game now, for damage control pack in a demo and hope no one notice that other regions have this collection available for a while now.

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Woo! Finally a release date, and just over a month more! Cool to see the Sly 4 demo as an added bonus along with the avatar. Still waiting to hear more on the future of Deadlocked. Also for a price of 29.99, you can’t beat that! Thanks guys!

  • Now there’s no reason for me to be so picky about keeping my first-gen PS3 so that I can still play my original PS2 Ratchet and Clank games.


  • *Reads* O.O Mega sweet mother of all that it good. A Sly 4 demo. 0.0 Buying the collection now, no second thoughts. You guys sure know how to make money! ;)

  • Awesome! August 28th is my birthday. :D
    Now what about Deadlocked? Japan’s getting it. What about us?

  • I remember a few months ago when we were promised something special for the delay in bringing this collection to the Americas. Exclusive access to the Sly Cooper demo for a limited period of time is not something I consider to be worth the wait.

  • When r the people gonna get Deadlocked?

  • wow…a demo? Glad I already bought this off the EU PS Store…was going to buy again if it had some good NA exclusives but I guess not. An @25, I havent had any issues at all with the EU version. 3d works, trophies work, and game plays just fine.

  • Doesn’t look like we’re getting any replies, but I’ll ask anyway…

    Is this native 1080p? or upscaled? I’m getting it anyway at $29.99, but native would be absolute icing on the cake.

  • yos1234567891023

    I’m not living in America, but im pretty Jealous. :$ I hope that they give a demo on PSN :( I was thinking to buy that collection few days later here in Europe, but nou i’m seeing this.. PLEASE GIVE US A DEMO ON PSN! :)

  • yos1234567891023


  • Considering sly cooper is also for the PSVITA….can we expect that demo as well??….Or even a R&C HD collection for the PSVITA XD


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