PlayStation Plus Update – Launch Week Discounts and More

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PlayStation Plus Update – Launch Week Discounts and More

Earlier this month, we delivered a big update to your PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection with the addition of great games like Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops. These three games continue to be free for Plus members, in addition to nine more free AAA games, like LittleBigPlanet 2, inFAMOUS 2, and Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One. That’s not all for this month, though! To round out July (and even getting a bit into August), we’ve got even more goodness for Plus members!

July 17th PlayStation Plus Update

Dyad – 20% Off: Dyad is an abstract game that is influenced by many genres, including racing games, fighting games, puzzle games and classic arcade shooters. Each of the game’s 27 different levels utilizes a variety of mechanics and present unique challenges: forming long combos, racing, surviving as long as possible, hitting certain top speeds, and more. Releasing as part of the 7/17 PlayStation Store Update, we’re proud to present this highly-anticipated game to all Plus members at a 20% discount on day one! Want more info? Check out all the coverage from the PlayStation Blog on this title, or hop into the PlayStation Forums thread to discuss it with the community.

7-16 PlayStation Plus Update

The Games (PlayStation Store Promotion): Start Your Training. Once again four years have gone by in a flash, and the world is getting together to compete in The Games. To celebrate, snag two bonus sporty PS one Classics free: International Track & Field and Hot Shots Golf 2. International Track and Field is a 3D update to the classic Track & Field series and offers fun competition in over 11 different Olympic Events. Hot Shots Golf 2’s gameplay still shines as well, with easy to pick up and play golf action. If you own a PSP and have a Plus subscription through your PS3, you’ll be able to activate these free Plus downloads on your PSP, as well as your PS3. In addition, the sale will feature 50% discounts on select titles for Plus members too.

July 24th & 31st PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Update – Launch Week Discounts and More

PSN PLAY – 20% off: This legendary PlayStation Store event returns with a killer lineup of new releases and special incentives. PlayStation Plus members get the edge though as each of these highly anticipated new releases will have a 20% discount for all members during the first week! By participating in this event, you’ll not only get discounts on each week of a game’s release (including the pre-order week), but the more you buy, the more actual dollars will end up back in your wallet! So watch out for the pre-order of Expendables 2, starting 7/24 and game release on 7/31.

PlayStation Plus Update – Launch Week Discounts and More

Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive are also in the wings to rock your PSN world in PSN PLAY, which continues into August. Want more info? Read more about the PSN PLAY event right here or discuss it in the PlayStation Community forums.

Malicious – 20% off: In Malicious, you’ll take control of a “Spirit Vessel” awakened by prophets to defeat Holders, evil giants bent on destroying The Kingdom. You’re armed with the Mantle of Cinders, a magical artifact that takes the form of weapons or a shield. This awesome new PSN title sports a 20% discount in its debut week on the PlayStation Store on 7/24!

That’s it for now, but keep your feedback coming in by posting your thoughts on this update in the comments section. We got some great feedback from the questions posed in the update earlier this month, so thank you for making your voice heard. What games will you be picking up this month? Thanks, and see you in the comments!

7-16 PlayStation Plus Update

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30 Author Replies

  • Any more free games?Thanks for the update.

  • yay malicious 20% discount and so is counter strike heh (now just tell me tony hawk and double dragon neon will get discounts too and Ill be happy)

    I used to love International track and field back on ps1 (i remember having to run a battery across the button on my controller to push the button fast enough to win some of those events.. good times.. but umm I seriously hope those ps1 classics arent taking the places of 2 of our 3 free games next month because that would blow…

  • I understand it takes time to get things in order, but, where are the Vita games? Why have there not been any newly released? The fan base for the Resident Evil games is huge, ok, I get that; BUT WHY RELEASE THIS STUFF? Come on PSN, sorry, SEN, your making me wish I never purchased a Vita. Time to dust off the 360…….

  • Aw, wish we could have got Deus Ex in the U.S. as well, but, I love the discounts, so, I can’t complain. Definitely getting at least 2 of those PSN Play games.

  • Sorry, but I don’t see much of a “big deal” on winning only 10 bucks back when buying all four games.

    Also, it would be great if you put the actual discounted price instead of only the discount, but… that’s ok, as you guys will do this on upcoming posts. ;)

  • More free/discounted Games: Great!
    Playable on PSP and NOT Vita: No Bueno.

    Why no love yet for those of us who are Plus members and Early adopters? And reasons for us to hope for some news on this soon?

  • My last post was in reference to the Drop week of 16 July.

  • i want motorstorm please europe alredy has it and it would be nice a driving game for us too!!!!

  • Finally Malicious! I remember seeing gameplay of the Japanese version and was completely blown away!

    CSGO for cheap too. Not sure if I’ll get it on PS3 or PC.

  • mazel tov!

  • If I don’t see a demo for Dyad I wouldn’t be interested.

    What ever happened to themes and avatars are we still getting them free through plus ?

    • There should be a demo for Dyad with it’s release.

      Also, themes and avatars will still be coming, but this post is to highlight the top level Plus content incoming. Watch the PlayStation Store Update blog posts for more detailed Plus items.

  • Sold on Malicious TY!

    Now can we get a discount for MGS HD COLLECTION for Vita?! I know I’ve been harping on this, but it is really hard to justify buying the same remaster twice for a convenience factor.

  • it would be really awsome if we some how magicaly got a version of counterstrike Go for the vita so you could you know, play it on the go… Just saying ; )

  • psvita support?

  • “If you own a PSP and have a Plus subscription through your PS3, you’ll be able to activate these free Plus downloads on your PSP”

    The fact that this blog post promotes PSP Compatibility with PS1 Classics is hilarious. That should say Vita, but nope you’re taking forever with the software update.

    It’s like the store people, the hardware people and the software people are incapable or working together.

    • Just trying to message it for the PSP community is all. But we know the community is really looking forward to PS1 classic support on PS Vita, and as promised at E3, it’s on its way, but I know the wait is a pain!

  • known of them attracts me to buying lame update

  • Was expecting a lot more. The three free games offered in the beginning of the month weren’t that great, and the only thing added were two ps1 games. Was expecting at least one full ps3 game this month, such as a darksiders or something. This month seems to be on par with the older store updates. Still love ps plus, but this month was a wash for me.

  • wooow Thanks Sony!!! Psone classic, finaly!!! :)

  • Not exactly the homerun update that had been hinted at after the lackluster first half of the month. Personally the sale prices don’t really do it for me since I’m hesitant to buy a 12-15 dollar game when it might come up as a plus game later. Definitely sad we didn’t get Dues Ex.

  • This makes me wish I had Plus… 20% off Dyad, Malicious, Sound Shapes, and Papa & Yo. That’s an impressive selection.

    • if you’re on the fence, try the 3 month Plus. It’s highly likely you’ll look back at all the awesome you would get over those 3 months and think ‘yeah…totally worth it’

  • We need more Vita support.. I have about a million playstation mini’s that do not work on the Vita, I have found only one that does. I have about half a million PS classics that don’t work on Vita either…..

  • I’ll throw my hat in with the whole “I’d love to see more support for Vita through Plus” thing. That said though, it’s always nice when Plus nets me a discount on a game that I was going to get anyway. I was glad to hear about it with SoundShapes, and now we’re getting discounts on Dyad and Malicious too. Vita or not, the service is definitely worth it to me.
    …Really though, hope that Vita support doesn’t take too long :D

  • another great deals for PS+, Thanks keep it up

  • I’ll be picking up malicious and Sound Shapes.
    I’ve been REALLY looking forward to both of them.

  • This is it??? I thought you said there were going to be more free games throughout the month and we only get a discount and two old PS1 games instead? Sounds like the one decent month was just a PR move and we’re back to just a couple downloadable games a month rather than the full PS3 games promised at E3, etc.

    • Actually, in the last Plus update, I mentioned that there weren’t any additional free games coming in July; but we were able to secure two bonus freebies as well as Day 1 discounts on anticipated new releases.

      But as far as what was unveiled at E3, it was the instant game collection which continues to be available as promised. There will be more PS3 Full Games on the way as well, so stay tuned and thanks for your feedback

  • Really looking forward to Malicious. What took you guys so long to bring it over to the US? It was released in 2010 in Japan and 6 months ago in Europe. Probably is a good reason but it looks like a lot of fun. Is it coming out the same day for the Vita? I would guess not or that would have been announced?

    Never regretted PS+ and it’s definitely gotten better since it started. Hope it gets tied in with Vita soon.

  • Super confused on what Dyad is about.

  • @24 If you would read the post properly instead of your seemingly knee-jerk post, you would see that this post is to “round out July and a little bit into August”. We have no idea what’s properly in store for August yet.

  • Come on sony, give us some great games.

    Make me want to sell PS+ for you to all my friends.

  • What happened to the beta? Also, I hope we get Deus Ex, otherwise you’ll here a couple of complaints from people every time you do a Plus post. I’m guessing that the EU plus guys surprised you with how good their game updates were. You’re really not going to be able to to get away with doing any fewer than two full game updates next time.

  • The last Playstation Plus update mentioned an “exclusive access to an action-packed beta” coming soon, Is that going to show up this month?

    • it got pushed out a bit, and it’ll be coming in early August. Thanks for keeping me honest, and I hope you don’t mind the delay. More news in late July!

  • What happen to the amount of Japanese game on PS3 recently? a lot of them going to 3DS and I’m worry about Wii U, if it comes out and all the Japanese games go exclusively there.

  • @5: Um… it’s for people who would buy all of them anyway. It’s not meant to force you into buying them all just to get $10. It’s to reward people who would buy them all.

    ie; Say, I was interested in them all and planned to buy them all at launch anyway. Now I get $10 back for it. Instead of NOTHING.

    Use your brain. It’s not hard to see the benefit of these kinds of things, people just always look at it wrong.

  • Anyhoo, sold on Malicious since they’ll be a discount for PS+.

    Still hope that we get Malicious Rebirth for Vita though.

  • i really like the free games offered on Playstation plus, its kind of like the Netflix of gaming community. Not all the games you release are ones I prefer to play, but there is still enough free content to assure my continued patronage of the ps+ program. The discounts are great!
    I also like the HD remakes of the last generation games. That’s really cool.

    My current favorite game from Playstation plus is Infamous 2.

    I know Vita is still relatively new, and im anxiously awaiting something besides Metal Gear and Gravity RushThanks Sony, .

    • definitely get excited for Soundshapes =) And you’ll have access to the Plus discount on your VITA as well.

  • I wanna get Dyad and Sound Shapes!
    But I only have $20 on my account, what are their prices?
    I might be able to get both, because my Birthday is this Wednesday. c:

    Any News on Retro City Rampage?

  • One thing PSN needs, is demos for all PSN games. Dont get why we dont, since even Rainbow Moon had a demo and unlock key when you bought it.

    is there going to be a demo for Malicious?

  • ugh i hit the bumped the post button on accident on my last post before i was ready oh well.

  • I love the free games, but the discounts are what do it for me! cause the discounted games are usually on par or flatout better than the free ones. last 2 weeks, SotC and GoW:OC for less than $30! Please show me the discounts!!

    I already have HSG2…It seems to be a small update for tomorrow. Show me the discounts baby!!
    Ohh…I need some Motorstorm or Burnout in my life. Tell EA quit being so Damn cheap and get with the program!

  • Can’t wait til the 24th…

  • I’m starting to love this week and Playstation together. My birthday was yesterday and I couldn’t have picked a better time to get a PS3 and join Playstation Plus. I feel the same way @ #38. Discounts are what really drive me to subscribe. I might try to get Counter-Strike if I have enough money to buy a PSN card. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer for Playstation plus subscribers.

  • Brutal. Hope the august discounts are good, otherwise that was $17.99 down the drain for me. :( I hadn’t bought a PS3 PSN release in about a year prior to deciding to give PS+ a try. There are some games I maybe wanted released in that timeframe and before that never seemed to go on sale or drop in price. Surely I could at least break even on discount purchases~ 1 1/2 months in and not a penny. I’m still holding out hope though, til the bitter end a little over a month from now :p

    • August discounts for PSN PLAY are slated and those are 4 crazy good games for PSN. (Papo, Soundshapes, CounterStrike.) But we’ll have more news for August as we get closer.

  • Any game you recommend Morgan? Papo & Yo have been on my radar since E3 last year. I already own Malicious on JP PSN. And Sound Shapes does look cool

    Btw: I like how people complain after getting, what, 12 free games? I’ve been enjoying Plus since day one.

    • Papo looks great, but I haven’t played a final build, but it seems to be shaping up pretty well. Soundshapes though is pretty good AND one purchase unlocks both PS3 and PS Vita versions. Also, I highly recommend Dyad

  • Every Week you tell us stuff that never happens. When are they gonna hire somebody that actually tells the truth and not excuses. Please sony get rid of this guy!

    • citing examples might assist your quest to replace me, so if you see something that’s inaccurate, let me know! but some things have to move around, so we try our best to bring you all the news that’s as cemented as can be.

  • Still no armored core ps1 games in store… been waiting 4 years on it since the china and jp server stores has the whole ps1 series…

  • How about metal gear hd ps3 on the psn? I would like just to buy peacewalker

  • Will it ever be an option for plus members to purchase ps3 content on the vita and have it download to their ps3? For the next few months I am traveling all the time and won’t be able to download anything on my ps3 like pac man but I always have my vita. Would be awesome to remotely set that to download just from the ps store on the vita.

  • Even though I’m not a fan of these PSOne Classics, I’m glad you guys are still giving them out! PSOne Classics is the reason I signed up fo Plus! Please continue to keep them apart of the Plus subscription!!

    • yeah nothing is off limits when it comes to possible content for Plus. The focus at this time is for PSN and PS3 Full Games to make up the core selection, but if there are opportunities to bring meaningful classics and minis, we’ll always look at those seriously

  • Since you asked, I’m getting Dyad, Sound Shapes, and Papa & Yo. Also, my IGC wish list is Deus Ex, Dragon age 2, Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, Alice: Madness Returns, and MotorStorm Apocalypse (in that order).

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