MLB 12 The Show: A New Low Price for PS3 and PS Vita

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MLB 12 The Show: A New Low Price for PS3 and PS Vita

Great news sports fans! The most realistic baseball game available now has a new lower price. MLB 12 The Show is now just $39.99 for PS3 and $29.99 for PS Vita. The price drop is fresh off the recent news that Home Run Derby is now playable online for the first time ever in MLB The Show through a free downloadable update via the PSN, adding even more ways to play the most comprehensive version of MLB The Show yet.

The price drop also gives owners of both the PS3 and PS Vita hardware a chance to purchase both games for less than $70 combined, and enjoy cross-platform play by saving and continuing a single Season, Franchise or Road to The Show mode on either platform.

If you haven’t yet picked up MLB 12 The Show on either PS3 or PS Vita, now is the time. The second half of the 2012 MLB Season is just underway and there is plenty of time to challenge your friends for bragging rights before the playoffs start. For more information on The Show, check out Buy the game here, or head to your local retailer to grab your copy today.

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  • I hope this is the price for all upcoming PS3/PSVITA games

  • Yesssss! Thank you Tyler! Btw, who’s on the cover next year?

  • This is exactly what I wanted to see! I’ve been trying to rent it for the past 2 weeks but it’s been out each time so now I think I’m just going to buy it.

  • Should be buy 1 get both. This is to much $$$$

  • Um… Every store I know has had these prices for over a month…

    Thought there was gonna be another price drop but this is just advertising the old one.

    Maybe this post is for the US only?

    Thanks I guess.

  • Why isn’t The Show available as a PS3 Full Game download? It’s a first-party title, after all. I realize it might be a large download, but with Sony putting 20GB Uncharted games on the store, I don’t see a good reason this shouldn’t be there. I’d love to be able to easily jump into a season or franchise game without pulling out the disc. Heck, I’m sure there would be a significant number of people who would double dip and buy it again via PSN for the luxury.

  • MLB 12: The Show is the only thing keeping my Vita alive. I am doing a full 162 game season. If it wasn’t for this game, I would have cut my losses and sold my Vita and re-buy it later when it has some more exciting games. By then, there will probably be a Vita hardware price drop…

  • Awesome, I was literally going to buy this game next week! Will this sale be retail only, or will the sale carry over to PSN too? Because I prefer to have the game digitally.

  • I appreciate the price drop, but it seems like publishers are missing a marketing opportunity here with cross-platform gaming. It would be a much easier sell to gamers if these were always sold together. Naturally without some hindsight on past launches it’s hard to make a guess on the profit opportunity, but I would bet you would sell more units if it were combined and likely recoup the profit you’d make on those who are willing to buy both versions.
    I’m guessing most people who own a PS Vita own a PS3 already. People who invest in first-party titles are likely to pick up a game like All-Stars or Sly Cooper on their PS3. Bundle the Vita version with those, and you’ve provided an invitation to those people who haven’t bought Vita yet. Suddenly the thought of spending $250 on the handheld, then $50-80 on a reasonably-sized memory card, seems more reasonable because you’ve already secretly made an investment in your Vita library. To those people who already own both systems, those cross-platform games become a bargain buy that extends the life of each system.

  • Wow, and the I saw buying this game over the weekend. Hilarious stuff right there.

  • the people I saw*. Guess my typos are more hilarious.

  • I’m not a fan of baseball much but need a new game for my Vita since there isn’t a whole lot going on in the Vita scene. Will I enjoy the game if I don’t enjoy baseball? That is my question…

  • @ Heatseeker There are a bunch of games out, Gravity rush and unit 13 have me occupied at the moment, and w ragnarok odyssey out next month (psvita exclusiive, has online 4 player coop) and other games coming out soon, with a system that just came out 5 months ago, the game library is pretty extensive. check out some demos at the ps store ;). party chat w friends, it’s really fun

  • And sadly the PSN price didn’t drop. Seriously, please fix whatever it causing the PSN store in North America to constantly be slow with content updates and sales.

  • @WhiskeyBlues

    The PlayStation®Store only updates on Tuesday, so I am assuming that you will need to wait until the PlayStation®Store updates on Tuesday for the price drop to take affect.

    ~ Beetlegossip

  • *effect, not affect lol…

  • First, MLB 12 on my Vita is great . Love RTTS!

    Second, wasnt there already a discount to get both the PS3 and Vita together for $70 at retailers?

    Third, sadly the games on vita are just as expensive as console games (which at $60 a game is ridiculous but that’s another story)

  • Sooooo… I take it these price changes don’t affect the PS Vita Store? Still showing MLB as $34.99…

  • Well I was going to buy it on the PS Store but price never dropped. Guess I will wait and see if it does.

  • @Beatlegossip, Bob_Hoil and others curious about the price of the MLB 12 The Show Vita on the PS Store, please know we are working on adjusting the price. It should be in-line with the retail price very soon.

  • im not even a baseball fan….and i really enjoyed this game i got it used for 17bux at gamestop for my vita.Now that the ps3 version price just drop im looking forward to getting it for my ps3 ima just wait and get it used at a cheap price. gotta love cross platform vita to ps3 games.


  • i guess this isnt a good enough post to tyler to reply to…

  • Hey Sony, How about you put the PS3 full game download in the playstation store. I have waited all season for it. What is going on?

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